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Kate Hudson Hits Harry Josh's Spring Fling (with Celebs Galore)

Kate Hudson Hits Harry Josh's Spring Fling (with Celebs Galore)

Kate Hudson comes out to support celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh, with pal Ali Wise at his 9th Annual Spring Fling Party held at New York City’s Hiro Ballroom at The Maritime Hotel on Saturday (May 1).

Here’s an exclusive re-cap of the EPIC night, which brought out celebs in full force:

Gisele Bundchen hit the dance floor with husband Tom Brady (he’s an expert shoulder shaker). They had just flown in from Louisville, where they watched the horses race at the Kentucky Derby earlier in the day. (They got down just as hard as last year‘s spring fling!)

Beyonce and Jay-Z stopped by and talked awhile with supermodel Naomi Campbell, who came with makeup artist Pat McGrath (pictured here with Kate and Harry).

Sitting in a private booth, Sienna Miller spent quality time with her dad Edward Miller, step-mom Kelly Hoppen, and her Factory Girl producer Holly Wiersma. (Her awesome ring is Made Her Think from Meredith Kahn.)

Ashley Olsen stayed closed to her boyfriend, The Hangover star Justin Bartha. He’s currently starring in the Broadway musical Lend Me A Tenor. (Ashley‘s rings are also Meredith Kahn.)

Kate Bosworth had her arms flailing, tearing up the dance floor with a gal pal. Boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard is back in L.A. but one of his friends from Sweden accompanied her to the soiree. also spotted these VIPs in the mix: Josh Hartnett, Big Love actress Chloe Sevigny, designer Marc Jacobs (with Lorenzo Martone), stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe (with her righthand man Brad Goreski), Queer Eye for the Straight Guy‘s Kyan Douglas (he’s dating Lance Bass), shoe guru Brian Atwood, actor Lee Pace, designer Prabal Gurung, Elle creative director Joe Zee, fashion writer Derek Blasberg and models Helena Christensen, Carolyn Murphy, Natasha Poly & Hilary Rhoda. Hair-man Harry Josh sure knows how to throw a party! Mayjah.

The Svedka-sponsored party was produced by nightlife impresario Nur Khan.

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61 Responses to “Kate Hudson Hits Harry Josh's Spring Fling (with Celebs Galore)”

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  1. 26
    Millie Says:

    Are there any pics of Kate Bosworth with Alex’s Swedish friend?

  2. 27
    Awesome! Says:

    Awesome report, Jared!
    was Helena Christensen there with her boyfriend Paul Banks of Interpol?

  3. 28
    Lilah Says:

    @juju-bee: It’s hard C-list. Beyonce, Jay-Z, Sienna, Ashley Olsen, Kate Hudson, Kate Bosworth, Chloe Sevigny and some of the best supermodels in the business (Rhoda and Poly), Naomi Campbell and Gisele.

  4. 29
    Lilah Says:


  5. 30
    hmmm Says:

    @iheartkate&jared: Do you have a problem with boys holding hands?

  6. 31
    twenty-two Says:

    @Lilah: More like an A/B list with some Cs thrown in.

  7. 32
    Hollywood Says:

    Can’t stand Kate Hudson so annoying and common!

  8. 33
    shamrock Says:

    LOVE IT!! Great to see the FAMOUS out and about, cutting loose, and getting those dancing shoes on and cutting it up!!! Kate Hudson looks best with her natural style and the most adorable smile just like Mommy Goldie:)

    We need more dancing in the WORLD and less fighting~



  9. 34
    mirir Says:

    Tom and Gisele are both A-listers and the others too. Hartnett is a C-lister

    So the Bradys show their PDA

    very sweet love them

  10. 35
    tabbie Says:

    I would like to take a moment to mention yet again, the Sienna Miller is a worthless homewrecking sloot who will bang anyone and anything that can help her career, even if she is trying to make everyone forget it.

  11. 36
    anonymous Says:


    C-list? Jay-Z and Beyonce are two of the biggest names in music right now…each earns about $80mil a year, that’s c-list?
    Gisele is the #1 supermodel of all time and Brady is the best athlete in America’s most popular sport, that’s c-list?

    You have no idea what you’re talking about. Reality stars are c-list, not the current biggest pop culture names.

  12. 37
    rory Says:

    Totally a c-list party except for Beyonce and JayZ!

  13. 38
    anonymous Says:

    I’ve seen videos of Gisele dancing and man, that girl can DANCE. For some reason I never thought Brady would be one to dance, but he’s good at everything else he does so I guess I’m not surprised.
    I would love to see those two on the dance floor together, all that combined hottness!
    And its great to hear that they’ll be going to the MET gala on monday, I can’t wait to see what she’ll wear. They’re always the highlight at that party.

  14. 39
    Rachel Says:

    Sienna Miller is so pretty I want her hair

  15. 40
    Esme Says:


    Instead of taking the time to ask me that question, why didn’t you just google it? Argh.

  16. 41
    xxxx Says:

    So Gisele and Tom were dancing at a party? Oh, how sweet. But hang on a sec.. don’t they have a kid? Where is it? Oh… with a nanny. Of course.

    Why do celebrities even have kids? Soon, Tom will be playing his “sport” again all the time, Gisele standing around naked having her photo taken every day.. who raises the kid? Nannies like every other damn celebrities kid. Poor little guy. He’s only there to be used for photo opportunities but will be raised a) by nannies and strangers and b) in the public eye getting his picture taken everywhere and never being allowed to grow up in a normal life. Sad, really.

    I wonder if Gisele and Tom have made a room for him in their new place? Will be hard to find a place amongst the wine tasting room, the weights room, the cardio room, the sports viewing room…. oh, poor poor innocent child.

  17. 42
    xxxx Says:

    Why is everyone like “Oh, I love Sienna so much oh my gods, like totally!!”
    Didn’t she break up a family a few months back?

  18. 43
    . Says:

    Sienna looks happy and thankful for all the posts you do about her! Where’s your pic with your other faves, Kate Bosworth and Oliva Munn?

  19. 44
    xxxx Says:

    Oh and I hear Gisele and Tom are going to some publicity event on Monday? Oh, give me strength!
    Do they even realise they have a child??

  20. 45
    anonymous Says:


    Gisele has barely been away from their son since he was born. They’re going to ONE event on Monday night- that’s the only event they go to all year. Its OK to leave a child for a few hours every now and then, parents have a life too and need a break no matter how much they love their child. Tom and Gisele seem like great parents who do a good job of balancing career and family. What would you know about parenting anyway? I bet you’re 13 yrs old judging from your comment. “oh my god, like, they left their child for, like, 3 hours? Like, call child services!!!!”
    And FYI, its not a “publicity event”- its a gala at the MET that almost all big stars go to- its called the “Party of the Year.” Its a fashion event, and as the #1 supermodel in the world, it makes sense that Gisele attends.
    People like you irritate me to no end.

  21. 46
    tara Says:


    They have not a nanny. They have friends and family they help them. And for you Gisele said in Interview she will not work a lot. Only jobs she really wants. And that is not a lot. Her priority is her son and husband

  22. 47
    lisali Says:

    Lets have some more pictures…I wanna see Gisele & Tom dancing!!

  23. 48
    Jam Says:

    wtf!? no pics of Kate Bosworth…

  24. 49
    elia Says:

    That sloot has found another Balthazar over there! lol

  25. 50
    elia Says:

    Hey Jude Law!! How do you spell L O S E R!?!? lol

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