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Madonna: Eyepatch Pose for Interview Magazine!

Madonna: Eyepatch Pose for Interview Magazine!

Madonna dons an eyepatch, brass knuckle and a lace glove in this new photo shoot for the May 2010 issue of Interview Magazine, as captured by photog duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

The 51-year-old Material mom was interviewed by director Gus Van Sant about his film Milk, her early career and her involvement in Malawi.

Madonna is also on the cover of the mag, with what looks like a red cross across her face. (UPDATE: It’s definitely a crucifix.)

After-thought: We wonder what Madonna will wear to the MET Gala tomorrow. Remember that CRAZY hairpiece she wore last year?

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Credit: absolumentmadonna; Photos: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott
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  • Photoshop

    Lol at the photoshop job

  • ridiclous old hag

    She better retire herself at this point i mean a 51 year old mother who act like that, all plastic, botox ,all desperated, those old curcifies things i mean c’mon… to me she is ridiclous.

  • joe

    She’s horrible

  • Louie

    @ridiclous old hag: You may not be a Madonna fan but she is a living legend. Few women have it into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. She is defintely not a desperate woman o__o Verrrry in control and the opposite. Always has been incredibly cut-throat, smart, and well spoken. And ridiculous, well she has always been polarizing, almost all the Greats are. She is a pioneer. However I do agree with you about one thing, the whole purple leotard disco thing she did? Wasn’t the best decision she’s ever made. Should have stepped back and she would have even more credibility now. Or, if she still had drive and passion and wanted to carry on with music, she should have maybe gone a different musical direction, or at least stopped wearing leotards.

  • Athina

    Madonna is not “desperate”….you on the other hand are jealous of her success. LOL

  • whodunit?

    she’s irrelevant now. go away Madonna. Your time is over. you bring nothing new anymore. Yes sh e’s done a lot in the past but thats the past. Now she’ll do anything to stay in the headlines.

  • Bow Down

    This is classic Madonna. She started all the trends and everyone came after trying to copy.

  • um

    until someone else comes around and does something new, Madonna should stay where she belongs, in front of the spolight. Doing the same thing Madonna did 20 years ago doesn’t count as cool just because you are younger. It means you are doing the same music your mama danced to back in the day at all the gay dance clubs. (gay clubs back then didn’t mean you were gay if you went to them. They had the best dj’s)

    I can’t wait to see her directorial debut.

  • lila

    MADONNA ROCKS! What 51 year old continues to be on the cover of all the top magazines…headline ad campaigns for luxury brands like Louis Vuitton & Dolce & Gabbana….set the record for the highest grossing tour by a single artist last year…had an entire show of the most popular TV program give tribute to her…has more top 10 hits in history surpassing Elvis & The Beatles…continues to influence every female artist that matters…SHE’S MADONNA AND SHE IS THE QUEEN…whether you like it or not…whether you admit it or not.

  • oi

    SHE IS THE QUEEN!! jealous PEOPLE….

  • scrug

    @Photoshop: same idea! great job :she looks alike herself during “sex” tour

  • bae

    She looks really beautiful here

  • hot chick

    Very very nice pic of her. She looks so beautiful and powerful.

  • JJ

    FIERCE!!! as always!

  • pixy

    She does look really good here…But that’s because she’s been photoshoped to hell!!! Classic! Man, I hate that program.

  • http://www. QUEEN OF POP

    People here are hatin’ on Madonna? LOLOLOLOLOL.

  • Jackson

    She looks as strong as always. Gorgeous B&W photography. And yes, we all know she’s had botox but she still looks amazing – and very healthy for 51.

  • cindy

    Madonna will always be relevant year after year. But Lady Gaga is “today’s Madonna of this generation. Period.

    The Britneys, The Christina Aguileras and etc can never even be in a league of Madonna.

  • GagaLupe

    FIERCE ~! Her photos always have a Vintage look about them.

  • Yeahno

    Madonna IS the QUEEN.

  • Max

    One word:


  • LV

    I guess we will be seeing Floptina Uglyera sporting an Eyepatch on the cover of Interview in like 9 years then…
    bow down to the real queen of pop!

  • happy girl

    amazing how she is still relevant. great career.

  • Jj

    Omg!! I neeeeed that issue!! She’s a total MILF !!!

  • Carly

    People like Craptina & Brittney make me appriciate Madonna even more!
    So many artist (Craptina) copy Madonna so shamelessly, Madonna herself is a total breath of fresh air now!
    Love her! <3

  • still respect

  • Viv

    Photoshop is part of the biz kiddies! Even your young “flawless” starlets get the old Photoshop treatment…
    So to “Call Photoshop” is a bit ignorant…..
    But, that’s ok.. Now you know!
    btw, Madonna is on a whole other level of sucsess that ALL artist dream of, She will always be respected and relevant among her fellow artists and huge loyal fan base.
    It’s just a fact,



  • george

    Madonna is one of a kind, and no matter how many people are quoted as being “the next” Madonna, nobody comes close. Having said that, I could do without the Cruella DeVille look they’ve got on her here.

  • http://madonnaeyepatch Daphne

    Madonna can do no wrong!



  • Gino

    i love dis women to death.

    long live the queen

  • mike

    Madonna is so fearless. THat’s what I love about her. And, the fact that she is hot doesn’t hurt either.


    SORRY GRANDMOTHER!!!But Rihanna did the Eye Patch thing first…Just Saying.

  • queenmadonna

    madonna looks so hot.

  • Lynn

    @ Carly-Oh Really. What about Christina’s Dirty Video the Boxing scene and Madonna Sticky and Sweet…You could rip apart anyones video Scene by Scene…Start with Beyonce she was Inspired I mean Copied everyone fron Kylie Minogue to Dina Von Teese.

  • Lol

    @JESSICA: Madonnas daughter is only like 15 and has no children, therefore Madonna is FAR from being a “grandmother” , nice try at a “slam” though…… *yawn*
    And as far as the Eyepatch goes, Its cute you think Rihanna did it “FIRST”! lmao!!! You must be very very young or have no knowledge of music OR fashion…
    “Rihanna”…. lmao!!!

  • Gery

    @Lynn: You must be a *Christina stain* LOL!!!!
    do us all a favor an shut up. :)

  • cici

    the queen

  • bedtimeboy

    She looks beautiful!!!!!
    Simply the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hot chick

    She looks good there. It’s called Art.

  • Old

    This woman really can;t sing. STOP ur career right now pls.. LMAO.

  • leonor

    The only thing i like about madonna is Jesus Luz, lol.

  • hot chick

    Madonna is MAGNIFICENT!

  • Get over it.

    Who the heck would be jealous of a 51 year old woman?! LOL! Get a grip people! She is liked because she is not a very nice person.

  • Topher Grace

    Madonnna does not have an original bone in her body. Her songs have been written for her, she does not sing live in concert and she has desperatley tried to be like Marylin Monroe. Props to her for making tons of money off fools who think she is hip.

  • goop

    It’s time to retire

  • Amy Seeker

    what a gilf!

  • NickRhodes

    My friend Pete Burns did the eye patch thing circa 1985…so she’s ripping off Dead or Alive

  • NickRhodes

    Actually she looks alot like Bette Davis from “The Anniversary”