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Gerard Butler: Shooting in Serbia!

Gerard Butler: Shooting in Serbia!

Gerard Butler takes a break on the set of Coriolanus on Sunday (May 2) in Belgrade, Serbia.

The 40-year-old Scottish actor walked around in an olive drab costume and had makeup touch-ups done before filming his next scene.

Gerry plays the commander of the Volscian army in a contemporary version of the William Shakespeare play.

Late last week, Gerry showed off some serious arm muscles on set.

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gerard butler coriolanus olive drab 01
gerard butler coriolanus olive drab 02
gerard butler coriolanus olive drab 03
gerard butler coriolanus olive drab 04
gerard butler coriolanus olive drab 05
gerard butler coriolanus olive drab 06

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  • WW
  • wrong

    These weren’t taken on Sunday. They are old pics. JJ get your facts straight.

  • Lisa D.

    Yeah not from Sunday, but that’s ok. We’ve only seen one so thank you for the other ones we haven’t seen. :)

  • gossiphound

    new thread anyway perhaps some photos are new other are old

  • Merlin

    Finally a new thread…
    @gossiphound: it doesn’t matter if the pics are old, we always enjoy a new bit of eye candy…… ♥♥


    Looking nummy as ever, baby! *hot flashing*

  • wow

    gossiphound, what do you think is the assistant’s role in his life?
    Do all actors have assistants or is it just our dear Gerry?

  • PhormerPhannie

    Bleh! He used to be attractive. Used to be.

  • Love the G-man

    No FryGuy or AppleBob?

  • I think

    these are old pictures from when he first arrived.

    you are really flogging this celeb’s PR. it’s off putting

  • daffodil


  • Witch

    Old photos, new photos, who cares? It’ Gerry! A couple of these were published before but the others are new to me.

    I was wondering about those tatts in some Serbia photos. He has them in someTullus shots, not in others. What’s up with that? I would have thought they’d be harder to get off, but apparently not.


    Probably not “permanant” temporary tatoos that last a long time. You know how Gerry hates commitment.


    Uh-oh, the grammar trolls might come after me for spelling like John Cusak. PERMANENT, TATTOS-sorry.

  • claire

    I thought about the tatts as well. He has them on in some photos but not in the photo with the shorter minister of something or other. Maybe they are part of the character’s development. Early Tullus hasn’t got them, later Tullus has acquired them. Who knows. I think he’d look good with a real one.

  • Skinny Cow

    Love him! Wouldnt mind to bite him!!!

  • whatever

    i wish he were shooting a little closer to my … :)

  • A Fan

    I was just reading on JJ that now David Boreanaz has come out and admitted that he’s been cheating on his wife. Only told the truth because the latest tried to get money out of him. I don’t know why anyone rags on Gerry for not being ‘committed’ to someone. I think he’s got more sense than a lot of these guys who get married and then cheat with everybody. Being married isn’t for everyone.

  • loni

    he is gorgeous !

  • euclid

    Apparently the ones with the redhaird woman are the old ones and the one with short sleeve shirt with him applying makeups are the new ones. Either way as long as we are getting fresh new materials on Gerry I am happy. Yumm

  • A Fan

    @euclid: You’re right. I never even noticed the difference in the jacket sleeves. Guess I’m not too observant. LOL.

  • Stacey Slore

    is he dating anyone?

  • oy

    He knows how to rock a murse. Work it girl! Sashay. Shante!.

  • euclid

    The word “date” means different things for Gerry. He only does speedy “dates” which has an expiration of one day.

  • Claire

    @Stacey Slore: If anyone only knew that answer to that age-old question!! People here have speculated on that for years.

  • haha

    @A Fan: So true. If a man is a sl-ut, he shouldn’t get married.

  • Looking Great

    “I think he’d look good with a real one’.
    No. We’re glad he doesn’t have any tatts – We like the clean-cut look. He doesn’t look like a hoodlum or a thug.
    @A Fan:
    Gerry has a lot more sense than most people think. If he ever marries, he’ll marry for love when he’s sure he won’t cheat.

  • N.

    Gerry is fantastic. Love that he’s been doing humanitarian work lately. That’s just a plus on top of his awesome acting skills.

  • gossiphound


    All the major cast members in a film usually have an assistant – sometimes the production company provides the assistant and sometimes the actor or actress brings along their personal assistant, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some use both assistants.

    Ever seen the reality show with Kimora Lee Simmons? P. Diddy? The Devil Wears Prada. All humourous examples of tough task masters.

  • gossiphound

    @oy: Oh oy do that again.

  • wow

    Makes sense, especially for someone like him who needs to be waited upon hand and foot.

  • gossiphound

    @Looking Great:

    Just a problem with that, how do you get them back on the farm after they’ve seen Paris.

    I know a guy who does tour security for bands, why he’s the official ho wrangler or herder as I believe they say round here, and he says once you lived that rock n roll lifestyle, where anything and everything goes, it is very hard to go back to living a normal life with the wifey or settling down with a girlfriend and getting married and being loyal.
    Not saying it hasn’t and cant’ be done but it is not easy. He gets plenty of his own action because women will come onto him to get close to the bands he works for and he takes full advantage of that perk . How he met wife No. 2 actually. Ha ha. He also keeps saying he is going to quit and get a regular job or start up a business where he stays put in one place, but he gets itchy to get back on the road and back up to the old tricks. Girls girls girls.

  • gossiphound


    Well Gerry had admitted he can be very disorganized and is always running late so I imagine the assistant needs to try and keep him organized and running on schedule so he can just focus on being fabulous. Frankly I’d love an assistant right about now.

  • demanding?

    “GERARD Butler, the new man in Jennifer Aniston’s life, is a “demanding sleazeball”, according to the woman charged with helping the US actor “settle” in for a Gold Coast film shoot three years ago.

    Sophie Diver, whose real estate firm let a $12 million Surfers Paradise mansion to Butler, tells Grazia he made her life a misery

    “When I read that Jen was dating Gerard Butler, my immediate thought was she must be mad or desperate,” she says. “Take it from me, that man is not good news. He is the most chauvinistic, womanising man I’ve ever met. He loves himself . . . My advice to Jen would be: Don’t be sucked in.”

    Diver says Butler asked her to be his “Australian girlfriend for a few months” despite the fact she had a boyfriend, and that he bombarded her with petty demands and complaints like “the towels aren’t big enough” and “the frypan is dirty”.”

  • ???

    OMFG – this is sooooooooo oooooollllllllldddddddd news. Are we that bored?

  • hellotheregb
  • hellotheregb

    @oy: Never leaves home without it!

  • hellotheregb

    @euclid: lol! someone gave you a thumbs down I gave you a thumbs up. hopefully that will stop the crazies!

  • euclid

    Some people like to keep beating the dead horse and have trouble to let go. Take a deep breath and exhale….

    Gerry just doesn’t have enough scandals does he. Contrary to what you think he is a pure pious shy angelic soul. This bad boy image is all fabrication, pure and simple.

  • gossiphound


    Oh dear I triggered the broken record. My apologies JJers. Is that you Sophie, are we going to hear about this tale of woe every single thread until when?

  • haha

    Gerry should watch who he messes with. The past keeps coming back to haunt him.

  • feedback

    Missing your co-star Gerard?

  • feedback

    @demanding?: I don’t know, he always looked genuinely happy when he was around Jennifer.

  • Mr. Giggles

    From a blog JJ won’t let me link
    Check this out ……….. was it a freudian slip ??!?!
    * ENPHASIS is mine….
    Gerard Butler seemed in good spirits as he made his way around the Coriolanus set in Belgrade, Serbia on Sunday (May 2).

    Surrounded by staff and SCREW*, the hunky 40-year-old actor spent the afternoon filming his upcoming Ralph Fiennes-directed flick about a banished hero of Rome who allies with a sworn enemy to take his revenge on the city.

  • Claire Frasher

    @demanding?: Oh, give us a break. The fake Sophie stuff is dead and gone. When this person couldn’t get a rise with the bit about he wanted clean pans and towells, she made up a fake dating story. This was Nim’s Island tales of woe. Move on. And, as I recall, no one could really find that this person even exists.

  • hellotheregb

    @Mr. Giggles: very nice!

  • Old Mia

    Well, nothing new to talk about. Things are slow in Butleria.

    Oh, yes, staff and ‘screw’. Some writer’s mind was in the gutter. LOL.

    I wonder how much longer he’ll be working on this. Next, it will be on to The Shotgun Preacher. That should provide a lot of entertainment. That may be his best role.

    I really don’t think anyone believes Coriolanus will be a box office hit. Shakespeare doesn’t play to the masses. And, there is no sex in this play. However, it may be around for a very long time on PBS and British TV. I wonder how Ralph views it. He’s put a lot of time, money, sweat and tears into this production. What’s the end game for him?

    For G, I’d say the end game is being recognized as an actor. Not just as a name and hunk in romcoms.

    Maybe Butler’s management isn’t as dumb as some thought. Get his name out there, then show him as a serious actor. Time will tell.

  • Get your facts straight

    @Old Mia: I hope that’s what they’re doing! Looks do fade and competition is fierce in Hollywood. We’re already seeing the next generation of hunky males. I believe Gerry has the talent to be up there with the good character actors. We’ve caught glimpses of it (The Jury, Dear Frankie, 300, LAC). He just needs to stay away from the romcoms and non-challenging roles. Machine Gun Preacher might be the role to do it for him. Also, just being in a movie with Fiennes and Redgrave is a plus on his resume. It’s definitely a step in the right direction.

  • Thinking LOL

    What does the G man have in common with Dancing With the Stars? Well, he dated Burke. He’s friends with Derek. And he was seen in Brazil being very friendly with with Nicole One big, happy family. This means absolutely nothing. But, I just thought I’d share. LOL.

  • Heidi

    Was he ever really involved with Burke? I think she is so great on DWTS. Love her. I’ve read some nasty stuff that he actually moved to get away from her. I think they would have been great together. Butler, I can so improve your life. Listen to me.