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Kate Bosworth: Legs for Days!

Kate Bosworth: Legs for Days!

Kate Bosworth shows off her long legs in J Brand “1043″ shorts as she goes to meet friends in New York City on Sunday (May 2).

Earlier in the day, the 27-year-old actress was spotted out at childrenswear couture boutique Bonpoint.

Kate and boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard‘s friend hit up celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh‘s star-studded party Friday night – click here for the recap of the fun spring fling!!

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kate bosworth friends bar nyc 01
kate bosworth friends bar nyc 02
kate bosworth friends bar nyc 03
kate bosworth friends bar nyc 04
kate bosworth friends bar nyc 05
kate bosworth friends bar nyc 06

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  • bad case of…

    knocked knees…..eeww!

  • cute

    Looks like an ordinary set of legs.

  • gemini

    Legs for days?
    No, see Gwyneth Paltrow for that.

  • miss infamous

    Too skinny!

  • nicole

    NOT!!! Are you seriously on her payroll? Everyone says that even other bloggers. You are missing out on other celebrities.

  • Looking Good

    Kate looks great no matter what the fugly trolls on this board claims!

  • Listen

    Jared, that friend of Skarsgard’s you keep mentioning is also a female friend of Bosworth’s. They’ve been photographed together many times. Don’t know why you keep describing this person as his friend unless you are getting paid to do that.

  • funderpants

    Growdy. Skeletor-esque! Her only curves are her huge forehead and knobbly knees.

  • kdots

    @Looking Good: No, she doesn’t. She’s underweight and losing her hair. That’s why she wears such tight shorts. She’s trying to make herself look heavier than she is but anyone who’s seen her in a bikini knows she looks like one of those Feed the Children kids.

  • yuck

    her thighs are not much bigger than her legs. yuck.

  • beautiful day

    Agree, she’s very thin. She looks sort of normal in her regular photos. I was shocked at the swimsuit shots.

  • meme

    Who is the girl in the fifth photo?

  • ITA

    Kate does have knobby knees.

  • hotlanta

    @kdots: I remember watching video of that and being surprised that the two guys walking by her barely glanced at her. Apparently they were not impressed.

  • jj fans

    Cute face. Ugly legs.

  • Jason

    I think women must be into her. Guys never mention this one.

  • Jason

    @gemini: True, Paltrow has very long legs and she looks a lot healthier than this one.

  • Okay…ish

    Her knees are a bit knobbly, but I myself am a healthy weight with (what I’ve been told by men) great legs – my thighs aren’t much bigger than my calves either. But I have a bit of a booty to go with it, so that might help out in my case…

    To me she looks better in these photos than she does in many others – she is quite attractive, especially when she’s doing doing the Renee Zellweger smile (pursed lips and chipmunk cheeks). In fact, IMO she looks quite cute in the 2nd of the bigger pics.

    I’m getting a bit annoyed with the ASkars mentions when the post has nothing to do with him – so she hung out with a friend of his on a different night? What the hell does that have to do with her hanging out with other people when the rumoured boyfriend is on the other coast actually working? And just because the friend is Swedish the only possible reason Kate could be hanging out with the friend is because he’s friend with ASkars? Even if they did meet through him…

    While I have nothing against Kate, and it is becoming quite apparent she has JJ on speed dial (or JJ is just weirdly obsessed with her), she isn’t even doing anything exciting. It would actually be best for her career and fanbase if there was a bit of an absense until she actually has a project coming out or does something of note. The old saying… ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder.’ And can also make people care more about your career instead of just associating you with being a pap target (a la Lindsay Lohan)

  • chewie

    Isn’t Chris Martin in New York too?
    I wonder if they hooked up?

  • my3cents

    @Okay…ish: Thighs and legs the same size do not make great legs. Bosworth has a very round face. That’s why many don’t realize how undernourished she is; even in pics where her chest looked emaciated, when she was promoting Superman, her face still looked normal.

  • seton

    @chewie: Probably.

  • groovelicious

    Her hair looks suddenly fuller?

  • Wilson

    @kdots: She suffers from early onset female pattern baldness. She should speak out about it.

  • Wilson

    She could help a lot of women.

  • H.

    @chewie: He will never leave his wife for this ho.

  • dimples

    Those sandals are ugly! This outfit is just meh… denim cut-offs are fine for the beach or as casual day wear – but for a night out in a cool NYC bar? I don’t think so. Just a random collection of items of clothing – I thought she was supposed to be a fashionista? Let’s face it, she’s not actress anymore!

  • Heilige Bimbam

    Long legs?Get yourself a pair of glasses.Those legs are like match sticks threatening to snap. God-awful.

  • squirelmeat

    The Alex friend that Jared mentioned in this post and the last one about the Spring Fling is the woman in the fifth photo – Lisa Larson, who is married to Alex’s friend Bjorne, and seems to be Kate’s new BFF, for whatever reason. The Spring Fling post sort of makes it seem like there were two people (gal pal and Alex friend) but it’s probably just one, and its her. Kate has been taking her to pretty much everything.

  • LoveSkars

    Oh yeah JJ, she’s either paying you or your sickly obsessed with this woman. Legs for days? Seriously? You haven’t a clue! And PLEASE do us a favor and STOP mentioning Askars every single time this woman is pictured here!!! They are NOT joined at the hip!

  • evam

    @miss infamous: too skinny,no way! She actually gained some and looks hot! She is beautiful girl and anyone who says she’s anorexic is ignorant

  • Raven

    Don’t think she’s anorexic, just scrawny with an ugly shape, fake hair and a thick neck. Actually, a little hard to look at.

  • Stacey

    she is pretty

  • Kate

    She has chicken legs with knobby knees!!! Looks like she pulled on a weave!!

  • banana

    Anyone who thinks Kate is ‘anorexic’ is either:

    1) A fat or chubby woman
    2) A guy who can only get laid by fat women
    3) A gay dude in denial

    I suggest you google some pictures of real anorexics for a wake up call.

  • Whynot

    @my three cents
    Your right that she has a very round face that is why she had that period in which lets face it, she was anorexic. There were rumors that people in the industry, directors, casting etc saw her as just cute with those chipmunk cheeks so she tried to desperately thin out but unfortunately her face did not thin out. It s just the shape of her sckull and face, no matter how hard she tried to strave herself she will always be just cute…!!!

  • Looking Good

    Looking forward to pictures of Kate from the Met Costume Party. She’s a member of the committee organizing the party

  • triumph

    @banana: No, they’re just observant. She’s so skinny she has a belly like those starving kids do cause her body is feeding off what little fat reserves she has left.

  • Beautiful

    Kate is beautiful and stylish. Why do you haters obsess with her? Do something else instead of attacking her on every post JJ has about her. Surely you loosers have something else to do? Eh, just realized you probably don’t! Seriously, GET A LIFE!

  • Mytwocents

    Hey hans/jam, Get real she may not be anorexic at the present time but she is borderline with that boney chest , she loses 3 more Ilbs she will give Rachel Zoe a run for her money and she will once again be anorexic ! Yes, I have seen photos of her when she was anorexic and they were sad and horrible with the sunken in chest, her mother had to see personally that she fed.Let me tell you that from what I saw from the bikini photos she not far from relapsing either, 3 more ILbs she is there again!!!

  • banana

    @triumph, but how can people be observant in a world so full of fat people that our idea of what normal is is distorted?

    Kate is normal here, it’s just that we are so used to seeing fatties that she appears thin to some. She has plenty of fat reserve – look at her thighs. As for knobbly knees, some people just have em’, nothing much you can do about it. It’s possible even if she were overweight, she would still have thin knees.

  • Beautiful


    So you think she’s anorexic. Is that really a good excuse to hate her???? It’s an illness and doesn’t people suffering from an illness deserve sympathy and empathy instead of hatred?

  • Just Jonie

    @Wilson: LOLOLOL!! Yes, Wilson, she should speak out and help others. : D

  • Sad but true

    Yeah I actually believe you since Kate has a non existent career and nothing else better to do sad but true!!!
    Where are all Kate friends like Stella, Liv, and all her other supposed
    friends, she only hangs around AS best friend’s wife, what gives she is in NYC???

  • spider

    @Looking Good: Those people don’t organize the event and a lot of them are on the list in name only. Sienna Miller and Dominic Cooper are also there.

  • hotlanta

    @banana: Those guys in the video didn’t seem interested in her and they didn’t look fat or ugly.

  • Beautiful

    “So you think she’s anorexic. Is that really a good excuse to hate her???? It’s an illness and doesn’t people suffering from an illness deserve sympathy and empathy instead of hatred?”

    You who vote down my comment should be ashamed of yourselves! A true Christian would never do that or write any of the comments filled with hate on this board.

  • Mytwocents

    I never said I hate her but she is in her own way promoting anorexia!!!
    Being too thin and too fat is neither healthy nor beautiful, just stating a fact!!! It does not help that she denied it, saying that she is naturally thin, I mean those photos were just sad, I mean everyone who sees it knows she was anorexic and she is still borderline!!! She was and is promoting to girls and women in the industry to strave themselves, perhaps that is also why her hair is in horrible shape due to a lack of nutrition!!! For those that state that we hate Kate because we are fat needs to get real. That comment is just a oversimplification and speaks volumes at how people are just naive.

  • Beautiful

    @Mytwocents: You can’t accuse an anorexic for promoting anorexia! The inability to see yourselve as thin is what defines an anorectic. I have a friend who was a sufferer and she always thought she was fat.

  • Malanna

    Jeez, her head is huge, bobble like. The fifth photo to right when she is next to her friend, She a huge weird shaped head lol!!!

  • eva

    I have nothing left to say, except,

    JJ are you serious? What did we do to deserve to look at this woman eeeeeeveryday and eeevery other post?

    Well hell, itis your website, but it does look a wee bit suspicious.

    And please some of you bimbos, that state most of us are fat or jealous of Kate, I don’t think so. Jealous of Sandra Bullock, Gwyenth, Eva,Amanda, Carey, Jennifer Garner, Helen Mirren , Anne Hathaway, Zoe,maybe, because they are real actresses and very relevant.

    My daughter has better legs that Kate B, and she is 8.