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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Love Le Pain

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Love Le Pain

Katie Holmes (in an Anlo “Haley” Cami in Wildflower and 7 For All Mankind Bell Bottom jeans) shares a laugh with her adorable daughter Suri at their fave lunch spot, Le Pain Quotidien, in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The mother-daughter pair was reportedly accompanied by one of Tom Cruise‘s sisters. Lee Anne? Marian? Cass?

Suri wore her favorite fuzzy pink piggy slippers and carried around a five-dollar bill.

FYI: Katie recently has been spending a lot of time in Queens, New York shooting her new movie, Son of No One, with co-star Channing Tatum.

15+ pictures inside of Le Pain lovers Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

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katie holmes suri cruise le pain quotidien 01
katie holmes suri cruise le pain quotidien 02
katie holmes suri cruise le pain quotidien 03
katie holmes suri cruise le pain quotidien 04
katie holmes suri cruise le pain quotidien 05
katie holmes suri cruise le pain quotidien 06
katie holmes suri cruise le pain quotidien 07
katie holmes suri cruise le pain quotidien 08
katie holmes suri cruise le pain quotidien 09
katie holmes suri cruise le pain quotidien 10
katie holmes suri cruise le pain quotidien 11
katie holmes suri cruise le pain quotidien 12
katie holmes suri cruise le pain quotidien 13
katie holmes suri cruise le pain quotidien 14
katie holmes suri cruise le pain quotidien 15

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  • febbie

    so cute..

  • zippy


  • holly

    Her hair grow fast… Or my eyes are deceiving me?

  • Sassy

    What adorable pictures of Suri. Katie looks nicely dressed for once, too. Where is Tom??? Saw a photo the other day of him directing or something, and NO wedding ring. Not like him at all, he usually has his ring on.

  • Katsaridoula

    motherhood destroys your body if you don’t care. Holmes is a prime example. She let herself go… looks hideous.

  • anza

    4 years old and still carried,mhhhhhhh and whats is it with this silly slippers!!!!!!!! she must be the joke in the preschool or????????

  • Liz

    It’s amazing how much she looks like Katie! Um sorry.. kate. *roll eyes*

  • tash

    Hmmm she looks like Katie holmes. Alot of kids at four liked to be carried, and if Paparazzi is following you, well I’d carry my kid as well!!!

  • Kelly

    Suri is a brat with a BUMP ON HER FOREHEAD!!!!!!

  • Meghan

    Katie’s jeans are ultra-ugly

  • Jolla

    Most beautiful child, always : Love Suri’s smile and her forhead bump, Kelly.

  • happy girl

    something creepy bout the raising of this child. can’t put my finger on it.

  • Maria

    Katie looks beautiful as usual. And Suri looks cute too. If any one of you katie haters bothered to check out the youtube videos of how the photographers all gather around Katie whenever they know shes around and get in her personal space , just to get a photo , i certainly don’t blame her for carrying Suri all the time. It would be scary to put her down with all those men with cameras yelling their names.
    So don’t be so quick to judge ! Any day for some reason you get hunted by the paparazzi, you’ll hang onto your child too !

  • anza

    @ nr.13:u r right,but this will never be differant in mrs.suri cruise’s life so she has to get use 2 it .if she does not learn it in younger ages she will never learn it,so put her down and let her walk through her life!!!!! it’s bad, but it is the destiny of celeb-kids!!!!!!

  • is it yes, is it not?

    i think Suri’s got Tom’s nose.. too bad./

  • Ceci Mc

    My cute baby girl Suri, she is the cutest baby girl I have seen so far.

  • skaur

    katie scrubs up well here make more effort!

  • eww

    oooooooow´╗┐ Katie BURN your clothes!!!

  • Jamie

    Suri is so cute, adorable family.

  • aisha

    love to sea suri
    out after the 4th birthday

  • aisha

    love suris hair
    if you read any book abaot kids you will know that 3+4+5 years old children love to have the attention and love to be carried

  • Kaka Homely

    Yuck, the nightie again?
    They’d better keep the child inside to learn some decency.

  • darla


    So she will be carried until she turns twenty five then hah? Your logic here don’t stand She will always be famous and be hounded because of who her parents are. Nobody is teaching her how to survive the paparazzi. the way her appearance dictate is that She’s a spoiled little girl who always gets her way even if its bad for her. I bet she gets candy every hour just because she wants it and sleep late just because she feels like it. If you put her besides Shiloh Jolie Pitt now. it will be obvious to see that Suri is not looking healthy and well taken care off despite all her expensive attires she is malnourished looking for a young heiress . She has a big head and very thin body unlike Shiloh who is rightfully proportional looking for a four year old, and properly dressed for her age.

  • Jamie

    @darla: Why do you care so much about someone elses kid? People have deferent genetics, Shiloh its a fatter kid , they both look healthy and happy. I bet Suri have great doctors, you don’t need to worry about her. She will be carried around while she is small and the paps can step/hurt her. Also, you have a fertile imagination and spend too much time thinking about this little girl to come up with things like “she gets candy every hour just because she wants it and sleep late just because she feels like it”.
    I wish people would care so much about poor starving kids around the world, but only celeb kids get so much attention.

  • miss infamous

    Katie Homes looks a hot mess

  • Status quo

    Hate it say it but there’s something about that kid that bothers me…I just don’t know why.

  • OK

    Where is Tommy Boy? It has be months that we have seen them together.

  • OK

    Where is Tommy Boy, it has been months since we have seen them together.

  • mmm

    I feel like all of Hollywood chops off their hair and then the next season it is long again. Mine takes forever to grow. I’ll have what they are having:)

  • porky

    4 years old and still…. her clueless mom still carries her.

    Tommy boy has not been seen possibly because he is having plastic surgery???? LOL

  • http://Google Samantha

    All kids are ‘cute.’ Sorry, but I think Suri is a bit below average in looks. Also, she inherited her mothers cauliflower ears & Katie is not that attractive, so mother & daughter are average in looks.
    Then, there’s dad, Tom Cruise who just happens to be one of the top worst actors of all time AND he looks like a little boy dressed in daddy’s clothes & has absolutely no sex appeal. I also think he’s bi-polar; along with narcissistic tendencies.
    In my opinion, this family has nothing to offer.

  • Jolla

    I have seen a picture where Sandra Bullock carried Sunny who’s 6 years old, and you can go now to Celebrity Baby Scoop to see Heidi Klum holding Leni who’s also 6!! Suri was in her slippers this is why she does not walk. Furthermore, she’s paying for her treat.

  • Stacey

    she is pretty

  • Susie#1

    Why would anyone want Katie’s “look?” It’s horrid. She still has no taste. Remember people, Katie has been cast to play Jacqueline Onassis, a woman with impeccable taste and sophistication; she would never be seen wearing Katie’s current outfit.

  • Rocky


    I”m not a fan of Tom or Katie, but I agree with you 100%. I’m keeping my child close when those papps are around. And if it means picking up a four year old, then I’m doing it.

  • Fiona

    Does Katie not realise that letting a young child go out in slippers or whatever she wants is not good for her? Children need to be told what they can do like not wear slippers outside as they’ll get dirty and it’s not what they’re meant for. Same goes for the heels she lets her wear, is this woman clueless or just stupid?! I don’t even have kids myself and I can work that out!

  • mona

    @Status quo:
    possibly because she has been shoved down our throats as some kind of gorgeous infant? She’s nothing more than an every day cute kid, mom is average, dad is a moron who can’t act his way out of a paper sack.

  • http://google toni

    What’s up with Suri and her slippers? I she suppose to wear those in bed when she goes to sleep?

  • happy girl

    in what world is it ok for a child to go to a public restaurant in yoru nightie and house slippers – not once, but like 4 different times? Are Tom and Katie nuts?!

  • happy girl

    If they were minority parents and Suri was of color, everyone would be calling this nightie and slippers thing ghetto. But with these two Scientology freaks, it’s called “different”. No, it’s called inappropriate and trashy to have your toddler out in piggy house slippers and nightie in dirty public restaurants where she has to sit on dirty chairs, etc. Gross. Poor lil girl.

  • troi

    That looks like one painful herpes outbreak on her bottom lip! (Blow up the close up of her walking-picture 5).

  • Regan?

    the kid looks possessed

  • ???

    Did I skip over Tim Gun? I came here to see what he thought of Katie’s Bell Bottoms lol I don’t see him

  • http://justjared samantha nolan

    why are people so mean!? suri is gorgous! why are people picking on a little girl that is only 3!?

  • http://justjared samantha nolan

    4 years old. my bad

  • @samatha nolan

    Excuse me, in your opinon she is gorgeous. I don’t pick on the child and rarely mention her in any of my posts, but personally I don’t find her at all attractive. She is a child tho and you are right, the comments are awful some times.

  • OK

    @samantha nolan: She is 4 you dumb ass

  • Kelly

    I don’t care what any of you think. I pick on the child. She’s is the OMEN child. Have you ever seen a glare from a kid like Suri’s evil glare? She is possessed!!!!

    Suri is a little snot face who is severely neglected and malnourished! Look at her dry lips in some of the pictures in NYC. She is obviously dehydrated.

    I agree with 23 and 31.

    Katie doesn’t even know how to make Top Ramen, thats why she takes Suri out for sweets. Thats why Suri broke out and contracted her mother’s herpes. I bet that kid has never even tasted fruit or vegetables!

    They’re all pathetic. I love to hate Suri!!!

  • Kelly

    Oh and Suri is throwing a dam fit because that body guard is holding her stuffed toy!!!

    Suri is a BRAT!!!!!!

    Can’t stand the kid. I will watch her turn into a Lindsey, and a Paris. Even worse!!!

    Rosemary’s Baby!!!!

  • http://Sarmac Sarmac

    I love to hate Suri!!!

    You are craizy, how could anyone hate a child? P.S. Suri is cuttie!