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Madonna Covers Interview Magazine -- Holding Crucifix

Madonna Covers Interview Magazine -- Holding Crucifix

Madonna holds up a crucifix for the May 2010 double cover of Interview Magazine, on stands May 11.

The 51-year-old Material Mom told Milk director Gus Van Sant what an important, influential person Seymour Stein was in her life. Madonna shared, “Oh, my god. He believed in me. Seymour Stein is the person who signed me and gave me my first record deal, which was my only record deal I stayed at Warner Bros. until five minutes ago. He listened to my demo. He was in the hospital, and he had me come in to visit him. He was hooked up to all these weird devices-I don’t know what was wrong with him. But he made me bring my boom box and play my music for him. He was laying there in bed in his boxer shorts and a wife-beater. But he was always my champion during the first decade of my career. So he’s also a very important character. I mean, I guess we all have champions, but I feel blessed and lucky to have had the ones that I’ve had. I still run into Seymour Stein from time to time. I see him around. He’s still got that naughty twinkle in his eye.”

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Photos: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott
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  • nevnev

    JUST AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Someone’s been to the PhotoShop Dr.

    Didn’t she give up being Catholic forever ago? Can you put the crucifix down please? Jesus has been through enough.

  • Whatever…

    Please explain to me how this OLD woman, who practices the Jewish religion of Kabbalah is shown with a cross? Makes you wonder if the whole Kabbalah thing is more for ATTENTION (who her??) than her true reality. I am so sick of this broad attempting to stay relevant. She is embarrasing with her young “boyfriend” (or should I say photo opp) and the way she things she is still hot. Iconic, yes. Obvious and foolish looking, totally. You are 51. Start acting like it.

  • zzzzz

    How Shocking !!!! ……………..25 years ago,,,, and even then.. .NOT

  • WW

    She needs to stop.

  • Maddyct

    HOT !!!!!!!!!! =D

  • whatever

    an 82 year old woman does not look like that!

  • evam

    @: totally agree! I mean,what’s that all about???

  • chin can’t act

    her body looks great for her age but the face doesn’t look like her at all.

  • twpumpkin

    Are we back in the 80′s? What a has been. So sick of Madonna and all her crap. Whats next Madonna? Are you gonna roll around on stage in a torn up wedding dress singing “Like a Virgin”? Go away! You had your day. Way to much better talent out there now. Hey here’s an idea! Go be a mom to the kids you bought.

  • Kells

    Oh please, put your clothes on grandma and stop pulling out the cross when your half naked like it’s still controversial. This ain’t the ’80s.

  • lila

    To all the morons who can’t understand the symbolism, she’s using the crucifix as an symbol of power, like a gun. But don’t use the gun to win your battles, use your faith and beliefs to get you through. And you don’t have to be a nun to have beliefs, you can be sexy and provocative and a modern woman and still believe in God. Thank you, Madonna. Once again, you’re ahead of your time and soooo fierce and sekseeee!!!

  • jillyro

    I like Madonna and her music, but I’m starting to feel sorry for her. She is so desperate to recapture her youth and everything she does is like she’s screaming “I’m still sexy, I’m sexual”. This photo shoot for a woman her age is so icky..yes she looks great for her age, but it’s getting weird to watch a 51 year old dress like a 20 year old, Even a good bodied 51 year is still 51. Yes she is fit, yes she has a good body, yes she looks good for her age, she doesn’t to dress or act all old lady-ish, but she needs to leave these type of shoots to the younger singers. She is STILL 51 no matter what. She is a mom’s age now, no surgery will turn her back to 21.


    i want her

  • MIAK

    @jillyro: sorry ?? why? she looks amazing. this is one of her best photoshoots ever. she is a pro a genious and being a mother doesnt means u are death. she doesnt feel sorry for u dear. and madonna is amazing #1

  • joe

    @twpumpkin: shut up. this generation is so dumd. amdonan kicks all the young stars. shes unique and for some reason young generation loves to copy her. back in the 80s. u wish. was simply the best decade. now artists sucks. specially gaga
    madonna is genious. unique,powerfull and her body is amazing and her face looks hot

  • lilly

    so many jealous. lolol
    its amazing what this woman still can do. i respect her even more. she is full of great ideas. while gaga only copies her. u go madonna. show that age is not a problem and u are a great mom,a great business woman and a genious




    I like how old woman Madonna is stealing some of the last minutes of Christina Aguileras Career. This is so sad. Madonna is on the cover and she does not have a album to promote. Why is Christina not on the cover and she has a new album coming out in June. I do believe that at some point Madonna should RETIRE and this will give her more time to spend with her baby boyfriend who is young enough to be her son. How SICK.. Madonna is becoming the new CHER. Madonna is getting alot of plastic surgery to the point she will become unregconizable.

  • DIOR

    @whatever: amazing pics. jealous much? shut up.. shes amazing. she is a genious. this is a filosophy. and now all the young stars will copy her agin. madonna is a genious, like it or not and since when being 50 is being old? maybe u have an old mind. i dont and she at least doesnt pass out on stage liek agag that is alf her age

  • Katsaridoula

    photoshop… photoshop and agan: PHOTOSHOP!!!!!!! Any old granny can look the same :-DDDD

  • jonnas

    AMAING. SO SEXY .this woman is really brillaint. i respect her even more

  • philip ♥ here. watch it. at interview magazine site. making of the photoshoot amazing
    i cnat talk. so excited. i will buy it. for sure. i love original ppl hate wananbes

  • yawn

    so what else is new? she looks hot in those photos, I can say that much. but nothing she does or will do will shock me anymore. she has done every shocking act in the book. even if those photos were of her with a cockkk in her mouth wouldn’t shock me at all. madonna is madonna and that is what she will ever be to me. I have to say, at 51, she still got it.

  • philip

    @Katsaridoula: yeah? do u think so? so wahtc the video and see who is photioshoot. granny is ur mid. madonna kicks ur ass quickly. for some reason shes #1 all over the world

  • Can someone give the adress and name of her plastic surgeron?

  • Katsaridoula

    I think she is desperate, like all her fans  bless them all

  • miss infamous

    I like the photos!

  • Katsaridoula

    idiot is and idiot will be ;-)

  • reat

    @VICTORIA: shut up. xtina was the one that copied madonna videos and all the press knows about that. they post it. ahaha. madonna does her own staff and new generation loves to copy madonna cause she is simply the most important woman who ever walked on the face of teh earth loser
    xtina who?

  • mia

    @zzzzz: ahahaha shocking? thats what gaga is trying to do by copying madonna? yeah madonna shcokcs but this phtoshoot isnt for that. gaga is a loser. so do u. madonna is the queen . the best jelous much
    whats the matter with u ppl? new artists sucks. amdonna is the one that has merit . and this pics are amazing watch the video and see how great she looks ♥ here. watch it. at interview magazine site. making of the photoshoot amazing

  • dina

    @: jealous much?

  • Donnie

    OMG!!Madonna copying Gaga and Rihanna.


    @lilly: Madonna wishes she was GAGA. Madonna said it herself after she took her daughter to one of GAGA’S concerts. Madonna said GAGA reminds her of her old self. Can you tell me when has Madonna ever said another woman artist reminded her of her ownself. The answer is never. So you need to watch your mouth before you speak. What Madonna is saying is that GAGA has alot of ideas that she wished she would have done. Like so many other Women singers, they want to be like GAGA including Madonna. In other words Madonna gave GAGA much respect as well as Gaga said she loved Madonna. I’m old enough to remember when Madonna first came out to tell you about her first performances and I can say GAGA would beat Madonna hands down. GAGA is not giving us the same production over and over again. It’s always new and fresh. Unlike Pink who did the same performance with that stupid in air circus show at 2 major music awards show. Madonna is alright but GAGA is much better. Just because you’ve been around longer does not make you better.

  • Give It Up Hag

    Y’know Madonna likes to reinvent herself constantly.
    Here she’s a washed up pop star reaching in her moldy bag of tricks and pulling out JC again.
    rerun (CC)

  • ????

    Isn’t Madonna using a walker these days?

  • Katsaridoula

    Still not photoshop??? Whoeeee, you must be either blind or dumb what a beauty she is :-DDDDDDDDDD

  • lila

    Everything Gaga does has already been done by Madonna. The big difference is that she doesn’t have the face or the body of Madonna. Gaga is NOT sexy, is NOT attractive at all. She’s just a bunch of costumes and head gears. No substance, no beauty and definitely NO SEX APPEAL.

  • Tina

    People If your gonna pick apart every artist video I got one for you Christina Aguilera Dirty Madonna Sticky and Sweet (Boxing Ring)–Toxic Britney/Gaga Love Game(Glitter)…Has anyone ever seen Kylie Minogue “Can’t get Blue Monday out my head” she Copied Lady Gaga from beginning to end.Just Saying.

  • Kiki

    She looks better with her original, fuller eyebrows. That uberplucked skinny brow made her look lizard-like.

    And I don’t understand why people feel the need to point out that her pics are photoshopped. All published pics of celebs are photoshopped! They do more dramatic photo shopping; capturing the eyes, nose and lips and resizing them on less attractive celebs (Rachel Bilson, etc) than they do on Madonna who just get a few laugh lines deleted. Big deal! At least she still looks the same in real life, minus a few faint lines, unlike RB and others.

  • jorge

    amazing, she keeps me surprising me all the tim ongrats M


    @reat: I don’t like Christina Aguilera either. Madonna is not a great singer or dancer. Madonna’s fame came from shocking people in the 80′s by doing stupid stuff like taking off her cloths, making a porn book,making videos with a burning cross and so on. And yes Madonna has copied other people before her. May I say MARYLN MONROE AND DEBBIE HARRY FROM BLONDIE. SO YOU NEED TO SHUT YOUR MOUTH. I remember when Madonna came out and she was sleeping around with everyone to start her music career. So I hope no one aspires to be like Madonna as a talent maybe as a business woman. Madonna was smart to market her sex but other than that she is on the same level as Britney Spears. Madonna is the Queen of LIPSYCING. This is something her and PRINCE fell out about. PRINCE does not believe in Lipsycing. He wants to give his fans live music so that’s why you’ve never seen him or Madonna do a live show together. So you need to sit down and shut up. KNOW YOUR FACTS BEFORE YOU SPEAK. I can not stand how people give these music stars titles like KING AND QUEEN. If you are going to give them a title, then give them the right one. Madonna was the QUEEN OF LIPSYCING, MICHEAL JACKSON may he rest in peace was the KING OF WEIRD. Ask me how I know because I grew up with PRINCE, MADONNA AND MICHEAL JACKSON AND OTHER LEGENDS.

  • if only

    If only she could make just one more baby-voiced bubblegum kiddie song again. Thoze were the daze.

  • Talk Sense Girl

    These Pics look Demonic!!!

  • milla

    @yawn: it doesnt shock u causeb hse doesnt want to nshcok. this is like a classi cM pics. not for shock but vinatge style, but she si super hot. and the msot relevant of all stars. nothing now socks us. but M shock us more than gaga . gaga is wnnabe empty

  • ritah

    WOOOOOOOOOOOW! I’m speechless!!!!!!!!!!! stunning powerful woman


    @lila: Madonna has not done everything. Did Madonna play from a burning piano? No. Madonna does not even play piano. Did Madonna ever use blood in any of her award performance?. No. Gaga did. I can go on and on.

  • jonnathan

    the haters seems the same person” jealous much dear? this photoshoot is beautiful.the best ive seem in years. madonna i amazing in front of a camera. noone does it better than her. she looks perfect. gaga is simpky wannabe .she doesnt shock us. and shes terrible. amdonna changed the world with her attitude and still doing it perfectly thats why young ppl love her so much. shes a filosophy to follow. a brilliant mind


    super hot GEBIOUS

  • mikela

    gorgeous. madonna is back and better than ever. bow down to the queen all the rest are wananbes. even at 51 she sells out all her huge concerts amd her cds go straight to #1 all over the world. even her dvd. and she doesnt need any promotion like warners says