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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Go Golfing

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Go Golfing

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban enjoy some alone time while playing a round of golf together in on Sunday (May 2) in Maui, Hawaii.

Last weekend, the 42-year-old actress was spotted taking her daughter Sunday Rose for a hike in the Maui mountains. She was also recently spotted going for a morning jog.

Nicole is currently staying on the island shooting her upcoming film Just Go With It alongside Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban going golfing…

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nicole kidman keith urban go golfing 01
nicole kidman keith urban go golfing 02
nicole kidman keith urban go golfing 03
nicole kidman keith urban go golfing 04
nicole kidman keith urban go golfing 05
nicole kidman keith urban go golfing 06
nicole kidman keith urban go golfing 07
nicole kidman keith urban go golfing 08
nicole kidman keith urban go golfing 09
nicole kidman keith urban go golfing 10

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  • jaybird

    GRANNY plays golf? its good for the old lady to keep active

  • Lillian

    The better question; Keith Urban plays golf? He’s really trying to be the little socialite. I wonder how many parties had to play through because these two didn’t know what they were doing.

  • WannaBeTiger

    Priceless photo op – Nashville is fighting flood waters, and Keith and Nicole are on the golf course in Hawaii. Who is tending to their homes in Nashville? Look how bad Nicole is sweating – shouldn’t the dude be sweating that bad?

  • Mags

    Keith looks like he’s reAdy to come after someone with that club Lol

  • meister

    einfach süß

  • notbusy

    They look so happy having fun together. This is a great couple. With the bad weather in TN, It’s good they’re in Hawaii right now.

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie


    Nashville doesn’t need celebrities running around with buckets for publicity shots, thank you very much. AND, Nicole and Keith don’t need the paps at every turn enabling halfwits who have no life of their own to make inane comments. If you’re a Tiger wannabee, go practice up on your own game.

  • arlene

    nicole kidmant looks pregnant in photos,dios quiera y tengan otro baby pareja muy enamorada siempre y juntos ,dios los bendiga


    Oh, hun, they ALWAYS play golf.

    Damn, paps just found them this time. They do everything together.

    As for the twit who thinks they shouldn’t have a nice weekend because it’s raining here, well, seriously, what a jackazz.

  • Kelly

    Keith Urban is so hoooooooooot!!!!!!!!!

  • Better Title

    Happy couple seen golfing together, when they day ruined, as….

    Other RUDE golfers playing the bottom hole, begin taking photos of private momments which they sell to tabloids.

  • Bella


  • InTN

    There was flooding in Lieper’s Fork but I would not know if it effected their home that is in the area. Don’t know if their home is near any creeks, etc. and if their property sits up high. They probably have housekeepers, assistants, who ever working for them back in Nashville to keep an eye on their home/homes. There was a lot of flooding in a lot of areas in Nashville and surrounding areas. How nice it would be to be i Hawaii. Looks like they are having a good time and trying different activities as in golf.


    There little country spread sits HIGH in the hills. No worries.

  • Brian

    Great!! being a sporty person is keeps you fit. Moreover it is a good pastime.

  • Anon

    Nicole and Keith are a great couple. She is a good example how to have dignity and grace after a divorce and karma will bring good things, like Keith Urban and Sunday Rose. There are a few around Nicole now that could take a lesson in that dignity and grace.
    Love Keith’s music.

  • tulip

    I’m happy to see Nic and Keith together.

  • http://. Connor & Isabella

    Well, we guess the only way for us to get a glimpse of you is to check Just Jared :>(!!! We want to thank you JJ for keeping up with Mommy Dearest for us and by the way thanks for the pictures of “Monday Rose” she is growing! We would like to get to know “Monday Rose” so Mommy Dearest…………and you to Mr. Urban let us know something soon!! Love you still Mommy (even though you don’t look the same)!!!

    Connor & Isabella

  • troi

    Nicole has played golf for years. There are other pictures out there if you were to search of her playing. And you know what, if we could all look this good at 42, none of us would care what we were called by idiots like you.

  • troi


    So who made Keith and Nicole President or Governor that they have to return to Nashville to comfort people? Based on the posts I’ve seen here and elsewhere, it doesn’t seem like there is much they could do.

    Do you expect every high profile Nashville citizen to be in Nashville now? All of the C&W super stars that live there? Probably not. You just like to hate on Nicole and Keith.

    Nicole is working on a film moron. She has Sunday off. Hawaii is a little far away to fly home for the weekend isn’t it?

  • what is wrong with you people

    1/2 of marriages break up and most others don’t spend any time together. THese 2 people seem to love each other to work at it and spend a lot of time with each other. why is it necessary to come on here and post a nasty message.. They are happy .. Leave them alone..

  • Stacey

    TC has full sutodiy

  • reba

    stupid morons. instead praying for nashville citizens that are in big troubles you’re bitching about a famous couple that in this moment probably are more concerned more than you’ll be in your whole stupid life.
    these pics are from 2 days ago, nicole and keith can’t predict the future couldn’t know what was going to happen in THEIR city, where live their friends and have their propriety. I’m sure they’re enough worried, but seriously: what can they do at the moment? I’m sure they’re going to do something like they did for the terrible fire disaster in australia.
    just one word for you people: LOSERS.

  • Grace

    For God’s sake, leave them alone, idiots! Are you really gonna spend the rest of your lives bashing on them and their happiness? Get a life, get a job, get a boyfriend! You people are sick!

    It’s obvious they are happy together, so there’s nothing YOU can and will do to change that! Too ridiculous! I’m getting tired of this already!

  • eliza

    These two appreciate how lucky they are to have found each other.
    Nice seeing them together, really sharing their lives. Lovely.

  • Grace


    Good one! hahahaha as if they are responsable for something, anyway! They’ll do what they want and IF they want! How stupid are these people? Nicole and Keith are not politicians, they’re an actress and a singer! Grow you, people!

  • Grace

    @Connor & Isabella:

    Actually Daddy Dearest Tom won’t allow us to see anyone not in our cult, even our own Mommy, because Daddy Dearest says Mommy is eeevil for not worshiping L Ron Hubbard and letting her brain get washed properly. She was too independent and that made it difficult for Daddy to love her. She’s a bad Mommy, a very bad Mommy!

    (We’re trapped in this lously cult and lost our real Mom, HELP.
    Free Katie, and but don’t forget us too!)
    -Conner and Isabella

  • twpumpkin

    Nicole is way to talented to be in a movie with Jennifer Anisten. Run Nicole! Run!

  • http://. Connor & Isabella

    @Grace: @Grace: Regardless of the Cult, L Ron Hubbard or what Daddy Dearest says – if she were a good Mommy she would realize that she has an obligation or had an obligation to help raise us. If she really wanted to see us she could and would see us and since she’s so independent she could put up a fight for us – we’re worth it!!! If Daddy Dearest is holding her back, then maybe she could put something nasty in the media and make Daddy Dearest look bad…………….you know something like what Kim Bessinger did to Alec Baldwin.

    Oh, and we hate the cult life. Come free us Mommy!!! (maybe Katie will follow).

  • reba

    @Connor & Isabella:
    have you ever considered the possibility that “probably” Tom and his cult put against Nicole the children and now they don’t want to see her because they belive she’s a dangerous person because she’s not part of the church anymore? I mean, maybe?!?
    but, anyway, WHO CARES, I mean those are their damn business, whatever they’re living in this moment, whatever is their situation is pretty sad to see how some LOSER people spend their time thinking about people they don’t know. IT’S SAD.

  • @reba

    and I suppose YOU know them personally do you?

    Has NK had a boob job?

  • reba

    No, I don’t know them my dear LOSER, and you? Don’t think so. I use logic, and I say: whatever happens to their family is not my business because I have my life and and I don’t want to worry about someone who doesn’t know me.
    I can express a positive comment, an appreciation, a compliment, but that’s it. I don’t spend my time spit put hate to someone I don’t know personally. It’s useless.
    Get a life LOSERS.

  • Stella

    I love Nic and Keith’s matching outfits! They’re so cute together! Love this couple!

  • bertha

    They are a beautiful couple! so happy.

  • love!!!

    beautiful couple

  • Laura

    Golfing? Definitely doesn’t seem like something Keith would do for fun.. Weird.

    Anyways, I agree that there is nothing they can do about Nashville, and I’m sure they’re concerned..

    Good couple. Although, she seems like a Diva.. Just sayin’.

  • I agree

    Just don’t get how can anyone have something against them! They are beautiful, nice and down to earth people. They have the most genuine love I’ve ever seen in a couple.

  • Grace

    @I agree:

    You never met her and, besides, maybe Keith doens’t like golf, but he’s made himself clear that he’s done some things for his love for her! =P

  • @connor and Isabella

    My dear children, I do see you. I just don’t pimp you out like your father does. You must be taking too many of those cult vitamins and herbs since you can’t seem to remember us meeting up in LA and your coming to Nashville about a month ago.
    And if I may point out, the cult told your father to divorce me and then orchestrated the divorce for Tom. I had custody of you for two years after the divorce, but then I made the mistake of letting you live with your father in LA because that is what you wanted to do — settle down in LA. Unfortunately the cult now won’t let you go. It doesn’t matter what I do, read your cult manual. I am a suppressive person. If I were not a movie star the cult would not let me see you at all.
    You are always in my heart and loved. When you can escape, I will open my arms to you and do whatever I can to help you leave Xenu-land.

  • Gosh
  • Grace

    Sorry, “I agre”, I meant LAURA!

  • @reba

    SADDO – put a sock in it.


    @@connor and Isabella:


  • WannaBeTiger

    @InTN: So instead of their “housekeepers, assistants” protecting their own homes, they are supposed to go out in these conditions and take care of the Urban homes? Golly, where I can I get a job like that? Lots of artists are taking care of their own homes and canceling shows so their band and crew can take care of things at home this week!

  • This is a joke


    Is this your business? Why do you care?

  • WannaBeTiger

    @This is a joke: Right back at you! Could you continue with your vacation if you knew your home(s) was sitting in the middle of a flood? Would you ask others to take care of the dirty work while you continue to play golf in the Hawaiian sun?

  • JenJen

    Ummmm Nicole at least has been golfing before. If you can go to a course there’s no reason why you can’t or shouldn’t play if you aren’t in the PGA. It’s why we have public courses.

    Some people here are just too stupid for words.

  • JenJen


    Uhh the ones that are touring or on vacation or otherwise away would have people to take care of it. Artists are away alot and they have a plan for that sort of thing. It’s their life. Dierks happened to be home and that’s why he Twittered about it. His upcoming show was in TN!!!

  • WannaBeTiger

    @JenJen: But you see the “people to take care of it” also have homes in Nashville with basements that are flooded as well or worse yet, their homes have floated away. The “people to take care of it” have their own mess to clean up. Have you even watched the news stories on this disaster?

  • @wannabetiger

    Nicole and Keith have live in help, so it isn’t like they are going to be going home. You don’t even know (and neither do I) whether the live in help is from Nashville.

    And you don’t even know if their home is flooded. I live in an area that floods every few years and you know–everyone looks out for everyone else even when they are out of town. I’m sure Nashville is just as generous.