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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: MET Ball 2010

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: MET Ball 2010

Rachel Bilson dazzles in a pretty print dress alongside boyfriend Hayden Christensen at the MET Ball held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday (May 3) in New York City.

The 28-year-old former O.C. actress wore a Louis Vuitton dress and Jimmy Choo shoes.

The Costume Institute Gala Benefit celebrates the opening of the “American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity” exhibition. The event is hosted by Patrick Robinson of The Gap, co-hosted by Vogue editor Anna Wintour and talk show queen Oprah Winfrey.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen at the 2010 MET Ball..

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rachel bilson met gala hayden christensen 01
rachel bilson met gala hayden christensen 02
rachel bilson met gala hayden christensen 03
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Credit: Larry Busacca, Stephen Lovekin, RD/Dziekan ; Photos: Getty, WENN, Retna Digital
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  • Bree

    I LOVE that dress!! Reminds me of the 50′s housewife style of dressing.

  • eric


  • cacey

    HAS-BEEN international has just arrived with her BORROWED APRON.

  • yesmin

    She look really pretty! she is my favourite actress!

  • Carrey

    Her makeup looks gorgeous!! I think she looks cute.

  • Viper

    She needs some designer help and her hair looks like she came out of a blender. Compared to the other woman there she doesn’t even rank up there with them.

  • lisa

    Rachel looks very pretty in that Louis Vuitton dress. It’s being reported that Hayden is there too.

  • JJ get it right

    The dress in Louis Vitton

  • JJ get it right

    Oooops Vuitton and yes Hayden is also there

  • http://Crapside Crapside

    @ #1
    Yeah….50′s housewife or ready to do another remake of a Grease prom scene. Jimmy Choo. Perfect choice for a girl that looks like a chihuahua hehehe. Sorry…She looks and reminds me of an ex relative I don’t like. :(

  • kerry

    not into it, not very glamorous

  • http://Crapside Crapside

    Why isn’t Hayden posing with her then?? I’ll have to chec Getty. I can careless but, you PPL got my curosity going.

  • illuminatea

    I really like this look on her! The dress and the shoes and the makeup – she looks lovely.

  • tsk tsk JJ

    You could have had 100 plus posts if you found the photo’s of both together, it’s a shame Hayden looks mighty fine in a Tux.

  • Viper

    HC didn’t go he wasn’t on getty image and JJ would have posted the two together if he was there. Love how the dress pushes the boobs up so to make it look like she has a chest. She was there alone last year and she will be there alone many years to come the cost of this beautful gala is $6,500 a person trust me he wasn’t planing on spending that kind of money to sit in a room with his ex g/f. The dress was said to be Jimmy Choo not Vuttion

  • tsk tsk JJ

    @Viper you are not looking at the right places, and no the dress is LV it was worn on the catwalk this year–unless you are saying Jimmy Choo copied it 100% including the belt.

  • deshaun

    Does she had a B00b job?!

  • jessemosslover

    I agree with #1, bree. It does look like a 50′s style dress. Its very cute.

  • a


    hayden is there. there are pictures. gettyimages isn’t the only site on the internet that has pics from this event, just so you know.

  • Viper

    post them then do tell why did he not pose with her??

  • schullen

    The dress looks like you found in the bargain bin of Walmart. Truly is she would come up once again as the worst dress/dresser on the said event.

  • tsk tsk JJ

    Because like #19 probably could, I could post them, but I like seeing you in denial Viper.

  • amaranth

    Always the same hairstyle. BilTroll couldnt really get rid of that bedraggled, mopped style & overly-dyed hair” away from her face isnt it?!
    With that homely-ordinary face… she HAD too.

  • there are pics!

    I love her dress, she looks great! And Hayden is very handsome is his tuxedo. There are pictures on their fansites, and they are pictured together on their way to the gala from the Carlyle Restaurant at the Rosewood Hotel. Several articles about both of them attending the gala on the net and twitter.

  • a


    judging by the pics being posted, a lot of couples don’t pose together.

  • tsk tsk JJ

    See Viper—-JJ is not always right and JJ also corrected the design

  • shadowy

    OMG Haydamn got/feel “ashamed” of his mediaho fiance once again – cant even let her walk first behind him… Such a douching dweeb!

  • Crapside

    I guess I could not steal JJ’s thunder by sending the pictures they arrived together. KIss my a$$ JJ. Thanks for finally showing they arrived together. Both look thrilled. NOTTTT!!! hehehe.

  • Celia

    This was cuter when I first saw it. Now…not so much.

  • Crapside

    I know Shadowy!!! Why not be all proud and happy to pose with your girl you know?? Hayden is a total douche! :( I don’t even care for Rachel all that much but, he treats her like $h*t! :(

  • periwinkle

    And now wonder, they couldnt find (yet – but probably will do later as scripted)) pic/s of them together as Christonesen is all over again… is (just) “walking lightyears” ahead of her.
    So Bratchel get rid of your heels & “run BilPooo run!!!

  • kosher

    All together now… oh my – My Awfully Favorite CLOWNY Looking Couple!

  • iamBW-BWis me

    She looks super cute! I love her hair and makeup! and she looks adorable in that vuitton dress :D

  • iamBW-BWis me

    Can anyone ID her clutch?

  • ilovetheoc

    ADORABLE. She’s so cute, i love her!

  • Never happy

    If he walks behind-people complain
    If he walks in front-people complain

    Make up your friggin minds, however the haters have to complain about something it’s the only thing that makes them happy.

  • Perfect Couple

    They are so perfect together. He is exactly like she is, except that he looks stoned right now. She just looks like she had collagen injected in her lips and has silicon pads stuffed in her wonderbra. Perfect loser couple with no talent, no brains, no personality who just do stupid crap to pay the bills. He does 3rd rate horror flicks. She peddles sunglasses and wrotes Q&a for a supermarket style zine. She lives in LA and gets papped every other day doing NOTHING. He hides in Canada doing drugs as you can plainly tell by the glassy stare, slack jaw, grey skin and gaunt body. I hear he needs cue cards now just like his bride because he can’t remember lines. The meth and the coke has destroyed his brains.

  • shadowy

    Just find an endless entertainment just to observe 2 dweeb losers in action to the max.
    Haydamn bored-stiff face accurately looks like that “he can’t wait for her to go back in LA while he on his Canadian hidey-hole and would just wait for another month or so for their another obligatory photo-ooops” LOL


    Absolutely an AWFUL choice.

    A MET Gala is a formal event, this little retro dress belongs at a country fair.

  • sterling

    Shame… flat or w/ heels Midge(t) always walks like a snail while Haydent always walks as if he’s got no company at all or maybe just instantly possessed of the Superman or the Mighty Flash’ super-speed just/only in the power of walking; everytime he’s or he’ll be aware that they would be purposely photograph together. LOL.

  • lola

    she looks adorable! she looks like shes headed to a chic tea party. too cute.

  • K

    You mean fiance?

  • tsk tsk JJ

    @K can’t expect JJ to get everything right

  • yes, fiance

    You can see the engagement ring in the close up photo above on her leftt hand. She has been wearing the ring since January in photos taken of her.

  • monreal

    They just deserves to be made fun of… same as the case when they’re acting (even if it just happens once in a blue moon) on their cr@ppy/shitty film/s.

  • Never happy

    No it’s because people like you just like using oxygen for no reason at all.

    Perhaps with the updated photo people can be happy now, they had their photo taken together.

    Well time for bed–haters please continue………………………

  • TPL

    So Hayden does not have a male cousin who resembles Tove but with blue eyes whose first name is “Victor” who is stalking me on my rides?

    RB, this guy is never going to marry you, he saw a diamond ring in my house and got jealous so he gave you one too.

    And if he does marry you he will make a bigger fool out of you than Jessie James made of his wife.So Hayden does not have a male cousin who resembles Tove but with blue eyes whose first name is “Victor” who is stalking me on my rides?

    RB, this guy is never going to marry you, he saw a diamond ring in my house and got jealous so he gave you one too.

    And if he does marry you he will make a bigger fool out of you than Jessie James made of his wife.

    And Hayden needs to go easy on the foundation! He’s got more concealer under his eyes than Rachel!

  • lani

    I love rachel, but she really needs to get her hair dyed.. it’s a bit too top deck for me here.

  • TPL

    H is a player, he made his choice, he did not have to go and he should NOT have gone, not when he’s implying that he loves another. He is a cad. RB can HAVE him!

    V rides a white MASI bike… Gee, now how do I know that, how did he manage to stay behind me in a group of almost 1000 riders, how, how, how? And on Monday ride too? How is that even a coincidence?

    Ask your self that RB, and let H spew, oh-so-emphatically, all his lame excuses. And you will swallow all the bs he feeds you because you are a shallow, weak woman. Period.

    Therefore don’t be mad when he makes a fool out of you, when you made a fool out of yourself first for fame and money-lust.

  • hands-down

    ILL-MATCH & STONED couple of the night – sheeesh!