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Sadie Sandler Likes Jennifer Aniston Half the Time

Sadie Sandler Likes Jennifer Aniston Half the Time

Jennifer Aniston smiles from ear to ear as she gets driven in a golf cart to the set of her new movie, Just Go With It, on Monday (May 3) in Maui, Hawaii.

Her co-star Adam Sandler recently admitted that his daughter Sadie, who turns 4 on Thursday, is warming up to Jennifer.

Adam tells ET, “I call her ‘Fifty Fifty Sadie.’ When she’s nice to Aniston, I’m in a good mood. When she’s nuts I’m like, ‘Sadie, come here for a minute. That’s Aniston!’”

Jennifer jokes about being surrounded by so many children, “I’m constantly getting a kid fix!” (Nicole Kidman and Dave Matthews have their kids on set all the time, too.)

Adam goes on to say that he and Jennifer have known each other for over twenty years, “We met at Jerry’s Deli through a bunch of mutual friends. We shared meals together. I watched Aniston eat!”

FYI: Jennifer is wearing Current/Elliott Army Pants in army.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston riding a golf cart…

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sadie sandler jennifer aniston 01
sadie sandler jennifer aniston 02
sadie sandler jennifer aniston 03
sadie sandler jennifer aniston 04
sadie sandler jennifer aniston 05
sadie sandler jennifer aniston 06
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Credit: Jeff Steinberg; Photos: Flynetonline, Pacificocastnewsonline
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  • Aiden

    Something true about Jenny:

  • !

    What’s she so happy about?

  • Cheery

    This chick needs to stay out of the sun and lay off the alcohol–her face will thank her.

  • Old Lady
  • Lucky Charm

    So what exactly is the story here? I didn’t realize that a 4 year old liking or not/liking someone their dad works with was so all important.

  • daffodil

    Jennifer looks fab here she looks happy and relaxed GO JEN.

  • Sara

    Nice to see her happy
    She is talented, nice,funny,warm ,person

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Sadie Sandler has good taste…half the time.

  • Liz

    He calls her Aniston??

  • Lucky Charm

    Let’s take a moment and compare:

    Just Awful – a 4-year-old not liking her half the time.
    Angelina Jolie – declining an invitation to the annual White House Correspondents Dinner.

    Hmmm…Just goes to show which person has more relevance. That even declining an invitation to something that she has never attended is still newsworthy.

    I’d like to know if Sunday Rose Urban llkes Just Awful more than 50%, and why isn’t that reported? What about Dave Matthews kids? Enquiring minds want to know!

  • ykw

    KIDS????!!! X??? Regrets…I’ve had a FEW…bet she wished she’d had one or 2.

  • daisymae

    They took a story from Entertainment Tonight because they needed some text for the pics.

  • ykw

    Bet she doesn’t like those photos. hee hee

  • Lucky Charm


    ITAWU. They make her look plump (and not pleasantly so). Probably not the look she wants with a swimsuit model and a statuesque beauty as co-stars.

  • lala

    nice eyes blue , she is happy



  • Gerard’s Fingers

    She doesn’t look to good here. Maybe that’s why she’s afraid to play another role besides ‘Rachel’.
    Then we’d see how she RRREEEEAAALLY looks.

  • Ms Anonymous

    Focus on your own flaws instead of hating Jen all the time.

  • ykw

    @Lucky Charm:

    Yeah, she looks like a shabby chic frumpy dumpy Humpty Dumpty.
    Ha ha ha ha ahaaaa

  • Jen’s video direction

    Take a look a this video directed by Jen with Woddy Harlesson for Burma human right, democracy and hope, we need 1 million voice check this out

  • jokes…

    Too easy

  • ykw


    She has brown eyes…at least her “REAL EYES” are brown.
    Oh, didn’t u know?

  • llll

    She looks happy so maybe her fans will lay off Angelina and her children for a while. I went to the store and couldn’t believe the National Enquirer based a whole Down Syndrome story about Jolie’s kids on what Jennifer Aniston fans are saying online. Jennifer looks very happy to be where she is and there is no need to attack other celebs in her name.

  • ykw

    @Ms Anonymous:

    Let’s compromise. I’ll focus on mine…AND HERS….she’s got a lot of ‘em.
    Let’s start with “HOMELY” here…for sure.

    Oops…my bad…maybe that’s the part she’s playing.

  • ykw


    Looks r Deceiving. LOL!

  • ykw

    @Jen’s video direction:


  • ykw


    Stop lying to yourself, Daf.


    If there you are Brad and Angie fans PLS get out here Analiston is pathetic.

  • ykw

    @Lucky Charm:

    Sure, you’re right. Oh, she’s seething right now…and with GOOD REASON!
    How long do ya think JJ will keep these on her? ha ha ha aaaa

  • hmmmm

    I see she has her lover, oops I mean acting coach with her. I’m sure she is very uncomfortable being surrounded by all the married couples and their chidren that are involved in this movie. Poor thing has nothing in common with them at all.

  • dd

    I think JA is finally pregnant. Good for her if that’s true so people can lay off Brad and Angie.


    She must be a whiny clingy nightmare to live with.

  • llll

    @ykw: why? I think you and her mean crazy fans are the unhappy ones.

  • T pain

    OMG, he hair is not covering her face, yikes!!

    And now we all know why she is so self-conscious about having the sides of her face show…


    Potato HEAD!!

  • George

    Ease up on the sun leather face.

  • Faye

    If you look at the last few photos of Jen she looks puffy in the face and other puffy in other places… I am pretty sure she is pregnant. Still beautiful but pregnant especially when you compare pictures.

  • Lisa

    She does look like she is drinking and tanning too much – starting to look a bit rough.

  • Tina

    Who let the dog out?

  • Stacey Slore

    I love her, so pretty

  • Entertainment Tonight
  • chin can’t act

    she has the most ugliest face structure and that hideous chin. what the fcuk wrong with her face. it looks bloated.

  • wtf

    Crap-spectacular… what a vision of FUG!

  • forgettheblues

    He calls her ‘Aniston’ but calls “Kidman ” Nicole. I get it Keep the distance.

  • Sandy

    Just don’t get it when people refer to her as so pretty in such a “natural” way…there is nothing natural about her looks. Dyed hair, fake eye color, nose redone multifple times, chin shaved down, lip plumpers (with no lip to begin with, it looks even more fake, esp. from the side) and extensive fillers through out her face. She has had more work done than most actresses, but still there are people out there that want tocpraise her “tresh-faced” natural look. Look back at her early pictures and she is completely transformed. She’s a fraud – hawks Smart Water and and brags about her healthy living, yet chain smoke away from the camera – anything to stay thin, I guess.

  • besane

    I thought she had her hairline adjustment to enlarge her small forehead — it didn’t take?

  • Rosie O’Donnell

    Jen is fat fat fat

  • tahoegeminii

    the story here is just a warm up to the soon to be released scenio of how they think they are going to sell this movie thru the tabloids-Adam’s marraige will come under attack and of course he will be sooo taken with Anuston that he can’t help himself and starts sneaking around with her-see now Anuston needs to stick it to some other wife to make herself feel better or to make all the Jen hags feel better and go see the stupid movie and bathe in her rank stinch of a scent-even if it is only a tabloid headline script for movie promotion-I am sure Adam’s daughter doesn’t really like her at all and everybody makes her be nice to Anuston-see kids know when someone is a fake and is just pretending to like kids to get trust from other adults. It creeps them out. Forcing your kid to be nice to someone they think is creepy is usually the wrong thing to do-even if it is Anuston-she creeps me out too! such a fake poser-trying waay too hard-ADAM WHY???? let see who would have been 10 times better-Drew, Cameron, Reese, Kidman, Bullock hell even Tia Leone or Courtney Cox would have been a step up-the movie is already ruined for me -they are trying to force the script-Kidman should be the lead and Anuston should be the dowdy match making friend-this is cast like the high school play where the bee-yotch doing the drama teacher gets all the lead femme princess roles even though there are much better waiting in the wings or badly cast-no one will ever believe fish hands Anuston is the “girl” of Adam’s dreams

  • gds


    And they quote a Female First poster!

  • bet

    beautifull and beutifull smile. love her.

  • emmy jay

    What happened to her bestest buddy Gerard Butler? Again, another fauxmance for her shitey movie…. She is so transparent you can almost see through her face fillers…