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Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer: Shady Couple

Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer: Shady Couple

Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, and Ryan Kwanten are all spotted on the set of True Blood on Monday (May 3) in Hollywood.

Last month, the 27-year-old actress’ older brother blessed her engagement to Stephen. “I absolutely approve! Steve will be an amazing husband to Anna and a great brother-in-law,” Andrew Paquin told People.

“She’s in very good hands,” says Andrew. “Steve‘s a lovely man and a really great guy. He’s become a very good friend. Everything is great and I’m really happy for them.”

FYI: Anna is wearing Loose Rolled Shorts in “Mischa” wash by Joe’s Jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer wearing shades…

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anna paquin stephen moyer shady couple 01
anna paquin stephen moyer shady couple 02
anna paquin stephen moyer shady couple 03
anna paquin stephen moyer shady couple 04
anna paquin stephen moyer shady couple 05
anna paquin stephen moyer shady couple 06
anna paquin stephen moyer shady couple 07
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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Ckayed

    Love this couple but wish they would be allowed more privacy!

  • Anonymous

    Well, hellllooooo Ryan Kwanten.
    #waitingsucks, damn.

  • Lola

    Ryan is looking amazing! I’m surprised Kate Bosworth wasn’t mentioned in this post. She seems to pop up in every story that’s not related to her.

  • JM


  • TB lover

    Anna looks miserable. I don’t believe for one second they’re happy together or they will marry.

    Please. They’ve been together more than two years and keep putting off the wedding date. It was supposed to be this Aug and then doofy Moyer comes out and says it could be ten years.

    He’s too old for her. She should just dump him and be done with it instead of keeping up the game.

  • M

    So, are they actually going to marry or they wil be “engaged” forever like all the other Hollywood couples?

  • Kay

    They are a lovely couple. Haven’t you seen recent candid pics of them the past few days? They still seem pretty happy together. They don’t need to tell anyone when they’ll marry because it’s between them and it’s supposed to be a special event without paps trying to find out where they’ll marry.

  • toma

    She is soooooooooooo BLAH.

  • Marieme

    Stephen is frail, pale and tiny. Looks like he’d break if you hugged him. He must have an awesome personality.

  • Lita

    @Marieme: Aren’t these pics on-set, or set adjacent? Hence the bodyguard, Moyer’s ultrapale makeup and awful hair, and Paquin’s “all-business” facial expression. Just another day at the office!

  • Alexa

    RYAN! He is without doubt the best actor on the show. He just doesn’t get enough dues IMHO.
    Cannot wait for June 13! #waitingsucks

  • Liz

    I love those two together! But Anna doesn’t look too happy with the paps following her… which I totally get.
    I don’t care if they never marry. Like Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis, they’re happy and not married. And as we saw in very recent pictures, Anna & Steve are very happy together.

  • Sweden calling

    A nice, camera shy couple.

    You can stay out of the public eye if you wan´t to. Just don´t go the the places everybody know´s the paps hang out. Or you can choose to not go to all the openings/premieres of an clothing line/parties etc…

    Some choose this, others do the opposite.

  • Annette

    @sweden calling
    I totally agree to your opinion!

  • Kimberlee Dash

    Nice teeth

  • Sanna

    @TB lover:

    What the hell are you talking about?? Putting off the wedding?? Crazy much?? They have never set a date!! They have never said that it’s going to be in August and Stephen was JOKING when he said 2020. You obviously don’t know anything about those two. Sure, they don’t look too happy, but it’s just these pics! Maybe it’s in the morning. Do you look like sunshine every morning?? Grow up

  • mimi

    Ryan is so underated…
    Too bad we don’t hear about his projects more…he seems like a guy that has a brain when he speaks, not just a nice face.

    I love these three camera shy persons (to quote sweden calling’s terms)

  • Sweden calling

    Why on earth did I get so many thumbs down for??

    I meant that Anna & Stephen are a classy couple, they keep to themselves. They are not chasing paps around town, attending every premiere in the State just to get photographed etc.

    Why does me saying that make you give me thumbs down?
    Ya´ll like famewh**es better?

  • Lindi

    Three of my favorite peeps from True Blood. Sookie, Bill and the brother. Can’t wait to see them and Tara and Terry and Andy.

  • Lindi

    Oh, and I love Stephen & Anna – a wonderful couple.

  • mimi

    @Sweden calling:
    Maybe they think you’re attacking their dear alex who’s actually a paparazzi lover. So i don’t think they got the real meaning of your message.
    I gave you a +1 but it was a while ago!

  • Sweden calling


    Thank you for your answer!
    I was actually thinking of alex´s so called gf when I wrote the first comment… ;)

  • mimi

    @Sweden calling:

    What??? you really attacked their GOD!
    Now you understand you got low ratings. ;-) I’m even surprised you’re not already cursed!!!

    Too bad the ones who gave you bad points don’t seem to make the equation—} work+privacy =respect.
    Wait that’s too logic…

    Tell me most of the swedes do solve the equation?

  • Elmo

    Love them on the show and in real life. Can’t wait until June 13.

  • Sweden calling


    Haha… you are cracking me up mimi :) +1 for that!

    Yes, most Swedes do solve that equation. Good work ethics + privacy + no scandals = respect.

    I guess for some, it gets addictive to be seen, be photographed, be a celebrity. So when your career isn´t going so well anymore you attend every premiere, go where the paps are etc just to stay in the spotlight.

  • mimi

    @Sweden calling:

    Thanks for your sense of logic! That’s a great and rare quality (especially here).

    I totally get your explanation of the addiction…I feel now a little guilty or maybe that’s pity…I should be so much more indulgent or not…;-)

    Plus thanks for hauling up Sweden, I might still wanna go there someday thanks to your comment.

  • Sweden calling


    Yes, maybe we all should be more indulgent or understanding sometimes, but what´s the fun in that?

    Sweden is a beautiful country, especially in the summer. Well, winter too if you like skiing, skating etc. (I don´t…)
    You are more than welcome!

    Have a nice weekend :)

  • mimi

    @Sweden calling:
    Above the fun, the task is MORAL ;-) : what would these desperate souls would be capable of, to draw attention to them if we don’t point out their pointless activities, I mean should we carry the fact they need to attempt suicide for their only purpose to comment them??? would that be sad?
    Plus I can’t live with the idea Jared wouldn’t be paid anymore (although I doubt it’s much considering incomes of these pointless persons)???
    Jared do you think you need a raise? You need to stand up for your pay, after all the crisis is for everyone…

    I won’t ask you what you’re doing in Winter if you don’t do any of these activities, I have to say I’m no good example live by the sea and don’t bathe…So I don’t judge (that’s new!) ;-)

    I believe you about the lovely Sweden, and until I met this country, I’ll just watch Wallander.

    Have a nice WE.

  • rogerk

    Ryan Kwanten is the BOMB on True Blood. Give the man an Emmy already, sheesh! Youtube his name and watch him in an interview, he’s Australian and can pull off white, redneck trailer trash from Louisiana better than most American male actors.

    Bravo, dude.