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Charlize Theron & Keanu Reeves: Kissing Couple!

Charlize Theron & Keanu Reeves: Kissing Couple!

Keanu Reeves gives co-star Charlize Theron a long hug (and kiss!) good-bye on Monday night (May 3) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Keanu, 45, and Charlize, 34, weren’t shy about their PDA while waiting for the valet after sharing a romantic dinner at Bouchon restaurant. The couple drove home separately.

News of Charlize and Stuart Townsend‘s split emerged in late January (they dated for nine years).

Mr. Reeves and Ms. Theron starred together in 1997′s The Devil’s Advocate and 2001′s Sweet November. Watch the video below of Charlize and Keanu hugging and kissing!

FYI: Charlize is wearing brand new Layne Cargo Pants by Paige Premium Denim!

DO YOU THINK Charlize and Keanu make a cute couple??

Charlize Theron & Keanu Reeves: Kissing Couple! (via TMZ)

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# 1


wow this is a surprise!!!! i love both of them!!!

# 2

she was all over him

# 3

Well, excuse me. o.o

# 4

Are u sure ?? i mean that’s amasing! Keanu jumped on her as soon as she was single! omg the Devil’s advocate couple Sweet November couple together!!!

# 5
offtheproperty @ 05/04/2010 at 11:26 am

Charlize is a little shy. And a lot a b*tch.

# 6

Keanu seems like such a nice guy but why is he so painfully shy in interviews

# 7

Amazing couple!

# 8

this doesn’t mean they are together…I mean they probably aren’t. It will be a HUGE surprise and in a way they’re awesome together!

# 9

I love them together, they have AMAZING chemistry. She was with Stuart for a LONG time, but whenever her and Keanu were together during interview, etc., you could always see the chemistry sizzling. LOVE THEM!!!

I think they make a great couple. Two of my fav actors (and i know Keanu’s not the best actor but dont care, i love him anyway).

They’ve been friends for many years, so I’m not sure that was anything more than close friends. But if it is, well good for Keanu. They would definitely make a gorgeous couple.

The Comedian @ 05/04/2010 at 11:32 am

They are not kissing :(
They are hugging…barely a smooch…

last week, Reeves again was with Amanda De Cadenet so this date is a real surprise

Butter_Fly @ 05/04/2010 at 11:33 am

This would be the coolest couple EVER.

I actually will like Theron after this..I never liked her but if Keanu picks her, she must have something special. (I’m not talking superfloues outter beauty)

@charlize: He’s just generally a shy person off screen. I remember watching his and Sandra Bullock’s GMTV interview and he kept stumbling over his tongue (which is what I do when speaking in public lol….) and Sandra had to help him out by answering the questions lol, he got so embarrassed and blushed like a tomato. She was teasing him in a hilarious sweet way about his public verbal “stage fright”

they’re both hot, and hotter together. but this does look platonic, could just be friends. If not, good for them.

Good for Charlize! At least now she found a man taller than her.

it’s definitely surprise… cool! good for them! wish them both lots of happiness!

doesn’t really look like kissing, more like good friends hugging it out.

@offtheproperty @charlize comment twins kind of, only vice versa

stu must have lost his way in the sack

that’s why she dumped him im sure

and as for her desire to have 5 kids..she better get moving

Stuart was gorgeous, so sad they broke up.
But Keanu would be soo perfect for her =) he deserves some happiness.

i love their movies but i like sandy and keanu’s better

lol keanu is adorable and i love charlize

Didn’t know they were friends! Cute lol. @ 05/04/2010 at 11:47 am

I love Charlize, Keanu is ok too. But all I saw was a couple hugs. However, I don’y usually hug a buddy under his coat, that would imply a sensual intimacy to some degree. I wish he wouldn’t constantly go with the homeless look.

2 dopeheads together!!! and shame on them both.Stu will be thinking something was going on between them all the time.
Stuart was too good for her anyway

They’re good buddies. Looks like she had a few to drink and they had a great time. If they were dating, Keanu would see her home. They’ll make a hot couple but a relationship would so ruin their friendship, flirting’s more fun.


Jay, Charlize was too good for Stuarts freeloading ass. She was the breadwinner, she brought in all the money. oh, and is better looking than him. everyone wondered why they were together for so long. Stuart seemed nice but there were rumors of his being gay, not pulling his weight, and being demanding.


Plz b!tch, you mean she was too good for this nobody, intenational a list talented oscar winner beauty, whene you have nothing to say you better stfu

like everyone mention it, it’s looks like a buddies hug nothing more, they are good friends.

i hope they will be together…they are the second couple I would love to see together…

FIRST: I heard that Keanu is GAY o.O
SECOND: He isn’t kissing her! He’s huging her, it’s very different form kissing, because FRIENDS do that. O.o

And a little bit about their history: Keanu campaigned for Charlize to play the lead in Sweet November and offered to take a pay cut because he believed in her. And she proved him right, she turned out to be an Oscar winning actress! He is a loyal and true friend. For them to have maintained a friendship over the years says that she’s a genuine person as well.

They look great together.

Super CUTE.

@Gabyzoka: Omg, that would explain a LOT!

So Judgemental @ 05/04/2010 at 12:29 pm

Gabyzoka @ 05/04/2010 at 12:10 pm

Keanu isn’t gay. He just has had a lot of heart ache in his life which seems to make him commitment shy.

He lost his best friend to drug overdose.
His long term girlfriend had their child stillborn.
Then she died in a car accident two years later.

He deserves some love and happiness in his life.

oh!!! How sweet! I love them together! Sweet November is the most touching film ever… I’d love to see them as a happy couple! Yay! More power to them! They look awesome together! Beijos!

They are a perfect couples, I love keanu reeves, he is a hottie.

Hope this is true!!!!

I wouldnt mind if they were together!

Yesssssss….Charlize please give a lot of love to Keanu. This man deserve to be loved by a good woman.

THE cutest couple ever!!
I love Keanu and I love Charlize
they are sooo cute and that´s a big surprise for me,…. never thought of them being a couple :D

Maybe they are working on doing a movie together? i love both them they are hot.

Destiny is amasing…who would know

that is fierce!!!!

Wonderful couple! I hope it’s true. Luv Keanu!!!

Purple Poet @ 05/04/2010 at 1:15 pm

Keanu is the luckiest man on the planet if this is true. Even CHarlize’s ex boyfriend Stephen Jenkins said that she was flawless and the perfect girlfriend and if it were up to him he would stayed with her forever.

Charlize is the total package beauty, class, brains, talent is lots of fun. Now Keanu Reeves is not that great an actor but he is cute and really cool and down to earth.

They look like more than friends to me! Sweet November fans will love this. lol.

Cest super! J’adore Charlize! ils formerons un très beau couple!

Luv them both!! They are both class acts and both deserve someone nice, if this is true.I hope this is true, need good couples news. @Jay: okay where did you get this info from?. Maybe because you are a dopehead your self. That is not nice to say unless you have proof. *******..

@scrug: umm AManda is married with twins, and she is basically a good friend and go to girl. Really, basically. End of story.

@So Judgemental:He also lost his sister to cancer

Oh how lovely!

They are both good actors and made a good couple on screen. I am rooting for both of them.

Guys you remember this beautiful song ” Only Time” of Enya in Sweet November take a look at this movie clip and song ahh such a souvenirs

They make a nice looking couple.

omg i thought keanu would be with sandra bullock i don’t like charlize

Oh! I love Sweet November… And I love Keanu Reeves…She is a beautiful woman…

I hope they are really dating..i LOVE them..
but im so sad for Stuart..

pinkangel @ 05/04/2010 at 2:49 pm

cute couple ! they were really cute on sweet november !


how could anyone not like Charlize? Unlike Sandra, Charlize can actually act and avoid being in the tabloids for the most part. And, Charlize is super strong , confident, and attractive.


Oh boy thanks for that, you brought me up there, i remember myself crying a lot lol, they were so touching, so beautiful charlize face eyes and smile she was like an angel she brought me to tears.

Wow what a hottie, keaunu is lucky but this seems like a PR stunt

They make a hot and great couple.Wish them the best bth talented and good people. Keanu deserves to be happy he had his fair of tradegy!!!!!

what happend to China Chow? China is gorgeous and has a legacy. I like Charlize but uh, well….

I want this to be true but I think it is probably just dinner with a friend

That would be wonderful.

What the plock is this d u m b blonde doing with my boyfriend?!?!?!? ARgh!! Makes me so mad!!!!!! hehehehe….

Just kidding. I love Charlize and I love Keanu Reeves more!! If they are dating this is such awesome news!!!


PATTYPATTY @ 05/04/2010 at 5:50 pm

They did not have chemistry in sweet november, he looked uncomfortable.I prefer him with sandra b.

I’m happy for them, hope it works out. I like Keanu.

As a Charlize fan, if this is true, i approve too! cheers hehehe

I have loved Keanu since way back in the days of Parenthood and Bill & Ted. Charlize is a stunning natural beauty and the girl can act. On screen, their chemistry sizzles. Wheather friends or more, good for them!

What a hot news! awesome!

I Loved them in Sweet November. Hope they hook up.

Love them together!!!

Love both together!!!

wow i hope they’re been couple..i think the should be date

Charlize and Keanu always had chemistry in interviews they did together. But now that they are both single it’s the time to hook up! He only had friendship chemistry with Sandra. Charlize is down to earth too but more private, beautiful, and talented. Lucky Keanu! He’s a cool guy.

justsaying @ 05/04/2010 at 7:56 pm

I know the woman who was Keanu’s High School girlfriend in Toronto…. so I always take a special interest in him….. I sure hope this is a new couple – they look great together : )

finchel 4-ever @ 05/04/2010 at 8:22 pm

wow! they’re two of my fave actors! it would be amazing if they’ll be a couple in real life!!! they really look good together!

Nope. He belongs with Sandra Bullock!


Are you serious or nut? what’s wrong with those SB fans you are acting like a crazy fool look at you lol ridiclous.

I never knew Keanu Reeves is dating Charlize Theron. Wtf?

Woahh he is one lucky man! this is one of the most beautful woman plus talented, damn you Reeves!

Sandra Bullock fans are so stupid. What man wouldn’t want Charlize over Sandra? Sandra’s the kind of girl a man like Keanu would just want to be friends with. Charlize is the kind you want to get intimate with!

You’re just jealous because Charlize is the total package: a world class beauty, totally, gorgeous, talented, down to earth, smart, classy, elegant. Insecure women like Sandra Bullock because she makes them feel safe since she’s the girl next door. Sandra only makes it by her personality. She didn’t deserve her Oscar. It’s a joke. She only got it for being popular. Charlize has the personality, beauty, and talent. She’s catch!

Love Keanu not a Charlize fan.

they are totally cute!!!! I didn’t know she and stewart had split….it’s kind of sad also…I mean they had been together for such a long time…

@donny: you sound like a angelina fan! what does sandra have to do with this article. both women are talented an beautiful. it doesn’t have to be one or the other. geezzzzzzzzzz

@thelephant: We don’t know yet, it’s just gossip and phrased a certain way “kissing couple! romantic dinner!” probably was a co-star/friends dinner and they were saying their byes. They would make an adorable, gorgeous couple though.

love me some charlize @ 05/04/2010 at 10:17 pm

Love beautiful charlize, she’s a talented oscar winner, a generous activist, UN Messenger of Peace, and one brave woman who knows the real value of the life, she accomplished a lot for her young age, she is a stable and private person, so if its true hope he will be a stable person, cuz charlize is out of the tabloids stuff.

Suicidal Fish @ 05/04/2010 at 10:31 pm

WOW. I thought Charlize was dating the HAWT HAWT HAWT HAWT and insanely talented Jeremy Renner.

So… yay?

I always feel that Keanu is a gay:)

Cute couple

They have already done two movies together and have great chemistry but I see him with Sandra Bullock more, but Keanu and Charlize would make a cute couple. I think they are just friends though.

They’ve both been through tragedies in their lifes….they have a lot in commun they know each other since years, they have an amasing chemistry, they are both beautiful and talented, private.

I love Keanu im one of his biggest fans, but i rather see him with a class act and a private one like Charlize, actually it would be too beautiful to be true, not that i find Sandra older than him or not that attractive, it’s just that to me she seems more like his sister kinda of sister-brother friendship.

I also find really insane the way some of sandra’s fans are talking as if they own him or she owns him, i don’t even know what her name is doing here in the first place? she is just a female co star in his filmography just as the rest of the female co stars Diane Laine, Carrie Ann Moss, Jada Pinket in Matrix … this femals will be included , what this thought? sorry it’s ridiclous and borderline.


Waaaat!!! Woo-hooo!! YESS I LOVE THEM BOTH


I couldn’t agree more! im a fan too, i like sandra but i mean c’mon with the fantasy and delusions, well you can say it, she is older than him she is 46 year old, and if he wants to have a biological baby one day that would not happen with sandra, in all honesty i would love to see him one day with his baby, and imagine charlize as the mother of his baby?? fire works! add to that the good genes) another factor is that to me sandra has a flithy reputation she almost make out with most of her co workers Mathew McCnaughey, Ryan Gosselin…..her private life is no stranger to the rags and tabs.

Oh yes, this would be the coolest couple EVER.

But I think that they are just good friends :(

Charlize and Keanu make a cute couple. WOW!!! Love them both.

I want this two to hook up! don’t tell me they are old friends blabla just do it god damn what are u waiting for??????????you’ve wast so much time!

Oh, yes!
Thet are a good fit.

I think i’ll be disappointed if its not true.

cant belive it!!!!!!! i always thought they would be perfect together…looks like another golden couple! god bless them!

I have been waiting for many years to read news like this, even that they are not a couple i like this.
hope we gonna hear that they are dating as soon as possible..
love them both..

Aww,they will make a great couple

justsaying @ 05/05/2010 at 9:09 am

since i viewed the above video many times,,,,, i can assure everyone here that they ARE A COUPLE.

They were touching the same way my lover and i do when we have just had a great evening together and have to regrettably part ways……. lots of close body contact and repeated kssy face pecks……..

TMZ last night showed some close ups and it is FOR SURE that they have been lovers awhile. HOW COOL.

Too bad Keanu prefers boys :)

@claire: Exactly Claire. Charlize is more suited with Keanu. Sandra is loud and always blabbing about her love life to the press. She probably feels so stupid now after blabbing about Jesse James all over the place and now look what happened. Poor Sandra.

Charlize is more laid back, private, stays out of the tabloids and just focuses on her work. Keanu is the same way. They are both gorgeous, cool, down to earth and successful. I hope they are more than friends.

But if they are, I don’t think they would be the type of couple to flaunt their relationship on every red carpet.

OMG he kissed her on the cheek!! So they must be a couple OMG
Hey, they just went out for dinner, they are friends for a long time
So what?

Oh Keanu and Charlize were make next celebrity couple wish after Brad and Angelina….They would look gorgeous together. But it does seem more like two friends hugging then anything…but then what are we to know.

callmewhatever @ 05/05/2010 at 12:55 pm

I was always hoping him and Sandra Bullock would hook up. NOTHING beats their chemistry on and off screen.

callmewhatever @ 05/05/2010 at 12:57 pm

I dont know the yr Keanu was born but I thought him and Sandra were the same age and closer than age then him and Charlize. I dont think a woman has to be 10 yrs younger than a man for them to be well suited. Im not even that big of a Sandra fan but I just always liked them together. Maybe it is more of a brother sister thing, I dunno but never pictured him with Charlize but if they are dating, good for them.

Oh come on, it was just a friendly hug and a peck on the cheek.

++Logan++ @ 05/06/2010 at 5:46 am

wow she moved on fast…poor townsend :(

Hmm… wonder how serious it is? Apparently he is still in love with an old girlfriend he dated 18 years ago and who now lives in Toronto. He’s been texting the Canadian girl for months….. ?

oh my god!! im surprise with joy for them, i just love them both!! they both so beautiful!! beautiful people deserve to be together! heh… i hope and wish and pray that they are together now…. :) love them both. god bless them.


What?! Where do you hear/read that?


I know her, she’s not crazy or dilusional about anything in life so I believe her.

love both of them…..

Kleopatra @ 05/18/2010 at 2:27 pm


Kleopatra @ 05/18/2010 at 3:53 pm

Keanu with Sandra a million times better sexier!!!

Kleopatra @ 05/18/2010 at 4:01 pm

KEANDRA THE BEST!!! I wish Keanu happyness!………….

i think this news has been oversized……!they r just good friends…!
media has made up A NEWS OUT OF NOTHING

Yes I happen to think they are very cute together!

Charlize, 34, weren’t shy about their PDA while waiting for the valet after sharing a romantic dinner at Bouchon restaurant.

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