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Christina Aguilera: Performing at MTV Movie Awards!

Christina Aguilera: Performing at MTV Movie Awards!

Christina Aguilera will rock the house at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards on June 6 with her new song, “Not Myself Tonight”!

“MTV has always been a supporter of my music and my career and I am so excited to perform once again on the Movie Awards,” Christina said (via MTV). “My performance comes just days before the release of my album Bionic.”

Celeb presenters are beginning to be announced for the awards ceremony, including Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz (via People).

JustJaredJr exclusively announced this morning that Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and Miranda Cosgrove will be passing out popcorn awards!

Aziz Ansari is hosting this year’s festivities.

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  • Sara

    Yay! I love her! Can’t wait to see her performance!

  • PP

    oh lord……

  • HH

    I’ll be looking forward to it…because I always like watching live artists…but good god her video is one of the worst of the year.

  • Tori

    They should have just got Gaga to perform, Why get a cheep imitation when you can have the real thing!?

  • Pdiddy

    Good Lord, Cant wait to see her make an A$$ of herself!

  • Lisa


  • Britt, Xtina Fan

    Can’t Wait!!!Can someone tell me why Perez Hilton Hates Christina and is on a campaign to destroy her career and whats in it for him…He acts like Gaga invented everything from Red Lingerie,Bondage,White Background,Catsuits,Red Lipstick,Boots,Glasses..Its a good thing for Gaga that Perez wasn’t a Kylie Minogue fan.Just Saying..I wonder if he doing this because he was asked by Gaga??I see that Christina was inspired by Madonna but there were stuff in that video that no artist would do but maybe Gaga but Christina beat her to it..

  • anony

    Christina is riding the coattails of Lady Gaga. Sad.

  • anony

    @Britt, Xtina Fan:

    Christina is a great singer but she’s in the shadow of Lady Gaga. If Lady Gaga is unoriginal and copying Madonna then Christina is as guilty.


    @Britt, Xtina Fan: GAGA would never make a crappy video like Christina just did. The answer to your question is NO. Perez Hilton is saying what millions of others see with their own eyes that Christina is copying GAGA. OPEN YOUR EYES.

  • Ana

    Can’t wait for her performance- she always deliver during live performances because unlike many of her peers she can actually SING.

  • leila

    @Britt, Xtina Fan: Why are you so obsessed with Perez? Who cares what that douchenozzle has to say about anything or anyone, he’s not god and if people are so easily influenced by him, people are more moronic than I thought. There is no way he can single handedly ruin Xtinas career? Is he capable of sabotage, he just writes some douchy BS about 99% of people and they’re still going. And this goes for every artist/actor/actress he trashes or gushes about. Make up your own minds, and forget about simpletons who follow his words.

  • B

    Her video is terrible (forget the trashiness, there is not even 1 artistic screen or vision in it) and yet at the same time it’s forgettable. I do still like her voice tho.

  • teemo

    @Tori: the real one:: stfu up!!! lady gaga ıs not fake but real has your mum learned you dat or somethıng….

  • Stayci

    Can’t wait. She is sexy.

  • miss infamous

    I hope its not a hot mess like her video!

  • RajibDavid

    Can’t wait to see Legendtina live!

  • yo sista

    So excited eventhough i hate the song!

    between Jared, here’s Beyonce’s whole new video “Why Don’t You Love Me” ;) Say “Yo Sista” doesn’t love me :D:

  • anony

    Christina’s video is just a straight copy from Madonna. So she lacks originality. At least Gaga makes her video statement that shows influences of Madonna but with her own style and uniqueness. That’s what Christina should aim for. Christina struck out with this video and should have tried harder. I liked Christina’s last album, it was great and the vocal style was amazing. I miss that side of Christina.

  • anony


    You wish! Christina can be a legend except it seems that she is obsessed with Gaga.


    To the Britney Spears and Gaga fans I think the demo leak of Britney singing GAGA’S telephone was done on purpose by both parties. I think Britney reached out to GAGA and GAGA may even be on Britneys new album. The 2010 MTV music awards is rolling around and more than likely Gaga and Britney would be a good showstopper as the opening act with both of them singing telephone. A leak happens for a reason. . If this happens CHRISTINA AGUILERA will have smoke steaming from her head. I hope the Gaga/Britney Telephone happens at the MTV MOVIES AWARDS BUT THIS KIND OF PERFORMANCE IS MADE FOR THE BIG MTV MUSIC AWARDS INSTEAD. I think a Britney/Gaga pairing is better than Beyonce/Gaga. Beyonce does not look right in GAGA’S WORLD. Britney may do better with GAGA.

  • Linsey Loves

    better than gaga

  • Sierra

    These Gaga fans are sad! You guys keep commenting on Christina stories like ur obsessed!

  • yo sista


  • Traci Whoreds

    Too bad nobody cares about MTV or Xtina anymore.


    she killed it last time she sang at the MTV movie awards and she is going to do the same thing this time…cant wait to see her show off some skin…s……

  • sOhOt

    Can’t wait anymore !!!!

  • sOhOt

    LMAO… No one cares but u guys are keepin’ following her…. So pathetic… GAGA is really just for KIDS… GAGA is a copy cat from Xtina. LMAO >>>>>

  • Simon

    I know this talented woman always makes us surprised.. Can’t wait LEGENTINA

  • grace

    I cant wait to see her perform! Its been such a long time.

    I remember her performance at the 2006 Movie Awards, performing “Aint No Other Man”. It was fire!!!

    Im sure she’ll have another hot performance.

  • bad boi

    Love her so much!