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Daniel Craig & Satsuki Mitchell: Pre-MET Ball Stroll

Daniel Craig & Satsuki Mitchell: Pre-MET Ball Stroll

Daniel Craig takes a stroll with his longtime love Satsuki Mitchell along Madison Avenue in New York City on Monday (May 3).

Later in the evening, the couple hit the red carpet for the MET Ball, where the 42-year-old Casino Royale actor donned Burberry.

Recently, it was announced that Daniel will be joined by Sam Rockwell for his new comic-book based action movie, Cowboys and Aliens. The film, about Apache Indians and cowboys banding together to fight invading aliens, also stars Olivia Wilde and Harrison Ford.

15+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig‘s pre-MET Ball stroll…

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daniel craig satsuki mitchell pre met ball 01
daniel craig satsuki mitchell pre met ball 02
daniel craig satsuki mitchell pre met ball 03
daniel craig satsuki mitchell pre met ball 04
daniel craig satsuki mitchell pre met ball 05
daniel craig satsuki mitchell pre met ball 06
daniel craig satsuki mitchell pre met ball 07
daniel craig satsuki mitchell pre met ball 08
daniel craig satsuki mitchell pre met ball 09
daniel craig satsuki mitchell pre met ball 10
daniel craig satsuki mitchell pre met ball 11
daniel craig satsuki mitchell pre met ball 12
daniel craig satsuki mitchell pre met ball 13
daniel craig satsuki mitchell pre met ball 14
daniel craig satsuki mitchell pre met ball 15
daniel craig satsuki mitchell pre met ball 16

Credit: Fame Pictures; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • sally

    He looks great! His gf has a huge mouth! Would have loved to see his gf’s reaction when Sienna walked into the MET Ball!! Sienna looked so sexy!!

  • lol

    ^^ why would she give a damn about Sienna? Sienna went home with her serial cheater , bald , comb over , over tanned lover and this chick went home with Craig. Hmm who has it better? lol

  • Seth

    LOVE HIM!!!

  • engagement

    Is that an engagement ring she is wearing ? Looks huge.

  • Ray

    they look happy.

  • Linsey Loves

    I love Bond

  • ring

    She wears her commitment/wedding ring why doesn’t Daniel wear his??

  • @ #2 – Oh yea!

    Satsuki has a lot more to smile about than Sienna thats for sure! Nice to see pics of them smiling. May be JJ couldn’t find enough miserable ones to fill a thread this time?

  • YEAH

    this guy rocks! Can a man look more sexy in jeans? Nice casual look for both. Her legs are stunning.

  • Cathy

    Oh, Daniel is smiling. That’s unusual!! lol

  • Deb

    WOW, Thanks JJ. Great pics for me!

  • from MET Ball thread
  • N.

    Cowboys and Aliens will be directed by Iron Man/IM2 director, Jon Favreau. Jon and Sam Rockwell are friends and Sam has a hilarious small part in Jon’s movie, Made. Nice to see they are rounding out the cast of C&A with some great talent.

  • tell me

    Did he finish filming in Toronto?

  • After GALA
  • to 7 and 14


    He could be wearing it on the chain around his neck. look closely and you will see a round slightly bulky object.

    @tell me:

    Well as he had his haircut, probably yes. Is that a concern?

  • to engagement

    sats has been wearing that ring for a long time now. it’s not new. i would bet that daniel gave her that ring to her from pressuring him to marry her.

  • More pics
  • More pics
  • to 8

    don’t blame jj for all the “miserable” photos of satsuki and daniel. it’s not his fault that satsuki rarely smiles unless she’s on the red carpet or it’s for some other pr photo.

  • tell me

    to 16
    thank you so much!

  • to 16

    ok, if he does have a committment ring why hide it? why doesn’t he wear it on this left hand.

  • Celia

    DAYUM! He looks good in his leather jacket!
    She’s really pretty.

  • to 19

    thanks for the pictures of them at the party. but why does this girl have to always wear black and/or grey all the time when ever she’s off the party circuit. doesn’t she have any other colors in her own personal wardrobe. oh yes, i forgot she does have one pink and white stripped shirt.

  • the new photos

    With these latest photos receiving the same response from viewers as the onesJJ posted on this site, mostly or just about all
    (very negative), I’m sure the next batch of photos will show them skipping thru a meadow somewhere picking flowers laughing and giggling holding hands and singing to each other (see brad and angie) to anyone who doesn’t think that studios work to maintain a image I got some swampland I want to sell you. Studios have been doing this for years nothing new and it is not about Daniel, it is, about the product. They don’t want a Sandra bullock, tiger woods’, or a Brad and Angie.
    Well, if I didn’t call IT!
    I knew the next group of photos would show them happy and smiling.
    Like HELL the entertainment Industry doesn’t read these post.

  • the new photos

    these photos couldn’t look more staged.

  • to new photos

    i have to wonder what the previous poster “chaz” has to say about these pictures. i agree with you, i think these photos are evidence that someone in the industry is paying attention to what’s being said here. why else would they have daniel and satsuki smiling as photographs are been taken of them on the street.

  • the photos

    well, when they posted the met photos and saw the resposne. they quickly got the photos from the day before? and posted them, or was it they arranged a quick photo shoot..
    which I think is more likely the case.

  • 2 more years Sats

    Keanu Reeves gives co-star Charlize Theron a long hug (and kiss!) good-bye on Monday night (May 3) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

    Keanu, 45, and Charlize, 34, weren’t shy about their PDA while waiting for the valet after sharing a romantic dinner at Bouchon restaurant. The couple drove home separately.

    News of Charlize and Stuart Townsend’s split emerged in late January (they dated for nine years).

    Mr. Reeves and Ms. Theron starred together in 1997’s The Devil’s Advocate and 2001’s Sweet November. Watch the video below of Charlize and Keanu hugging and kissing!

    Read more:




  • to 22 & 25

    @to 16:

    Because he lost weight before and throughout the film and it slips off?We could see that during the Telethon, it slid down his finger.
    Coupled with the fact that some ‘fans” might be giving him problems about it because of the Telethon sighting.
    He obviously is keeping it hidden now for a reason and I’m sure Satsuki is copasetic about it or just doesn’t have a choice. She will do whatever is best for her. her band is visible and that’s all she cares about I’m sure.

    @the new photos:

    I would agree that many photo ops take place but they were on their way to Liev Schreiber’s house so I hear. I guess they fancied a walk in the warm air from their hotel but again, the posting of these after the pictures taken last night might mean something or nothing. In New York, walking is a lot quicker!

    There are many pictures of them smiling at last night’s Gala. You just have to look for them.
    Remember JJ delights in posting the more miserable ones as that scores mores posts, they also just bought the main three that were on Getty Images to begin with.
    If you know the industry then you will know how this board works as well.
    For reaction purposes.

  • to 31

    right!! daniel is soooo afraid of fan reaction that he keeps the ring hidden; sounds really mature now doesn’t it? and then there’s your suggestion that he doesn’t wear the ring because he lost weight during the filming. smart man that he is daniel has never heard of putting a “filler” on the ring so he can still wear it?? tell me do you believe the world is flat and the moon is made of green cheese as well. never mind the fact that any man will tell you that if daniel really “loved” satsuki as much as people believe he would be wearing that ring. and he wouldn’t care who knew.

  • to 31

    Dream on, DTD fanatic, he is not wearing the ring for whatever reason.
    JJ post plenty of photos other Celebs looking happy. his pr team saw the photos from the met and quickly had these posted.or arranged a new photo shoot) if these were not staged, they would have been posted the same day they were shot.. I doubt JJ gives a Rat’s a–, what photos they post., they paid just same.. and if they delight in photos of unhappines, then they would not have posted these.
    think whatever you like. whatvever gets you thru the night, but these photos were staged!

  • to 33

    you’re right! these photos were staged. as for the DTD crowd, i think they’re kind of fun posts to read. even if they are a little delusional

  • to 31

    Boy are you in denial, he lost weight? that is your explanation as to why he is not wearing the ring? if he really loved her he would not care who knew, when someone loves someone, man or woman, they will shout from the highest mountain, and da– anyone who objects.
    my fatther would always tell me this,
    (if a man cares for you ,… really cares….., he will show it and he won’t care who knows.

  • Mendel

    Wow, picture overload!

    Dan looks hot in denims, and even hotter when he smiles!

    He did look tired at the Met gala yesterday, although he still scrubbed up nicely :) Very nicely indeed!

    Must look at pics again…and again…

    Guinness, are you still looking?

  • Fish N Chips

    @to 31:


  • Fish N Chips

    @Fish N Chips:

    The Amen was meant for poster 35. Sorry my boo boo

  • guinness

    He does look as if he cut some serious weight. But everything is “distorted” on camera. but he does look different. and she looks lighter too. oh well, such is the spotlight… got to fit in that next outfit!!! not good for the body. just stay at “Bond” structure!! aHHH–the leather with the skinny jeans… and those brown shoes… manly man. It reminds me of dropping that coat next to the bed–every time he wears it my friend!!! Flung on the floor in haste and lustness and “the hunger”.

    this is my fav capture… not sure why…it may be those passionate eyes spotting something.

  • Mendel

    to Guinness

    “just stay at “Bond” structure!!”

    Yes, and give us that Bond look in a tux! Pwooar!

    “manly man. It reminds me of dropping that coat next to the bed–every time he wears it my friend!!! Flung on the floor in haste and lustness and “the hunger”.

    Why is it suddenly so hot in here…?

  • guinness

    HI!! yes, yes, still looking or lurking… looks as if we posted at the same time again… wow. how do we do that… amazing technology. and I did reference the jacket to you…hope you caught it. and that you can have ju-seina back and we keep Dan!!!

    there are many pic s to go thru, won’t do it all tonight… but i gots my favorites!!! ah, that black t-shirt… he seems commando in NYC!!

    hey, i can do the bylines…. DC-commando in NYC!!!!

  • method

    Are you guys serious?

    You all go on about “knowing the industry” but know little.

    He plays a character that goes through hell in the movie and wanted to depict that through his weight loss.
    It’s call ‘method’ acting. Heard of it?
    He did confirmed that he is losing weight to a friend of his in NY who in turn told a member of DtD.
    Once again, not caring about what the hell hangs around his neck but the man has lost weight, it’s undeniable.
    It’s for the role just like what I believe the ring was for.

    Do I think they’re married? No.
    Do I think these were staged? Not this time.
    There you go.

  • JudeSi

    In Satsuki’s defense a lot of actresses and women take all day to get ready for these events. Looks like she is very relaxed about such events. Probably why he loves her although sometimes a little more thought into the make-up would go a long way. Looks like she does her own. The after party pictures show Satsuki wearing heavier eye make up.

    I wish she would have worn something to show of those gorgeous legs of hers. Thigh split dress, something like Sienna.

    Having said that, no UK papers are talking about Dan and Sats at all. The IT couple of the night were Jude and Sienna. If you all want to talk about something deliberately being staged, that couple going was the epitome of that.

    Jude and Sienna stole the show.

  • DanFan

    I hope he returns to the UK now and does not go back to Toronto or stay in NY.

  • Mendel

    to Guinness

    “I did reference the jacket to you…hope you caught it.”

    I’d love to catch Dan’s jacket anytime :)
    (and then drop it on my bedroom floor…)

    “and that you can have ju-seina back and we keep Dan!!!”

    Not on your Nelly!

    “DC-commando in NYC!!!!”

    *sigh* No more 2xist…just the bare facts :)

    Read more:

  • Satsy and Dansy

    I think he enjoys her company very much. It shows when he smiles.

  • ?

    he looks really like he lost some weight, very gaunt in his face. maybe he will pile it back of for cowboys?

    i think his appearance at last nights gala was to show that he is still on the radar and not washed up because bond 23 is on hold.

    all maneuvered. but it kinda backfired as he looked not the Bond people know. i hear the reaction was mixed to him last night.
    this couple are really tired and washed up. no-one really was interested in either of them or maybe it was just satsuki. she was not mentioned on any fashion sites.

    anyway they both look faded. he looked better up to CR and after then he started looking bad.

  • guinness

    …bare facts are quite titilating and manly, and yet I prefer the commanding commando style tonight. ok. that doesn’t make any sense… just wear the cowboy hat Dan, nothing else but nekkidness…. ok… still not making, sense, but ya git da idea cowgurl? yipee aye yeay!! put ‘em in the box until he’s sober, put ‘me in the box until I’m sober, put ‘em in the box until he’s sober… err-lye in da mornin’. yeeee haww!! yes’em I will have another.
    christ i feel like the j o k e r on Madisson Ave that just got missed by the horse driving by.

    cowboy Dan in C & A–coming soon. NUUICE. I have to get some of these on my photobucket. sooooo–excellent question–does he go home or is he finished in Toronto?? (ah, Dan–may 14th–at Waterloo for wine!!!Your place AND mine).

    methinks my sinus meds are making me loopy. Mendel? you up for a trip to wine country?

  • to method

    know little of the Industry? speak for yourself, if you believe these pr photos, then you will believe it snows in the Sahara desert .
    the photog just happens to catch them out on a stroll,? where they seem so happy to see the photog.? I’m not buying it ,and you seem to be desperately trying to convince people everything is all well, you must be a DTD wannabe. he is fading in popularity, that is a fact. his pr team is doing everything to keep his name in the press.

  • Mendel

    to Guinness

    “just wear the cowboy hat Dan, nothing else but nekkidness…. ok… still not making, sense, but ya git da idea cowgurl?”

    Oh I certainly get the idea, very clearly in fact :)

    “does he go home or is he finished in Toronto??”

    He could be finished…but as to going home…right now, there is a new ash cloud on the way, so air traffic could be disrupted again.

    “Mendel? you up for a trip to wine country?”

    Would love to come. Do send money ;)

    Or maybe…do send Dan instead (after the ash clould has passed)