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Hayden Christensen: Lazurus Effect with Gabourey Sidibe!

Hayden Christensen: Lazurus Effect with Gabourey Sidibe!

Hayden Christensen and Precious actress Gabourey Sidibe hit the red carpet at the New York premiere of The Lazarus Effect at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art on Tuesday (May 4).

The Lazarus Effect is a film that hopes to increase awareness for its efforts to fight AIDS in Africa. The flick will premiere on HBO, YouTube and Channel 4 (UK). Watch the promo video here!

Hayden and Gabby was accompanied by model Alek Wek, co-founder of (RED) Bono and Iman.

15+ pictures inside of Hayden Christensen promoting The Lazurus Effect

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hayden christensen lazurus effect 01
hayden christensen lazurus effect 02
hayden christensen lazurus effect 03
hayden christensen lazurus effect 04
hayden christensen lazurus effect 05
hayden christensen lazurus effect 06
hayden christensen lazurus effect 07
hayden christensen lazurus effect 08
hayden christensen lazurus effect 09
hayden christensen lazurus effect 10
hayden christensen lazurus effect 11
hayden christensen lazurus effect 12
hayden christensen lazurus effect 13
hayden christensen lazurus effect 14
hayden christensen lazurus effect 15

Credit: Larry Busacca; Photos: Getty
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  • Marco

    Not sure who dressed him in that ugly suit, but he still looks really hot! lol

  • MB
  • Nigerian Love ♥

    Look at my fine fellow Africana sister in the red she is looking all beautifully tall and slim :) And Gabourey I pretty much LOVE you. You are the sweetest girl ever and all the bitches that call you fat can die because they wish they had a nice loving spirit like you and an OSCAR NOMINATION. Hayden I love you but why do you look like a mad scientist?…

  • Josie

    LOL @ Haydens hair!!

  • jolene

    i love hhaayyydddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!
    he’s sooooo cute!!!

  • Ahari

    I hope he told Gabourey something that made her feel like the most powerful woman in the world, people say such hateful things about her just because of her weight. Everyone needs to stop and think, what if she were your sister, your friend, or your daughter? Would you say those things then? There’s no need for such hatefulness, the girl obviously has talent, let her develop it.

  • Ayaz

    She is horribly obese, I’m all for people being and looking healthy but that is NOT healthy. The people sticking up for her should realise she’s killing herself being that overweight.

  • james

    omfg hayden looks adorable. i wish i were a short unemployed brunette female so i might have a chance! i love his hair!!

  • searlus

    See… and just predictable! That Manakin is now “reaping” what it is to be hooking up w/ unemployable tart yet got a hotline to her most obedient media pimp, Just Jared.

  • plant

    lol….. i love hayden…!!!!

  • Oprahsboobs

    wow! She is so big and obese. Big as a planet.

  • drewlard

    This…. ?!?!
    If there still any doubt that HC couldn’t act, his few minutes segment in New York, I Love You adds more fuel to the fire. He’s just as interesting and dynamic of an actor as Keanu Reeves, Channing Tatum and that wodden puppet, called Pinocchio.

  • haha

    Look at the red horns on Gabby in the last pic.

    Ha ha!!!

  • shadowy

    Whoa… and I’m now seeing that his few rabid fans are so thrilled seeing ONLY him in JJ… w/o (even name-dropping) his “utterly-dreadful-fiancee”. It just rarely happens right Haydamn fans?! Be sure to count more (predictably) as he got this lil’ movie w/ lots of gangster cast both in on-screen & “off-screen” in it – tsk… looks like already a cursed…

  • LOL

    What a coosome-twosome of a Fat & Gay!

  • jessemosslover

    News flash for all you who love this chick just because she’s obese and EXTREMELY UGLY, She’s a real snotty beyotch in real real life. She does not deserve your defending her.

  • jessemosslover

    Believe me, she is as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside.

  • bebe

    what’s up with the hair ? it’s kinda not cute. awful

  • Brightside
  • kikay

    you look like a talentless douche bag. wannabe james dean. try hard much

  • @LOL#15


  • phemon

    i m wondering why she is in so much spotlight, esp this jj website. i guess there is nothing to write for others. i m not hating her but she doesnt deserve it. who is she, anyway???

  • phat-ruley

    Oh brother… another movie that would surely “ruined” by this talentless hack. Isn’t it that what he’s doing in his movies “religiously”?!

  • lexy hates bilson

    What happened to his hair??
    And where is Rachel?? Here she has a legit reason to be out media wh0ring and getting photographed with her man and she missed it?? I thought she was soooo concerned about the plight of the poor African children that she designed that bracelet that cost $100 and donated a nickel to charity?? Must have been a sale at Barney’s.

  • Sam 1885

    Hi there,

    I was just wondering if anyone knew where the gorgeous bracelet Alek Wek is wearing is from?


  • Sabine the queen

    Hi Sam,

    I think this bracelet is from Carolina Bucci – as it looks very similar to her ‘Lucky’ collection but I am not sure…her shop is in London but you can order over the phone or via email – I hope that helps!

    S XXX

  • Sabine the queen

    Hi Sam,

    I think the bracelet is from Carolina Bucci – as it looks really similar to her ‘Lucky’ collection…her shop is in London but i think you can order over the phone or email – i hope this helps!

    S XXX

  • stacy

    Dear Hayden,

    I still love you. But please stop fixing your hair that way. Thanks!

  • Sabine the queen

    Hi Sam,

    I think it is from Carolina Bucci – as it looks very similar to her ‘Lucky’ collection…her shop is in London but you can order over the phone or via email from her website…i hope this helps S XXX

  • stacy

    Though, isn’t it funny that he even looks more interested and chill with Gabourey Sidibe than he ever does with his girlfriend?

  • Flutterby

    It IS Carolina Bucci – she launching limited edition silver (RED) bracelets and this is the couture piece in gold. I think you can still order this on the phone or via email from

    Sabine you commented 3 times??!!! Fool.

  • ida

    whoa! Hayden’s hair! he makes mistakes like this sometimes.. :P
    Hayden! leave her! she is short, unemployed and i dont like her!.you are GORGEOUS and…well….not a Very bad actor, you just havent found the right film to play yet. keep up! and leave her!

  • the truth

    leave the girl alone ok. she has talented and she is going places ok.IIts about rachel be left out are sometime. rachel need to let hayden do his own thing for awhile. rachel got her attention for days now. this about educating people and rachel don’t have that at all.I’m sure she would stay if she want do. Gabourey goes to college rachel don’t even try.Looks don’t matter when you have brains. So the one that says the gabourey is ugly don’t see rachel bilson looks any better! And you all know that hayden like that on his down time. And if movie is in the works so be it.You got to know new people to work with. Something rachel don’t want to do. So leave Gabourey and hayden alone. This what he really about education not that fashion mess he went to last night. I’m glad he made rachel go home she wasn’t there anymore anyway.And that’s his supposely girlfriend she has call the engagement off.

  • whoa!

    Different hairdo, Hayden, but you look good! Great cause to be involved in! Rachel went home to LA, I’m sure there will be photos of her eventually, as well.

    @ the truth Will you stop making up stories about Rachel and Hayden just because you don’t want them to be together? You have been saying they are going to break up for a year and a half, give it a rest! She is wearing the engagement ring, she did not “call off” her engagement, you just make up reasons in your mind to have them break up. Maybe they will get married, maybe they won’t, who cares? If they do break up, it will be well known on the internet, like it was when they got engaged. They would not be hanging out with his grandmother or going to the gala together if they broke up. Concentrate on your own life, not theirs, you will be happier!

  • tristgrey

    He’s now sporting a “has-been” look already. Or better put he just needs to go back home and retire there already asap.

  • Jen

    The pictures of Gabourey and Hayden are so cute, especially love his smile, first time I see him smiling like that. Btw, leave Gabourey alone, yes she is extremely overweight, we can obviously see that, however that does not take from the fact that she is a talented, smart, cute and seems to be a very funny young woman. I think that when the time is right, and she feels that she needs to lose weight, she will do it, but I don’t t think she should do it just because people criticize her but when she truly feels the need to change for herself.

  • The Doctor Is In

    That girl is a P-I-G pig. Seriously, get yourself some bariatric surgery…stat!

  • Kimberlee Dash

    nice couple!

  • trish

    Come on. I love the guy but that hair is ridiculous. Since when is looking like you were electrocuted fashionable?

  • CL

    Aww, Hayden! He’s gorgeous, and I’m so thrilled there are so many new pictures! This should sustain me when his silly face goes into hiding again!

  • callmewhatever

    Hayden IMO is one of the hottest guys in hollywood but who dressed him for this? YUCK! and the hair DOUBLE YUCK

  • princess

    Alek Wek may just be the UGLIEST woman I have ever seen! Or is it even a woman?? Could just as well be a man in a dress. What a creature… *shudder*

  • princess

    One more thing; Look at the length of her arms!

    WTH, she doesn’t even look human, she looks like a freakin’ alien!

  • Sasha

    God, that man is so hot :)

  • Ally

    To the people saying that she’s ‘going places’: If she continues eating like that, the only place she’ll be going to is her grave.
    And no, she isn’t going to get a good movie role. She doesn’t have the right look for anything, no matter how ‘talented’.
    Why is she even at this premiere anyways?

  • howardsternisgod

    omg look @ gabourey. she is so fat and nasty damn. You know her vaginal cavity probably smells like rotted mackerel.

  • bigbuffitalian

    I have to consummately disagree with howardsternisgod. i find Gabourey to have a beauty unlike any that Ive seen in quite a long time. She has the face of a goddess and a body that makes my loins quiver with joy. I fantasize about Gabourey and I going to the all you can eat buffet and after I watch Gabourey eat all the food available we make mad passionate love. MMMMMM what a woman.

  • DrWilliamBigelowIII

    Damn that beez one big fat nasty black gurl.

  • Geetika

    I agree that she may be obese, but that is no reason to make fun of her. I’m not saying its right to be that over-weight, I’m just saying you shouldn’t poke fun at her because of it. She’s human too.

  • viviangoldstein

    @ Geetika. I totally agree with you. I would love to have a friend like her. She could probably hide a whole hoagie in one of her chins or fat rolls. That would save big money at the movies–unless they charged you triple because her fat @ss needed three seats.