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Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler: Kiss Kiss!

Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler: Kiss Kiss!

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston share a kiss for a scene in their upcoming film together, Just Go With It, on Monday (May 3) in Maui, Hawaii.

Adam recently admitted that his daughter Sadie only likes Jen half of the time.

Earlier in the day, Jen was all smiles as she was driven to the set on a golf cart.

Also on set on Monday and pictured is Nicole Kidman!

FYI: Jennifer is wearing Current/Elliott Army Pants in army and Jennifer Meyer Jewelry Thin Gold Bangles with Stone.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler kissing…

Just Jared on Facebook
jennifer aniston adam sandler kissing 01
jennifer aniston adam sandler kissing 02
jennifer aniston adam sandler kissing 03
jennifer aniston adam sandler kissing 04
jennifer aniston adam sandler kissing 05
jennifer aniston adam sandler kissing 06
jennifer aniston adam sandler kissing 07
jennifer aniston adam sandler kissing 08
jennifer aniston adam sandler kissing 09
jennifer aniston adam sandler kissing 10
jennifer aniston adam sandler kissing 11
jennifer aniston adam sandler kissing 12
jennifer aniston adam sandler kissing 13
jennifer aniston adam sandler kissing 14
jennifer aniston adam sandler kissing 15
jennifer aniston adam sandler kissing 16
jennifer aniston adam sandler kissing 17

Credit: Derek Shook; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Kiara
  • louis
  • gem15

    Man, that’s one ugly broad! Never could understand the appeal, mediocrity at it’s finest, I guess.

  • chin can’t act

    Adam recently admitted that his daughter Sadie only likes Jen half of the time.

    I think Sadie probably likes Chiniston half the time is because Chiniston looks like a man half the time. So, Sadie likes the woman half & not the man half.

  • Trish

    GROSS. I wouldn’t kiss Aniston for a million bucks – dirty ugly smoking mouth.

  • George

    Yuck – her breathe must stink from all the ciggies.


    Kiare and Louis,—hahahah RIGHT ON THE MONEY. She is ugly as HEL*. YIPES, ARF, ARF.

  • Helene

    Who hasn’t this town pump kissed?

  • Jim

    She is looking too old to be kissable – when you take away all the lights and airbrushing – she looks like an old sun-baked troll.

  • Yummi

    I would kiss Kidman, but not this old hag. She needs to stay out of the sun.

  • Lay off the sun

    Rachel needs to lay off the sun – her skin looks awful.

  • N/C

    wowow hot kissssssssssss

  • Isla

    Aniston just looks old and red – don’t see what is hot about that.

  • Whamo

    Geez there is going to be a lot of people here that tell some of us to stay out of the AJ threads. Hypocrites LOL

    I’m sure your heads are going to blow off because Jen is kissing someone.

    I would think she deserves and Oscar for kissing Adam S though. Funny guy but FUGLY

    I see Granny Freeze Kidman doing?

  • Lisajane

    Erm, is Nicole pregnant? Look at the 5th pic where she’s all wrapped up.

  • brad FAN



    Correction–# 1 and #2 —–Kiara and Louis.

  • Kikkie

    She was hot about 20 years ago, but now she is just middle-aged and fighting time.

  • irina

    one can be older and kissable. but she’s looking sort of…. well her cheeks look…

  • Lizzie

    I guess if you enjoy kissing Ashtray Aniston this is hot. ;)

  • Mindy

    Who let the dog out?

  • Steve

    How is she going to promote her movie if she can’t fake a romance or exploit her divorce anymore? Oh right. She can pose without clothes and everyone can say how fabulous she looks when they airbrush the hell out of her fake and bake, botox skin, smooth away the smoking lines and make her bleach blonde hair look real.

  • Jen Fan


  • J Aniston

    I have just realised I will never be Angelina Jolie and I am so sad.
    Kiss me Adam, kiss me.

  • Yawn

    Even as a fan, I have to say this movie looks like more crap. Rachel is fast losing her appeal….

  • tacco

    sorry, i have something better to think about than kiss between two dumbs and this is NICOLE’S PERFECTION.

  • Tina

    @J Aniston:

    Yes, it is a sad day when I realized I was past my prime, barren, alone and not looking my best. Well, I still have my ciggies, bottled water and Mexican vacations (where I help save the country) and, heck, I still have an almost unlimited supply of bad rom-coms to make. No, I am not Angelina, but my like is still OK.

  • Alexa

    The movie is going to be a flop, I see it . The cast is strange and it doesn’t fit…Nicole propably doesn’t get good roles anymore and takes what she can…

  • wth??

    Aniston looks really bad. She used to be average-looking but now she is well on the ugly side. What did she do to herself?

  • omg

    Botox all over

  • lll

    Jennifer fans love to trash Children. Jennifer fans are proud to have a full article quoting their cruel comments about Angelina’s Twins. shame on you, jennifer fans!

  • Dawn

    Where is the proof that Jennifer still smokes? And why is wrong for her to still smoke but it is ok for Kate Winslet to smoke? Kate was seen smoking on her vacation to Mexico last month. I didn’t see her getting bashed for it.

  • just saying.

    For the first time in a long time Nicole looks normal and not frozen. Her new manager is smart for putting her in a movie with someone like Aniston. Aniston makes Nicole look beautiful again.

  • truth is

    oh my god!look at picture#9! is that a woman or man? what a face! it’s scary looking face.

  • paula

    It looks like seeing Gramma kissing my Grampa.

  • just saying.

    she’s always looked like a keebler elf with a helluva tan . even when she’s made up to look “beautiful” she will always look like snap crackle and pop

  • Lucky Charm

    What happened to her “totally hot body” that her fans are always carrying on about?! Her arms look flabby and that top makes her look fat. Maybe she gave up when she realized that even children only like her half the time.

  • whatabeauty

    Adam Sander? no comments! Enjoy your thread jen fans,he,he! bye

  • lil

    pic#9 transvestite in person

  • Stella

    Nicole is just so perfect! Sooooo gorgeous! And Jen is also beautiful!

  • TheDealInCanada

    Hey angie fans, if you are going to poo poo over Jen’s thread, I will troll your angie threads. There is no need for your nastiness. Just like you like/worship the Unholy One, and don’t like her non-fans in your thread, same here.

    Give it a rest. And get a life you twisted freaks.

  • team_jen

    looking gorgous as ever

  • to deallncanada

    @TheDealInCanada: at least I’m not calling the enquirer to tell them how much we think Aniston has Down Syndrome. I’ve read all of your quotes in the magazine and it is disgusting. I never cared for jennifer before but now I will talk trash about her in every one of her threads. Her fans deserve it.

  • unbelieveable

    Everyone’s pretty damn brave behind a computer. I wonder if you are this brave in real life? I doubt it

  • Ray

    Nicole looks more beautiful than ever!

  • oh well


  • ugh

    She has really thin lips and….just…..gross.

  • I don’t understand

    it’s been 6 years or more since Jen and Brad separated and some people still bring the same subject all the time! Jen is gorgeous and also is Angelina. What’s the matter with that? We can admire both.

  • Cora

    omg..she is even fuglier then last year.
    Fillers & fat injections aint doing any good.

    time to be put out to pasture Hollywood.

  • nakedoldjennifer

    WTH happened to her face in pic#3 and 9 the botox is making her nose look big again what a waste after 2 surgeries to correct
    Nicole looks pretty again