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Jennifer Lopez Covers 'Marie Claire UK' June 2010

Jennifer Lopez Covers 'Marie Claire UK' June 2010

Jennifer Lopez shows off her sexy back on the cover of Marie Claire UK‘s June 2010 issue!

Here’s what the 40-year-old entertainer had to share:

On the media’s fascination with her curvy body: “I was always very comfortable with who I was. Confident. I’ve never looked at [my body] in a negative way. Just like anybody I try to watch what I eat – there’s no big science to it, which is what sucks. One of the good tricks is to have a goal – for me it may be getting in shape for a video shoot. The other is portion control. I love to eat everything and you pretty much can – a little piece of something fattening is not going to kill you. It’s when you eat the whole box that it’s going to kill you. If you can learn to not eat till your stomach feels full and gross, then you can pretty much control your life in that area.’

On whether she’d consider single motherhood if she hadn’t found a husband: “For me, I always had the fairy tale in my head where you get married, have kids and do all that kind of stuff. But I also think it’s a wonderful thing for women who haven’t had babies and get to a point in their lives and have that option. As a woman, I think it’s the best thing that can ever happen to you.”

On keeping up with her exes: “Would I see a movie of Ben‘s? Sure! Why not? I haven’t seen him or talked to him in a while – our lives went in two very different directions. But I always wish him the best and I always thought he was a great person. And Sean – I’ve run into him once or twice, with Marc, and it’s always very friendly. He asks about the twins because he has twins too. Again, I always wish him the best.’

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Photos: Mark Hom
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  • Liz

    “Sean”, it’s Diddy, right? Or Sean Daddy, or Combs, or something…?

  • ace11

    she is still talking about Ben & Diddy


    she must still hold a torch for both of them

    to bad her and Ben didn’t work

  • wtf

    How do you say GO AWAY in spanish?

  • Carrie

    go away in spanish… hummm ..YOU SAY SOY UNA PENDEJA ENVIOSA

  • Jane

    JLo looks amazing!

  • jane


  • wtff

    @Carrie: Now try up yours.


    Except she is not spanish… she is latino..It is nice that she said that
    about Ben.. Considering the fact that you type his name in and get
    all the y they broke up and what made them split.. most of the Google
    page is about Jlo and Ben.. 2004 is when they broke up.. O.K..ENOUGH ALREADY WITH HIS GOOGLE PAGE AND JLO…

  • from paris with love

    Actually quite an honest interview. Unlike others she doesn’t pretend that she eats whatever she wants and that she has only had one lover in her life.

  • Carrie


    Up yours in Spanish you say Mi Vagina huele a Bacalao.


    jen looks great with dark hair. it makes her look not a day over 29.

    and she’s a total class act when it comes to referring to her exes.

    ben AFF-LECK! (kid in role models) need to take note. he always says less than flattering things in reference to jen. schtupp-face! :-(

    also, i think it can’t be disputed that if jennifer didn’t have the body (or booty) confidence that she has ALOT of broads wouldn’t even had the guts to get in front of a camera…



  • Vintage

    Beautiful shots….the inside ones are better than that cover..lols.

  • marina

    I like her, and about the mess that was the “beniffer”, it was their fault. of both of them. He was there and he played along, so no need to keep on whining.
    Now they both have very different lives, and she is still a gorgeous hard working woman.

  • nicole

    Beautiful… reminds her of 2002 or smth like that…

  • h.


    Up yours in spanish? Try “Mi madre me pario por el ano”


    The took the text of an article from 2004 when they broke up and every
    time Ben had a interview they would put it in there.. he does not care
    about the break up and does not feel that way today.. So the only whining was a writer who found Ben’s article boring so he added that
    in there.. BACK IN 2003 …So much bull has to come out when these
    two have publicity.. right Marina.. BENNIFER IS HOW IT IS SPELLED
    WAS A MEDIA BLITZ … No one is whining today they are both happily
    married with 2 kids of their own with their own spouses not each other.


  • brookly

    Isn’t one of her ex-husbands suing her or is she suing him.

  • Sad

    I hear her latest movie(snicker) bombed like all the rest. Does she even have any fans? All of her movies go straight to video anyway. She is old and needs to stay home with her twins whom she rarely sees because she is disappointed in their appearance(as if it is their fault).

  • mylene


    She is still not hung up a Ben,she was asked a question and she answered it, its clear shes moved on. Learn how to read you ignorant twit


    Well this movie has done 22 million dollars so far… her best in years.
    It’s budget was 35 million.. BTW she takes the kids with her….

  • Alice

    It is funny how she still compliments Ben but he never reciprocates and claims that she was the worst thing that ever happened to him and that she nearly ruined his career. Now he is back on top with the white, er, I mean right Jennifer.


    This b#tch is so full of sh^t!! Don’t believe anything she says.

  • Hollyweird

    From a beautiful, successful A-List actor like Ben Affleck to an ugly 90 pound Heroin addict like Marc Anthony is such a downgrade. Ben went up while she went to the bottom of the barrel.

  • Castle Hill

    Her non-existent career could not have happened to a more deserving woman. She is and has always been a user. Remember how she treated her second husband Chris? She dumped him for Ben Affleck because she wanted blond, blue eyed children by a rich popular white guy. Chris was only half white and poor so he didn’t count in her estimation. She is still ghetto and trashy and all the money in the world will never alter that fact. She is over in Hollywood.

  • kerry
  • Lauren

    I try to watch what I eat – there’s no big science to it, which is what sucks.
    SO TRUE!

  • pillow


    Her latest movie ain’t doing so bad considering she is carrying the movie herself. All of the cast is practically unknown. I’d like to see Jennifer Garner, or Ben Affleck carry a movie by themselves. They both need successful actors/actress or they don’t sign. Take Jen Garner, her last two films, Valentine’s(full of famous co-stars. and Ghosts of … with Mathew M.

  • paula

    It is very classy of her saying that about her exes. I hope Ben learns from her. j.lo moved on from Ben easily she didn’t end up being a disease to his life and his mate. Years later she is saying nice things when they asked showing she is class. people who are not disease to their exes can talk about their exes those who are need to shut their mouth and don’t say a word.

  • Roberto

    ew. This old Puertorican woman needs to go away. Far, far away and stay there.

  • pillow

    The same goes for Gwyneth Paltrow.

  • Just Desserts

    She’s fallen because she’s phoney and has not successfully hid her motives. P. Diddy to validate her music career. Ben Affleck to validate her film career…not to mention her nose job, skin bleaching, dyeing her black curly hair blond and all the other cosmetic procedures she’s done to EUROPEANIZE her features.
    After the AFFLECK plan failed as well as the failed plan to become the “PUERTO RICAN” Julia Roberts, she figured she’d go back to her Puerto Rican roots…thus Marc Anthony. Many people see through her and it’s hurt her. Mind you, she’s not the only celeb who’s phoney. Lopez has just never been good at hiding it. She has always been transparent.

  • No pe-res fan

    @Just Desserts:

    shashhh….this comment has Mario Lavenderia written all over.

  • Neri

    @Just Desserts:

    you comment makes as much sense as you se x ual orientation.

  • Sandi

    Jennifer Garner has always been a class act and a first rate actress, Jlo isn’t fit to tie her shoes in the acting or looks or class department. Ms. Garner is a university graduate, JLO earned a GED I’m sure and probably slept with the principle to earn it. Jennifer Garner won Ben and that is the most important thing. Ben and Jennifer have lovely children and a thriving careers. Jlo sells her name to tacky products made in Taiwan and sold by vendors on the streets on East Harlem. She was never in Affleck’s or Garner’s league at any time in her career.

  • E.T.

    She looks exactly like the old jlo here

    I don´t like to see her talking about any ex, because ben the assh*** was talking about her like 5 years so please no more, jlo don´t try to be nice

  • http://google toni

    She’s natural beauty.

  • hefty.


    Class act, league? stick to the line of the comments. what is being said here is that they can’t carry a movie by themselves. As far as class goes, they are pretty low too. Remember whe Ben advertised to the world that he had f..ked elektra on the mouth. Or his stripper escapades. Or Jen mounting and kissing that basketball player.. i forgort his name.

  • Gent


    Talking trash about the women you dated isn’t a class act. Ben has as much class as Larry Flynt.

  • irene

    tnx very much for correcting me!
    I was so worried that being English a second language, you guys would not understand me if I made a typo.
    Estela eres una es.tu.pi.da racista.
    Wheredoes it says she is Spanish? Even if she were full Spanish, she would probably be ashamed of being one because of people like YOU.
    About ben affleck, remember how he paid a full page in a national magazine or soemthing like that to praise her when she was still married?
    If a woman had done that, you would be calling her HOMEWRECKER, and here Ben is happily married when solely JLo gets the blame.
    Macho world.

  • Linsey Loves

    She is pretty

  • Honeybunn

    Jennifer Lopez gave a good answer to the questions she was asked about her exs. What else can she say. It is 6 years later.

    Ben Affleck was asked about J Lo in his last interview
    believe (Esquire Magazine 2008). Ben said he hasn’t seen or spoken to Jennifer Lopez sense they broke up. I believe this is the truth.

    Most interviewers will ask Ben and J Lo about their break up.
    Ben answer a few years ago was basically ….J Lo and I…(both) gave the media to much access to them/ relationship. Which is true. I believe that was the (Rolling Stone 2004) interview. This answer was added to any interview he did after wards. Magazines / Interviewers/ blogs would just added it to other interviews and stories because Ben wouldn’t answer the question the way they wanted him to.

    I was a fan of both Ben and J Lo 6 years ago. I remember when they broke up. I read all the Tabloids and watched all the Entertainment shows like most media junkies. It was so much I would go to
    (Barnes & Nobel) and read through the tabs. I didn’t waste my money on the LIES. Once was enough. They all had J Lo’s PR spend in them.

    Ben laid low and out of site. He gained weight. Ben actually looked like he was going through a emotional break up period.

    Jennifer Lopez has a pattern when it comes to getting Bad Press.
    Which is COUNTERACT THE TRUTH. All you fans who think
    J lo never said a bad thing about Ben are delusional.

    J Lo’s PR people where leaking stories about how……..
    Ben was dumped by J Lo. How Ben needed Psychological help. How Ben was a coward for not wanting to go through that huge Media Event Wedding. The statements went on and on. J lo blamed Ben for everything. She took no blame what so ever.

    Everyone knew Ben actually dumped J Lo. She doesn’t like getting dumped so she wants to show the Public and Ben that she can get another man. Marc was the QUICK replacement. It did not matter that Marc was married. Marc’s wife and children are subjected to media blitz at a difficult time. J Lo could care less about waiting to get married. Once again it is not her fault. She gets her way.

    Sony drops J Lo. She immediately has her PR people say she has a better deal with another Record Label (Which is it not. It is a worse deal). It wasn’t due to her having awful record sells for her last 4 albums. Once again nothing is J Lo’s fault.

    I have no hate for J Lo.
    I just notice how she handles things in the pass and present. So before anyone starts in on Ben Affleck just remember J Lo isn’t perfect either.

  • loli

    I see where you are coming from.
    None of them are perfect. He chased her when she was married, he did not “steal” her just as she did not steal Marc, who very much can decide what he wants. And he decided to leave wife and children, while JL did not have any. His decision, no matter how much she wanted it, he could have said no.
    Rumours are that more or less the same that happen with MArc and JL (meeting before and then get together after a while) was what happened with J. Garner, who was ither married or in a relationship when BAffleck entered romantically his life.
    It is kind of a waste of time to discuss this over and over. Many artists are like this. MAny would say amoral, but it is true, the rate of divorce is higher and they deal with the prettiest people around. Temptation everywhere.
    What I see is that JL is a person who is self made like her husbands or lovers. I do not see her as wanting to see anything else. MAny women in HW of any coloring and race have gone to the plastic surgeon. Who has not?
    BEtter make a list of those who haven’t. You can count with one hand those who do not do something to her hair. (Salma would be one of them)
    Even all american girls like Jennifer aniston are totally different from what they looked like originally. What would you call Dita Von Teese?, or Beyonce, Shakira or Madonna, Nicole Richie when she was blonde (mexican-african american descent), Britney spears, Marilyn Monroe,etc.
    More interesting what castle jill says. that she wanted blue eyed babies, yeah, like it’s a law getting blonde babies in a mixed marriage. Usually the dominant genes are the darker ones. I bet they wanted to marry because they loved each other, not because of the future kids. Good that they separated. MArc probably understands better JL because he is a musician, and the same goes for BA and his wife.


    I dont know why some people hate this women so much?. But the truth is that she is happy with her life. And if she talks about Ben was because they ask her a question not because she cares about him. Ben and Puff are in her past and like she said she wish both of them the best . Yeah her husband is ugly but she loves that man and at the end thats’s what matters not the looks.

  • munti

    wow she is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
    ben has been trashing her YEARS.He doesn´t deserve even a nice mention from her

  • gary gray

    She looks very 2002´s here and her last film was 2 the first week (only because how to train your dragon has more box oficce from the 3d) and now it´s nearly 25 millions in 2 weeks only in US

  • Inaru

    She could’ve said “no comments” when asked about her exes, but she chose to answer the question with a nice comment about both guys, That is class, regardless of your ethnicity. TBUP isn’t a huge hit, but it is not a failure either. Debuting at #2 is nice enough, considering she is carrying that movie alone, since CBS films wouldn’t put up the $$$ for a bankable co-star.

  • GG

    I don’t hate Jlo but every thing about her seems phoney.I don’t believe the excess media was the reason for the breakup either or at least not as much as they say.Until recently Brangelina have been plastered in every tabloid magazine and been on every entertainment show you can name.Yet they seem to ignore the media and live their lives normally .They would’ve been able to do the same too ,if they stuck it out.I think Ben just got bored living in Jlo’s fantasy world and wanted a real family. of his own.Ben has learned from his mistakes and Jlo seems to want live a lie.Where her publicist deny everything ,make her look perfect .She says her interviews her home life and marriage is great when we all know it’s not.I hope you don’t wake from your fairytale life jlo,you might end up being alone.

  • mikee25

    Jlo looks amazing and her movie did not bomb….the movie has made over 25 millions in two weeks and still has to open officially internationally. Stop hating on people for no reason. If you don’t personally know someone and what they are truly about then you don’t have reason to hate them except for envy!!! Jlo is beautiful and deserves her success. Get over it!!!

  • She Lies!

    I see the untalented fat a$$ is telling her lies again. Anything for attention or press. She is a evil horrid self absorbed troll. She is a rotten mother. She is a lying hag. She is a self important b*tch with no talent. She continues to fail at everything, and I find it hysterical.

    Will someone tell her its over, and just go home and pretend to take care of her ugly babies.

  • Nicole

    Yeah, what a class act, considering she cheated on Judd to be with Affleck in front of the whole country to begin with and tried to act like she didn’t. She’s full of shit. And last time I checked for the amount of hype and press which means money they spent on ramming this broad down the publics throat the last year and a half it hardly seemed worht it, her fans want to know why so many people dislike her perhaps they should accept some of the facts about her character and actions. This is the same sensitive soul after all who a week after 911 went on a honeymoon in Italy and wouldn’t even come back into the city. All at the same time talking about her NYpride. Sometimes things happen when you see the true character of someone. I was never a huge fan but that let me know precisely how self absorbed this chick is. There’s just no excuse for that. And I don’t believe she’s grown or changed, still the same narcossitic attitude accept now she’s older and lower on the hollywood food chain, so it’s even more desperate. I’m not saying she’s the worst person in the world but I see nothing to admire either.