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Miley Cyrus: 'Can't Be Tamed' Video Premiere!!!

Miley Cyrus: 'Can't Be Tamed' Video Premiere!!!

Miley Cyrus looks fierce as she escapes from a bird cage in her new “Can’t Be Tamed” music video.

The 17-year-old pop sensation teamed up with writers Tim James and Antonina Armato, director Robert Hales and choreographer Jamal Sims to create the edgy video.

“The video isn’t about being sexy or about who can wear less clothes,” Miley has said. “It’s about explaining the song and living the lyrics… I don’t want to be in a cage. I want to be free and do what I love.”

Watch “Can’t Be Tamed” below!

Miley Cyrus: ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ Video Premiere!!!
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  • naylah

    Miley has said, “The video isn’t about being sexy or about who can wear less clothes. It’s about explaining the song and living the lyrics.”

    Honey, you already know it’s too much, that’s why you prepared this poetic little excuse.

  • mailey

    um. hmm. err. i like her makeup in it. the song sucks. not very catchy. really strange actually.

  • monica

    it was amazing

  • Tina

    The thoughts of her still being associated with Disney scares me. She should of waited until she turned 18 and Hannah Montana is officially over. Whether she likes it or not she’s still loved by millions of children and I just don’t think the lyrics and the content of the video is appropriate for Disney. But as an adult the video is entertaining and she looks absolutely beautiful and edgy. Without a doubt this will be instant hit for her.

  • hannah

    I really liked it i have to admit… i thought she was going to go to far but i like it!

  • tete

    i dont see how this is wrong at all? it was hot. period.

  • keke

    adore it. she looked fierce.

  • Saudia

    she’s doing what Britney did; this isn’t original either. Love the look just doesn’t fit a 17 year old; she couldn’t wait until she was 18 or 21?? Sheesh

  • Sarah

    i didn’t think the video was slutty at all, im not a fan of hers at all and i loved the video…whoever did the wardrobe and lighting for this video is a genius. This video is very dark and edgy but is somewhat still clean…if you consider this racy , idk what to call christina’s latest video

  • rpatzfan

    she’s still a kid ,i guess no more Disney movies for her.

  • Ashley

    A prime example of “trying too hard”.

  • Sarah

    @rpatzfan: uhm in a couple months she will be a legal adult..britney was doing this before she was even 16

  • emily

    don’t really like her. don’t really like her music.
    but i do admire her for being true to herself, and being who she wants to be. people judged her for not being clean enough for her 11 year old fans, but she still stayed on the path of becoming the artist she wants to be.

  • Traci Whoreds

    Weird and boring. She was trying WAY too hard.

  • Name

    The whore is revealing itself. Rearing it’s ugly head. Couldn’t it have waited a few years? At least until she turned 18, like seriously!

  • Christine

    ok uhmm wow?
    Looking at the video itself, its pretty well done, I mean its not that bad compared to other videos out there and it fits the song pretty well, even if the music itself is shitty. But, if you look at her background and where she came from, this video was definitely NOT a good idea. I get that she wants to grow up and everything, but its like she’s basically saying to her younger fans, “screw you, I don’t need you anymore.” For someone who found fame from those fans, she’s completely disrespecting them.

    Oh and of course, since Britney was 17 when ‘Baby One More Time’ came out, it makes this entire video ok..NOT. -.-

  • san

    was pretty legit, not gonna lie! Very artistic and beautifully done, I loved it :)

  • scrug

    @Ashley: agree!

    the song isn’t very good! Lady Gaga ‘s poor girl!!

  • shaCHEER11

    im not like a fan of disney and/or pop music but i kind of liked it. shes just growing up and seeing life and things differently. its a new music perspective and its kinda cool. everyone thats critizing her needs to take a step back and realize that youre probably not any better. she actually just like most 17 year olds. i for one cannot judge cause that would make me a hypocrite. shes not changing, shes just growing up. peace out girlscouts!!!

  • Sara

    AMAZING. The girl can dance!

  • JuBEE

    @Saudia: whats the big difference if she is 17 or 18 it is only one year. and just a number. she is not the 13 year old little girl any more that started hannah montana. Did you ever go on the street and look at what 17 year old girls dress like? I don’t think that this video is too sexy or anything. I actually really liked it, although the song sucks. the wing part at the end is really cool.

  • Allie Baby

    I thought the concept matched the song and I thought the video was awesome. As much as we’d like for her to stay in a box until we think it’s okay for her to grow up, she just told us herself she can’t be tamed and she’s not gonna stay in that cage. Obviously, her parents are okay with it, so best you can do is if you have kids and you hate her, don’t let them watch the video or anything else associated with her.

  • Shannon

    I actually like the vid she looks great and this comment is coming from a non Miley fan! This vid may casue some uproar form pareants saying its to young for thier children to watch but ppl grow up and this is what im getting from miley in this vid a young girl gwoing up.

  • Daniel F

    Congrats Miley! You have successfully sold your soul to sleezy Hollywood. I think you are trying to cross over to main stream pop. Hollywood pop is laughing, and the Disney fans are disappointed in you.
    In your defense you are trying to do what most x-Disney been stars have been trying to do. But the best thing you all could do is get a college education. You certainly have enough money to take some time off to better yourselves.

  • nata

    I don’t think it is too much. Yes, she is not a woman yet, but I think that this is more representative of where she is in life. I’m not a big fan of her music and too old for her show. I think that, yes, it is a sexy video, but it is not X rated or anything inappropriate for a 17 year old. I don’t think that this video is that bad, as a matter of fact, it is not bad at all. 17 it is all about once sexuality, if you say it is not I, you were an abnormal 17 year old. She is growing up and having her in a video wit teddy bears is unrealistic and force. I know that when I went to my high school dances kids were way more sexy( to not call them vulgar).

  • Serena

    ummm…is this britney? its like deja vu…

    not the most original, but logical next step for the pop princess…

  • elle

    That was amazing, what a rebel. LOL!! Music is not just dead, it’s cremated and spread over hell.

  • WeThinkYouShould

    Miley Cyrus is an illuminati puppet. You can find out more at my blog.

  • M

    Reminds me of when Britney did “I’m a slave 4 U” and everyone FREAKED the eff out. It’s okay, people, even Disney kids grow up.

  • Andy

    Her best music video.

    I liked it,

  • tromba

    The concept was good and the lyrics said what she wanted to say, I guess. The MUSIC SUCKED OUT LOUD. More programmed electronic crap generated by some douche bag with no musical talent. This was so not her. Good studio musicians could have produced a better foundation for this video.

  • Infamously Cool 2.0

    stop ragging on this girl people, snyone remember when Britney debuted with baby one more time. she was only 16 or 17 and that videi is considered to be one of the sexiest videos of the late 90s early 00s. And honestly miley’s video is actually well put together. So back off haters.

  • MEL

    song’s catchy, but i just really couldn’t take this seriously. anyone start cracking up at her attempt to be “grown up”?

  • Kailee

    OMG MILEY! :| You are only 17! SLOOOOWWEERRR DOWWWWNNN! Hoe, stop thinking every guy is in love with you! (N)
    Britney WANNA BE? I like the song though, It’s so weird how she says hell lol,,

  • Lei

    huh..wasn’t feeling the video or the song. Good for her though that she’s starting to break away from Disney and all that.

  • Infamously Cool 2.0

    some other songs that former Disney puppets/teen pop stars have put out that were probably worst in sexual content:

    Christina aguilera – dirrty
    Mandy moore – in my pocket
    Jessica simpson – irresistible
    Hilary duff – stranger/with love
    Lindsay lohan – rumors

    just a few of them to jog your guy’s memory and realize miley’s not that bad of an artist

  • Mallory

    ‘I’m so proud of Miley Cyrus — She finally gathered up the courage to announce to the world that she’s nothing but a whore! How admirable.’

  • Kailee

    Hahaha, Okay.. SO I wonder what Billy thought about that

  • Tori

    what would jesus say?

  • mehdi.j

    oh my gooodd

    i love it

    so edgy and so mature

    all her fans grow up she need to grow up
    so she did

    goood job

    miley rock

    and haters suckkkkkkkk

    i m waiting 18 may to buy it from itunes
    who gonna buy it and support miley
    to make the music N1 at the HOT 100 ????????????????????????????????????


    FROM A BIG FAN !!!!!!

  • michelle

    lol SHes trying to be Britney

  • Mary

    This is a beautiful video. The tone and colors were striking and she definitely got her point across. I have to say that as an adult who’s watched Miley grow up I was watching this with my jaw on the ground lol. I disagree with some of the other people commenting: I don’t think that she’s not grateful for her Disney fans, she has to move on at some point. Even if she waited until she was 18 (6 months from now) people would be griping about it being too soon. She can’t please everyone.

    Big ups Miley!

  • cherie

    She’s trying to hard to be Britney.. it reminded me of “Slave For You” in some parts, the moves, the faces, the way the people surrounded her at some points.

  • Kaylee

    I think this COULD have been an amazing video, great story, great costumes, and good choreography but Miley just didn’t deliver. The girl is just not sexy I’m sorry, and it has nothing to do with her age. She just seems awkward to me.Like the part at the beginning when the guy takes a picture of her, any other “diva” could of gave some seriously fierce itchface , but no, she just gave the same sucking on a lemon face that shes always rocking. Can she give any other facial expression? And when she put her leg over the nest and rubbed it…just…no. I mean what could have been a great video was ruined by her lack of acting and dancing ability. I mean the choreographed part was decent but any other time its almost like she has no idea what she is doing. But kudos to the creator of this video it was a great concept just poorly executed.

  • Disappointed

    I just feel bad for all of the Hannah Montana fans out there [I'm talking about the young ones] who are completely innocent and look up to her because the truth is—-Miley doesn’t like them, she like’s their money. She’s said many rude things in interviews that a “Role Model” wouldn’t say. In fact, it one interview she said that she “Is trying to break away from the Hannah Montana look” and that she gets annoyed when the fans refer to her as Hannah Montana-those were not exact words (thats why they weren’t in quotes) but that was what was under the words that she used. Also, in a video recently made, she’s said “I’m wearing purple because I’m on Hannah Montana otherwise I’d be wearing black because I always wear black” or something like that. If a little kid watches this video, their going to be confused because she’s wearing a disgusting outfit and swearing but yet expects a little kid to buy hr CD. “We can make magic” Do you really want your 8 year old listening to this type of music? I think not.

    Yes, i understand that Miley is trying to “Break-away from the Hannah Montana Scene”, but I REALLY think she should’ve waited until HM was finally over—–there’s still another season left of it which means another generation of fans (and the same fans following her all along) will be wanting to buy her CD’s and lunch boxes, and bags, and etc. I dont think it’s fair to these kids to say your trying to be a good role model but then in the midle [[and the highest point]] of her carrier just end the role model thing and change into a totally different person. You can’t do that. Obviously, she’s going down the drain. She’ll just become another ‘has-been’ like her father and end up like Brittany, Lindsey, and the rest of the once goodie goodie disney stars–that is sent to jail, pregnant, and married like 4 times. Good luck Miley, I’m disappointed in what you’ve become. Congrats for accomplishing your goal of trying to show your edgy style. We’re all sooo very proud of you, espically the HM fans. Which is funny because most of her fans WERE HM fans so if their parents see this–there’s no WAY a good parent would continue to let their kid buy CD’s and stuff. I hope Miley loses all of her money so her dad can stop leeching off of her.
    Once again, good luck Miley. Your a disappointment to me and others. I remeber in 5th grade wanting to go to your HM concert and complaining to my mom that I couldnt go. She said that she’ll just come and go but I said , no its different with her. My mom was like, yea, she does seem like a very good rolemodel and different from the rest. Too bad I recently in November made my mom pay a lot of money to take me to a Miley Cyrus concert with my BFF for my brithday. I would’ve been better off waiting until this summer to go see Selena Gomez—a TRUE role model from what I know. I hope she doesnt become a Miley, too but only time can tell. She seems fine so far, I mean, she’s already Miley’s age with no major scandle problems. I say two thumbs up for her!

  • LaLaLa

    I actually liked the video. But as far as originality goes, it just seems like a mix of Lady Gaga and Britney…so…idk.

  • Jasmin

    why does everything got to be all dark? Miley hasn’t left Disney. Hannah Montanta the 4 season needs to premiere.

  • SarahC

    The song was okay, the video is creepy though…

  • LuckyL

    She doesn’t look hot. She looks like a stupid, wh*rish, large-toothed mule. I watched 10 seconds and cringed at her trying to seem exotic, sexy, tough *vomits*

  • felix

    SHE’S AMAZING :):):).
    I can’t stop watching it …….. She’s so good and it’S realistic. LOVE HER. And for all that says that she’s too young for doing that, you’re stupid. It’s what she want… Controversy. She wants to get out of hannah montana and the sweet DISNEY GIRL :)
    She’S amazins. 25/10.