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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Dior Duo

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Dior Duo

Miranda Kerr holds hands with boyfriend Orlando Bloom as they leave the Meurice Hotel and shop at the Christian Dior boutique on Tuesday (May 4) in Paris, France.

Orlando, 33, was recently featured in (RED)’s new Lazarus Effect Campaign, which is intended to increase awareness for its efforts to fight AIDS in Africa.

Miranda, 27, is featured on the beach in V Magazine’s latest issue (Bar Refaeli is in it too). She didn’t make it to the MET Ball this year but she did make it last year!

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  • Jayne

    orlando looks good.

  • Jayne

    orlando is looking good.

  • Jayne

    i though it didn’t work that’s why i post again.



  • se

    I don’t want to sound like a hater, but there’s just something slightly creepy about her. I think she’s very beautiful, but whenever she’s out with her boyfriend she’s never smiling, always has that serious, glum look.

  • So sweet…

    Orlando and Miranda make a gorgeous couple, he’s hot
    and she’s beautiful and their so happy and in love!


    He looks fantastic – love the facial hair.

  • Carrie

    Oh, that’s why she didn’t attend the Met this year…she had to go shopping in Paris!

  • lovely…

    Well lucky Miranda and Orlando….they get to spend springtime together in the city of love…..very romantic!

  • @5…se

    You need to get your eyes checked as she’s smiling in one of the pics…….AND I’ve seen her smiling and laughing in lots of photos of her and Orlando together………but of course you’re not a hater by calling her “creepy”……yeah right!!!


    PS: I wonder if Orlando knows Zac Efron is stealing his style…

  • diddyy

    what shoes is orlando bloom wearing? i loveee them

  • nicole

    i just want to have such relationships………

  • yes!

    Such a beautiful couple!
    I love them together!

  • @8

    I don’t know.
    If I had to choose between going to a stuffy old ball and being in Paris in the Springtime with Orlando Bloom, I don’t think that I would have made it to the dance either.
    Sure, it looks good for a model to attend the Met, but maybe she is also in Paris for work.
    And IMO, Orlando is looking especially scrumptious in these pics. Such a gorgeous man!

  • Thunderstruck

    Cool Couple!

  • amelle

    She’s adorable.

  • GAH!


  • lucky them…

    …beautiful, in love and in paris in the springtime. …ahhhhhh….

  • wow

    So beautiful!
    Both of them!
    (but especially Orlando)

  • she shall remain nameless

    At first I didn’t like them as a couple, but now they’re starting to grow on me! They both look so cute together and Orlando looks good.

  • ?

    Me loving ORLANDO he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot.

  • YAY!

    My favorite couple!
    They both look fantastic!

  • some people…

    …are making a big deal out of her not going to the MET ball. She did that last year.

    MET – been there, done that. Once was enough.

    However, can’t have too much of Orlando in Paris….

  • @24

    So true!
    Enjoying Orlando (ALL of him) in Paris in the Spring is too good to pass up for anyone, no matter the networking opportunities to be had at the ball. No one is that ambitious.
    This year’s ball was a bit of a dud, anyway. No one really wore any truly fashion forward designs. Nearly everyone played it pretty safe, which isn’t what this ball is meant to be. Even though I don’t really like her, I thought that KStew was really the only one that ‘got it’. She went for edgy high fashion, instead of a classic, boring, pretty dress.
    You can wear a pretty dress to any party. THIS ball is for FASHION! Almost everyone forgot that this year. BORING!
    Well, maybe she will go again next year. And maybe even walk the red carpet with orlando.
    We’ll see.

  • wow!!!!

    According to The Fashion Spot, Miranda just got the PRADA campaign!!!!
    OH! I hope that it’s true!
    You go girl! I think that we have a new HF goddess in the making!

  • my goodness

    They are both so beautiful!
    They really need to breed.

  • JJ

    Most overrated model in history.
    Anyone thinking she’s beautiful must have an eye-check……
    a skinny body is not necessarly a hot body.

  • Not Prada

    Sorry, Miranda Kerr DID NOT get prada. A much better model did and that model is Abbey Lee Kershaw. Miranda does not even compare to the lush Abbey Lee

  • @29

    Are you sure? everyone is saying she is in….

  • @29

    Uhhhh, according to RELIABLE sources, she IS one of the models chosen.
    Now if she IS going to be modelling for Prada, how are you haters going to spin this???
    Are you going to claim that Prada is a ‘nothing’ brand? Or that it is a joke in the industry? Or that no one cares about Prada anyway? Or that it isn’t really a high fashion label? Or that VS paid someone off to get her the job?
    Which angle will you take?
    This should be fun.
    Or maybe, just maybe, you will FINALLY develop some class and admit that Miranda got the job because she is a good model who has a career that is going places.
    Naah. Didn’t think so.
    You gals wouldn’t know ‘class’ if it hit you in the face.

  • @not prada

    Miranda DID get Prada. It’s already CONFIRMED.

  • talan

    She was already wearing Prada in Milan this year ( February). So why are you so surprised about her and Prada.

  • @33

    So any model that wears a certain designer is automatically given their campaign?
    Is that what you are saying?
    That’s just stupid.

  • @33

    Is that the new tactic?
    That it’s no big deal to get a HF campaign. All you have to do is wear their clothes.

  • ????

    Miranda is back in New York.
    Orlando is back in London or LA or in New York too. Who Knows ?

  • @???

    Tweets of him in Uk since yesterday evening.

  • LOL!

    Oh the haters are just going to pretend that the Prada campaign didn’t happen.
    Now if one of the other VS girls had landed a HF campaign, instead of Miranda, then they would dedicate a week to the celebration, going on and on about how Miranda failed, how no one wants her, how she isn’t suited for HF, blah, blah, blah.
    Now they just want it to go away.

  • Lynda Lohan

    So hot

  • photoshop

    I love how everyone last year was making this big deal about how miranda was going to the MET (She herself was bragging about it weeks before) and she doesnt go and everyone is all like “… the MET is boring anyway… its no big deal.”

  • @40

    I don’t t hink that has anything to do with Miranda’s fans.
    A LOT of fashion sites are complaining about how dull it was this year.
    Unless you are claiming that all of these peple are fans of Miranda, too.
    I personally wish that she HAD gone. It is a great event to see and be seen. But if she had to work in Paris, then what can she do? Any intelligent person would choose work over a party, no matter how exciting.
    And having your hot boyfriend come to visit you is just a bonus.

  • @40

    It’s just not a big deal. Going is cool, but not going is no tragedy.

  • PRADA!

    YAY! MIRANDA!!!!

  • steph

    *pops popcorn*
    *sits back and waits for the hater spin*
    This should be hilarious!
    Congrats to Miranda!

  • hmmm

    A radio gossip columnist said this morning that Orlando and Miranda were spotted at Harry Winston’s last week looking at engagement rings.
    This happens every few months, just like it did when he was with Kate, so I’m not taking it seriously. Just thought that it was interesting.

  • @hmmm

    Last week you say? They reunited on sunday in Paris….

  • @46

    Just playing devil’s advocate, but how do you know when they were “reunited”?
    The last pics that we have from either one of them are from the 24th of April. Him at the ballet with his mum in London, and her with Sebastian at his film premiere in NY.
    For all we know, they could have been in London together all of last week.
    With no photographic evidence to prove that they weren’t together, it’s just as easy to claim that they were.

  • @47

    There where several twitters of him having lunch in a pub in London alone on saturday and a fan who took a pic with him monday in Paris chatted a few minutes with orlando and he said he had arrived in Paris on sunday.
    If they had been together in London with all the possible privacy why the need to go to Paris and be caught?

  • PS

    And just to say but harry Winston’s is in NYC not in London. Even if the had been together under the radar in London they couldn’t be also in NY looking for engagement rings.

  • @49

    There is a Harry Winston’s on Bond Street in London, according to their website.