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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Post-MET Ball Pair

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Post-MET Ball Pair

Rachel Bilson and fiance Hayden Christensen head out of their hotel in downtown New York City on Tuesday afternoon (May 4).

Last night, the cute couple hit up the 2010 MET Ball. Rachel paired her refreshing Louis Vuitton dress with Jimmy Choo shoes.

Hayden and his sandwich were recently featured in (RED)’s new Lazarus Effect Campaign, which is intended to increase awareness for its efforts to fight AIDS in Africa.

FYI: Hayden is wearing AllSaints Military boots.

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Credit: Castro; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • MB

    It’s too hot out to be wearing a jacket in NYC, Hayden!

  • trish

    Wow. How exciting.

  • Crapside

    Let the media wh$ring commence! :D Typical and they are so a$$ boring. Hayden is skinny as a rail is why he wearing a jacket.

  • sigh

    Girls who show off their engagement rings this way are so annoying. Yes, Rachel, we all see your ring…

  • a

    the jj haters of this couple are hilarious.

  • Tori

    she sooooooooo depressing.

  • jae


    so, wearing her engagement ring means she’s showing it off? if she wasn’t wearing it people would be complaining just as much. you guys are never happy!

  • Carrie

    Rachel and Hayden both equal fashion failure.

  • S

    That lady looks like grandma Rose….

  • me
    Her torso is so long and her legs so short. It looks really, really weird.

  • johan

    you and your freaking Rachel Bilson ( or whatever the hek is her last name)

  • LOL

    Here we go again, guessing Rachel is going to LA, Hayden back to Canada.

  • Ms Anonymous


    Haters of any celeb are never happy with ANYTHING.

  • the truth

    Why is she flashing it she is trying too hard . I thiought that she didn’t like the media following her around like that?She coping everyone that went to the gala.She doing for attention. Have told the media and hayden that she have called the engagement off . She didn’t even talk the media when she was there. what up with that? She never let people see her leave from anywhere no kiiss this time.?I just don’t just don’t understand what people let her get away with things like she do..She said something people like not getting married this spring and they have excues for her. Anybody else do something thaey say something. The media is all over it. Rachel do or say something nothing is said likie they are afraid to say. Then jj isn’t any better he change things for her like someone told him to say the right thing. That’;s what hayden is anyway one are her boyfriend that come to be with her when she need a date. About the ring she must has read about what i said. Yes if hse neot going to married hgis this spring she need to take it off. and the media and everyone that she has second thoughts about it. Tara reid called her off and they said something about her.Rachel don’t wnat to do the right thing.SDhe think that it going to hurt people if she do it.Need to make itpublic and move on with her life.Hayden didn’t suppose to be with her if sha called the engagement.And that the truth. And they don’t live together anyway.They have separated lives. I know you might i ‘m wrong but that’s the truth.She didn’t hang around adam when she called off his. so do the same for hayden.She not that in love to break away..She won’t be hurt by it one bit.everyone that find out that things not working out they break-up and move on.its better than pretending everything is ok when its not. and don’t say its hayden fault cause its not.Rachel is not the girl for him he should have been looking at others girls like she look at other guys when he’s not around.Hayden didn’t choose to be with rachel. rachel did that on her own. Hayden didn’t tell rachel to stay in relationship and see what she got someone that don’t like where she live and he don’t like where she live.She is not going tochange his mind no matter what she do. she need to stop trying and get her someone that live where she live in la. there are alot are guys there why haven’t she find she like there.She is never going to marry hm so she need to do something about it. and stop cheating behind his back. I don’t care about her being with him last night it was lie anyway. So guess none are her things got stolen like last year. she lied about that to. nothing got stolen she just got want media attention about herself cause he got a acting and she had nothing. Now all the the attention is on her and not him. That’s a poor way to live.and ring that she get attentionfrom.Hayden already got movies she don’teven have on coming out at all.And the jobs that she got its nothing either.its not no big movie you can talk about. and promoting other people prducts not no job. That’s all she can get these days.Her behind thought hayden was going to get something that why she let people see him with her.That’s all she is about trying toget something from somebody.You can’t be engaged with someone thats you supposed to be engaged with. she alreadyn have worked with him two times already. She has to let the media to know that she has really called it off with him and never be around again to work with him .Are it would be alie like it already is.rachel need to know that when you called an engagement you suppose to give the ring back and not That what the rule book says. why keep the ring anyway if you not engaged anymore.JJ just say she’s single next time.

  • CL

    Oh Hayden <3 I love that man! The coat is a bit much, but whatever. More pictures of him! Less pictures of her!

  • lexy hates bilson

    It’s so funny how with all the famous celebs in NYC the paps just happen to catch these 2 Z-listers who hate the media (wink,wink). They look like 2 homeless people.

  • padme

    OMG…here we go with the daily postings of this irrelevant biatch!!! I agree with CL in #15…show more pics of Hayden! Who cares about what’s her face!

  • nat


  • lexy hates bilson

    Arabina nights is that you posting under yet ANOTHER name?? LMAO!! I think you’re actually more pathetic than Rachel!!

  • yes

    @ S #9 Yes, that does look like Hayden and Rachel are out with his grandmother–how cute!

  • LOL

    @lexy I think you might be totally right not hard to tell is it?..the FULL CAPS and “Big Bird” comment is a give away. LOL

    I’m sort of new here can anyone understand what the hell “the truth” is saying, other than writting a book?

    Hayden stayed in NY and went to the Lazarus red carpet thing.
    Stand by for lots of photo’s of Rachel–she is heading back to LA.

    I’m sure you will all love that………….

  • lexy hates bilson

    I think she’s got some issues with Hayden & Rachel’s relationship. But I imagine if she had any proof of these things (like these affairs) she’d be selling her story to People or Us Weekly and not on JJ. I don’t like her but they’ll get married.
    If that is his granny neither look to interested in what she has to say. Rachel’s enjoying the paps she called (not only did they find her and Hayden but Granny too???) and Hayden looks like he’s still thinking of how hot Sienna looked in that dress!!!

  • bilson hates lexy

    bilson hates lexy also youre so jaelous both of you or 1 of you with all your personalities theyre a great couple and theyre happy and beautiful and you cant stand it well keep posting for months and monrhs and months you keep saying theyre not together well surprise ahole look look look who do you see rb and hayden happy deal with it pathetic sicko

  • unreechy

    Hayden Christensen And His Beard Post-MET Ball

  • unreechy

    Oh & looked at HC(sic) coming visibly vibrating w/ the paps “now” to the max; as his smorgasboard movie & w/ lots of con co-stars called Ta(n)kers would be shown later this summer.
    And that’s all there is folks!

  • LOL

    Your funny

  • searlus

    Jared your scheduled pics of them are just “incomplete”: as there’s NO standard pose/pic like Manakin walking “kilometer ahead” of his shorty fiancee.
    At least w/ Orlando “signatured” body language w/ Miranda, there is… LOL

  • reedley
  • plant

    ooooooooh…hayden and rachel very very cute !!!

  • famously bearded
  • lexy hates bilson


  • Kimberlee Dash

    Love them