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Sophia Bush: Salon & Starbucks!

Sophia Bush: Salon & Starbucks!

A fresh faced Sophia Bush smiles for photographers as she leaves a nail salon on Tuesday (May 4) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 27-year-old actress carried an iced drink from Starbucks with her to cool off! recently caught up with Sophia about her new projects and whether she’ll get to do some action work. “It wouldn’t be any action for me, no, but a good cast of characters, and that’s the sort of thing I’m looking for,” she said.

“But of course, when you walk outside of the world, it’s a drama or you’re maybe walking away from comedy, which I love because I’m a goofball,” Sophia continued. “Action, I think, is a great test for actors in general, and I think it’s really enjoyable for us because it lets us push ourselves to a whole new level.”

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  • SweetSophie


  • Someone

    I agree with Sweet Sophie. She is lovely!

  • amelle

    Is Sophie single or with someone? She deserves a hot, lovely, faithful bf.

  • suesturm

    that’s what i call a beauty even without makeup… good for her

  • :)


  • NO

    Im SURE my comment will get deleted.. as jared deletes EVERY negative comment about this girl.. but shes just so homely. not famous. and on the crappiest show on the planet.. seriously.. WHY? way more interested in the MET gala.. which I did not see her pics.. because SHES NOT FAMOUS and NOBODY CARES

  • layla

    shes wearing makeup you fools

  • alex09


    She is dating Austin Nichols, they’ve been dating for a year now.

  • lillah

    She’s so beautiful, even without make-up she’s a total beauty!!

    #3 — She’s dating Austin Nichols! Sexy AND faithful, definitely not another Chad Michael Murray, I can see her and Austin having a future together.

    #6 — She’s attends plenty of events you ignoramus, in fact she’s attending one this Friday. She’s better than One Tree HIll and I am so ready for her to move on, and in case you didn’t know, she just got a leading role in a new pilot on ABC, which is pretty major. And if she’s really “nobody”, then why is she going to be on Ferguson this Thursday? Why is she photographed all the time, oh yeah, because she IS famous and people DO CARE.

  • urrrrr mm

    @layla: No, she actually isn’t ?

  • layla

    @urrrrr mm: because you know if she has concealer or mascara on… so LAME.

  • Ally

    Please. The stupidity of some people is hilarious. Believe it or not, Sophia is famous. More famous then some other people in Hollywood. Is she super famous like A-list celebs? No. But she’s still popular and has a huge fan base which is more than I can say for several other stars in Hollywood. You may not care. but there are plenty of people who DO care about her and LOVE her.
    As for the MET gala. You might want to take another look at every celebrity that attended the gala because there were several Hollywood stars who attended the gala that are even less famous than Sophia and I would even go as far as calling some of them C/D list stars because they ARE. So lets not even go down that road. Especially when you don’t even know if she was invited and decided not to go. I know for a FACT that she was supposed to go last year but didn’t go because of personal reasons.
    It just makes me laugh when certain people think they know everything and anything. Try using a brain for once before you comment.

  • amelle

    @alex09: thank you :) i live in london and we don’t really get much coverage on her/celebrity private lives, the newspapers here are filled with tacky trashbags like jordin and reality stars’ & their private lives :/ hope she’s happy.

  • Georgia

    Whether a tv pilot is picked up or not doesn’t matter. Because when a major network’s producers want you to be on one of their up and coming shows, it goes to say a lot. More importantly, it goes to say that you’re talented that the people behind the show see something in you that made them want you to be a part of their show, especially when you haven’t even audtioned and they want you any ways due to seeing your past work.
    I say it’s time OTH ends and Sophia move on to other things. She just wrapped up a movie and finished filming the pilot of her new show last week and if she is freed from OTH, there is so many other things she can have the time to do.

  • Sara

    Haters are so f*ckin creepy. It cracks me up when they have the audacity to call fans “stalkers” yet they don’t realize how dumb they sound when they’re the ones making idiotic comments over and over again about people they claim to not like. If anything, its the haters who NEED TO GET A LIFE and need to find something productive to do with their lives.
    On a better note, Sophia looks GORGEOUS. Love her.
    As for anyone who says otherwise…..keep the comments coming because it just gives this post more hits and make Jared post even more about her. Which us fans would be THRILLED about.

  • Katiee

    I love herrrr!
    her hair is back to normal (not blondy brown) : )
    as much i love oth, im kinda hoping it doesnt get picked up for another season because she needs more screen time
    shes a GREAT actress
    for all the haters whats the point of posting anything?, really what are you getting out of it.

  • cute

    sooo pretty! and successful! I love her acting. she is awesome

  • Jennifer

    Sophia looks gorgeous. It’s great to see her without her douchebag boyfriend. And yayyy for her dying her hair back brown. It looks great.

  • sy

    I think Sophia Bush is the best actress ever!!!!…I LOVE HER SOOO MUCH…


    What happened to the new series ” Southern Discomfort”?
    One last thing:
    You gotta be kidding—NO-5:50 pm—


    Negative sense:You are very funny …:))))))))))))

  • Anonymous

    love her. thanks for posting JJ

  • Katie


    How do you know Austin’s a douche bag? He’s incredibly intelligent, and he’s treating her right…a step up from the two others she’s dated in the past.

  • sy
  • Ellen

    Haha the negative comments are from you know who. Sophia has a good solid career. More than others can say. She is lovely. I hope Southern Discomfort gets picked up. Sophia has great comedic timing, hopefully they will use that talent of hers on ABC.

  • Baci

    She looks like an average girl to me. I still don’t get the obsession he and some of her fans have of her. She is a mediocre actress and good looks in Hollywood are a dime a dozen. She must have his number on speed dial so his paparazzi can show up conveniently where ever she is, hmmm!

  • Terri

    Baci go away with your lame thoughts. Post for someone you care about.

  • Dana

    Go Sophia. Show your acting skills regarding comedy on Southern Discomfort. Not all actors can do sitcoms, it is a whole separate talent and you have it all. Don’t listen to these bashers, fools all of them. I bet your acting friends are a tiny bit jealous of your success too.

  • Chelsea

    This isn’t the first time this Baci loser has come back to say something about Sophia in a post about her on JJ. Can you say pathetic much?! lol
    Just because you don’t get the obsession with Sophia doesn’t mean no one else does. The woman is beautiful inside and out. Most people in Hollywood are good looking, but not all are talented. And the fact that Sophia is getting offers for movies and tv shows goes to show that there is more to her than just beauty. Just ask some of the other actors in Hollywood who have been trying to book a movie or a tv show for months, even years and still not getting anywhere.
    And by the way, she doesn’t need to call paps unlike some of the other actresses who are on JJ EVERYDAY for no damn reason. Rachel Bilson anyone?? I live in LA and I’ve witnessed paps actually stalk Sophia and jumping out of random places to take pictures of her and of other celebrities while they’re running errands or doing something else.

  • Ali

    Chelsea True what you said Sophia keeps getting work, not the biggest jobs but steady work. For a big network to offer her the job KNOWING she might have to return to OTH is amazing. The cost of producing the pilot must have been mega bucks with Mary Steenburgen and Don Johnson. There are so many actors out there. Sophia was chosen to do this, cancel OTH please.

  • jess

    Sophia bush is amazing and i dont care if she is a nobody to some of you because she is a big SOMEONE and everyone else can go BROOKE themselves!! ;D Sophia Is going to be HUGH just wait and see!!!! and then i will laugh at all you losers. She is gorgues with or with out makeup and the people who thinks shes not are probablly UGLY!! and I would rather meet sophia a million times than meet any A lister because sophia cares about her fans ive met her twice already and she is the nicest most caring person i cant wait to see her become a big name its going to happen and its going to happen very soon!!!!!!!!!

  • jess

    Sophia bush is amazing and i dont care if she is a nobody to some of you because she is a big SOMEONE to me and everyone else can go BROOKE themselves!! ;D Sophia Is going to be HUGH just wait and see!!!! and then i will laugh at all you losers. She is gorgues with or with out makeup and the people who thinks shes not are probablly UGLY!! and I would rather meet sophia a million times than meet any A lister because sophia cares about her fans ive met her twice already and she is the nicest most caring person i cant wait to see her become a big name its going to happen and its going to happen very soon!!!!!!!!!

  • Mila

    I absolutely agree. Sophia needs to be free from OTH and needs to be in LA full time where she can really focus on new things and be able to audition without being tied down to something on the other side of the country. The fact that despite OTH’s future still hanging up in the air, she was still given one of the lead roles on another tv show on ABC while recently having finished filming a movie in Europe, is pretty huge. Can’t wait to see what other new things will come in her life when she’s finally finished with OTH for good and has more time to pursue other things.

  • Ava

    How come her gay boyfriend didn’t come along and get his nails done too.

  • Katie


    Sweetheart, stop corrupting your mind with Ted’s delusional fantasies.

  • Christina

    I want to know where her boots are from! They are great looking.

  • Jen

    Lol. According to Ted, more than 90 percent of the actors in Hollywood are gay. He’s the one behind the rumors of so many actors supposedly being gay including once saying that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are secretly in love with one another, so I’d hardly take anything that man says seriously. LMAO

  • Jennifer

    Well how do you know he treats her right? How do you know he treats her better than her previous boyfriends? Do you know her personally? Doubt it. I just don’t like him. He’s intelligent? Yes he’s so intelligent that he got himself a DUI. That’s why he’s a douchebag. I love Sophia, she’s one of my favorite actresses and I’m sure Austin does treat her right but I’m not a fan of him and I’m allowed my opinion.

  • Michelle

    Aww I love Sophia, she looks cute. Please OTH let the girl go she can do so much better than your stupid show, I can’t wait to see her new family comedy and up coming movies. and why the hell are we talking about big fivehead Austin he isn’t even in the photos, dude the guy is gay and hopefully sophia won’t be with him for too long because the dude is sure to come-out soon.

  • Lynn

    She looks adorable, as always. I love her outfit, and it’s so great to see her happy again. I haven’t seen her this happy in a really long time.

  • Dasha

    She’s so beautiful, even without make-up, it’s so rare in hollywood, she’s a natural beauty, she’s really lovely, sweet and classy, she’s perfect.

  • Kim


    *Lolling so hard*

  • ybelle

    sophia you ROCK!

  • Judy Garland

    Hi Jack a/k/a Katie. Always recognizable from your Ted hate.

  • Kimberlee Dash

    she is pretty

  • Josekun

    It has a great spirit, not in vain is the granddaughter of Songoku. As the girl has grown up Gohan. It has become greater.

    His soul is pure and has lots of energy within, it is a fantasy. Pan continues to protect the planet, through the movie screen in fantasy, of course.

  • Colleen

    Blah Austin thinks he is artsy, really he is a Momma’s Boy.

  • alex09


    Why are you saying this? Austin is intelligent, funny and he loves Sophia…

  • Jen

    Let me ask you something. How do you know how celebrities are feeling? Well, he’s not really a celebrity but anyway..
    Sophia, bb girl you can do much better than this butt-head!

  • alex09


    I’ve seen them around Wilmington a lot. They were always together. Just the way they look at each other, you can see that they are really in love w/ one another. Just how they act toward each other, you know that they are the real deal. I don’t care what people think, everyone has their opinion and I totally respect that. But,Austin is a great guy, he did some mistake in is life(DUI) but he’s a way better man than all other Sophia dated. And he treats her well…that’s what she deserves! :D

  • Michelle

    I’m sorry but c’mon, sophia & chad were/looked in love and look how that turned out. Plus lets not forget she dated jon foster who also treated her right and who she is still very good friends with, so I don’t get why all the praise over austin. You can’t say he’s a better man than every guy she’s dated because you truly don’t know him or the other guys. Well he might be better than chad, but every guy is better than chad lol. I say sophia should really get with someone on her level and sorry imo austin doesn’t cut it.

  • Judy

    I hear douche Austin was with Sophia at the Craig Ferguson show. What a surprise he follows her around like an assistant. He needs to get a life and not another mommy. Sophia can do better.