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Adam Lambert Has The X Factor

Adam Lambert Has The X Factor

Adam Lambert drops by the Finnish version of The X Factor on Sunday (May 2) in Helsinki, Finland!

The 28-year-old singer posed for photos with judge Linda Brava on the set of the hit show.

“Thanks for all your positive energy and all your gorgeous Finnish eyes!” Adam tweeted on Sunday.

Adam recently released the artwork for his new single, “If I Had You” – check it out here if you missed it!

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Photos: INFdaily
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  • anna

    Gorgeous as always.

  • Adam


    Denial much? Make them full size.

  • Buck

    Love the tie

  • Karin

    He’s definitely got the X-factor. Can’t wait to see him live! OMG!!! :D

  • XXX ;)

    Yes, Adam has the X factor ;) ( and the XXX factor too ;p so hot )
    Adam Lambert – Whataya Want From Me – HQ version (Finnish X Factor, 02-05-2010)

  • Kirsten

    Her eyes look funny in that shot.

  • Jasmin

    Always so beautiful… I was there in X Factor studio and saw his performance live!! HE WAS AMAZING. It’s definitely true he’s always better live than tv. I also got my cd signed at Stockmann department store earlier on Sunday :) the best day of my life

  • Sophie

    Is he a big deal in the US?

    It’s just over here in the UK we’ve kinda heard about him through a few gossip magazines but i’ve never heard a song of his or whatever.

  • Frankie


    How about you make your eyes full size and have a good look and your brain full size and use it?

  • Daisy


    Sophie, Adam is a big deal in the US, Canada, many countries in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and many countries in Europe. He is a phenomal artist.

    His album and his single (both of them are called ‘For Your Entertainment’) are on sale in the UK now. His album is absolutely amazing!

  • Daisy


    Sorry, I meant ‘phenomenal’, not ‘phenomal’.

  • Sophie


    Oh ok, thank you, I might have to download a couple of songs!

  • Sherry

    HATERS BE GONE! Take your venom elsewhere. Adam Lambert is absolutely beautiful inside and out. He is perfection! You don’t seem to realize that Adam fans know everything about him. We’ve seen EVERY picture from every angle and we love them all!

    Thank you JustJared for the pics they’re awesome!

  • Steve

    Ignore the stupid haters!!! They are just jealous!!!! No point replying to them cause they are fascinated by Adam and will continue to stalk all the news about him!

  • Dorena

    Youtube is a treasure trove of adam goodies. The man is amazing live. My favorites: Whole Lotta Love & Broken Open – Fantasy Springs, Sleepwalker – Jay Leno, Whataya Want from Me – American Idol. Check out AOL Sessions, Upright Cabaret, Brigadoon. I could go on and on. Best live singer in decades!

  • Jim

    Oh Adam, I want to be your husband.
    You are the bomb and I so cant wait for the Borgata and Musikfest.

  • MM

    @Sophie: Think I read yesterday that he was on the Top 10 charts in NINE countries presently. He’s new, but totally worth the time time of checking him out. Yes, do check out his music. It really is compelling…interesting and fun at the same time, though proviking and still a blast…

  • helen

    Adam’s gorgeous and talented! Thanks for the pics, he looks great, as always ♥
    Haters to the left.

  • Ava

    Love him. Can’t wait to see him on Jonathan Ross with Jakey G. Too bad Toothy has run back into the deepest darkest corner of his closet. Maybe Adam can pull him out a teeny bit.

  • Jermaine

    Adam Lambert is coming to Lansing’s Common Ground Rock music festival this summer.

  • bjorkson

    I don’t get you Jared. He did GMTV – the UK’s largest Morning Show – did a pretty epic performance, yet you didn’t post it. He did an even more epic performance when he was in Japan with a hilarious priceless Lost In Translation interview -and you didn’t post it. Him and the band did an insane acoustic stripped down gig in Sydney’s Marble Bar – and you didn’t post it. Why do you post only the things that aren’t exactly newsworthy?

  • http://justjared anna


    what is your fascination wilth lambert ? I don’t get it. why do you feel it neccessary to report on his every move ?

  • III, London

    I can’t wait for his Jonathan Ross interview this Friday! Can’t believe he’s barely promoted himself here yet Wossy wanted him on. Should be hilarious, they’re both so candid.

  • http://justjared sandy

    i saw him perform on the Idol tour and was completely UNDERWHELMED…..he was just loud and I guess for some people that is considered good…….just not my cup of tea….to each his own,

  • JPeter

    @Sophie he’s only just started over here. fye entered the charts this week. his promotion should take off after jross. he’s worked in the industry for over a decade Underground in L.A like Gaga but is the new kid on the block in the mainstream world. here’s an idea how well respected he is already —–> he can hit every note on the guitar literally (he has a 5 range) + is just V. charismatic and nice

  • HUH

    At first I thought Jared was a little obsessed with Adam,now I just think he hates him or something – you only ever post horrible photos of Adam and non-articles.Wth is up with that. He did about 20 diff. interviews in one week alone and you post this? Accompanied with bad photos? I don’t even know where you get your pics from, everytime I want a bad photo of Adam all I have to do is come here lol.I ain’t complaining about the coverage but it’s getting overboard now,like stalking his every move. Why not post actual real news about him? There’s a thought.

  • joshua let.

    @sandy: I saw him on the Idol Tour and got CHILLS. His voice gave me goosebumps when he sang Starlight, WLL, Mad World. The Slowriiiiiide duet with Allison was the highlight. There were a few weeks where he had the flu and fever – was seriously unwell, but still performed, where he could have sounded better but that’s not his fault. At least he performed, Kris was so unwell Adam had to close for him.I really liked Kris and Allison and was underwhelmed with Kris’s set, it was the most anit-climatic ending to a show after Adam had performed, it really felt strange.I thought it would be awesome to unwind after Adam’s set during Kris’s but it was just tooooooo boring, kept waiting for it to pick up, it only finally did when the rest of the guys all came back onstage for the finale.Different strokes? Anyway Adam’s voice is really really really good, it’s one of the reasons he has so many legends as fans. I mean dude can sing more or less anything. From a tenor’s song like Brigadoon to a song like Slowride to a song like Strut to Queen to Sleepwalker to FYE to heavy metal to Broken Open.

  • Kimberlee Dash

    Nice couple

  • :)
  • Michael F. J

    hm gotta say I’m surprised how well he pulls the glamrock persona off especially in today’s era………kudos.

  • jO

    oh my god HEIDI MONTAG ????! LOL =)

  • jana

    Hei from Finland Adam . Not too many new pop artists excite me any more but you do! I am 51 and me and my older friends just love you so much.

  • KA

    It has to take hours to make up that fat pie face..and a lot of cosmetics.

  • ianaleah

    Adam’s name gets the attention of those obsessed with him.
    We can’t stay away and can’t ignore him.
    Adam’s fans are obsessed,Adam’s bashers are obsessed too.
    We fans love him and his outstanding talent
    The resentful bashers are jealous of his outsanding talenl
    Helen Keller said:”Life is an adventure or nothing”
    Adam has a life and we all are his spectators.
    It is what it is.

  • kelly

    Adam’s got released in Canada about 6 weeks ago-went double platinum This month May it gets released in the UK, then it will be released in other countries. People don’t realize it wasn’t released worldwide just usa. He did the interview pormotional tour only. Now he will do his first N. American concert tour. -Headliner with Orianthi and Allison Iraheta opening for him- 22 concerts listed and more being added-all other contestants, including ‘winners’ opened for other people ,they didn’t have their own tours their first season out. Nor was anyone but Adam listed as number on Artist of the Year except Adam by Rolling Stone. Facts speak for themselves.That is why the bitter jealous resentful zone in on his articles, they are sick with grief and jealousy at his doing so well they want to spread their slimy hate. Pathetic losers in life.

  • kelly

    @sandy: So why are you wasting your time and energy reading about him if that is true/ ? Because maybe Ha. it’s not true, you just want to try to tear him down hoping someone else will look better. Now that would explain it.

  • Charlize, 24

    @Adam: Your frame of mind and comments, define d e n i a l. Even if/when Lambo looks like helllllll he will still be so gorgeous. I know this will upset you but you can’t BUY soul and personality, love. Unless he suddenly stops being kind, patient, hella supportive and gracious, and morphs into some horrible person like YOU lol, he will always be beautiful. Beauty is skin deep & comes from within. Inner beauty emphasizes your outer beauty, outer beauty shouldn’t define you. It clearly does for you, sorry you’re so shallow. I love my boyfriend to pieces despite all his flaws. No human being is ‘perfect’. Not even the most beautiful man & woman. But they sure are beautiful to a lot of people, whether it’s fans, friends, partners, family. My boy is perfection to me. Adams is so in-tune with himself and so comfortable in his own skin even though he has his ‘flaws’ and common insecurities. Even when he is faced with hate and prejudice, he shakes it off without even letting it phase him, he emits sooo much positivity. All his past boyfriends have had nothing but SUPER flattering things to say about him, he’s remained friends with every single one of them which says a lot about his character and the people he falls for. Heck, relationships aside, he has slept with a loooooot of people, like most normal, active, dudes. Even he admitted he used to be “a bit of a slutbag, boys are my weakness…” and not one has done a negative kiss n tell story on him, because of the way he treated them. There have been a couple of guys who have come forward to talk about him in 2 locked, protected forums (they posted legit personal photos), and each of them have described him, to put it dilutely, as “fu*king amazing….” in all senses of the word ha ha ha. Truth is even though Adam is a complete open book, you still won’t get how amazing and “I give in”-charming he is until you spend at least one week with him. Talent aside, he’s just a charmer and gives you all his attention which is SO rare in celebrities. I’ve met him 3 times; 2 times were a direct result of my job and workplace; I work part time in the MTV offices), and I’ve followed his career since after his Oprah interview, and I still find something new about him every day. He really is incredibly layered and charismatic, as people have described him as. The opposite of dull – you know some people whose company you just get sick of after a while,the opposite of that. And as I was saying above, even when this man feels like absolute c r a p, he gives 200% and faces the world with confidence and beauty. Wtv he is faced with, he just wins in the end. It IS one of the reasons he gains respect – globally and from well respected icons. Talent alone is not enough, you really do have to have the all round package and Adam is as American Idol champ Kris Allen said, “one of the most well-rounded people you will ever meet. He is amazing. Honest to God, one of the most amazing people I have ever met.”. His life outlook is just pure inspiring, you can’t go wrong with real-talk honesty, positivity, humour and joy; Slezak & a lot of people have straight-up compared him to sunshine

    You and your kind really need to stop waiting with baited breath for Jared to post about Adam just to jump in and troll like a mental patient. If you can’t pull yourself away, just admit your obsession. Being honest with yourself is the first step to recovery, “Adam”.

    I can see this guy still making music in the world with Monte Pittman until they are both ancient. It’s a gut feeling, he was just born for this. Put on this earth to entertain.

  • Whamo

    LOL.. I swear I thought it was a wax figure picture.
    What an overrated queen! Bowie in his “camp” days would wipe the floor with this hack! This guy thinks he invented the whole thing.

  • lol

    @KA: You forgot to post your photo up. And it takes him half an hour.

  • JPeter

    @Whamo: He thinks he invented WHAT?YOU think that. I love that you’re comparing him to Bowie. Just watch in a few months when he meets his Idol Bowie, he will be able to add the him to his list of VIP fans, just watch LMAO. Madonna who won’t give anyone the time of day – and if she does, she will make you feel effin tiny, talked to him on a personal level, spent over 20 minutes talking to him on the same level as her. Same story for all those people posted the link to above. We all know you don;t have the balls to say what you do online to his face. Unless you really are that much of a yob. When a radio DJ told AL he thought his 2 versions of WLL were genuinely better than Plant’s, Lambert looked mortified. He must have been flattered but his face just read ‘woah…….wtf….dude’. His response to all these comparisons are gracious but realistic – unlike your comment. “MJ, Freddie, Plant…….they’re on their own untouchable platforms. Way up there. Right up there, no one can touch them. I’m just the new kid on the block!” He is wildly inspired, yet wildly authentic.That’s another reason he gets so much respect. He never, not once has ever claimed to be a pioneer, even though well-respected pioneers themselves have called him one. Idk why you think he has? He ALWAYS gives credit to his Idols and speaks about them with serious admiration.

  • Unicorn

    He is the only man who has made ‘camp’ SEXY.!!!

    Who can pull off baggy pants and penciled brows like that lol??? For real?

    He is f-n amazing.

  • hatersgonhate

    Adam Lambert is still more talented, beautiful, charming, loved and respected than you. So, hate on. Adam’s living his dream and you’re accomplishing nothing.

  • …………

    @Whamo: Huh?

  • hatersgonhate

    and wtf JJ?? Post his performances! They’re all over YouTube. All you have to do is embed.

  • AfineFrenzy

    GM.TV: “There should be more sparkle in men’s clothes!”

    Adam: “I totally agree! I call it ‘tacky chic’! It’s like Vegas threw up on me and I like it! There needs to be more glam in men’s fashion.”

  • Ahhhnold

    I’m so zick of dis teen idol girly man. I can’t wait till his replacement comes along and he haz to get a job at Knotts Berry Farm performing scenes from “Hair”————ughhh vaht a disgrace.


    Celebrity Gossip: Adam Lambert From Finland To London

  • ask any normal person

    To your average person Adam is ….well …..Douchey

  • Laced

    @Ahhhnold: LOL could you get anymore obvious with your fear? Why does androgyny scare you so much? If you were ‘sick’ you wouldn’t even bother clicking, but you can’t stop. Want teen Idol? There’s Kris Allen, Miley Cyrus, & The Jonas Brothers. I bet half the legends you lookup to are in Adam’s fan circle. You’re going to get used to it because him and his band are going to be here for a long, long time yet.

  • LMAO!!

    @ask any normal person: That’s why everyone who meets him says how NICE he is?????? You’re such a f-n douche.