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Adriana Lima: Meet Baby Valentina!

Adriana Lima: Meet Baby Valentina!

Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima and her husband, Real Madrid basketball player Marko Jaric, are ready to introduce their daughter, six-month-old Valentina, to the world!

“The best job in the world for me is being a mom,” Adriana, 28, told People. “I never thought I could love so much. I always thought, does unconditional love exist? Now I know it does because I feel it.”

“[Adriana and I] feel so natural. We’re really enjoying it. Everything is falling in the right place,” Marko added.

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  • melissa

    what a beautiful family

  • kermit

    Such a cutie. But the real question should be will they sell more copies than Sandra.

  • photoshop

    OMG they all look adorable. I cant believe everyone was giving her such a hartd time marrying him just because he’s not as pretty as she is. No one is, duh.

  • marina

    BABY IS SO CUTE! I think she will look like her dad, but girly and pretty. Handsome coiuple he looks manly and she looks so happy.

  • Butter_Fly

    AWW! I love it. She’s always been my favorite VS model.

  • whodunit?

    cute family

  • girlfriend

    very cute. is she on the cover of just a page inside?

  • Dani

    What a cute family!!
    Adriana couldn’t be more beautiful!

  • lola

    she looks like her dad! it’s would be awesome it’s she could be like her mom!

  • kermit

    So are you saying they don’t stand a chance to beat Sandra B. copy?

  • Kelly

    Gorgeous. I’ve always thought she put Gisele to shame.

  • kik

    the baby has dad’s eyes. not good

  • Eh

    Yay finally! I’ve missed Adriana Lima. Cute family

  • lalalove

    Aww, lovely! God bless them!

  • cindy

    Adorable baby! Adriana is awesome!

  • cindy

    Adorable baby! Adriana is awesome!

  • nela

    Valentina looks to much like her father! This is too bad bc she has such a beautiful hot mother and her father is not good looking.

  • Ana

    Hes serbian. Not Spanish Real Madrid is a soccer team not a b-ball team

  • ace

    she looks like a black lady

  • Kate

    Actually, there is a Real Madrid basketball team as well as soccer/futbol. He used to play for a team in Memphis, but now plays in Spain.

  • Andie

    Dear Eric Danes – This is how you share a family portrait with the public! Well done Adriana and Marko !

  • sarah

    Cute family!

  • Lauren

    adorable family! The baby looks like her daddy :)

  • Beauty Is Diverse

    She is cute.

  • salima

    Ana, no there are a real madrid basketball team and soccer team.
    Real Madrid FC it a big team in the world.
    good Kate !! lol

  • Terri

    Beautiful baby.

  • lisa

    cute! the look like such a normal happy family!

  • solange

    bar is the best.

  • true

    did she get implants of her cheeks? I dont remember having cheekbones before. the babe is very cute, as all babies are. am happy for her.

  • solange

    she cant compare to bar

  • allie

    beautiful family and they look so happy god bless you and your baby so happy for you adriana we miss you and you look gorgeous as always

  • DEA

    @Ana: he play for the spanish basketball team real madrid .. no one has say that he isn’t serbian

  • natasha

    Love how pic is so normal. No posing or fake happiness… so honest. :)))

  • Tony

    I wished the baby looked more like mom. I don’t like it when baby girls look like their fathers. Hopefully she will change and start to look more like mommy.

  • kathybxoxo

    they all look so sun and beautiful together…hope everything works out for them in the long run! i just love Adriana!best VS model!

  • Sara

    Owmmmm….Valentina is soooooooo cute, she look like Marko, but beautiful, and Adriana Lima is the most beautful girl…Maybe when they have a boy… ;)

  • EM

    Look at Valentina’s eyes and smile. They sure look like Marco’s!!!

  • Margarita

    finally a pic of Valentina!!! I love Adriana!!! she is the MODEL!!!nobody is like her ! they are a cute family!! god bless them!!

  • III

    Freaking adorable lol.

  • orchidbubble

    I have always enjoyed seeing Adriana Lima. I personally feel that Adriana Lima, Alessadra Ambrosio & Karolina Kurkova are just the bestest. I stick to this principle of never blog anything on tumblr about Gisele & her so called family.

    To me the GREATEST sports family will be David & Victoria, now Marko Jaric and Adriana Lima :)

    So happy for them!!!

  • patricia

    I love Adriana and am happy for her new family valentina is so cute!, but why are her fans so mean? I dont think she would like to know how much her fans always bash others…she is too kind and sweet for that and would never accept it. sucks. they never say anything nice of others…

  • Connie

    Sorry, but her baby is ugly and she has a weird mouth.

  • katelyn

    Aaawww! They look so cute and happy!

  • Anya

    wow that’s one ugly baby. sorry to say, looks just like the dad with the too close eyes. I think we have another alexa ray joel on our hands.

  • ALfan

    I cannot believe that anyone could call a baby UGLY. Are you serious???!! First off, the baby is adorable! Her eyes are perfect, her little “cooing” mouth is too precious. She is going to be beautiful like her mother and tall!! She won’t look like Adriana, but she will still be more beautiful than MANY!!! Anya, let’s see what you looked like as a baby. I bet you were hardly this cute. shhhesh! Some people…People look at yourselves first before you criticize another.

  • http://notrequired Required

    honestly? I was hoping the girl looked more like Adriana ans stuff..

    dude? you don’t have Adriana Lima as your mom and look like your father!

  • http://notrequired Required

    honestly? I was hoping the girl looked more like Adriana ans stuff..

    dude? you don’t have Adriana Lima as your mom and look like your father!

  • Sure

    This is wrong. He looks like a human Squidward.The baby is cute tho. I hope she grows up to look like Adriana.

  • miranda

    I cant belive thats adriana lima. doesnt look like the girl in my victorias secret catalogues to me. she looks so average. the baby is the only cute thing here

  • popa

    hmmm to me looks liike a normal lookign girl with bad breath yick.