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Chad Michael Murray: Starbucks with Kenzie Dalton!

Chad Michael Murray: Starbucks with Kenzie Dalton!

Chad Michael Murray and his fiancee Kenzie Dalton get their caffeine fix at Starbucks Coffee on Tuesday (May 4) in Studio City, Calif.

It was recently announced that the 28-year-old former One Tree Hill actor has been working on a graphic novel called “Everlast,” which has been a six year long process and will be released this summer. Chad might be coming to a city near you during his book tour!

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46 Responses to “Chad Michael Murray: Starbucks with Kenzie Dalton!”

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  1. 1
    lillah Says:

    No one cares about these two.

  2. 2
    MISTAKE!!!! Says:

    he’s a pedophile. started dating this girl before she graduated high school. GROSS

  3. 3
    cheryl Says:

    Chad looks good, but I’m not a fan of his beany. Kenzie looks cute and casual.
    I’m very curious about Chad’s book. six years in process is a very long time..

  4. 4
    alex09 Says:

    He left oth because he wanted to have a better career…I think he blew it. The only thing he’s been doing for the last year is shopping and showing around his daughter…I meant is “fiance”. They’ve been engaged forever…Guys get married or something.

  5. 5
    rita Says:

    Kenzie is so tiny and cute :)

  6. 6
    Kay Says:

    They’re both f*ckin retards.

  7. 7
    Ana Says:

    Gaga is a copycat!

  8. 8
    Za. Firmi Says:

    But Chad looks good.

  9. 9
    Lenn Says:

    I always believed that Chad was straight, especially seeing as how he loves women. But I’ve been seeing and hearing some things in the past several months here in LA which is making me seriously question this guy’s sexuality. There is a HUGE possibility that Chad swings both ways and is bi-sexual.
    His fans will probably have a fit when they read this. But hey…..don’t shoot the messenger, or even the eye witness for that matter. I personally gain nothing by saying this but I really am starting to believe the sayings of some people in the know in Hollywood who dish about gay/bi-sexual celebrities. Especially when you see certain celebs engage in very questionable behavior yourself… Chad for example.

  10. 10
    alex09 Says:


    What have you been seeing? I wouldn’t be surprised otherwise.

  11. 11
    Kristen Says:

    Maybe some of those rumors about CMM and Jared Padenlecki a few years back and that there was something going on between them were actuallly true.
    If this turns out to be true, I won’t really be that surprised. I was at the bowling alley he was also at one night a while back and he and this other guy who was also there were very touchy, feely. I know some guys are a little touchy…..but CMM and that guy were too touchy with one another and grabbed one another in the corner at one point. It made me wonder and I found it a little strange because CMM is known to love girls……too much actually. Maybe he really is bi-sexual. Nothing wrong with that.

  12. 12
    Anonymous Says:

    why did you have to post this jj? so unnecessary.

  13. 13
    WHAT Says:

    @Lenn: Why would they flip? Is being Bisexual supposed to be a bad thing? What are you saying..?

  14. 14
    justjayin Says:

    he is gorgeous tho. he was my 2nd celeb (in freaky friday) crush (leo in titanic was my first crush!)

  15. 15
    Elle Says:

    I don’t think she meant that being bisexual is a bad thing. From reading her comment, she’s just stating what she’s seen and has heard. She probably thinks some of Chads fans will go crazy if they find out that Chad may actually be bisexual and is into both men and women. It probably came as a shock to her when she learned he may be bisexual because Chad is kind of known for his whorish ways(even while being with Kenzie) and which is why his marriage ended. I’ve known about Chad digging both men and women for two years now. I was wondering when people were going to find out seeing as how he always comes across as a masculine, tough guy and doesn’t want anyone to know(like most gay/bisexual stars in Hollywood). But from the looks of it, it appears people are catching on. Goes to show that nothing in Hollywood can stay a secret for too long no matter how much you hide it. Chad will just deny it like everyone else who is outed as being gay or bisexual, so people shouldn’t expect a confession from him anytime soon. Helll will freeze over first.

  16. 16
    wait Says:

    Isn’t Chad supposed to be quite shy in real life?

  17. 17
    Jade Says:

    @Elle: yeah right. honestly i just can’t see him being bi lol, it doesnt suit him like it suits sachary quinto and others

  18. 18
    Jessy Says:

    Lol. Hun, there are plenty of people in this world who you just can’t imagine being gay at all no matter what. However, plenty of them are, or at least bi. Even from personal life experiences, I’ve come across guys similar to Chad(meaning similar demeanor, personality, looks, etc.) who I never imagined were or could be gay, only to be proven wrong. And then I’ve also met guys who seem like they could be gay, but in fact, aren’t. So I guess what I’m trying to express is that I can’t exactly say that I’m too shocked that Chad may be bisexual. He always appeared straight to me, but then again so have other guys I’ve seen and met, only to find out I was wrong.Lol So seeing as how he swings both ways, I don’t really see why his fiancee would have a problem with it since he likes women too. To me, it seems like she’s cool with it since they’ve been together for a long time now.

  19. 19
    sam Says:

    he’s still with this child???? o and someone should tell him he’s not really lucas scott and one tree hill is over ,just like his career

  20. 20
    p3rp3tu4 Says:

    The new Starbucks have it your way frappucinno mix is absolutely awful tasting!! (we always had it our way before) now it tastes like watered down VIA with ice and some horrible gum mix, stevia, caffeine powder?, fake coffee flavor syrup or something. It is wretched!

    We were able to get it with skim, soy, however we liked it before. Now they can’t give it away for free. It is so medicine like tasting with an horrible aftertaste! BLEH VIA IS NASTY! Order real espresso shots people.

    Oh sorry wrong topic

  21. 21
    Michelle Says:

    I so rather chad be gay then with that child, eww I can’t stand those two. Anyway I doubt he’s bi but I know for sure his ex wife’s new man is gay. chad your a d bag!

  22. 22
    michelle Says:

    @Lenn: huh what example- hes not doing anything gay or bi hes just wearing a beaine hat. and does it really matters anyways hes grown.

  23. 23
    Sanne Says:

    What’s wrong with you people? She’s 22 and he’s 28. So what’s the big deal? I think they’re cute.

  24. 24
    .... Says:

    CMM is a douche yeah but bi lol no. He better leave his child-bride soon..

  25. 25
    Tasha Says:

    Some of you people on here are funny.
    A man doesn’t necessarily have to do be doing anything gay or bisexual for him to be gay. Just because Chad hasn’t really done anything in PUBLIC that definitely proves he is bisexual doesn’t mean he is straight.
    This is Hollywood. No gay or bisexual actor wants people to know about there true sexual orientation because it can be harmful to career, especially if they’re looking for lead roles.
    Chad may very well be bisexual like people have been saying. It’s not completely abnormal for a person to be into males AND females.
    And like someone said, I don’t ever see Chad admitting that he is bisexual, just like every gay/bisexual actor in Hollywood.
    And people who are bisexual are much less obvious than people who are gay because bisexual people like both sexes. So it can be difficult to tell if a person in bisexual, unless:
    A) They tell you themselves
    B) People who know the person let you in on the secret
    C) If you’ve caught the person in the act or displaying behavior that clearly indicates that a person is into men AND women.
    So believe it or not, the fact that Chad is bisexual isn’t exactly that far-fetched.
    Just saying.

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