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Daniel Craig & Satsuki Mitchell: Madison Avenue Mates

Daniel Craig & Satsuki Mitchell: Madison Avenue Mates

Daniel Craig and his girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell enjoy the warm New York City weather while strolling down Madison Avenue on Wednesday morning (May 5).

On Monday at the MET Ball, the couple sat at the prestigious Burberry table with Emma Watson, Hugh Dancy (with wife Claire Danes), British model Rosie Huntington Whiteley, and photographer Mario Testino. (Both Daniel and Satsuki got all glammed up in chic outfits from the British brand.)

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Credit: Juan Soliz; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Kate

    Daniel looks so sexy!

  • ?


    What happended to ‘Lovers’?

    Lookign miserable as usual.

  • paps

    anyone who thinks this was staged. they’re entering their hotel. paps know he is there so they hang out.

  • Dan/Sats

    from Boom Boom Room?

  • Sats

    I like her dress. He looks hella sexy as usual.

  • Daniel is Hot

    Wow more pictures. They sure are out and about these days. Daniel does not look as happy about these pictures as the last ones. He is so cute even without a smile. Sats has a new dress, must have gone shopping yesterday. Daniel sure likes his newspapers and does not mind going out to get it.

  • to 4


    They were going back into their hotel. These were taken the day after the Ball ie; yesterday.
    On the previous thread of them walking down Madison, you can clearly see the hotel they are staying in.

  • Mirey

    umm…They don’t walk hand to hand.

  • same old same old

    They always look subdued. Can they not link hands or what?

  • ?

    Q: Is Sats trying to be like Angelina with the pout and the Aviators?

  • to JJ


  • Satsuki

    i think satsuki looks well put together and smart.

    for a change.

  • WTF?

    She’s ugly.
    He’s walking ahead of her.
    She’s miserable.
    He’s sad.
    Zero spark.

    This couple is very yawn worthy. No wonder the press like Jude and Sienna better.

  • looking good

    I have to agree with you on this one she does look well put together and smart.

  • Are you sure??

    Are people sure the showbiz grapevine is right about these two being on the verge of splitting up??? I think they are both far too comfortable, dependent and needy to split up.

  • to 6

    @Daniel is Hot:

    Probably were hanging in NY because of the Tony’s.
    No doubt he’s sad. He must be.

    I can see he will not turn up for the May 21st awards? Who knows but I think they will be back in the UK soon.
    I wonder if his self imposed tax exile break is over yet? Has it been 6 months yet? I think so.
    Also he could be hanging around in case there are re-shoots on D House to be done. They could put a wig on him like they did in The Invasion.

  • to 15

    @Are you sure??:

    I think this Chaz was right on the other thread. There isn’t anything going on with this couple but no-one believed them as everyone wants to believe the opposite.

  • Maria

    Their behavior is very natural.

  • changed

    not holding hands? that’s a premier!

  • Nice Couple

    soory but this couple look at ease and familair with each other, if they were splitting up then he wouldnt be seen with here and forget the appearences angle. this man could be on his own and it wouldt affect anything.
    people grasp at straws when they say that. PR or no PR, this couple is going no-where.

  • to 7

    you can’t. What you see it The Carleyl and they don’t stay there.

  • Best dressed?

    He’s wearing the same dirty tee shirt from the other day. I see her poor hygiene is rubbing off on him.

    An Along Came Mary hair style? What in the world is he thinking?

    He really needs someone who will look after him. This is so not working for his Bond image.

  • ME

    @to 4:
    They don’t stay at The Carlyle

  • style

    @Best dressed?:
    he doesn’t give a damn about his Bond image when out of duty.
    and he tends to by his Tshirts in pack of 10 LOL

  • what more pics?


  • to 23


    Who cares where they stay unless stalkers like you know their every move?

  • ?

    she’s ugly and it doesnt matter where she stays with him.

  • lol

    Still not married then?

  • to 24

    A ten pack of undershirts? Really? How immature. Does his mom buy them for him? Strange how he can afford the fancy 2(xist) briefs, but wears the same shirt over and over. Ick Nast.

    I guess it’s true the underwear shot was just a PR stunt as in real life he’s clothing challenged, like my little brother.

  • Blonde is Back

    i see the color has gone from his hair he ahd for dream house. he is back to being blonde.

    i like it better. i think it is good he gets back to looking like Bond for image purposes.

  • to lol

    They have already married.

  • Biel and JT
    Now this is how a couple in love walks.

    BTW, Lainey didn’t even mention Dan and Sats at the Ball.

  • to 31

    @to lol:

    Let’s not start that shite again.
    They have not. No legalties hav been found and a source from his office stated they had not to a UK paper. They stated her band was a committment band NOT a wedding one.
    Get it right.
    Why I am even answering you is beyond me.
    So keep on trying.

    Unless you have legal proof? Then show us or sell it.

    This thread always seems to attract the ‘wedding bell trolls”.
    Keep on trying to sh*t stir, not working.


  • to 33

    calm down.

  • Just a Reminder 2 the Trolls
    Dated: Feb 21st 2010
    Reports in British papers today claim James Bond Daniel Craig has secretly wed girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell.

    The two, who have dated for several years, were spotted in California wearing new bands on their ring fingers. According to a source for Daily Mail, “We all suspect they have got married. He has always said Satsuki is the one but he didn’t want a big showbiz wedding, that would be his worst nightmare, adding, “He’s very private.”

    And, Gossip Cop can report, still unmarried.

    A source close to Craig assures Gossip Cop the actor and Mitchell are “not married.” We’re told the rings represent the long-time couple’s commitment to each other, but not any new official or legal status.

  • Just a Reminder 2 the Trolls

    @to 33:

    LOL, read 35.

  • guinness

    ok. is my calendar really f*cked up or is this report date? who is writing for jj? 8 year olds? ffs. silly cads. anyhoo— (btw, i told Dan not to take off his black t-shirt until the next time he sees me). I like her dress thingy again. wow. different clothes advisor? smiles. nice. what’s up?

    thanks for new thread notice!!!

    Hi DIH…

  • to 32

    Because Lainey knows it was an embarrassment for Daniel to try to upstage the glamorous ladies on their special night. Why was he even there? Sats is not an actress.

    Plus he was wearing Burberry. Why did he leave Tom Ford? Or did Tom leave him.

  • To the Board

    Once again a reminder to the board to not answer deliberate posts that seem atagonizing.

    These people surf these gossip sites to post things that they think will ‘upset’ others.

    Ignore them. They have nothing better to do with their time.

    Trolling is against board rules as it inflames with the intent to cause problems.

  • slap face b*tchface & 38

    Sats has her B*tchell b*tchface on again.

    @to 32:

    Because Lainey is fed up and bored with these two. She probably knows the game they’re playing and doesn’t appreciate it.
    Or being Japense herself has no respect for Satsuki as Lainey knows Satsuki is a mere concubine.
    I don’t think he has left Ford, Daniel has worn Burberry many times. He gets free clothes and most likely gets paid to wear Burberry. Ford doesn’t play that game.
    Also maybe Ford doesn’t want to dress Satsuki as I’m sure part of the deal would be to dress her.

  • guinness

    answer me this:
    isn’t that the piece of clothing she is wearing she was carrying with her sailor shirt yesterday? awesome.

    AND their hands are soooo close, why not just…… h e can throw that shirt on my floor and put it back on every single day… i would say NOTHING EVER>

  • to to the board

    I think you mean antagonizing…well I find your post antagonizing, because I can answer and talk to whomsoever I like

  • to 41

    @slap face b*tchface & 38:
    Typo: Japanese not Japense


    No I think that was a trenchcoat she was carrying.

  • to 42

    @to to the board:

    Yes you can but not in a deliberately ATAGONIZING manner.
    Read the rules.

    Now Wannabe, get another game.

  • re: 42

    If you think that this thread is going to disintegrate with you causing problems, think again.

    No-one is asking you to stop posting but posting something (your post #31) that has been DENIED by a source close to Daniel, is pointless.

    You posted that deliberately to cause anger and a reaction.

    We all know you did.

    I’m sure this board will ignore you (if they know what’s best) further unless you can conduct yourself in a non-troll manner.

  • re: 40

    @slap face b*tchface & 38:

    I think you’re right. Ford will only dress Daniel. As for Lainey, yes i agree, she is fed up with them or has been told something.
    She used to talk about them all the time.

  • DTD are here – thumbs down

    I see DTD are visitng once again. Doesnt take them long does it?

    BTW JJ, you left off the “PRI” before the “mate” when describing Satsuki. Ha ha!

  • to 36

    I’m not #31

  • pr

    well I guess they were not expecting the photog, did not have time to put on a happy face.

  • Clothes ?

    why is he wearing the same clothes from Tuesday?
    Oh and has anyone been following the web?
    the rumors that won’t go away, that they are looking for a new Bond.