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Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart: Meet Billie!

Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart: Meet Billie!

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart show off their two-month-old daughter, Billie, on the cover of Us Weekly, on newsstands now.

The 37-year-old Grey’s Anatomy star, who posed shirtless with his baby girl, shared, “When she came out, she was really alert and her eyes were open. The doctor gave her to her mom, and I was so … you know, I was obviously very emotional.”

Rebecca, 38, added, “[Childbirth] was an overwhelming moment — probably the greatest moment in my life thus far. We felt so blessed. The moment we’ve been waiting for finally came.”

“Childbirth is a miracle,” Eric concluded, “and we’ve created this life.”

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  • Sophie

    No disrespect to this couple and their baby, they are all gorgeous BUT I think these ‘naked with baby all natural blah blah blah’ is such a tacky way to be photographed.

    It was tacky when Demi Moore was the first to do it, and is still just as tacky now.

  • Felicity

    BEAUTIFUL =) him especially ;)
    larger pics please! :):) xo

  • Rita

    seriously, why is he naked? Is he the one breastfeeding

  • kizbit

    I think I would like this photo better if he had pants on.

  • mmm

    This is US Weekly Eric! It is not Vanity Fair or some other magazine that would do a classy non clothed baby pic. This just comes off as trashy. Put some clothes on.

  • hot

    They ARE one hot family.

  • So Judgemental

    After the whole sex tape thing.. there is an ick factor to this cover I can’t quite get over. More clothes please Eric and more sweet innocent baby is needed when the parents are especially not.

  • lol

    WTF! What a weird pic .Isn’t the Mom supposed to be holding the baby.It looks like he gave birth instead of her

  • pat

    They’re pathetic! Poor kid, a murderer, junky, pornstar as parents! I can only hope the social cares have an eye on them!

  • Luna

    I think the chosen picture was not the correct choice, you barely see her, that picture is all about Eric, you can not see the mom, just her head and the baby’s face is not recognizable. What a shame, he is so a fame w…

  • t

    I’m not phased that he’s holding the baby. I mean men ARE allowed to be carers these days. I thought the readers on here were feminists but okay.

    But after the whole sex-tape thing, they shouldn’t be naked.

  • Cain

    anyone found this ironic like me? they must be really fearing people forget their sex tape scandal…

  • busted

    Awful cover..

  • y????

    i juz didnt get it.. y???? y is the father didnt has to wear any pants while da baby has to cover up with diapers??? y??? though he’s Mcsteamy, but WATTHAaa…. i barf , i rather look at dat babys’ cute butt, not her father’s @#$%…

    n y he look lyke gay here, lyke he’s da 1 who gave birth?? oh well .. u can BE or TRY to LOOK lyke a sexy father, but hey!! this pic tell u other way ro

  • gross

    This is just one gross and trashy couple. I feel sorry for this child. Crack smoking, threesomes, sex tapes, other drugs…and now this skany pic. They are so trashy. There is no “art” to this pic, just sleaze. FAIL.

  • dee

    Is there another picture that Jared hasn’t posted that show’s Eric naked that everyone on here is seeing that I’m not? Because all I see is a guy with his shirt off holding his child, which I’m sure billions of fathers have done since the beginning of time.

  • kraken

    @t: hahaha so true! since were men not allowed to hold their own children? wtf are with these peeps?!?!?!

  • MB
  • Cayenne

    get your drawers on an cover up you are ridiculous and totally inappropriate – sorry!

  • Kimberlee Dash

    they look sober

  • Trampy Mother

    She murdered a 12 year old child and walked away paying a fine. She crashed several rental cars while high off coke and got probation, she made a sex tape with an under aged teen girl and now she thinks she is Mother Of The Year.

  • sarah

    UGH! Publicity! Horrid!

  • PUBLICITY shots stop whining

    WHEN IF FACT…it is on the record by both publicists that they
    are not dating..!!! He is topless like so many women who are
    naked in magazines already.. so what is wrong with that…


    This is one of sleeziest couples next to Jude & Sienna. Pull your pants up Eric as if you can! Have some respect for your child if it is your child.

  • zee

    That headline should read “meet my hairy stomach” not “meet Billie”. Lol. Baby’s cute though.

  • Jenna

    Funny, US Mag is known to be a trash mag and look who we have on their cover: trash people.
    People mag didn’t want them on their cover LOL so their PR must have beg US Mag!
    This pics isn’t the best if they wanted to be back in people good grace, we only see Eric Dane who lets supposed that is naked, this pics is really wrong after their sex-tape.
    You can’t have sympathies for them.

    Poor baby, we don’t even have a nice look of her to say anything about her.

  • Andie

    EEWWW especially in light of the whole sex tape thing. This is really tacky. It’s one thing to share a family portrait but why naked. ICK!

  • John


  • congrats to the happy couple

    I’m SO happy for them!!…Congratulatios n yayyyyy Stella Luna has a playmate n possible future BFF

  • ROJA

    this 2 are really media whores, look at how this guy look at the camera, and this girl blablating what every mother have said!!!


  • Ker

    What is wrong with everyone–READ AGAIN–it says he was SHIRTLESS, NOT NAKED!!

  • Helen

    I think this is a very original and very beautiful family portrait! :-)

  • Yoco

    @Ker: But why is he shirtless? I’ve never seen a celeb father pose shirtless on a cover unless it was to appear sexy. Seal, Brad Pitt, Patrick Dempsey, all wore shirts. I don’t get it

  • Kar

    white trash

  • sex…no family picture

    What is wrong with being topless.. it is just a picture for pete’s sake

    There is nobody doing anything nasty in these photos..just a picture
    and to talk about his sex tape is even worse.. what now …GROW

  • ian

    He looks old for 37. Is being an actor hard? Maybe it is the stress of the new baby. Looks cute.

  • jane

    The entire picture is kind of creepy.

  • pat

    I love Eric, but… that picture it’s not the right choice for the cover of a magazine like US Weekly! We can barely see Rebecca, with a half naked Eric on the front! Tacky…

  • Natasha

    Not a very good picture at all. A naked man and a woman’s head, and a baby you can barely see? It’s meant to be the baby’s debut photo and it just looks tacky and amatuer, like the photographer couldn’t quite remember who was the star, the baby or the man. Then evidently he thought, oh right, better squeeze this woman in somewhere. And Us weekly is a pretty tacky magazine to debut your baby in anyway.

  • Karen

    A tabloid for a baby cover, very trash! Worst pics ever! Poor baby!

  • yo sista

    i LOLed at her name “gayheart” :D

    the baby is gorgeous

  • Realistic

    Do not know why his shirt is off, this looks more like a personal picture you have in your house not one you have on a magazine cover.

    These “celebrites” are a mess they put themselves and there business out there for the public to know and see (mainly for attention) then they turn around and scream “I want privacy”, “that’s private”.

  • http://justjared deke

    I can’t concentrate on the baby because of him. Put your clothes on and let me see the baby!!

  • Bella


    I’m sure Jorge Cruz, Jr.’s parents are very happy for you. You remember Jorge, the nine-year old boy you killed while chatting on your cell phone and passing two lanes of traffic (who were stopped to let the child cross) in the wrong lane? That occurred on June 13, 2001, when you were 29 – old enough to know better. Jorge would be 18 now, and possibly the soccer player he dreamed of being.

    You were SO devastated that you flipped your SUV into two vehicles four months later. High on coke, but you received LA justice.

    One sick woman. God help that baby.

  • @44

    Not just passing two lanes of stopped traffic… passing in the turn lane while speeding in a school zone and talking on the cell phone. Why this b!tch wasn’t put UNDER the LA County jail is anyone’s guess.

  • Amber-louise

    Hope they are off the drugs once and for all now that they are parents but won’t hold my breath. Cute baby though

  • peter

    It’s a very awkward looking picture b/c she’s in the background while Eric’s holding the baby all to himself. She looks like an outsider; she gave birth, for goodness sake. Let her in. Bad picture.

  • thelephant

    Omg, he’s so hot!

  • tenamoore

    How cute is that little baby and why is everyone trash taling the tape was a long time agao and they look like a happy family know so i would say get over it to be honest :)

  • longchamp

    parenthood whitewashes everything; murder, sleaze… who cares? there’s a cute baby, wow. after all, it was someone else’s kid she killed and bought.