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Gisele Bundchen: Sheer Top Sexy

Gisele Bundchen: Sheer Top Sexy

Gisele Bundchen looks sexy in a sheer top as she takes her adorable son, Benjamin Brady, out for a walk around NYC’s Central Park on Wednesday afternoon (May 5).

When the 29-year-old Brazilian supermodel spotted paparazzi, she handed Ben over to the family’s nanny and walked ahead of them to avoid Ben being photographed. The three of them then hopped into a cab!

Other pics include Tom Brady looking dapped in a suit, leaving The Bowery Hotel earlier today.

20+ pictures inside of sheer top sexy Gisele Bundchen

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gisele bundchen sheer top 01
gisele bundchen sheer top 02
gisele bundchen sheer top 03
gisele bundchen sheer top 04
gisele bundchen sheer top 05
gisele bundchen sheer top 06
gisele bundchen sheer top 07
gisele bundchen sheer top 08
gisele bundchen sheer top 09
gisele bundchen sheer top 10
gisele bundchen sheer top 11
gisele bundchen sheer top 12
gisele bundchen sheer top 13
gisele bundchen sheer top 14
gisele bundchen sheer top 15
gisele bundchen sheer top 16
gisele bundchen sheer top 17
gisele bundchen sheer top 18
gisele bundchen sheer top 19
gisele bundchen sheer top 20

Credit: JDH/JCP; Photos: INFdaily, WENN
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  • ???

    I love her her pants and the top! She looks amazing as usual. The brunette doesn`t look like a nanny to me…

  • Sean

    Why aren’t she and the hubby ever in Boston? Isn’t the city good enough for them?

  • http://Pam Pam

    Where is Brady going? He looks great in suites.

  • Blanca

    Love the top, paired with the pants , looks great on her.

  • Josie

    She looks nice here, although i’ve never thought her face is anything special, especially compared to adriana lima…
    I’m happy that she dumped leo since he was never going to commit to her, and Tom obviously thought she was worth marrying and he isn’t afraid of commitment, so good for Giselle. That many years and he never wants to commit!? she did the right thing to dump leo.
    I knew she was going to go for someone famous, an all american type guy since it seems to be her preference.
    I don’t think anyone expected for her to date a brazilian.
    She knows what she wants (american dream) and she got it.
    Good for her.

  • plobbs

    gorgeous couple, love them she looks so effortlessly gorgeous always, and I hate her for it. lol no its not her nanny folks.

  • Bonitto

    Tom is gorgeous and he is going on business.

  • brassy

    tom is so damn hot! and she is so damn gorgeous ugh match made in gorgeousness heaven

  • Sbronxsouless


    leave it to a lima fan to say this ALL THE TIME. dont you ever get tired of repeating yourselves? they are both nice in different ways. grow up! how old are lims fans? 10 year old twihards? LMAO

  • happy girl

    she is nice it seems and charitable but i NEVER got the attraction to this woman. she looks very masculine to me and too tall and lanky. also, she is braizilian but she is 100% german so this idea that she has a brazilian look is kind of bogus. she is german – just born in brazil. i know brazilians are a mixture of a lot of things but she comes off strictly very aryan to me. imo. also googled her and her grandpa was part of the nazi party i heard. oops. yikes.

  • tracka

    @happy girl:

    cool josie we get it.

  • N.

    I don’t blame her for not wanting her baby to get photographed by strangers on the side of the road! Those paps should be a bit more respectful when these people have their children with them.

  • traycey

    @happy girl:

    kudos for you! good thing your measley computer sitting as* aint in charge of her bank account LMAO

  • bridgetthemidget

    @happy girl:

    happy girl? r u sure? you sound more like bitter,fat,lonely,BORED girl.

  • tom

    gisele’s haters really secretly love her. lol

  • props

    I see Gisele dressed up her Ken doll again (aka Tom).

  • tom


    hence why they cant seem to stay away or get enough of her!

  • megan

    Beautiful! they are perfect.

    most models arent followed around like gisele,therefore we have images of perfection in our minds due to photoshop and only seeing them in the magazines. every model I have seen in regular pics, dont look anymore outstanding. sorry. you usually catch some sort of grotesque double chin or something….

  • happy girl

    traycey: (btw, stop posting as other people so it seems giselle has all these fans). making money does not make you great. heidi montag, britney spears, pamela anderson, etc make money but are they anything interesting? no. i am just saying, i have been to brazil – and no country has more beautiful women. i find it odd, that this too lanky, very male looking woman is the one that makes it in fashion. and i also find it interesting how the press hides the fact that her grandpa was a nazi. that is all i am saying. i could not care less about her bank account. does not make her mother theresa, does it? let’s just say, she’s no angelina jolie. bottom line.

  • madmax


    did you ever think he could have a business meeting or something? LOL. they are rich and famous and dress to the nines unlike us normal ugly fat people who sit on jj all day commenting on the rich and famous. go pick your nose some more

  • props

    @tom: Did you forget to change your screen name before agreeing with yourself? lol

  • happy girl

    no, i am actually thin, pretty and no, not as rich as giselle but hey my parents did well for themselves. you don’t have to be a slob to not like giselle. that’s ridiculous. beautiful brazilian women: sonia braga, adriana lima and so many others. most beautiful women in the world: angelina jolie, iman, bar rafaeli, scarlett johnanssen. giselle looks like a guy. but i respect her for giving a million to haiti. cool thing to do. still looks like a man though. that’s why leo left her. lol.

  • fatgirlreply

    @happy girl:

    eh stfu then how come all her haters Ive ever seen on various websites are anything but below average??? lol you guys live in some dreamland dont cha? To call Gisele BUNDCHEN a name you must be better looking or on the same level. and that my friends is not an easy task. if it were, id be seeing you as the worlds biggest supermodel ever. end of story. miserable peeps

  • anonymous

    @happy girl:

    You’re right that her ancestors are German. Brazilians are very mixed and there are many of German origin in the part of Brazil she comes from.
    HOWEVER, her family has been in Brazil for 7 generations now. Yes, 7! That is a very long time…so long now that she and her family are correctly considered Brazilian. Its like how most caucasians in the US were originally European, but after 100 yrs, they’re considered “American.”
    And please don’t make up BS about her grandfather being a Nazi, that’s just low. I’ve seen videos her Grandfather on Brazilian tv and heard a lot about him…he has lived in Brazil all his life, and right now he’s 80+ years old and in an ICU unit at a Brazilian hospital- Gisele went to visit him with Tom and Ben on their last trip.

    Enough of this “she’s German” crap! Most people are originally from elsewhere anyway. And so what if she was German?! What’s your point?

  • josiegrossy

    @happy girl:

    @happy girl:
    and tom whos even better looking is head over heels for her? mkay. u mamek no sense solangy.

  • anonymous


    If you don’t like Gisele but you like Lima, then why don’t you look at posts of Lima and not those of Gisele?!
    I personally prefer Gisele so I look at posts about her. I don’t care as much for Lima so I DON’T look at posts about her.
    Its that simple.

  • happy girl

    fatgirlreply: have you been to nyc or los angeles?? or paris? or rome? or brazil? there are many beautiful women in the world. some are biochemists, some are attorneys, some work behind the scenes in entertainment and some just don’t plain want to wear underwear as a career so that is why they are not famous. it’s ridiculous to think the only beautiful women in the world are the ones who are on the cover of your magazines. silly. do you know how many people there are on this planet? and there are like maybe 20 supermodels. so your math is off. go sit somewhere. gisele will never be angelina jolie, adriana lima or bar rafaeli. period. that is why she had to steal someone’s man while his woman had a baby. please.

  • funnystuff


    funny dont you think? how her haters claim to know so much about her? lol I mean do they go to Gisele school? when you hate someone so bad (and apparently they hate her) why the F*** would you waste your time on a person? I mean come on. pathetic. I feel bad for you. go look at bar,adriana,jolie then. is your finger so fat and it slipped on your programmed “gisele bundchen” stalking button or something?> get a life. dont torture your eyes anymore then. retard

  • anon

    @happy girl:

    and it matters that you are pretty and thing because?????????? why?….LOL you are just an anonymous nobody making gisele even more famous then she already is…

  • anonymous

    Tom is SO sexy in suits!!
    I love Gisele’s outfit…those pants look so darn comfortable! I will never be able to get over how amazing she looks without even trying.
    It was great to see some clear pics (finally!) of adorable baby Benjamin yesterday, who is one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen, but it looks like Gisele’s going to be better prepared for the paps from here on out. She seems like a great mom- she went to a photoshoot yesterday and took him with her instead of leaving him home with a nanny. He was also with her when she was getting ready for the MET, and I read somewhere that he kept laughing at the chaos. How cute!

  • tracey

    @happy girl:

    umm sounds like guilty conscious to me hun. you had to say it, because thats what you do. LMAO

  • happy girl

    anon: most ppl have TWO grandfathers honey. so the other grandpa was a pilot for the nazis. look it up. but if i were her pr people, i would keep it a secret too. and all i am saying, she maybe be born in brazil but her dna is strictly german. why is she ashamed to admit that? oh and bar rafaeli is more beautiful. and leo is a million times hotter than tom brady. and leo actually has a career. tom brady is a joke. but that is all she can get. she used leo to try to get in movies. but it didn’t work after that awful movie with jimmie fallon. lol.

  • happy girl

    anon: most ppl have TWO grandfathers honey. so the other grandpa was a pilot for the nazis. look it up. but if i were her pr people, i would keep it a secret too. and all i am saying, she maybe be born in brazil but her dna is strictly german. why is she ashamed to admit that? oh and bar rafaeli is more beautiful. and leo is a million times hotter than tom brady. and leo actually has a career. tom brady is a joke. but that is all she can get. she used leo to try to get in movies. but it didn’t work after that awful movie with jimmie fallon. lol.

  • tara

    That is not a nanny. That aher friend Mara from Brazil

  • happy girl

    anon: my mom taught us that pretty means nothing if you are not smart. i only brought it up because one of you called a slob and i am not. you don’t have to be just because you don’t think giselle is all that. she is no cindy crawford. not THAT is a beautiful woman. giselle looks like a man. leo did not want to be with a man anymore. lol. but i respect her 1 million donation to haiti. kudos to that.

  • josiepostopt

    hey hap girl, last time I checked happy,beautifu,thin,successful people dont talk this way about others. Gisele fans must be beautiful, because they never bash others. its awesome. makes me like her even more. yet you get these other model fans and thats all they do is downgrade other models who have success. CONSTANTLY. is it because your model doesnt work enough? Maybe?. I know Gisele fans are too busy being satisfied with her that we dont have time or care to look up any other models. cool they have fans. gisele has fans. lets all rejoice now!
    one thing is for sure. all the haters i know in my life (they were mostly the fat chubby emo outcast girls in the back of the room in highschool) who couldnt get the pretty popular skinny blonde girls off their minds….lol EVER, and seeing as how everyone loved them, only intensified their hatred. alll. while the pretty people were busy being happy and nice. ugh if anything I cant stand ugly people. their personalities and character SUCK. I love pretty people. they are usually happier in life.

  • lisa

    you people are a tiny bit obsessed fans you like her i get it but she ir not your bff or anything to defend her so intensly geez, last time i read this comment fosho..think about it you are borderin angelina fans crazyness
    (note:find angelina and gisele very pretty, so no hatin)

  • happy girl

    josie post brain operation: i’ll be honest with you, i have ZERO respect for a woman who takes a man from another woman. and i have even LESS respect for a woman who takes a man who had a BABY with another woman. giselle did that to tom brady’s family. ok, so don’t make her a saint. THAT is why i don’t like her. on top of that, she looks like a man and on top of that she doesn’t fess up to her nazi lineage. why so her sponsors don’t drop her? on top of that, she USED leo to advance her career. if you must know the truth, THAT is my issue with her. and add to the fact that she will NEVER be as hot as Cindy Crawford. Give me Bar Rafaeli any day. Leo had to redeem himself after dating the Nazi pilot’s granddaughter so he is dating a gorgeous Israeli model. Kudos Leo. Giselle is a joke. Man stealer.

  • plasticsucks

    yeah I understand everyone has different tastes in what is beautiful fine. Not one woman can please ALL! its just Gisele haters are BAD. I think they have her in their alerts or something, because they are on it, lol. I just think its funny if anything.
    and some of the names being dropped arent always seen as beautiful either, so again…..different strokes for different folks I guess.
    If your face isnt supermodel thin with sky high cheekbones and if you dont have straight white teeth I dont find you beautiful. but im not spreading the word. instead im spending time on someone I do find beautiful and my eyes love it. you should try it gi stalkers!

  • happy girl

    Pretty people are boring. Like, Natalie Portman is pretty. Boring. I like people like Angelina Jolie and Cindy Crawford: out of this world beauties. If you must know the truth, I don’t like cheerleader types like you do – perky and boring. I always liked Goddesses – Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren types – women who are out of this world. My girlfirends are all exotic and from diverse backgrounds. Even the blondes are exotic. SO while you applaud “pretty people” – I applaud gorgeous people. Angelina or Giselle. Simple. Angelina will crush her. Gee, even Adriana crushes her.

  • Justina

    @happy girl:

    you have some serious eccess baggage hun. try smiling like gisele always is. maybe it will do your jowls good!

  • cindy

    Amazing looking woman!

  • prancerdancer

    who ever put Cindy Crawford and Barf fateli in the same sentence outta be sho*. for realz. they cannot be compared. cindy is an icon and a fashion darling. bar is nothing in career or beauty to cindy LOL. what a joke. Id compare gisele to cindy before that other thing of a “model”. lol

    I own a fansite for gisele and get 100+ men visiting a day. so shut up.

  • Hey Trey!

    @tracey: tracey is an ugly name. I know a lot of dumb girls named tracey.

  • cindy

    @happy girl: Get over it! You need help! Repeating the same thing!

  • Me

    @prancerdancer: i suggest you go to ask men(a real men site), almost all of them voted she should be lower than she was ranked in their top 100, oh and how exactly do you now they are man visiting just wondering

  • happy girl

    Bridget Moynahan to Harper’s Bazaar: “When you’re suddenly pregnant and no one is standing by your side, even if you’re in your 30s, it’s a hard conversation. I’m a traditional girl, and I believe in marriage, and I just always thought that’s the way I’d be doing this.” Poor Bridget. Giselle you did Bridget dirty!!!!

  • supermodels

    Gisele’s haters are sick. and I dont mean in the good way. you think she is scum of this earth, dont click. Im not clicking on many celebs names with 2 comments. funny how gisele has 46 comments and counting! lol. she really is superior to the rest. you are proving

  • happy girl

    Moynahan camp on Giselle and Bridget’s son to People mag: “I can count on two hands, in two years, the number of times Bridget has been photographed with that baby. I can count on two hands the number of times in the past month that Gisele has been photographed with that baby.” Poor Bridget. Giselle and Tom: you did Bridget DIRTY! What comes around…..

  • Giselea

    Justjared has 4.000 fb friends while Gisele has 400,000+. you do the math.

    gisele stalkers/haters are the ones who come here. not her many fans. LOLLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL (not to mention all the people on her website,myspace,twitter account,orkut,etc) you people keep dreaming up your voodoo doll thoughts at night lol.