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Halle Berry Knows Victoria's Secret

Halle Berry Knows Victoria's Secret

Halle Berry dresses comfortably for a day of errands on Wednesday (May 5) in Los Angeles.

The 43-year-old actress sported Pink vintage slim pants from Victoria’s Secret for her day out!

Despite her split from longtime love Gabriel Aubry last week, Halle has been keeping busy!

Halle was spotted hosting a Revlon run/walk for women with Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel and lunching with a gal pal in Manhattan.

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Credit: Rachpoot; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • offtheproperty

    i don’t doubt she’s a real b*tch in a relationship, especially with a white guy. those circumstances provide even more than the usual opportunity for misunderstandings, hurt feelings and resentment. and they’re not often based on foundations of sincere love and mutual respect. sigh.

  • kate

    HB never ages. wish I looked that good at 43

  • denise

    #1…you don’t know sh*t.

  • Pandora

    #1 what’s black + white got to do w/ it? Not a lot. It’s more the make-up of the two individuals. In this case, a 43 yr old saddling a 31 yr old w/ a baby, because that was her agenda. His agenda was likely that he wanted to rise from relative obscurity (sure we were familiar w/ his face, but did we know his name? I know *I* didn’t). In any case, she’s notorious for being a bitch. She probably did push him around. This crap about him being a deadbeat doesn’t add up, though. Why, if he was a deadbeat would they have 50-50 custody? Deadbeats don’t want that much time w/ their kid. It’s all about her and her PR.

  • mikey

    has she come out as a lesbian yet??

  • natural

    So pretty

  • jeez

    Just because she split the paps are all on her case like Sandra

  • Anon

    She is a beautiful woman but I am sorry to see (if it is true) that she is bad mouthing her baby’s father. There is no call for that. Maybe she has low self-esteem. It just makes me think bad of her if she continues to do it. Everyone knows Aubry brought in his own income and loves his daughter very much as he did Halle. Think of the baby and split peacefully.

  • idani


    I sincerely doubt race had anything to do with it as Halle is biracial with a white mother and African American father.

  • Jermaine

    cute bod, even after the baby

  • Ms Anonymous


    Not EVERYONE is gay or bi in this world. Get over it!

  • WHY?

    Why is she being SO Visible now.. before the break up became public she was seen once in a while..NOW she has been seen EVERY day…

    Why? Why? Wh?

  • Realistic

    I know some people are in awe of her “beauty”, but Halle has always looked like she is a depressing person to be around, she never really looks happy to me and all the money, “beauty” and fame in the world can’t buy you inner happiness and peace!

  • idani


    I agree totally! And it seems like she is providing photo ops for the paps rather than candids or accidental sightings.

  • …..

    So she is bad mouthing again an ex, damn halle he said good things about you, what are going to find and blame for this? it’s not ppl fault if you are a self centred b!tch who is no stable what about checking your damn issues?

  • attention ho


    Because she is a media wh*re seeking for attention since she has no career now, that the only way she could exist, everything was planned the annoucement came the same day she did an apparition on the red carpet, then she appeared tomorrow, then the day after, a non stop media wh*ring, it’s obvious that they were finished since a while and made that move to PR herself non stop, makes her looking desperated and pathetic.

  • Marieme

    To be perfectly honest I think Halle has so many issues that she can’t be happy with anyone. She seems to be driven by huge insecurities and the need for approval. She pretends to play it cool and not care what Hollywood thinks about her, but I don’t really buy it. If she didn’t care she’d hide away a bit during the aftermath of this break-up. She has to know the photogs are going to hound and harrass. Must feel like she has something to prove, like saving face. Gabriel seemed like a nice guy, very down to earth. They bought a place in the woods in Canada. I think a quiet place in nature would have been good for her.



  • Shurly

    Camel Toe alert !!! lol

  • miss infamous

    her body is banging!

  • Love

    …And no one has the right to tear my love down
    No matter what the people say, I’m gonna love you anyway
    You are my life, I can’t let go …

  • AutumnM

    She’s so pretty. Doesn’t look like she has make up on (or at least not much) and is still naturally beautiful.

  • theposterwithonename

    So gorgeous

  • theposterwithonename

    I see the usually crackheads are running around from wesite to web site posting invectives under multiple names.

  • Not Nice!

    He was just a paid sperm donor anyway. They both got what they wanted out of this arrangement. But narcissistic Halle can’t let it end gracefully. She had a “source” tell US magazine that Gabriel is a loser. She’s one of those kind of people that takes and takes, but is never satisfied. And there’s not an ounce of gratitude. She’ll suck the life out of you. He gave her the most precious gift ever, Nahla. No man wants to be in a real relationship with her crazy, joy draining ass. She never would have gotten that baby if it wasn’t for him! Plus he contributed some damn good DNA. He played the game, and now she has to bash him so her big ugly ego won’t get hurt? She’s very unattractive on the inside imo, and it’s starting to show on the outside too. She just looks weird anymore. And in photos, she always looks fake happy and insincere. She has a lot of issues going on underneath that veneered smile. Insecurity & self loathing. You can see it in her eyes and strained face.

  • jaye

    Marieme @ 05/06/2010 at 1:41 am

    You’re on to something. Halle has said in interviews how insecure she is and that she even considered suicide at one point. She was not particularly liked by other girls in school and was harassed by them to some degree. Then there is her prior relationships with men who were not suitable for her; that had to contribute greatly to the forming the person she is today.
    Halle had a history of choosing the same type of men, however, Gabriel seem to have been a departure from her usual ‘type’ and that’s NOT because he is Caucasian. He seems to be a genuinely nice guy; her other relationships seem to be with men one would classify as ‘bad boys’ who have a certain reputation with women. Maybe because she ‘got’ that man it made her feel better about herself, but the truth is that they beat and walked all over her. This is according to her own words.
    Halle wanted a child, she talked about that many times; she might even have been desperate to have one. Imo she chose Gabriel for that exact purpose. No, I don’t have inside information, but if you pay attention to what people say and what they DO in their lives you can get a good feel for what they are about to some extent.
    It would be silly and childish of her to complain about his income, if she did that. She knew he was a model when she met him and that he would not be making the same money that she could make for ONE movie. If you make the most money, you pay the bills proportionate to what you make. Which means her contribution would be more than his. The days of the man footing all of the bills when both people have income is long gone.
    Halle has a LOT of baggage emotionally wise. Women tend to take out their prior bad relationships on the current man; that is true whether you are a Hollywood celebrity or not, that’s just human nature. It’s because of these bad relationships that she made the statement that she would NEVER marry again. She’s made bad choices in the past and she didn’t want to do that again; she just wanted something she could walk away from without emotional entanglements. However, this time she has a child, which I feel was her goal and she wanted to walk away with that child all to herself. As usual she has underestimated another man; I don’t see Gabriel just walking away from the child.
    With what she has gone through with her failed relationships, who knows if she is truly capable of being in a loving relationship. Some women are scarred for life and can no longer give or receive genuine love. If that is the case, it’s a recipe for spending the rest of her life unfulfilled and alone. . Maybe she wants to be alone now that she has what she wanted. I hope she isn’t using the child to fill the hole left by the ghosts of past relationships; that would be unfortunate for her and the child. .

  • http://google toni

    She is looking good.

  • http://google toni

    # 25 I think you might be right. Because looks can be deceiving as she is pretty beautiful woman and very attractive to most men.
    But she probably have something hidden side of her, other wise she is perfect and beautiful woman, of course no one is perfect. always something wrong within itself.

  • Michelle

    She is so beautiful, Halle seems like a really sweet person. I mean she’s been through hell being abused by bf wesly snipes & her 1st husband and then cheated on by her second had to make her get some tough skin. Really give the woman a break, you don’t know her to be calling her a bitch. Even though I know if I been through what she’s been through I would be a raging bitch. But I doubt she’s like that, and what you guys need to realize is that her relationships weren’t just bad they were horrific. She was physically and mentally abused and she’s an amazingly strong person to be able to get passed that. I wish her all the best and one thing is for certain, she’s a great mother to her daughter.





  • Marieme

    # 26 jaye @ 05/06/2010 at 3:00 pm

    Well said. Very astute. And I agree what you can tell about someone via their words and actions. In fact a lot of these celebrities slap on a happy smile, but their lives and choices tell quite a different story.

    Seems to me Gabriel had the greater burden in this relationship. Watching Halle getting her a s s grabbed and being kissed by other men (Jamie Foxx) could not be fun. He doesn’t seem at all like someone who likes conflict. She seems to thrive on it or is addicted to it. I really hope the break-up wasn’t contentious. It’s very sad their daughter won’t have both loving parents in the same house.

  • The Populist

    Good post jaye.

    Halle is not perfect. However, I don’t think she has tried to portray herself that way. She has gone on record with many of her foibles, and there’s more about her on the net that she probably doesn’t want people to see. Nevertheless, she carries on.

    The last thread about her on JJ went like this: She was in New York for that fashion run, and decided to do some shopping. She gets photographed walking down the street, and everybody screams MEDIA WH*RE!

    In this post she has done nothing but walk out to her car, and everybody is figuring out that she is sad or a b*tch. It’s crazy. What is she supposed to do?

    She has separated from Gabriel. They have a child together, and the paparazzi are all over this story. No matter what – she has to deal with cameras and millions of us watching her on forums.

    Again, I don’t think Halle is perfect. Maybe that’s why she is my favorite actress. She seems like a human being, not a model of purity on a pedestal.

    Go Halle Go.

  • http://JUSTJARED popyc

    @populist, you are sad, if this is your favorite actress, you don’t get out much, this person can not act her way into a paper bag, she and that gay guy was never together, he got his money for his sperm and she got her kid, that’s it, she is just far to overrated, for nothing. she use to be young, now she is a old b.

  • The Populist

    Nothing sad about it popyc:

    She’s my favorite actress because I admire how she can keep going in spite of detractors like yourself. She’s got her own baggage, and millions of you internet smart*sses bagging on her any time she shows herself in public. Go Halle go.

  • Ashley

    @WHY? Because she has a movie coming out. I not going to tell you what it is because im not going to promote it.

  • Ashley

    It’s coming out soon please don’t go watch and make her richer. She thinks she’s all that and better than everyone with her money(and looks). She should not get paid millions just to do her stupid movies.
    Keyword:she “THINKS” don’t make her right. Good selfless people people desvere money not her.

  • Ashley

    PS. She is to old to have PINK on her ass