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Kristen Stewart Covers 'Elle' June 2010

Kristen Stewart Covers 'Elle' June 2010

Kristen Stewart gets glam on the cover of Elle magazine’s June 2010 issue!

Here’s what the 20-year-old actress had to share:

On her loss of privacy: “Somebody knocked on my hotel room door and asked for a light, then said that they were a big fan. I was like, ‘Do you really need me to light your cigarette? How do you know what room I’m in?’ I can’t be by myself and I like being by myself.”

On criticism of her public manner: “I think it’s funny that when I go onstage to accept an award, they think I’m nervous, uncomfortable, and awkward—and I am—but those are bad words for them.”

On her red-carpet demeanor: “People say that I’m miserable all the time. It’s not that I’m miserable, it’s just that somebody’s yelling at me…I literally, sometimes, have to keep myself from crying…It’s a physical reaction to the energy that’s thrown at you.”

For more from Kristen, including a behind-the-scenes video from her shoot, visit!

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Photos: Carter Smith
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  • Jae

    Kristen looks so pretty! FIRST!

  • miss infamous

    i like kristen and I think she looks pretty on the cover

  • dollhouse

    Oh boo hoo, wha wha. Her complaining never stops. If you seriously feel like crying on a red carpet because of photogs “yelling” at you then go into another line of profession. You think at this point after being in the business this long she’d be able to adjust or handle it.

  • Chechu

    Esta chica me puede…kristen is so hot…

  • Janeth

    I can’t stand this miserable cun*! But I actually think she looks pretty in this cover. She will always be potato head to me though. =)

  • Gui

    Finally she looks like a girl…

  • N.

    If you’ve ever watched a video from a red carpet, the “yelling at me” comment makes sense. I’d be a nervous wreck up there too! It’s not just fans yelling either, there are photographers there yelling to “look this way” and that sort of thing. I can see where that would be nerve-racking! I don’t think I’d cry but I can see where a person that seems to be kind of shy would have a hard time with it.

  • LOL

    She looks just lovely!

  • eric

    Kristen is FANTASTIC J’ADORE

  • Lauren

    She looks pretty.
    I feel sorry for her, alot of actors are shy and having to deal with the public must be hard =\

  • odj

    Fugly LOL

  • MB

    She looks like such a lady.

  • Jadey

    She looks stunning. The photoshoot is probably my favourite.
    I feel so sorry for the poor girl. She has balls.
    She isnt a movie star, she’s an actress, so don’t expect her to be able to handle all this shit.

  • lexy hates bilson

    This is the best she has looked outside the Twilight movies! If she doesn’t like the whole media blitz and red carpet events – stay home. These Twilight movies will do fine if she doesn’t promote them.

  • Yasmin

    ok. i get stage fright when i have to so presentations in front of the whole class -but didn’t she CHOOSE this career? i mean, you’ve got to have SOME confidence and charisma to be an actress, no? i feel like she’s not in the right career…

  • Yasmin

    *DO presentations

  • Jack

    REALITY CHECK the Universe is trying to tell you something Kristen. ACTING is just NOT your forte, you need to have SOME degree of talent in your chosen profession!

  • B

    ^ she choose to be an actress. Its dissapointing that people expect her to be miss perfect in front of insane camera guys and media scrutiny. She is fabulous. Beautiful. Take note.

  • self conscious?

    ……her and rob seem very alike……like…..actual soulmates lol.

  • HeyDay

    Give me a break! I’m so tired of hearing this girl complain and cry about everything. She’s socially awkward and honestly, she shouldn’t have signed up to be an “actress” if she didn’t want to be in the spotlight. Any idiot knows that cameras come with the territory. The saddest part about this is as an “actress,” wouldn’t you think she would be able to at least “act” her way down the red carpet. If she can’t be grateful for what she has, then she doesn’t deserve it!

  • miles

    I LOVE HER!!

    And quit your whining about how she chose this career. She’s only human regardless of her occupation. She can be nervous and sensitive if she wants to be.

    Love ya Kstew!! Woo-Hoo!

  • kate


    she chose this profession when she was 10 years old, you can feel differently in front of people at the age non? I mean I just hate that people think it’s so damn easy. she’s 20 years old! she is so YOUNG. she is learning and she is very shy, that doesn’t mean she’s not a good actress (the runaways and welcome to the riley’s have proved that she is) she has said herself, offscreen, in front of a crowd she can’t act. She is a movie actress. She is beautiful and smart and very very private. there is nothing wrong with that and that should not (and hasnt) stopped her from acting and doing what she loves.Not all actresses act to become famous.

    I can understand people not being a fan, but I really don’t understand how you could hate her after this interview … I really don’t/

  • .

    @B: but she can’t act………..

  • KS rocks_2010

    Ugh……..I hate it when one person comes on and keeps re-posting the same hate message.
    Get a clue. People really really love her!!! And she deserves it. Find someone else to hate on.

  • sara

    she is into photography and said she loves seeing how things work behind the camera…maybe she should try her hand at. is she any good at english/writing…?

  • ericajane

    she looks absolutely stunning in those pictures. i hope eclipse is a good movie, can’t wait for june 30th.

  • MKingston

    @KS rocks_2010: I really doubt it’s one person lol. I know she has a huge following; she is part of the horrid Twilight Franchise after all, but she also has many people who can;t figure out why someone who can’t act is an actress. Same goes for her fella. I will say, what she is wearing here suits her.

  • elle

    i love her because she’s just a normal girl :)

  • KS rocks_2010

    Well then MKingston, I guess if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all, right? It boggles my mind why anyone would ever choose to say something negative about someone. I guess it makes them feel better about themselves. Why waste the energy on something you don’t like then…

  • Brazil

    M A R A V I L H O S A

  • jess

    she looks so beautiful. I loved her in ‘the runaways’ it was so different from twilight. and she was so good. I’m beginning to think the problem is more bella than kristen.

  • Beautiful

    I like her fresh look. Nothing pretentious about her and that makes her unique. Best of luck Kristen.

  • Sweetness

    Ok you have to admit that she is not going to win points by playing the ‘woe is me I’m the poor little actress role who all the paps are yelling at’ Come on, she’s not new to show business. It’s not a new invention that paps yell while trying to take your pic. Your pic which actually makes you more famous Kristen.

    She needs some serious therapy or she should rethink why is she in this if her career causes her so much stress. She should try being unemployed and looking for work for awhile …see how the other half lives… quit complaining.

  • pinkydoo

    she’s hot? Sorry, I just don’t see it. Also, I think if you’re going to be an actress, you have to take what comes with it. Have some grace and dignity for crying out loud. Grin and bear it..i”m sure she doesn’t cry when she gets her paycheck.

  • Rose

    Ok everyone commenting is all upset because shes “complaining” but thats not it. These magazines ask questions and want the truth. Thats what shes telling them; the truth and how she feels. You say shes complaining and for her to get over it you friggin try being having ppl talk shit about you and then have to walk a carpet with a bunch of nosey reportes and photographers. She picked the profession of ACTING not to be a friggin show dog that has to look perfect and be lil a princess. Trying having a crowd of strangers yell at you while your trying to smile and look great for stupid ass paparazzie! so dont judge until you have been there you dumbasses.


    Her and her equally fug boyfriend are always f*cking complaining! They’re a perfect greasy-haired, crack-loving, cancer-stick smoking match, neither can act to save their lives and both think they can. RPattz told a pap “you don’t even need talent for the profession you’re in huh” that’s rich coming from you footface. I was gonna say they both need to disappear with pee-brain vain fuglies Kellan Lutz and Taylor Lautner but watching Kristen make a fool of herself on the red carpet is entertaining. Talentless bi*ch can stay just for that.

  • Masina

    Kristen is so beautiful! She may be awkward to many, however, Kristen is just acting her age….and even dresses her age. Not like many around her age who dress way too provocative. At least, Kristen dresses glamorous when appropriate……and picks what she wants without having to follow anyone’s footsteps. She is her own person…..just got to love the FRESHNESS in young actresses who are only going to be bigger. I love the roles she picks……

  • phat-ruley


  • hannacarlton

    @Masina: A lot of people are their own person, and actually look confident and enjoying themselves. I wonder how she can dress up in a teeeny towel-dress showing off her legs, boobies, shoulders, a lot of flesh….and her fans claim she is shy or awkward? She just seems miserable to me.

  • jmo

    @Rose: I don’t understand why she is an actress o___o she MUST have known doing interviews & red carpets would be part of the job?? The free clothes, photoshoots, dressing up, VIP Events……these are the rewards! How depressed must she be to get any joy out of that?

  • Lisa

    These quotes just tell us what we already know. Kristen has decided that she can blame everyone else for her bad attitude, her poor manners and her lack of class.

    Grow up Kristen, part of being an actress is being accountable for your image. That’s why the production companies spent the time and money training you in how to deal with the situations.

    I think many people have heard enough of her whining.

  • not really


    I actually don’t think she’s complaining, for once she’s actually EXPLAINING her position and self very clearly. now i just hope she can actually sound this coherent when interviewed for upcoming Eclipse promos.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Then maybe she should have done Broadway or soaps. The actors in those fields don’t garner as much attention. Also, you don’t HAVE to walk the red carpets. They will let you in through the back door. Get your agent/manager to include that in your contract – just like actors do for nude scenes. Like the other day, there was no reason for her to go to the Met Gala – but it was her choice to go so she does need to shut up and stop complaining. Or hire security!

  • Nat

    She knows alot about playing the game. Don’t be fooled. She was practically irrelevant before her alleged relationship with her costar. She is extremely sneaky and can be very snide. This interview shows that.
    Girls you can find a better champion that this piece of white trash.

  • PlumSkull

    she’s smart and dorky plus really pretty! :)

  • Sarah

    This interview makes me like her even less. I hope she crawls back into her dark hole after this Twilight Saga is over. I am already sick of her.

  • Stella Bella

    Poor little rich girl, should show some appreciation so many struggling actresses would kill to be in her position. If your job is making you want to cry then you are obviously in the wrong profession. It is part of an actors job to walk the red carpet, promote the movie you acted in and do interviews. You must be pretty dumb if you don’t realise this is part of the deal when trying to become a successful actor. Kirsten should stick to small budget movies that don’t get a lot of promotion, then her fame will dwindle and she can have more of her privacy back.

  • jmo

    EDIT to ***NOT*** get any joy

  • Masina


    Please go back and read…again…what I typed. If I need to clarify…I would be happy to…! And again…..there is only one Kristen…and I don’t see anyone her age being hound as crazy as Kristen has…..because, Kristen brings in the money for these tabby’s….So…again…go back…and read what I said earlier…but, slower this time.

  • Hayley

    I’m a huge fan of Kristen Stewart. I think she is a hard-working actress and deserves the salary and perqs that go with it. I think she was honestly answering questions about being uncomfortable in the public eye. She was not whining or crying about it. I think some of the posters who follow her and write the same crap all the time need a life or an attitude adjustment themselves. Some of you are boo hooing it because you don’t make as much money or are not as famous. She has been working from childhood and deserves what she has earned. Maybe if you weren’t always criticizing others on the internet you could do as well as her. Think about it.