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Leo DiCaprio & & Bar Refaeli Shop For Pool Table

Leo DiCaprio &  & Bar Refaeli Shop For Pool Table

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend, Sports Illustrated cover girl Bar Refaeli, are in the market to buy a new pool table!

The cute couple stepped out to visit AAA Billiards on Robertson Blvd. on Wednesday (May 5) in Los Angeles. The store’s slogan is “Your Complete Game Room Store.”

One of Leo‘s friends tagged along, who carried home a few wood samples for the table. Per usual, Leo wore a hat and kept his head down!

FYI: Leo is wearing Diesel Larkee 88Z jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Leo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli buying a pool table together…

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leo dicaprio pool table bar refaeli 01
leo dicaprio pool table bar refaeli 02
leo dicaprio pool table bar refaeli 03
leo dicaprio pool table bar refaeli 04
leo dicaprio pool table bar refaeli 05
leo dicaprio pool table bar refaeli 06
leo dicaprio pool table bar refaeli 07
leo dicaprio pool table bar refaeli 08
leo dicaprio pool table bar refaeli 09
leo dicaprio pool table bar refaeli 10
leo dicaprio pool table bar refaeli 11
leo dicaprio pool table bar refaeli 12
leo dicaprio pool table bar refaeli 13
leo dicaprio pool table bar refaeli 14
leo dicaprio pool table bar refaeli 15
leo dicaprio pool table bar refaeli 16
leo dicaprio pool table bar refaeli 17
leo dicaprio pool table bar refaeli 18

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  • Lisa rose

    its NOT Lukas!!!!

  • MB

    happy couple?

  • ???

    Are they even `together`? They might as well be two strangers on the street. Sad to see Leo like this. But if BR is all he wants as a gf he deserves it!

  • Kat

    She shouldn’t wear white pants, it makes her look fat.

  • Abbie

    Leo shouldn`t date her. She makes him look cheap.

  • AVA

    why does she stay with this guy, he is so immature, why cover your face, grow up, you’re famous and rich walk around with like you appreciate that people recognize you and like hearing about you life even if from gossip mags instead of acting like a idiot walking or driving with your face covered, as if your precious face can’t be seen unless your shilling for some movie.

    What a upgrade Gisele made dumping him for Tom Brady, saw them in person in Boston , the amount of gorgeousness was unbelievable.

  • Camila

    I love them!!!They are cute and beautiful!!!!

  • annab

    You never see them holding hands or arms around each other. No smiles between them. They should count their blessings and enjoy life. I know they can do whatever they want…being so filthy rich. Must be nice.

  • French

    By the way Leo bends his head down, he obviously is aware of the razzi taking their pictures. Thanks JARED for the pix… They always seem to be together lately!

  • Nicki

    THANKS JARED for the new pictures of Bar with Leo! It must be hard for the two always having the photographers in their faces.

  • Ms Anonymous


    Leo is one of the best actors of this generation, he is NOT childish at all.

  • xxx

    Why does he always hide is fat wrinkly face like a big diva? Hello, leo, if it wasn’t for your fans you would have about $5 to your name so how about being a bit nicer jerk

  • lynn

    oh my gosh its so good to see theses two so attached i love it. However, lol of course they are not going to be holding hands and being lovey dovey THERE’S A CAMERA RIGHT IN THEIR FACES!!!!!!!!!!!
    DUH…. If they were kissing you would be saying how they are so fake. Everyone whose a fan of Leo knows he’s super private so you guys just come off as jealous and crazy. lol.

    We all know that they are serious now it is very obvious and i’m really happy for them!

  • Star

    They always look absolutely miserable together. The only time when he actually looks happy to be with her is when they are at Lakers games.

  • @13

    uhh.. its the same people who post here they are all Leo fans. They know all about his whereabouts and pretty much everything thats been written about him, so they are well aware of his personality and how he tries to make sure the paps don’t get any good shots of him because he does not like them making money off of his personal life(those are his words) Seeing as he is with his girlfriend that is getting really personal. All in all just ignore those comments because even they know they just don’t want to admit it. Unfortunately they can’t get over the fact that their relationship has gotten alot stronger and more serious. They are well aware that they have taking it to the next level but they don’t want to admit they’re wrong, so they continue to post stuff they know is not true. I know all of you agree with me.

  • @8&9

    lol could it be more obvious that those two comments are from the same person?
    @lynn `we all know they are serious now…` Sure, you hope but I don`t. For now it seems that way but I wonder how long is it going to last this time. Maybe they`ll make long enough to pick up pool sticks then she can go… lol

  • blah blah


    Speaking as someone who is not a big Bar fan I can understand some of the people who are upset about their relationship. It is annoying when your a big fan of someone but don’t like his choice of girlfriend. Ok these two have obviously grown alot closer now, but that doesn’t mean we should automatically be Bar fans just because Leo is in love with her. Give me a break! ok i understand why Leo and Bar aren’t holding hands there is someone intruding their space in front of them thats a no brainer, but don’t expect us to be like aww they are so cuteand blah blah. However, i admit some of us anti- bar posters need to stop saying oh they don’t look happy, because we know how leo feels about the paparazzi, it just makes us look bad and unrealistic by saying that. I was hoping Leo would find someone else but i understand he loves Bar. I guess she can’t really be that bad if Leo likes her he really seems like a smart guy that knows whats best for him. But whatever!

  • yahhh!!

    I’m so happy they are so extremely close its really exciting to see how far they’ve come. it’s like they can’t stand to be apart!

  • french

    i dont know how some people can say they are beautiful, on those pics i see 2 strangers and Leo’s friend

  • tal

    love them!

  • hmm..

    i wonder who that guy is i’ve never seen him before with leo. Maybe he’s a designer seeing as he is holding the wood and he is trying to make sure the pool table matches the decor in leo and bar’s home? lol i don’t know its just a suggestion cause i don’t recognize him as one of leo’s regular friends.



  • Trish

    If you want him to look up and not hang his head just wait til he has movie coming out, their kinda friendly then.

  • french


    It’s her who always follows him, when she was in NYC, he was still in LA

  • Trish


    Also you only wear white between memorial day and labor day. During the winter you can get by with wearing winter white.

  • Candycotton

    A HOOKER ‘s DAY OFF….YAWN Leo looks Lost as usuall!!This outing is another shot Of Barfy with a movie star!!!!

  • delrado

    she is a big girl, i saw her in NYC. She is hpt, but when she gets older she is going to be built like a tank, she has thick thick legs, big feet, long face, hands, shoulders, she is a really huge girl. I think she is defintley hot, but sooooooooooo over rated I aint a movie and i have been with hotter chicks, when i met her in NY she was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO up herself ! I was told by my friend in Israel that banged her that she is great in bed and loves herself more than anything on the planet and will step on anything or anyone to get aheead….maybe thats how its done ? still she looks cheap no style as usual, but worth a bang for sure !

  • Ruth

    delrado @ 05/06/2010 at 1:39 am

    I am an Israeli and have NEVER heard or read that Bar sleeps around. Why write such lies about her – I neither like or dislike her but she doesn’t deserve such vile gossip.

    I understand that Leo’s fans are not happy with the fact that he has been dating her for several years and it seems that the relationship is more serious now. However this is HIS life and HIS relationship and has nothing to do with his acting career and talent (considerable).

    As for how they are NOT holding hands, well that is deliberate because of the papz – I am sure that they are MUCH more affectionate without the cameras! Btw, most couples walk together without touching or even smiling – only those looking for publicity do the “loving” act. Others keep it for their private time.

  • TALI

    You are a very bad person! very bad !!!

  • Jess

    Aww, Cute :) & Leo is so hot <3 :D

  • MK


  • bl

    I love how Leo is standing MUCH closer to his friend than Barf. There is like this WIDE space that separates Leo and Barf!!!

  • rachel

    It doesnt matter where barfie moves into,…she could move into leo’s a.s.s…..this relationship isnt going anywhere and is starting to look old already…

  • oh purrlease!!!

    what a load of sh**t!! these two! closer! sure..he hasnt met anyone else & she’s the best he can come up with! its so obvious! she is not the best he can do!! and why? why has he not met someone else?? because its not time to!! these two are not cute..look at him..he is capable of showing affection, he’s gonna have to get over this pap crap! whats he gonna do?? hide his face at 70!!?? whats he gonna do when he has kids?? hide their faces??!! come on leo grow up!

  • oh purrlease!!!

    whats he gonna do?? walk 10 paces in front of his kids!!!???…he is so immature…bar can have him!! no real woman would have time for this!! leo you need to get over yourself!! paps are gonna make money whether you look at them or not & hello!!!! we all know who you are since we put you there!!!! what a load of sh**t!!!!!!!!!! he cant even be bothered to look happy to be out and about..and u know why?? cus he’s MISERABLE!! iM TELLING YOU…GET A NEW GIRLFRIEND & GET OVER YOUR SELF already!!! ASAP!! im soo disappointed in you..I really am

  • oh purrlease!!!

    @22 love?? this is your example of love is it? walking two meters apart?? O.H.P.U.R..L.E.A.S.E…seriously people need to get their eyes checked..private? yeah they need to be private don’t they?.. so the paps don’t ‘capture’ all the ‘love’ between them!!..and no i’m not jealous..i just think they are a pathetic example of ‘love’..and thats because there aint any between them!! but hey..thats just my opinion, what a way to start my day..

  • oh purrlease!!!

    @no 28 I don’t agree..i don’t think they are any more ‘affectionate’ in private..they barely manage to look at eachother..and sometimes they dont even know a cameras there and they look No closer as a ‘couple’…im sorry i just cant take these two seriously and there’s nothing you can do to change my opinion..and you dont have to ‘act’ in can tell a natural couple..and these two always look unnatural, plus theyre the only 2 that act like this, other couples don’t give a sh**t about paps bacuse they are living their life..leo cares too much & bar must just have to go along..but he was ALOT more affectionate b4 with u know who..he cant spend the rest of his life looking unconfortable and looking over his shoulder for a pap when he’s out and about..its just pathetic

  • hater

    Yes this relationship is so much more serious! That’s why it is schlepping on for 4 plus years and still no ring. Gimme a break!


    Leo should shop for a new gf not a pool table. He is obviously not happy with her!

  • hahahahaa

    Fat Man & Useless Girl are a perfect match for each other!!

  • bb

    Leo was affectionate with both Kristen and gisele. Even at few basketball matches with gisele so why not Bar?

  • bb

    lf he has a problem with showing affection in front of paps then why canoodle with gisele at some of the games. And Ruth, Bar even said herself in an interview that when she and Leo had their 6month break that ALL the men she had been with, while split from Leo that none compared. So Bar herself admits there had been quite a few others during their 6month break. Love the comments French and Poochie

  • french

    I’m sure if someone who doesn’t know them looks those pics, he will think that they don’t know each other

  • kids

    He looks ashamed of being with her. I dont get it.

  • Phie

    Leo doesn’t let the paps photograph him because he doesn’t like supporting people who make a living off of making other people miserable (he has said this is why he doesn’t let them get a picture). Look people, they STALK celebrities. That is what they do. STALK. It’s not like he wears a cap and sunglasses when he is on the redcarpet. Flashes are expected there.
    But when you are simply out with your girlfriend, doing normal things – why the EFF would you want a bunch of random stalkers taking your pictures?

  • ???

    I do understand that he wants to keep his private like out of the media. But ever since he started dating this cheap tr*mp he looks miserable and distant around his `gf`. Not a trace of emotion around her, nothing. I just laugh at comments that say `they are closer than ever` or `they so in love`. Really? Seriously like two strangers. He wasn`t like this before and the difference is striking. If he can control his emotions around her like this I think something is off no matter how much time they spend together recently. The thing is that he looks exactly like this even when he is not aware of the paparazzi.

  • Me

    again with the hate! my god dont you people get tired, they want to be a couple and dont want their picture taken, i need to go hug every girl i know because you people are makin me feel all men are rigth with what the say abut girls..

  • Stef


  • Me

    @bb: he was affectined with gisele because she was so clingy you could see it with tom to bar is probably more confident than hes

  • Stef


    My head aches after reading this.