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Nicole Kidman's Daughter Likes Dave Matthews' Son!

Nicole Kidman's Daughter Likes Dave Matthews' Son!

Nicole Kidman‘s daughter, Sunday, may have found a new crush!

The 21-month-old cutie has been spending time with Dave Matthews‘ 2 1/2-year-old son, August, while their parents work together on Just Go With It in Maui, Hawaii!

“It’s wonderful,” Nicole told Entertainment Tonight. “There is a little school all set up. [Dave has a two and a half year old boy] who Sunday likes.”


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  • Mags

    Cute kids That pic of Sunday is about three or four months old , I’d like to see a Jew one

  • Mags

    Whoops. “new”. Darn spell check


    motherhood does not become nicole…..

  • NKA

    Nichole looks good . The kids look cute . It got to be hard on Aniston being without family among them.The storeis about her feeling lonely and flying her lover girl probably are true.

  • Randy

    If every mother looked like Nicole, men would be smiling throughout their marital bliss.

  • ?

    Nicole why don’t you shut your mouth about your private life? why are you telling us this, who cares?

  • Zoe

    @ kAITLIN and ‘?’: Bitter, much? It must be hard for Kidman haters like you to see Nicole happy with Keith Urban and their beautiful daughter. Ah, envy and jealousy…Maybe you should go back to E or Urban Myths to get your hate fix…

  • mer

    Wow~~~so cute!!!I like sunday rose!!!!!

    I am happy nicole spent so precious time on the island !

  • Gill


    you are SUCH a Rottweiler … try getting out and getting some fresh air through your veins … because right now you are very toxic and that is very unhealthy!

  • Zoe

    @Gill: Your advice would very good for you and your hateful friends from E! and Urban Myths. The ones who hope for the death of Nicole Kidman and who say her daughter looks ‘deformed’. Don’t you think that’s sick? Spending 5 years hating on a woman you don’t know because she ‘stole’ your fantasy boyfriend, don’t you think that’s sick? Making up sick stories about that woman, calling her a pedophile, don’t you think that’s sick? You are getting desperate these days and you can’t accept that me and other people call you up on your lies…

  • ironic

    How disturbed do you have to be to make romances between babies. Seriously!

  • Cora

    that baby looks curiously under developed.

  • Drudge

    Man, Kidman’s baby is ugly.

  • troi


    And just how is she setting up a romance between the two. She said Sunday “likes” Matthew’s son. At their age I hardly think the word like constitutes a romance.

  • Kimberlee Dash

    what a nice mom

  • ii

    That child is going to have men’s feet like kidman and look at kidman’s hands YUK




  • LoriLori

    Nicole looks great again, her baby is sooo cute
    WTH happened to dave matthews – still like his music better than that wanabe JM

  • Lauren

    i love dave!

  • http://. Connor & Isabella

    @JANET: Nope, she sure DOES NOT!!!!!

  • NotBuyingItInNashville

    Nicole should be baby sitting her randy husband, not her “birth daughter.”

  • Linda

    Sunday and August.

  • Zoe

    @NotBuyingItinNashville- You would love to babysit Keith Urban, wouldn’t you? Instead of that, you spend your days on gossip sites, still fantasizing about him, hating on the woman he loves (5 years is quite a long time, huh?) and believing the pathetic stories Ted Casablanca and Lainey make up (with the help of you and the rest of the psychos from E!) Because it makes you feel good and important. How sad! And the saddest thing is that you are not some silly teenager who has a crush on a singer… What do your husband and family think about your addiction?

  • Zoe

    @Connor & Isabella: You obviously don’t know much about scientology. Be intelligent and just google the words ‘Scientology’ and ‘Disconnection’. If you’re not another stupid and ridiculous Kidman hater…

  • @Zoe

    Another name for mistress is a wh@re!

  • texannnn

    sorry, I’ve always loved kidman’s acting, think she’s a real beauty… but there really is something wrong w/ her kid. yes, pretty ppl have ugly kids, but really there IS something wrong with this kid. anya1 seen a pic of her smiling? if there is one out there, then kidman would have released it. nope, there is something wrong w/ her

  • Kathy

    There were rarely pictures of Daves Twins Stella and Grace! I think August is adorable, I think Sunday is a cutie as well!
    Dave looks like any other 44 year old daddy at a beach with his baby! Yes he has aged but I still think he is damn cute!

  • Kathy

    There were rarely any pictures of Daves twins Stella and Grace so its nice to see one of that cutie August!
    I think Sunday is adorable as well!
    Dave looks like any other 44 year old daddy at the beach! He has aged, but I still think he is damn handsome!