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Rachel Bilson Lands in L.A.

Rachel Bilson Lands in L.A.

Rachel Bilson arrives at LAX airport after a flight from New York City on Tuesday (May 4).

The 28-year-old actress signed autographs and took pictures with fans waiting before heading home!

Rachel had a busy week in NYC – she kicked off her new job as Sunglass Hut’s style director, dressed up in Louis Vuitton at the MET Ball and got to spend some quality time with her fiance, Hayden Christensen!

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson landing in L.A…

Just Jared on Facebook
rachel bilson lax airport dodgers hat 01
rachel bilson lax airport dodgers hat 02
rachel bilson lax airport dodgers hat 03
rachel bilson lax airport dodgers hat 04
rachel bilson lax airport dodgers hat 05
rachel bilson lax airport dodgers hat 06
rachel bilson lax airport dodgers hat 07
rachel bilson lax airport dodgers hat 08
rachel bilson lax airport dodgers hat 09
rachel bilson lax airport dodgers hat 10
rachel bilson lax airport dodgers hat 11
rachel bilson lax airport dodgers hat 12
rachel bilson lax airport dodgers hat 13
rachel bilson lax airport dodgers hat 14
rachel bilson lax airport dodgers hat 15
rachel bilson lax airport dodgers hat 16
rachel bilson lax airport dodgers hat 17
rachel bilson lax airport dodgers hat 18

Credit: Matei; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, GSI Media
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  • elle

    Rachel Bilson Lands in U.N.E.M.P.L.O.Y.M.E.N.T.

  • schullen

    STILL soo homely & so worthless!

  • zippy

    She is cute but is a horrible actress. Her boyfriend is also a bad actor.

  • chauncey

    Let me complete that sentence Jared:
    Rachel Bilson Lands in L.A. and would surely back to mediawh0ring for a monthSSS long period of time.

  • chauncey

    Cute at nearing in her 30′s is just plain imbecile & ret@rded!

  • anna

    Does she and her “fiance” even live in the same city?

  • #6

    No they love to the the frequent flyer miles act. What is with that blanket she is wearing LA isn’t cold. So has to copy the B/F by wearing hats now what is she premature balding like him.

  • @LOL#15

    I’m so glad that other people realize this.
    RB is JJ’s pet d-lister but, yes, she is cute and, yes, she is a terrible actress and, yes, her fiance is a truly bad actor as well as looking like Beaker from the muppets (Beaker is by far the better actor – I can believe in Beaker).

  • antwacky

    Fans huh?! If BilPuke had fans nearing at least 20, her only remaining “Waiting For DVD” movie would have got a distributor already… that even after joining 2 minor yet well publicized (of course) festivals – still got NO feedback. So popular my azz!

  • brightside

    I like the blanket thing

  • luke


  • gilmorie

    Must we why HE stays on the farm all the time. Which makes their hook up all the more INCONGRUOUS. After all, on some days HER greatest achievement is to get photographed in a new pair of boots.

  • max

    busy week in NYC?? please

  • comrade

    Its NOT fans Jared but “paps”; just acting/dressing up like fans. And that’s just would look be more “credible” in terms of her tabloid career goes & nothing much else; if its them (paps) who’s been seen mingling w/ this Lil Moe.

  • Carrie

    Rachel Bilson equals failure on all types of levels. Why this media whore is still relevant is beyond me. Must be daddy’s connections.

  • the truth

    no Anna they don’t and she won’t tell nobody that they don’t. She’s not willing to move there and he don’t want to live where she live. And she like it that way. So she fool around with other people. People really don’t know that they supposely be engaged. Cause they won’t talk about it.She love the limeight too.And she lie that she don’t. Also jj rachel was there to work so was hayden. That the reason why he was in new york not hang with her. if he was he would came home instead are staying new york and he went home. I thought that she didn’t like that they took her picture at the airport. Yes hayden went home and didn’t come with her. He have enough are those flashing lights. Not a fiance when he don’t visited her often. She just jealous are his premier he went to last night.She need to take off that ring everyone that you not getting married anytime soon. Also she hanging with hayden cause she has got rid are other guys she has been seen with.Also sge don’t want sno one to know she has called the engagement. So i guess she going to keep the ring then. JJ need to the truth about her. Hayden never spend time with her unless its work.Its nothing special what she did there than what she do every year.She ned to stop showing off that ring so much. You would think the people at the airport would think she have gotten married are something.That’s why they was there way. I wonder why she told the media there when she arrive?

  • comrade

    And also Jared just sounded so thrilled that his pet Moe is now back in the gutter LA coz it means that his paychecks in the coming weeks/months will be all “up-to-date”. That’s “For Everyone’s Info”.

  • Kimberlee Dash

    she is hot

  • @the truth

    stop freaking out , poor girl

  • elle

    i think shes adorable but i have to admit, since people mentioning the fact that her ring hand is always overly prominent i cant help noticing it! maybe its just a habit but it does seem a bit obvious :/ haha but yeh shes pretty gorgeous

  • lisa

    @elle It’s just a habit. She has always moved her hands just like that when she talks. You can see it in past videos and photos before she ever knew Hayden. Has nothing to do with the ring.

  • ocsethummer

    If this was not a TOTAL set up how do you explain that the fans had a magazine with Rachel in with them!!!!!

    Look at:

  • Leah

    I’m sorry, but that is so staged that it’s not even funny. It’s actually pretty sad. I feel kind of sorry for “celebrities” who have to do that because otherwise they’re irrelevant. I never would have though that “Summer Roberts” would stoop to that level. Just get a real job and people will flock to you. Stop paying for the attention like a loser.


    I don’t think those were fans. Most of them were probably paparazzi. They pull that, then turn around and sell the pics. I doubt they’ll get much for her pics though.

  • TPL

    @ 22

    Those men are not fans, they just are part of PR, like JJ is, they gather celeb signatures to sale on Ebay.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Fans?? LMAO!! They probably don’t know who she is but see her “handler” carrying her bags and figure she’s famous and they’d better get the shot. Too bad JJ didn’t get pics of the people when they saw the autograph said Rachel Bilson – I’m sure the look of disappointment on their face would be priceless!
    Notice how happy she is to be back in LA. Where she can get her photograph taken and bask in the glory of her paid paparrazi as opposed to being on the farm or being in NY with HC and pretending to hate them.
    If you were Hayden (the human dictionary as she calls him) and you had a choice – hang out with mom and the pigs OR unemployed media wh0re who like can barely like manage to like speak in full sentences – who would you stay with?? He’s enjoying mom’s cooking and his friendly pigs!



  • TPL

    HC on the farm, no problem, the FBI makes international house calls all the time.

  • Amanda Dubs

    This is one of the actressess that I care least about and Jared posts about her and her terrible fiance ALL THE TIME.

  • lexy hates bilson



    I can’t imagine any intelligent woman falling in love with this guy, let alone being jealous. He strikes me as insecure, emotionally unstable and he looks like a drug addict.

    His career never took off, he had a few I-blogger like Lainey madly in love with him five years ago, but never mainstream Hollywood.

    I don’t understand his or her appeal or how JJ justifies covering them so much.

    I’m in the industry in L.A., CA and most people have no idea who either of them are.

    My PR (public relations, handler, agent) friends don’t know them as ‘talent’ either and feel that they hire paps and post good and bad comments on JJ to generate small jobs for both of them.

  • Ahari

    My God, what a ridiculous, pathetic and completely transparent publicity stunt! And they weren’t there waiting to see who got off any random plane, they were called out by her PR team. And her appearing to be shocked and humbled, please, she certainly doesn’t have the talent to pull that off. Fame wh*ring at it’s finest people.

  • Lake

    I know what that shameless display is all about, Hayden is getting a lot of attention right now, he’s ringing the opening bell at NASDAQ tomorrow and she can’t stand that someone other than herself is getting any attention.

  • trevise

    Dont be so hard on your bloggers/readers Jared… buy buying/using a somewhat “ostentatious & scientific” words like Style Director (?!) where in the whole process & generic term of it all is that, it just falls flat into an “Eyewear Promo Girl”.

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ She’s an “ambassador” – not style director. I think Lohan’s an director at Ungaro.
    @ Ahari – I can’t figure out why she’s not hanging on to him at these events. Like I said in post about his movie – why wouldn’t she have gone with him? She’s the media and attention. If he’s ringing the bell on Wall Street – why not go to!

  • #34

    RB being called ambassador for fashion would be like saying LLohan is a Rehab counselor.

  • angel of darkness


    good comment. very good point indeed.

  • TPL


    Why not go? She may have her own event to go to here or, she stormed off when she found out about me, problem is, if she was seriously upset she would have returned the ring.

    HC has her whipped and under his thumb and he knows it, and the little temper tantrums aside he knows she will always take him back. He’s even admitted it to me. LOL

  • @8

    HC might look like Bleaker from the muppets but, I was thinking Flint Lockwood guy from the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs dude. Seems if ppl think he is some walking dictionary of science then this is him. That look would be great for a 20 year old maybe but a guy almost 30 who wears hats day in and day out to cover up the aging process doesn’t look good on only makes him a walking comedy act.

  • @ TPL alias Gina

    Gina, DQ,TPL – please don’t start again with your made up stories of how everyone on the internet is Hayden or Rachel, or how Hayden spys on you with cameras in your house and car, and how he is your secret boyfriend. This is very sad behavior, you need to get some help! Everyone knows you are being delusional.

  • reedley

    @ 22-23
    This CON Fashionista is such a “Delusional, In Denial & and an Enabler”.

  • Rachel is a No Talent Retard

    Sorry Bilson pays papparazzi to take her picture and JJ to run them and these are definitely not actual fans. These are paid also one way or another by her PR folks or management. RB hasn’t had a major film out in 2 years and it was a huge bomb with poor reviews for her and her ‘fiance.’ Waiting for DVD will never get in theaters. Its not even an engaging piece of fluff as a filler in between Iron Man 2, Eclipse and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. She isn’t a has-been she’s a never-was. And HC is the worst male actor of his generation. The two of them don’t even live in the same country most of the time. This LAX photo op was a fraud and so is everything about this couple.