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Sarah Palin: TIME 100 Gala

Sarah Palin: TIME 100 Gala

Sarah Palin hits the red carpet with her family at the TIME 100 gala inside the Frederick P. Rose Hall at NYC’s Jazz at Lincoln Center on Tuesday (May 4).

The 46-year-old former governor was selected as one of the TIME 100 Leaders who most affect our world. “Her rugged individualism, self-reliance and a herculean work ethic resonate now more than ever in a country spinning away from these basics that made the U.S.A. the last best place,” TIME writes.

“We who are driven to be assets to our families, communities and our beloved country connect with the principles that Sarah Palin embodies. We know that bureaucrats and, even more, Fedzilla, are not the solution; they are the problem. I’d be proud to share a moose-barbecue campfire with the Palin family anytime, so long as I can shoot the moose.”

15+ pictures inside of Sarah Palin at the TIME 100 Gala…

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sarah palin time 100 gala 01
sarah palin time 100 gala 02
sarah palin time 100 gala 03
sarah palin time 100 gala 04
sarah palin time 100 gala 05
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Credit: Theo Wargo, Ray Filmano; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • Mike H

    You know, just once it would be nice to see a post about a conservative that isn’t trashed by a GD anal Marxist homophobe.

  • pizzahead

    I’m voting for her in 2012! We need a real women running the show not nancy and her puppet obama.

  • Lauren

    It would be nice to see someone who knows what is marxism.
    I can’t believe americans still believe marx is the devil. My History teacher always makes fun of U.S.A and their irrational fears.

  • Pandora

    @ pizzahead # 3

    “I’m voting for her in 2012! We need a real women running the show not nancy and her puppet obama.”

    Need a real “women” running the show? LMFAO. Okay — how’s this: Sarah Palin and running mate Kate Gosselin. Both have the same light as cotton candy intellect and both are about as “real” as the other.

    Now you, get *real*. Please!

  • t

    How is she influential? They must have mistook her for Tina Fey playing her on SNL. LOL

  • JMO

    I don’t agree with her politics, but she is a beautiful woman.

  • Kimberlee Dash

    what an inspiration

  • Jim

    Sarah Palin has much common sense ;just what we need in Washington .

  • rhonda

    Sarah Palin is a true American patriot. Theres not a woman out there that wouldn’ die to have Sarah Palins resume. She is a self-made woman! Wasn’t a rich girl, didn’t marry a rich boy. No rich uncle, no affirmative action, go to the head of the line because your brown or black. Worked her way through college, the old-fashioned way, became a wife and mother. Didn’t like they way her kids school was being run, got herself elected to the school board, ran for mayor of her city, won, big time. Became a oil and gas regulator, put members of her own party into prison. Ran for Lt gov of Alaska, lost. Ran for gov of Alaska,, won with the highest poll numbers of any politician in the country. Became the Republican candidate for vice-president and 46 MILLION AMERICANS did vote for her and McCain. Barry never ran a damn thing, which gets clearer everyday. Barry won because he was black, went to college because he was black and has never run a lemonade stand, which is becoming quite clear. Barry couldn’t speak a straight line without his telepromter. Barry is also a cheat, has both a girlfriend and a boyfriend, keep on loving him. Obama is a complete fraud! Everything pertaining to his college life and Michelles disbarment have been placed under seal. you been punked! His real name is Barry Sotero and he grew up in Indonesia. His mother hated America and both his parent were Marxist. Went to college in America as a foreign exchange student. Why depend on what your teachers tell you. google, Karl Marx, Lenin, Mao, Chavez, Castro, Che, these are not good men, they murdered millions of their citizens. Took away everything the people had. The Chinese recognize Barry, check out their designer t-shirts of Barry Mao, Mao murdered 70 million chinese, the Chinese are not confused about Barry.

  • Cindy

    Love that woman…you liberals be afraid …be very afraid….she is AWesome!

  • Melody1836

    please, please, please Jared, no more Sarah Palin !!

  • Babs

    Commonsense? She’s as ‘dumb as a box of rocks’, and I’ll never forget her clever interview with turkeys being slaughtered in the background. McCain is a coward who thought he would outwit the Democrats by agreeing to have the second place beauty contestant placed on his ticket for the female vote…we witnessed the failure of that move. Palin is a dangerous, sick, and psychologically-deranged woman.

  • QQQ

    This woman is an idiot. She was elected governor of Alaska and quit the job because all she wanted was money, money, money and publicity, publicity, publicity. Why in the world would anyone listen to or care about what she says or thinks??

  • amy


    Sarah quit the gov position because she loved her family and her state! She was not a rich woman, at the time. The lefties were so threatened by Sarah they sued for everything she did. She wore a jacket with brand name on it and got sued, she held up a fish and got sued, they (the move-on. org) people overwhelmed the Palin family and the state of Alaska with law-suits. She was on the verge of losing her family’s home and business and the state of alaska was looking at $2 million to defend her. Her Lt Gov took over from her . She wrote her book went on booktour, made millions and now has her OWN lawyer to handle all the nuisance lawsuits, move on throws her way. Her Dad says she didn’t quit, she re-loaded! Love her, spirit

  • mouche

    I don´t share her political views, but I must admit that she is a very beautiful woman!



    Grandmother of the Bride top, cheap hose, and stripper platform shoes.

  • KIT

    Does she still intend to declare war on the COUNTRY of Africa?


    Ms. Palin, a small child has no business being dressed in an $90 J Cew necklace, a satin party dress, tacky nail polish, and silver flipflops…unless it’s dress up day AT your house or the beach.

  • Whamo

    rhonda @ 05/05/2010 at 11:52
    AH yea…too bad she’s a Freaking Retard that would divide the country like no other President in history.
    I’m sure she’s a nice lady when you get down to it but the bottom line is she hasn’t the skill to run a state never mind a country. She’s politically as smart as a bag of rocks. OKEY DOKEY!

    She is a hot piece though, can’t argue that!

  • Hal

    You know Jared, you really shouldn’t do Politics. This description was written by Ted Nugent, not Time Magazine. Yeesh.

    Oh, and Rhonda, nice racist diatribe. Massively accomplished Sarah Palin, who ran a small town in Alaska and then quit half way through her Governship, so she could make millions, is a “real American.”

    Meanwhile, Obama, who is black, isn’t. Why? Well lets see; he’s black, and um, black. Other than that? You don’t seem to have anything else.

    Sarah Palin is the political equivalent of a drive by shooting, lots a bullets fired, high body count, but…

    rarely ever hits her target…

  • Rhonda


    and the skunk in the WH is a uniter? one and he’s done, gone like the wind.


    Rhonda, Rhonda, Rhonda,

    Why are you so angry? We get it that you don’t like Obama, but why do you have to resort to racial slurs. I was always taught that an uneducated person who lacks the ability to express themselves,always use derogatory words. Why not show everyone i’m wrong.

  • jasmine

    I like it! What’s black and white and stinks all over?

  • happy girl

    uh huh, right. a real hockey mom. making MILLIONS since quitting her post as Governor. Oh, yeah a real hockey mom. Her followers are delusional if she thinks hthe #1 thing on her mind is not money. Laughable because the poor women who follow her have NOTHING in common with this very rich uneducated woman. An educated does not mean you went to “college”. And how about asking rape victims to pay for their own kit and not allowing incest victims the right to an abortion? Nice Sarah. Yeah, you really respect women. Cow.

  • QQQ


    You can defend her all you want, but the fact is she QUIT her job as governor. Most politicians who have financial or ethical difficulties stay in office and try to work things out. She chose to QUIT; she’s a loser and an idiot.

  • this woman

    is a mean, dangerous, idiotic narrow-minded bigot and religious zealot who had a witch doctor! pray over her at her “church”.


  • she just proves

    too many idiot Americans are blinded by T & A

  • well if it isn’t

    the Quitter from Twitter

    what a dumba/ss

  • has she

    learned how to read a newspaper yet?


  • she obviously

    doesn’t believe in keeping her young children in school, using them as props she drags around the country for sympathy and fake creds.

    What a TERRIBLE mother.

  • let’s check this

    record – she QUIT 4 different colleges, she QUIT her job as Governor where she could have actually put up or shut up. Her track record as a leader sucks. What a loser.

    She’s just a loud-mouthed whiner and complainer, with no idea how to fix or do anything.

  • happy girl

    How’s that “I hate elitists” thing goin for ya Sarah Palin?? While you schmooze with the elites at Time gala! Not very regular hockey mom of you is it you hypocrite! Take you, and your teen lying daughter and her loser baby daddy and go moose huntin’ or somethin’. Mediocre. Proof to kids that you don’t have to be smart to do anything in life – you just have to be greedy and selfish like Sarah.

  • J

    OMG – If Sarah Palin were a liberal you’d think she was the second coming. The only reason she is as hated as she is because she’s labeled a conservative, take away the label and she wouldn’t get the hate she gets. She got way up the ladder in Alaska and you don’t get there by being as dumb as you think she is. Truth is she has more real experience than the man we elected, if you want to get technical…then her resume is actually better.

  • Carlton West

    Thanks so much for the great article and lovely photos of gorgeous Gov. Sarah Palin. She is magnificent!

  • what does

    this idiot know about anything? 5 schools to get a college degree, then quits as governor.

    Sore loser, know-nothing mean-spirited fool.

  • denise

    Sarah Palin is a functional illiterate.

    And she looks like a tranny,

  • Inaru

    Herculean job ethic? herculean?!! she quit her job as public service when she saw an opportunity to make a buck somewhere else. This is a woman who shoots animals for sports! She is an herculean ignoramus, it’s what she is.

  • SMH

    Im an independent voter, so I could care less about either party…but I have a question for this womans fans, what has Sarah Palin done that has been good for this country? She was one of, if not the most, unqualified vice presidential canidates in our countries history. And all she has done is prove that their is a market for the uninformed and ignorant in our country. What has she done to help get this country back on track other then spew lies about the current President and make money off the uninformed in this country. She’s a walking contridiction. She quit her job as Governer to make money, plain and simple. There are a lot of Republican women of substance for women to look up to…this woman is not one of them.

  • SMH

    @ Rhonda,

    You’re ignorance on this site is beyond competition at this point and your talking points have gotten old. People view Palin as exactly what she is, a joke, making money off of people like you. When did the Republican party turn into the anti-intellectual party? The Democrats are nothing to call home about but my goodness at least they are attempting to govern this country out of the mess the Republican party created. The Republicans have done NOTHING to help the new President since being elected but disrespect him and undermine his authority. After this last decade im glad the Republicans are in the minority (I would say the same thing about the Democrats if they were the ones who were in charge the last decade and came out with the same results) because your party is a party with no ideas that celebrates IGNORANCE and at some points blatent bigotry…and your post proves my point.

    By the way, I agree with Obama on some things and some of his policies I dont, but that man is working his @ss off for this country while all you people have done is sit around staring at him all day. What have you done to help this country get back on track after im sure you marched blindly behind the previous President off a cliff. You cant even defend Sarah Palin without bringing up Obamas name because thats how pathetic some of you have become. There is a lot of critisism with no ideas of your own. Also, 65+ million people voted for Obama, or do they not count? He won both the electorial and popular vote (both Clinton nor Bush was able to do that)..Obama has won the right to govern this country how he sees fit after you folks sat in silence the previous decade while your party ran our country into the ground…well the chickens have come home to roost.

  • SMH

    @ J #34,

    If sarah would never be a liberal because she’s not intellectual enough. The far left gets on my nerves at times just like the far right, but the left at least has enough sense to put qualified women in front to represent them. Comparing her and Hillary Clinton is like comparing an igloo to the empire states building. And no, its not the truth that she has more experience then Obama so I wish some of you would stop spreading that nonsense….no one has experience at being President unless they’ve been President. Just because Palin was a Governner for a few years in a small town does not make her qualified to run the free world (exibit A President Bush). Obama has been President for a year now, which means he now has one more year in experience at actually being President then she does, so that whole ‘experience thing’ is irrelevent now. Wether you agree with his policies or not, Obama is not only politically but intellectually superior to Palin, so lets just stop with the nonsense already.

  • pizzahead

    Please Sarah Haters if you don’t like her so much why are you in this page? Go masturbate on Obama’s page. Your stupid comments will not change the mind of ANYONE so keep your stupid OPINIONS to yourself. All you are doing is regurgitating what the left wing media has told you about this woman. Be scared you liberals because all you can do is state no facts and ridicule a person and answer a question with a question. Obama is just a PUPPET just like every other president before him. Just because Obama went to Harvard doesn’t mean he is any smarter then the next guy. Last time i checked he stutters with out his TelePrompTer

  • pizzahead

    @QQQ: What all the democrats quitting now knowing they will lose the election in nov?