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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Sing and Dance at 'Fine Romance' Benefit

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Sing and Dance at 'Fine Romance' Benefit has the first video of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes singing and dancing at the Fifth Annual A Fine Romance benefit gala at 20th Century Fox on Saturday (May 1) in Century City, Calif.

Katie sings “Whatever Lola Wants” from the musical Damn Yankees and tantalizes Tom all across the stage. Check it out below!

Now we know what Katie was rehearsing the weekend before last with her good friend, So You Think You Can Dance choreographer and sometimes judge Tyce Diorio!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Sing an Dance at ‘Fine Romance’ Benefit
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  • kiki

    sweet. i love this song

  • angie

    awww they are so cute.

  • Sophie

    I just projectile vomitted all over my keyboard.

    So fake, repulsive, laughable.

  • Sarah

    Not impressed.

  • moshimoshi

    I think we just got a little inkling in what they do in the bedroom. Heh.

  • Hun

    That was funny =)

  • Walkathon 2010

    Can’t nobody walk and pose like Kate!

  • OK

    Hope she does not give up her day job of being a nothing……


    Hit the mute button!

  • Shawna

    I bet I know what they were doing after the show!

  • If you have nothing nice to…

    hmm…well…tom was good.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l..


  • mailey

    it looks very highschool. but it’s not a broadyway show.

    and they’ve been tog a few years now. nice for them. seem happy.

  • No Matter What She Does

    Tom wife is sorry boring. Dull.

  • Nile

    Did she really sing? that was good. Tom was funny. the dance was simplistic. but very cute.

  • Helen

    but… she just walked and wiggled her skirt around… is that dancing?

  • injun

    that was hilarious (which I don’t think was the intention). Dreadful.

  • Arrested Developement

    Katie does same dance in high school. (advance to 6:50)

  • Arrested Developement
  • Truthfully

    They have no sexual chemistry. It’s like she was dancing with her brother

  • Cozy

    That was cute, way all the hating!

  • Megs

    I thought it was sweet and kind of sexy!

  • http://google toni

    No comments.

  • katie stinks

    that just makes me uncomfortable
    it’s just embarrassing
    why does she do that? shes’ off, way off

  • Beth

    It’s mind-boggling to me that they invited Katie to perform at the same event as phenomenal musical theater stars Patti Lupone (Evita) Lea Salonga (Miss Saignon) and Brian Stokes Mitchell (Ragtime). She was invited because she’s married to Cruise and donated money to the DIzzy Feet Foundation. I agree that her performance was appropriate for a high school talent show.

  • Kate is a Triple Threat!

    1. Her voice is flat. Sounds like a tired teenage boy.
    2. The dance is not dancing. Reminds me of the unpopular girl performing at the summer camp talent show.
    3. The acting was confusing. Did she intend to play a sexually disturbed 57 year old woman?

  • eesh!

    katie looks like crap.

  • It’s Tom Night Again!

    The audience was mad about Tom and barely noticed Sideshow Kate. LMAO!!

  • Keeping it real

    I think some of you are missing the point. This was a BENEFIT show. having Katie Holmes perform with a surprise appearance by her husband excites people and they feel good and they give more money. That is all. Does not really matter if the performance is good or bad…it is about the benefit and treating the guests to an unforgettable show.



  • MISTAKE!!!!


  • sad-people

    why do these sad, pathetic people come and these sites and criticise for no other reason than they wish they look or have the money these people have jsut appreciate or if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.

  • missy

    I thought Katie sang well, her dancing was ok, and Tom was hilarious. The crowd certaintly seemed to enjoy the performance.
    They had fun and helped support a good cause. Lighten up, people!

  • UGH

    The original Lola from Damn Yankees, the fantastic Gwen Verdon, must be turning around in her grave. Katie can neither sing nor dance, and has absolutely no musical abilities.

  • juniper

    That was embarrassingly horrible and lame, I can not believe Tom even agreed to do this (thought he was smarter then this). It looked like he regretted it after it started and pulled away from her in the end. I do not get the feeling there is real passion in this marriage.

  • kik

    that was sexy. i love katie’s dress

  • Annie

    Total high school crap. And they have NO chemistry. She cannot dance, she just walks around the stage and does the jazz hands. Crazy tiny gay boy midget just wants to get the hell out of there and re-gel his hair and bang his boyfriend. PUKE TO THEM BOTH!!!!!!

  • who has real talent?

    i love that nic has an oscar and that neither of these desperate fools do. katie hasn’t even attended the award show. although, she does show up overdressed for the after parties. it’s sad really.

  • Katrina515

    Wouldn’t you just know . . I used up all my dramamine on the last Aniston thread.

  • SAYWOT????????

    That obviously was a big “FCUK YOU’ to all the haterz (yes, i’m looking at you – the sh!trags interns reading this as well as all the imbeciles who eat up all the cr@p you spew every week about people whose azzes youre not even fit to lick – yes, that means all you pieces of dipsh!t upthread who are obviously eating crow and spewing sour grape juice) because this couple has shown that they are still very much together as man-and-wife and a family.

    Go on now!. Eat up that crow, lick that bowl and love it.

  • nik

    her dancing is very stiff and awkward (actually it’s awful), but her singing has really improved over the years. it’s not the best voice, but she is a good singer. and she looks like she was having fun.

  • Meow!

    She sounds/acts like a cat in heat.

  • Question

    why was kate so sweaty after rehearsal? is walking such a challenge for her?

  • Ham and cheese

    look tommy comes out hiding his plastic surgery heals well. Time to see him everywhere gooooood. Not

  • Bosie

    OF COURSE tom cruise would do this number..*Check out, “KINKY BOOTS” abotu a drag queen saving a shoe factory in the UK..based on a true story.

    CRAZY tom cruise should come out of the closet and do his musical numbers proudly.
    HE IS A BAD ACTOR anyways.

  • carla

    lots of haters here. i think it was cute

  • Melissa

    Why can’t she say Lola? It sounds weird. I think Katie is pretty, but that wasn’t sexy. Not sure why that needed to be choreographed. There wasn’t much content.

  • itstrueagain

    Yuck is right.

  • Susie#1

    It’s amazing just how untalented Katie is. Her voice and accent are horrible, and she CAN’T dance. There is nothing sexy about her. Maybe it was supposed to be a comedy routine.

  • pr person

    OMG! THAT was hideous!! There should be a warning on that video…Listen at your own risk. May cause ear bleeding. Ugh! She can’t sing and that wasn’t dancing. Good greif! To her people or whomever keeps telling her that she can do these things… You REALLY aren’t doing her any favors!!