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Hayden Christensen Rings NASDAQ Opening Bell!

Hayden Christensen Rings NASDAQ Opening Bell!

Hayden Christensen and CEO of (RED) Susan Smith Ellis ring the NASDAQ Opening Bell to mark the beginning of the Lazarus Effect Campaign in New York City on Thursday (May 6).

The campaign equates what the average person can buy with 40 cents–from a stick of gum to a smear of lipstick–to what the same amount would mean to someone with HIV/AIDS in Africa; another day of life transforming medication.

The broadcast of The Lazarus Effect documentary airs on Monday (May 24) @ 9PM on HBO.

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Photos: Zef Nikolla
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  • padme

    always nice to see Hayden without that troll (aka his fiancee Ratchel Biatchson)….

  • never again please

    & the market tanked

  • ida

    hayden… <3….dreamy ^_^

  • jamie

    Is great to see Hayden in these events, he looks very happy. Love you Hayden! :D

  • mimi

    yeah the market tanked bad today, I hope they’ve learned their lesson and don’t invite him back again.

  • scrug

    why him???

  • lexy hates bilson

    I can’t figure out why Rachel wouldn’t take advantage of these press opportunties and be at these events! Instead she’s doing fake photo opps at LAX and pretending the paps follow her around at all hours of the night! What happened at her attempts to be a humanitarian? Her big trip to Africa and bracelet?

  • jae

    @never again please:

    lol because i’m sure there’s a connection between the market tanking and hayden. stop being so desperate, hater. the market tanks all the time.

  • Lake

    @Lexy, because this isn’t “her” cause, she can’t milk it for PR attention or any kind of freebies so she isn’t interested. Never mind that most couples support each other in their endeavors. Not these two. I doubt he would have taken her to the Met Gala if he hadn’t already been in town for this. I love Hayden, but this relationship with Bilson is toxic, he’s changed a great deal since becoming involved with her.

  • Viper

    Change yes and not for the better

  • http://justjared lillybell05

    I just got this weeks People and they say the rumor is that Hayden and Rachel will marry this summer outside his home in Toronto. Don’t know if it is true, I hope it is not true but it probably is. sad.

  • Publicity Stunt

    Well, Summer is just a couple weeks away, so she better buy a dress right now.

    Oh, wait, he has a movie coming right? Time to crank out the marriage rumors and pregnancy rumors and do lots of PSA’s. LOL

    He’s not going to marry her. I’m not saying he won’t ever marry, but it won’t be to her.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Rachel’s no fool. Who else is going to pay her bills?? Her dad isn’t that rich – like his daughter’s HW career, his career never quite took off.
    Good point Publicity Stunt – let’s see if she starts playing hide the ring and showing up at Dr’s offices in puffy clothes…going into the drug store and coming out with home pregnancy tests in hand while she carries a suitcase sized purse!
    @ Lake – she has no causes. Shopping isn’t a cause and at least when she’s next to him people know who she is. I’m convinced that Twitter pic of them at the theater a while back posing with fans – those kids thought she was Demi Lovato! Bet they were disappointed!

  • they can’t win!

    Some of you are hilarious the way you act like you know what Hayden and Rachel are like when they are by themselves behind clolsed doors! You have no real idea why she went back to LA, so you say she does not support him, and should “be with him”. If she had stayed to go with him, you probably would have said she was trying to upstage him, and was trying to horn in on his limelight, that she was doing it just to “get her photo taken”. They need to do things by themselves sometimes, so they are not always accused of riding each other’s coat tails. That may be why he did not go to her Gen Art film Waiting for Forever–she was busy on stage, and left the next mornig to go back to LA, so not much time to even see her.

    There are several articles in the blog section on Google where it states Rachel had her representative respond to People magazine with a brief statement–”There are no (wedding) plans. No dates have been set.” So you should feel better now. Hayden and Rachel are old enough to know whether or not they are in love, they have the support of both of their families, as well. Being engaged for awhile, not being in a rush to get married, will help them be sure before they do get married (as sure as Hollywood marriages get), if they do get married.. They are a five hour plane ride away from each other, if they want to see one another.

    Good cause for Hayden to be in, nice to see him active again!

  • Publicity Stunt

    You don’t need to be engaged for over a year before getting married, if you have to date a person for more than 9 months before know you want to marry them then they are not the one for you.

    You don’t get engaged to see if you want to get married, you date to see if you want to get married and that only takes nine months.

    But, they will both realize that in time

    The ONLY legitimate reason to have a protracted engagement is if you’re planning a HUGE, EXPENSIVE wedding…but they have NO wedding plans!

    HC is just a boyfriend, he does not support her, – why should a bf support her?! – she has always supported herself.

    Her family pays her agent and she pays her airfare to visit him.

    After dating for over three years if it was meant to be and if it was a GOOD match they would have been married ages ago.

    Again, experience knows better.

    Even that trash mag, Cosmopolitan, just confirmed that couple who live together generally don’t marry.

    Couples who date more than a year prior to getting engaged generally don’t marry or stay married.

  • they can’t win!

    @ Publicity Stunt And I assume you yourself are married, after only dating 9 months, were not engaged very long, and must have been married for many years in order to be able to give this advice with such conviction? I must have made a mistake, then, because I dated for 2 1/2 years in a long distance relationship before getting engaged. I am still married 10 years later, looking forward to many more. I have a friend, dated a guy for 6 months and got engaged, they were divorced less than 2 years later. My parents dated three years before marrying, and are still married to each other, as well.

    Everyone is different, you can’t make random rules that put a time limit on when a couple is ready for marriage! it is easy to get married, staying married is the real trick. I have respect for people who take the time they need before getting married, no matter how much time that is. And time will tell what happens with Hayden and Rachel as far as getting married goes!

  • LOL

    @Lexy the fans at the theater are Hayden’s cousins, so I would assume they know who both are.

    @Publicity Stunt what book did you read to get the 9 month thought from? Lots of people date for longer than that prior to getting engaged.
    I think it’s great that they are not rushing into marriage.

    Serious you get relationship advice from cosmo? I pity you.

  • Puglicity Stunt

    @17 Statistics don’t lie, why buy the cow when you can get he milk for free!

    They have no wedding plans after being engaged for year and a half?

    You don’t have to have tons of experiences and a perfect marriage to know that something is fishy.


    While I think the cause is good, I have some concerns.

    Firstly, I don’t understand where they get that the pills cost .40 cents a day. Second, I fear that kids today will think that AIDS is a treatable disease, it is not, there is no cure and anti virals will cost the average AIDS patient over a half-million dolors over a life time.

    Also, the AIDS virus in Africa is not the same as here in the West. It’s more responsive to anti virals than the HIV here in the west, and it’s also a less deadly version of the Western HIV virus, but it still kills, but not as compared to the HIV in the West.

    This is a differnt anti viral for a differnt version of HIV than what we have here in the West. It costs thousands of dollors a month to treat HIV here in the States and Canada and an HIV patient may be dropped from any insurance plan at any time.

    Lack of the full story will only make things worse for people.

    If there are some large pharmaceutical labs who have teamed up with other charitable agencies like Doctors Without Borders to provide meds at less than whole sale or cost (meaning they are taking a loss to make them) providing we donate 40. cents a day then that really should be clarified.

    That being said, I think that if they would give more information then this would be a great cause, what I hear is this; “Don’t worry about getting HIV, it’s treatable (it’s not) and it only costs .40Cents a day for the meds (also false for here in the States).

  • the truth


  • Rumors

    If you ppl read about the so called wedding rumor it was also stated by her Agent that the wedding isn’t happening they have no plans for a summer wedding. As for the length of a engagement most ppl usually marry 6 to 1 year after getting engaged., Also many ppl who are very sure they want to get married will do it without truly waiting it out. Even ppl with big wedding ideas usually are again married within a year. I’m with those that believe this is more or less an arragement and not a real love match. Something is very wrong with this man and the way he behaves with woman.

    This was the article:
    Bilson Dismisses Summer Wedding Rumours
    5 May 2010 12:06 PM, PDT | WENN | See recent WENN news »

    Actress Rachel Bilson has brushed off rumours she’s set to wed her fiance Hayden Christensen in Canada this summer.

    The former The O.C. star became engaged to her actor beau in December, 2008 after meeting on the set of 2006 movie Jumper.

    Speculation about the couple’s impending nuptials has been rife in recent months following reports of a secret wedding and pregnancy – which were both subsequently denied.

    Now Bilson has been forced to quell fresh talk the stars will exchange vows in a low key ceremony on Christensen’s remote ranch later this year, insisting she’s yet to organise anything to do with her nuptials.

    She tells People magazine, “There are no (wedding) plans.”

    A rep for Bilson adds, “No dates have been set.” »

  • jamie

    People here talking bad things about Hayden and Rachel because they don’t make humanitarian work, and now Hayden is doing one. It’s funny because haters keep talking badly of him LOL

    Why don’t you take a look at yourself and wonder what you’re doing to help someone? Is very easy to criticize, why don’t you take the example of Hayden and help someone? People here are so ridiculous that make me laugh.

  • http://justjared lillybell05

    @the truth it is in the May 17th issue with Bret Michael on the cover, It’s on page 28.


    What he’s doing is a good thing and treat it as such. about the wedding rumors she said that no date has been set and that it was on the back burner so say.Rachel is not rready to get married nor is hayden. it was in intouch magazine last year that it was going to be this spring not summer. she suppose to have moved with him last year and she didn’t ok .Need to stop making up rumors And rachel won’t say a word about that either.She need to make a statement herself instead are leading people on like this.If she’s not going to get married anytime soon she need to say so. so you people can stop talking about it. That what the rule book says about that. Because she’ wasting people time about not saying anything. About the movie there is no movie coming in june.If it its limited.Hayden is trying to do something good and you all are talking about a wedding. Do you see rachel doing anything like that? mThis rachel thing should have been over by now. Rachel is using this to stay in the limelight cause she don’t have nothing to do.She has trird everthing so far. The baby rumor the secret engagement the secret wedding from last year.Now that spring has come there is no wedding date are any kind.All this to keep her in limelight. While out there doing thing she running around in la doing nothing. But to me it is odd that she is not with in new york. There are nom excuses for her not to be with him.Also thaye just start so-called dating in 08. ans it wasn’t confrim about either are them about dating are engageed it was rumor anyway. Rachel just went on with that lie to please the public. How many men she been seem with when he’s not there. THe marriage wouldn’t worr anyway. You know rachel loves to be with different guys.This hayden’s monent let him have it!

  • jae

    @Publicity Stunt:

    LOL are you serious? 9 months? you probably think that saying i love you after dating someone for 2 weeks is normal too.

  • Amber-louise

    @Publicity Stunt: Haha! Cosmo? Are you kidding me? My husband and I lived together and we actually DID get married, so there goes that theory.

  • LOL

    Cosmo advice is valuable just ask PS, she’ll tell you LOL.

    @PS people are different, nobody else can decide what may or may not work in a relationship they are not involved in.

    As for Hayden was looking around the net, his involvement in this cause is worthy as he has had an Aunt die from AIDS, or complications of it, it was also reported that everyone donated their time.

    However I agree with the person that explained the difference in medication-it is much more expensive in the western world however in Africa medical support is that much harder to locate and receive support-anything people can do to help is better than nothing at all.

    I sponsor a child in Africa for that very reason.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Why would Hayden’s FAMILY need to pimp out pics of him and Rachel on Twitter?? Also since you seem to be an expert and we’re talking about family – where exactly are these brothers of Rachel’s??

  • ida

    oh God! why are you being so mean and negative about their decision to get engaged and not planning for a marriage right after? maybe the guy, thought that she was very important to him and didnt want anybody else to get know “he liked it and he putted a ring on it”.
    i dont like rachel to be honest. i would prefer it if he left her ;P

  • caren

    @ Ida I agree with you, that Hayden made her his fiance to show his commitment, he talked about wanting to marry and start a family when Jumper came out. In September 2008, Rachel in a magagzine interview stated she wanted to wait on getting married a couple of years or so, it was in the future for her. I think Rachel is the one wanting to wait on marriage, more than Hayden is.

    It seems Hayden has a new movie he will be making, and Tove is one of the producers, called “The Genesis Code”, according to Variety. The article is on the internet, if anyone is interested. And for those who need it in Variety to have it be “official”, you have it there.

  • Sandy


    Giving a woman a ring to ‘hold her’ and not marry her is stringing her along. If RB is naive enough to fall for the oldest trick in the book to avoid marriage that is on her.

  • jolene

    hayde is a wonderful guy inside and out!! he looks so cute!!

  • EZobsessions

    the only reason you guys hate rachel bilson is because you are jealous of her, i used to be like that to dont get me wrong, but now that ive watched jumper a few times and did some research on her she seem kind of cool! and hey dont you guys want to be like everything hayden? than y not support him in the one thing he cares about most!

  • platforme

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