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Joaquin Phoenix Celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Joaquin Phoenix Celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Joaquin Phoenix heads to Bardot Hollywood with a friend to celebrate Cinco de Mayo on Wednesday (May 5) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor, who was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, sat in the Corzo VIP section of the lounge’s patio to watch Jane’s Addiction perform. Spies at the hotspot said Joaquin even showed off some dance moves on his way out!

10+ pictures inside of Joaquin Phoenix celebrating Cinco de Mayo…

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Credit: John Shear, Hellmuth Dominguez; Photos: WireImage, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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364 Responses to “Joaquin Phoenix Celebrates Cinco de Mayo”

  1. 1
    Mata Hari Says:

    He was born in Puerto Rico because his family were traveling Hippie missionaries with the Children Of God. They tried to establish a church in San Juan. my father was born in the Panama Canal Zone but he is not Panamanian. Joaquin was the only one of the five children born there.

  2. 2
    Marie Claire Says:

    Fashionista-Who never leaves the state you were born in-never travels the world/UK 1991/Judy and all of your various aliases….your rantings must do wonders for your bipolar sense of inferiority.

  3. 3
    Jo Says:

    LOVE seeing him back to his normal handsome self!!

  4. 4
    flor Says:

    looooveeeee this man so much. Such a fine actor. I have so much respect for him. God bless you Joquin!

  5. 5
    Amber-louise Says:

    I like him. I wish I could have went, Janes Addiction rocks live.

  6. 6
    plouf Says:

    you see? Now, tell me that he’s not dating amanda demme, hard to believe

  7. 7
    joi Says:

    He is dating Amanda Demme? How can that be? I thought she is lesbian?

  8. 8
    kookabear Says:

    do we all get it now that the whole “rap’” thing ws nothing more than a stunt?

  9. 9
    billie Says:

    If he is doing Amanda Demme I will laugh hysterically until I pee my pants. Even though she says she is “bi”…..I’m seeing full out lesbo. Sorry lol but come on, we’re all thinking it.

    I bet she has sex with her stupid hat on her head the whole time.

  10. 10
    billie Says:

    Either it’s a dirty camera, or Joaquin has a lot of orbs following him around.

  11. 11
    meg Says:

    I like Joaquin very cool and also a good actor

  12. 12
    trust Says:

    Hey! Plouf! Joaquin was there because the band are friends with Aria and she was there too! He’s dating Aria, she’s always around when he goes somewhere

  13. 13
    anonymous Says:

    Aria went last night! joaquin went on may 5th! Get it right!!! She is not friends with Janes addiction! Trust me!!!!!

  14. 14
    mickey mouse Says:

    Aria did NOT go honey. Look at the date when she posted that. She posted it LAST NIGHT. JP went there the night before. So Aria was not there.

  15. 15
    anonymous Says:

    I meant to say aria DIDNT go…..In response to trust…….

  16. 16
    anonymous Says:

    You can tell that joaquin has lost alot of weight in his body but my god why does his face still look bloated?…..

  17. 17
    anonymous Says:

    Have any of you read the reports about his mockumentary? It sounds absolutely disgusting! Apparently the buyers said Jp is snorting cocaine, having oral sex, frontal nudity(although it doesnt say if it is him) treating his assistants abusively and worst of all…someone defecates on Jp while he is sleeping!!!! WTF???!!!!!!! This sounds crazy and I honestly dont see the point in it all….GROSS!!!!!

  18. 18
    Hey Says:

    Some1 posted this on twitter. Should I contact them and ask for details?! I don’t wanna be rude. lol

    AlexandraBwood wrote

    “Jen thinks I’m cool because I saw Joaqin Phoenix this week..I however don’t care for Dlisters like him. Why couldn’t I have seen TIMBERLAKE?”

  19. 19
    Dracula Says:

    Frontal nudity? FABULOUS!!!

    Let’s not judge the film before we see it. Who knows? These may be deliberate leaks meant to elicit certain assumptions and expectations. I think the only thing we can safely count on is that the film won’t be boring.

  20. 20
    anonymous Says:

    In response to hey…..apparently someone has been in contact with that alexandraBwood and they have been tweeting back and forth…well alexandraBwood said that He/she saw Jp walking down the street with a guy and a girl young enough to be his niece…alexandraBwood also mentioned that the girl had long red hair….looks to be haning with lena!!!! HAHA!!! Thought it was funny about the niece thing….this guy is a pig!!!!

  21. 21
    Petty Says:

    Well it’s quite obvious Joaquin is all about casual relationships. He is gross. At least it wasn’t Aria! lmao. But yeah I agree he is a pig. It’s laughable to say he is “in a relationship” with anyone, because we all know the truth. He uses various girls for a while, throws them away and replaces them with new girls. He’s dirty.

  22. 22
    anonymous Says:

    Don’t believe random tweets and tabloid trash. Yesterday someone tweeted that Bethenny Frankel had a boy who weighed over six pounds. It made the internet rounds despite the fact that she had a girl who weighed 4 pounds, 12 oz. As for Joaquin, I’ve never heard one of his former girlfriends or dates say anything negative about him. We have, however, heard a lot about his kindness and generosity towards many charities. He has a big heart.

  23. 23
    anonymous Says:

    the person on twitter was a random person. not a joaquin fan. i highly doubt this person wasn’t credible. …especially since she didn’t really give a lot of details

  24. 24
    solace Says:

    NEW PICS OF HIM AND ARIA, lot of tenderness, they’re still together!

  25. 25
    anonymous Says:

    yah I saw those…as for the tenderness…umm…that is on aria’s part…not joaquins….it doesnt mean he is any more serious with this trash….aria is more into him then he is her…that is for sure….this french trash makes me throw up…..and lately he is too….

  26. 26
    haha Says:

    I now have NO doubts that he is with other girls. Look at his body language towards her! She hugs him, he looks uncomfortable. He’s sitting there like a paranoid schizo watching for cameras, and she is sitting there all la dee da. How stupid can she be?! LMAO

  27. 27
    The Librarian Says:

    Oh wow, what a lovely Mother’s Day gift those photos are! Joaquin has turned into a complete douche. I have lost all respect for him over dating this retarded and talentless chick. What a waste he is.

  28. 28
    Kendal Says:

    ^^^Especially since someone on twtter confirmed that they saw him walking with a “red haired girl” this week. That makes him a even bigger douche. 2 for the price of one with this man…oh wait, there is also a brunette he’s been seeing. Sex addict much?

  29. 29
    The Librarian Says:

    Oh stop with the Lena bs story already really. It’s a total crock and he just got photographed AGAIN with Aria. Let it rest people!

  30. 30
    anonymous Says:

    wow…I dont understand why it is hard for anyone to believe the Lena stories…just because they are not pictured together?…Jp has not been pictured with every girl he has dated…if that is the case then I guess he has only been with like 8-10 girls if that….the person on twitter that claimed to see him with “lena” is not a JP fan so I cant understand why they would be making up the story…let’s face…lena or not…aria is not the only girl he is sleeping with….he does in fact have other women…he just doesnt always get PICTURED with them! Besides, this aria wh@re probably tipped off the paparrazzi…would you be surprised?…I certainly wouldnt.

  31. 31
    Dracula Says:

    It’s interesting the way Joaquin is staring right at the camera in these photos, as if he wants to be caught on film. Upon noticing the photographer, he might’ve asked for a more private table (they’re at such a public, east to spot table), but he stayed. Unusual behavior for someone who normally shuns the cameras.

  32. 32
    shamrock Says:

    interesting point dracula maybe he’s trying to make lena jealous.

  33. 33
    anonymous Says:

    Or he probably just figured….well we’re here might as well just stay…kinda thing…I highly doubt he would actually WANT to be photographed with her…..that is just my thought on it!

  34. 34
    nonomo Says:

    or hes tring to make the girl with brown hair jealous

  35. 35
    Ginger Says:

    Could someone please give me the link to the new pics of him with Aria all over him. I have already seen the Oscar pics and the ones where he was with Amanda and you could see Aria in the background and him ignoring her especially when he and Amanda got in the car. Are there more. ? Would appreciate it. Thanks

  36. 36
    flynnster Says:

    When Joaquin was spotted in NY at the restaurant in the West Village that my friend works at about a month or so ago, he was openly affectionate with the brown haired girl that he was with. Photos here look to have kind of an awkward vibe between these two.

  37. 37
    anonymous Says:

    Gee, tell us more, Flynnster.

  38. 38
    Jethro Says:

    Oh yes flynnster, please tell us more!

  39. 39
    mindy Says:

    My guess: Joaquin DID break up with her. Hence her sad tweets, and the long period of time he took his little trips to NY with amanda to see his other girlfriend…and the clubs he went to without her. Notice he is reading something in the pics? Looks to be a script of some sort. Aria has been reading a script for a movie she is supposed to be in. My guess is Aria wanted to meet with him to “discuss her script”, and then tried to weasel her way back to being with him. Hence the fact his body language is uncomfortable, and giving off the “get off of me” vibes. And for those who are in denial about Lena and the brunette….quit being naive. The story isn’t being “pushed”. The only people talking about her are his fans. There has been no inside scoop to their relationship, other than one person who made one post like 2 months ago. This isn’t Christy Bella Joiner….where some nut plastered her pics everywhere and photoshopped them together. We have seen very few pics of lena, and the ones we did see were stolen from her myspace (which is beyond stalker status) just like what happened to teuta. She even deleted her myspace I noticed, and left her facebook on private. So leave the poor girl alone. She has done nothing wrong unlike aria who is milking their fling for as long as she can. My god..I understand the aria bashing because she is attention seeking. But these other girls are being ripped apart when all they’ve done is try to avoid attention.

  40. 40
    Ab Says:

    Exactly anonymous # 31. Joaquin is rarely ever photographed with a girl, that means nothing. Like someone else pointed out, Aria is a pop singer. Therefore she isn’t camera shy. She will go to public events because she IS in the entertainment business. She will tag along to business meetings with Amanda Demme, who could help her SINGING career since she is involved in music. She isn’t going to be hiding out like his other girls do, because they are “normal” people and she is an entertainer. People keep waiting for “confirmation” about how many women he is with. You’ll be waiting forever then. He isn’t photographed with the women he is sleeping with. Neither are the vast majority of celebrity cheaters/womanizers. But when one of the many women you’re with happens to be in the entertainment business (WITH AN ALBUM COMING OUT SOON HINT HINT) you will likely be spotted with them more than some random *****. It ain’t rocket science. Joaquin is trashy. Joaquin likes to sleep with a lot of women. Believe it or not he DOES. Doesn’t matter what their names are, if you’ve heard of them, if you’ve seen them together. He is doing what he always does: treating women like sex objects.

  41. 41
    trythis Says:

    my god, you’re so naive!!! he’s with her, just look at them, the way she’s with him, behind his back…. Are you blind or what?

  42. 42
    Seriously Says:

    31 and 41 – You are botgh seriously full of sh*t. Ok, Amanda Demme helping her singing career. I think not! And Aria a “celebrity!” Really? How many people on this thread had ever even heard of that girl prior to her relations with him? Anyone? Probably not. What are his dogs celebrity fame wh**es now too? Come on now.

  43. 43
    anonymous Says:

    Go F yourself Seriously! You dont know sh!t. Beleive what you want! HAHA!!!!

  44. 44
    trythis Says:

    Crazy people! he’s reading the menu, can’t sou see it? And after we can see him eating whil Aria is drinking something. And look how she looks at him and the way she’s holding him, do you really think that we’re doing that between friends? Come on! You don’t like her, ok! I don’t like her too but, even if I’m sad to say it: he’s dating her, it’s just front of you!!
    And if you read her twitter page, yes, something happened because she stopped talking of him since the video where she was with him at this restaurant, she’s more discret now, more private. Just read her last twitt, what she says about a relation and you will understand everything. They are together, we see them since few months now so, even if you don’t like the truth, it is still the truth, I’m sorry.
    Your story with Lena, other girls, what funny stories: people said, a friend of mine saw, he twitted that… Bulsh** Only people who continues to alimentate a gossip.

  45. 45
    sweet Says:

    I totally agree.

  46. 46
    anonymous Says:

    I actually never said he wasnt dating aria…I said he was dating many women and not just her!!!!!!! Yah…look at the pics of her and him…she is all lovey dovey with him…hugging him from behind, looking at him with a smitten look…it is obvious!!!! I know!!!! BUT look at his body language, he is hardly looking at her, doesnt give too sh@ts that she is hugging him from behind and it is NOT because he sees the paps!!! He notices them while he is eating… I KNOW HE IS DATING HER!!! And yes, I know it is a menu…Im not the one who said it was a script!!!!! My god people….my point is that Aria is obviously thinking this “relationship” is more then what he thinks!!! He is with MANY women!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. 47
    Seriously Says:

    Looks like Aria is the only one he takes time to feed then huh? As trythis said above, I don’t particularly care for the twit either, but he is dating her. Get over it already.

  48. 48
    anonymous Says:

    You obviously cant read! U need to get over it! LOL!!!!!!!

  49. 49
    Dracula Says:

    Seriously, you’re funny! I love the line about the dogs being fame whores! HaHaHa!!!! Well, they are very charismatic and probably very talented too. They’ve passed their screen test. I can’t wait to see them in their first feature film, “Tails-A-Wagging.” Hopefully Joaquin’s tail has a cameo.

  50. 50
    mama Says:

    just one thing I don’t understand: why nit waiting and take a photo of them, holding hands or kissing? I thought of that and the answer came to me: because they didn’t so, really, I start to think that Aria is in love but, him, he just like her very much. His body language on the pics with her are strange, is hands are towards himself like if he was closed. The only tenderness comes from her and he always have his glasses…. Weird!

  51. 51
    ariaisawful Says:

    Some papparazzi has got to take a photo of them kissing or holding hands to prove to the world they’re dating cause I am not buying it at all. shes deff in this “relationship” alone. cause he doesnt seem too thrilled. maybe it”s him trying to prove to us he’s normal again? We get it Joaquin, no need to prove anything. We love you!
    I would just love to hear from his people/himself that him and aria are an item cause this is total bs

  52. 52
    anonymous Says:

    You cant be an item when you have various “relationships” going on with many other women….aria thinks they are an item…and she is the only one…oh yah…besides the other crazies on this board!

  53. 53
    hey Says:

    I don’t know, I read all the comments and some say that he’s in love with Aria: IMDB for example, or the site itself dedicated to her band. I’m sad because I don’t want to see him with a girl like her, I’m sorry she’s too superficial and pretentious, that’s my thought.

  54. 54
    hi Says:

    You don’t even know her.Is stupid to judge.

  55. 55
    Losers Says:

    Apparently some of you are incredibly naive. I think you outta know a little something: Celebrities often CALL the paparazzi and tell them where they’re going to be, so they will get their picture taken in the press. Now why is it that Joaquin has dated SO many women in the past few years, and rarely ever had his picture taken with them? He is currently “dating” other women as of right now as well, and none of them were photographed with him (only a few sightings). Yet suddenly with Aria consequently he is photographed having lunch with her? Consequently right at the entrance of the cafe in the front. Wonderful view for the paps to take their picture huh? News flash: ARIA CALLED THE PAPARAZZI! How dense can you guys be? She wanted her picture taken with him, and called them to let the know where they’d be. Funny that the have been “dating” (aka sleeping together) for only 3 months….and every time they go out, they’re photographed together! Yet he has ‘dated’ women such as Josie and Teuta and many others for much much longer than that, and was hardly ever/NEVER photographed with them. Do the math people. Aria is promoting her album which is about to be released. She just shot her music video recently.

  56. 56
    haha Says:

    “Try this” you’re pretty stupid. You CLEARLY don’t know Joaquin. Joaquin is without a doubt in this world, with several girls right now. It amazes me that you can see a photo of them at a cafe and think you “know” about their relationship. You don’t know a thing. Did Joaquin look HAPPY in those pictures to you? Because I saw Aria trying to hug him, and Joaquin denying her attempts of affection. Red flag much? That’s not what boyfriends do. Any idiot with eyes can see he looked pissed off in those photos. There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week. And you seem to think that you know what goes on behind closed doors because of a PICTURE. When even looking at the picture you can tell he was not in a good mood. And no it wasn’t due to the one paparazzi guy either. You don’t deny your “dates” attempt at hugging you, because you’re afraid of your picture being taken in a PUBLIC cafe. In fact, has there been a time where Joaquin looked remotely like a boyfriend to Aria? All I have ever seen is Joaquin forcing her to stay away from him in public, making her driver herself home while he takes his car alone, and going to NYC for a week without her to bone his other girlfriend. Wake up Joaquin fanbots. Your little innocent baby is actually a pig.

  57. 57
    Re:strange Says:

    Strange, you might be the biggest fool of all. You are obviously a Joaquin obsessed fan who can’t deal with the fact that he sleeps around. No one denied that aria is one of the women he is sleeping with. DUH. No one denied that. What we ARE denying is that he is exclusive with her. It is simply not true. And you are in complete denial to think otherwise. Oh wait, but they were photographed having lunch! That MUST mean they’re ready to run to the alter!! You people have the emotional maturity of a high school student. I guess when Gawker reported Joaquin leaving Voyeur with an “intoxicated young brunette” that was just nothing huh? And quit taking Aria’s TWEETS seriously. That moron was claiming she was “in love” with him after they were dating for ONE MONTH. And currently they have only been “together” for 3 months. And we don’t even know if they were together the whole time, or if they were on and off again. So quit acting like a crazy Joaquin obsessed fan. He is an old dirty loser who likes to sleep around with 20 year old rich girls. He’s disgusting.

  58. 58
    anonymous Says:

    in Regards to Losers, HAHA and Re:strange…THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! This is what I have been trying to get across to these psychos and they kept saying I was duludional and blind!!! LOL!!!! Glad I am people on my side!…Next thing ya know they will say it is the same person posting under a different name… Pathetic!!!!!

  59. 59
    Re:strange Says:

    Their problem is that they want their little Joaqy to be this sweet little angel. A committed boyfriend in a monogamous relationship. They don’t want to believe that he is really a 35 year old man who sleeps around with numerous girls who are way too young for him. Engages in open relationships, has casual sex with trust fund babies, and all of the above. Liv was his girlfriend, did he treat her the way he does Aria in public? Nope. Aria is Joaquin’s lap dog. Joaquin couldn’t show any more signs of being disinterested in her, and she still follows him around like an idiot. So let them live in denial. Because you know, if he isn’t photographed with a girl..that means he is NOT with anyone else. It is only when you see pictures of Joaquin with girls that he is with them. Especially pictures of Joaquin ignoring them in public. Now that is all the proof I need! If we don’t SEE him with anyone else, that means he isn’t with anyone else. Because see, Joaquin has a camera man following him 24/7. So we see what he does all day every day.

  60. 60
    free Says:

    the pics basically sum what has been said all along. aria is clingy and loves the fact that the cameras are taking her photo with a celebrity, and joaquin looks distant, uninterested, paranoid, angry and bored.

  61. 61
    anonymous Says:

    Exactly RE:strange!!!!! Couldnt agree with you more!!!!

  62. 62
    anonymous Says:

    “Joaquin looks distant, uninterested, paranoid, angry and bored”…YUP! He was probably embarrassed to be there with a talentless loser who writes cheesy songs like aria!!!! Who can blame him?….I loved the bit about aria being referred to as a lap dog!! LOL!! Too funny! So true!!!

  63. 63
    Seriously Says:

    Am I missing something or did someone actually post on this thread under the name Strange? Now who’s an idiot? ‘Nuff said :)

  64. 64
    anonymous Says:

    Your still the idiot Seriously because you seem to think that he is only with aria….LOL!

  65. 65
    Maria Says:

    Well here’s an interesting piece of information. Why don’t you guys go on over to the Gawker website. A ‘Gawker Stalker Administrator’ spotted him exiting a store with a redhead yet again. So how many times has an eye witness spotted him with lena now? How long are his delusional fans going to deny it now? This is now the SECOND time someone has seen him with a redhead…and we all know she is LENA. So, case closed.

  66. 66
    anonymous Says:

    HAHA!!! Another sighting of JP with the redhead girl!!!!! Must be Lena…It is on the IMDB boards…but oh wait…since it is a “sighting” and not a picture it must be bullsh@t right?….yah…

  67. 67
    Maria Says:

    Yeah I just posted about it here. Lets see who continues to deny that he is with her now. So far we’ve had a random twitter sighting of them together from a NON Joaquin fan. And now we have spotting him with her as well. Give it up, he is banging lena, and god knows who else.

  68. 68
    anonymous Says:

    Oh hey maria our posts must have crossed!!! Too funny that now two different sightings have been made…but just you wait…since there are no pics no one will believe it! Go to Lenas facebook page and see the quotes she is writing! Maybe that will tell ya something!!! Lol!!!! Although…she seems a little delusional herself to think that she is in a “relationship” with him….just like aria does….HA! This man is a freaking dirty PIG!!!!!

  69. 69
    Maria Says:

    I know, all of joaquins “girlfriends” are delusional idiots. But no one is worse than aria. Someone wrote to her on twitter saying that she was in the tabloids this week when she went to lunch with joaquin. She ASKED for SCANS from the magazine! And you know whats funny? The paparazzo who took their picture, works for the FRENCH press. Which means, French little Aria called them up and told them she would be out with a celebrity. Then consequently she was in the french tabloids just days later. What a USER. No wonder why he is never photographed with his previous girls/current ones…EXCEPT for aria. Because that no talent user is calling the paparazzi so they’ll snap her picture with him.

  70. 70
    anonymous Says:

    I had a feeling that is what was going on regarding her twitter page…she thinks just because it is written in french that no one will catch on?…again…STUPID ARIA!!!! MAybe she will get a good look at them and see how annoyed Jp looked (even BEFORE) the paps were snapping! But yah…I totally agree…she def. called the paps on this one!!!

  71. 71
    Anon Says:

    Aria ALWAYS calls the paps. Why do you think she is the only one to be photographed with him out s, when they’ve only known each other for a few short months? When has joaquin EVER been photographed dining with his other women before? How about, never. Aria is calling the paparazzi so she’ll get in the press. And PROOF of that: she just tweeted someone and asked them to send her the french tabloid magazine that had her pictures with him in it. Who does that? She is ecstatic that she is actually in the tabloids because she is a desperate loser.

  72. 72
    kkbrown Says:

    maybe joaquin needs to go online once in a while & see what aria is doing. he probably has no clue she is asking people to send her tabloid pics of them together, and writing publicity seeking tweets all the time. joaquin HATES the press especially tabloids. and aria on the other hand is asking someone to send her tabloid pics of them together. joaquin is just as stupid as she is for not seeing how much she is using him.

  73. 73
    anonymous Says:

    Oh I completely agree with you anon…I was basically saying the same thing…that aria called the paps on this…and for her to ask for the scans just proves how much of a desperate publicity hound she is! I really wish Jp would do something about this french trash…such as get rid of her for good!!!!!!

  74. 74
    zzzzzzz Says:

    maybe i am seeing things…but look @ lena’s facebook pic…….

  75. 75
    anonymous Says:

    Hmm…..could be him…looks like his broad back…but who knows…I wouldnt doubt it though. If it is then Lena is giving her subtle messages too I suppose..

  76. 76
    zzzzzzz Says:

    im glad im not the only one who was thinking that. i didnt want to say it b/c i didnt want to speculate and jump to conclusions. the bish purposely altered her photo with a photobucket edit option so i cant tell for sure….lol but yeah to me it looks like his back. rounded shoulders, hunched back, and one shoulder looks a little weird just like joaquins. then again i am not gonna assume what i don’t know. but i have my suspicions…..

  77. 77
    kim Says:

    Joaquin is SUCH a hypocrite. He does his little PETA add acting like he cares so much about animals. And aria had the nerve to post it. Well get this, she was photographed back in october holding a LEATHER handbag. A) he is a loser and a hypocrite. b) she is an even BIGGER loser. She posts his PETA vides, when months before then she was holding a leather purse. She claims to be a “health freak” and stated that she “doesn’t smoke or drink” and suddenly when she was near joaquin, she was smoking a cigarette. She is such a wannabe fake loser. All she is doing is being someone she isn’t to impress joaquin. So he wont dump her because then she can’t use him for publicity anymore. She is a piece of trash.

  78. 78
    Conspiracy Says:

    Something really strange is going on. I have been a joaquin fan for years, and he is rarely ever photographed by paparazzi. Suddenly he went from hardly ever being photographed, to being photographed frequently. He has his pics taken by the paparazzi more times in these past few months, than he has had in an entire YEAR before. Something isn’t adding up and to me it is fishy. I am really wondering if joaquin IS doing this on purpose. Since when did the paparazzi ever take pictures of him walking his dogs in the middle of nowhere? Or doing all these mundane things. He isn’t a huge star so there is no reason why the paparazzi would be taking his picture this much. Plus, he has been going to clubs with Amanda pretty much ALL the time. I smell a set up. I swear he is doing this on purpose. It just doesn’t make sense that he has suddenly out of the blue, gotten all these paparazzi pics in the media.

  79. 79
    whynot Says:

    Just an idea: red hair woman is probably Michael Muller’s wife, who is gorgeous by the way, just think of it

  80. 80
    my god! Says:

    can’t believe that she wants the scan of this mag!! what the f**!

  81. 81
    anonymous Says:

    She’s a publicity wh#re….why is that so hard to believe?…of course she wants those scans….she is probably going to post them on her twitter page or her myspace page like she did when she was snapped having lunch with then boyfriend Chris Egan…..

  82. 82
    wake up Says:

    Phoenix is doing all this on purpose.

  83. 83
    my god! Says:

    anonymous, you’re kidding right? It’s true? what a… But what is he doing with her??

  84. 84
    midny Says:

    “Why not”…. Michael Mullers wife isn’t “young” like the other person who spotted them said. Nor would anyone call her a “girl”. She would be called a woman or a lady. It is no coincidence that he has been said to be dating a red head, and he has been seen with a red head several times. The person on twitter described her as looking like she so young she could be his neice. So nice try. It was lena

  85. 85
    Tired if hateful woman Says:

    How does Lena look young enough to be his niece. And I also read that twitter about seeing joaquin walking with another man and a red headed woman young enough to be his niece. and the woman who twitted sounded shocked and a little disgusted at the possibility of him being with someone that young. If she was young enough to be his niece would have to look like a teenager. or at the most a 20 year old. Please be objective. Lena in no way looks under 20. And by the way stop stalking people yerp! get a life and grow up. I think lena and Aria are beautiful and are very aware what is going on. I don’t see any of you putting pictures up of yourself for us to see what you look like. Oh wait except Ottiva who by the way is not that great looking. anybody can be a model and I do recall Aria being in Maxim and they do not put ugly girls in that magazine. Ottiva what magazines have you been in? there is not very many photos of you on twitter is their.

  86. 86
    anonymous Says:

    Oh please! Aria has no idea what is going on! She thinks she is the only one with JP! Read her twitter every now and then…she will make subtle hints regarding her “realtionship” She is delusional and pathetic! Lena is much prettier than aria but at the same time an idiot as well to be with someone such as Joaquin Phoenix! The guy uses women…or in his case, little girls for sex and then gets rid of them for others…he is literally with several girls at the moment! He is a PIG!!!!

  87. 87
    No Says:

    “Tired if hateful women”- Lena DOES look young enough to be his niece. Especially since he looks OLDER than his actual age. The pic lena has up now, she could pass for being 16 years old. Even though she is 25, she is STILL too young for him. Joaquin looks like he is 40 and it is gross. But with that said, I have far more respect for her than I do aria. Aria was in magazines because of her pop group, not because she is attractive. Because lets face it, she isn’t. No stylish hair, clothes, or makeup will make her a beauty queen. She is very boyish looking. And if you like masculine looking women, then you’ll like her. And you’re a bit of a hypocrite no? You’re so “tired of hateful women”…..and then you say the girl on twitter “is not all that”. Sounds like a typical HATEFUL thing to say. You’re no better.

  88. 88
    No Says:

    Ps- Maxim magazine is all about your BODY, not your face. Aria has a very fit body. Her face is the problem.

  89. 89
    Anonymous Says:

    It sickens me how anyone would try and defend Aria. You people make it seem as though she is an innocent victim. It is one thing to bash who Joaquin is with when they’re minding their own business and being private…but Aria has been an attention seeker from day one. I have never said anything bad about who Joaquin has been with before, because none of them showed such disrespect for his privacy. Aside from her tweets and attention seeking behavior online, she even calls the paparazzi to be pictured with him. Don’t even deny it, it is an absolute certainty. It just so happened that the pics of her and Joaquin were taken by a french paparazzi? It just so happens that she has had her pic taken with him over a 3 month period more than his previous girls, who he has dated for nearly a year?? And then she asks for SCANS of the paparazzi pics of them together? She is a pathetic loser who is just desperate to be famous. For anyone to actually defend her makes me sick. Quit making HER a victim. She clearly wants attention, but unfortunately all she is getting is hate. Now I am not saying “poor poor Joaquin he is so blindly being used” because I know damn well the man isn’t stupid. I know he is having his fun and sleeping around with other girls. But at LEAST he is doing those things privately. He isn’t going “Hey look at me! Look at my twitter! See all these women I’m sleeping with!” When someone is deliberately asking for attention – the world has every right to judge them. She put herself out there and made herself look like a gold digging fame *****. It is her own fault. This isn’t “hate” this is the truth.

  90. 90
    Anonymous Says:

    I’ll also add that Aria retaliated to the comments made about her looks. She turned into a catty little *****, and tried to attack someone else’s looks. Someone who was obviously attractive(physically anyway). That makes Aria just as bad as everyone else, if not WORSE. Because Aria is in the public eye. Like someone else said before, when you’re a public figure you need to deal with things like this like a PROFESSIONAL. Clearly Aria has no clue what being a professional is, because she resorted to name calling and superficial behavior. Her true self came out. Do you see real celebrities (unlike Aria who only wishes she were a celebrity) doing things like that? Do you see people like say, Miley Cyrus tweeting to people who hate on her and say “Oh yeah? Well you’re fat and ugly and have bad hair!”? No. Even a 17 year old kid is more professional than this twat is. When you’re in the entertainment business, you are GOING TO BE JUDGED. You are going to be made fun of, attacked, and hit where it hurts. I can’t think of a single celebrity on earth who hasn’t gotten made fun of for something. And you know what? I also can’t think of one celebrity on earth who sunk to their level and actually attacked a person’s looks back. It shows how immature and ugly Aria is inside and out.

  91. 91
    wit Says:

    “Tired of hateful women” you are assuming that the person on twitter who spotted jp knew his age. Tell me how some random person would know how old he is? She was obviously basing it on looks. We haven’t seen lena in person so we have no clue how young she looks in real life. & Jp does look older than he actually is. How was that person to know how old his siblings were? I don’t even know how old they are! He could have had a sister who is 10 years older than him for all they knew. Lena looks like a young girl somewhere in her 20′s. Jp looks like a man in his 30′s-40′s. Its not that hard to understand why someone would have thought he was a cradle robber. Mainly because he IS one.

  92. 92
    Tired if hateful woman Says:

    first of all i never said aria was a victim. Most people who can reconize him on the street will know his approximate age it is not hard to figure out. And a 35 year old dating a 25 year old is very common. As long as someone is older than 20 they can date someone older. absolutly nothing wrong with that. There are plenty of people out there that dates someone 10 years younger than them. Just because she may be a celebrity does not give anyone a right to say the things you three girls say to her. how would you feel if some kept calling you ugly and that you looked like a man, not to many people would take that well. and when you write on twitter and not use your real names and say very harsh words to someone means you are hiding behind a computer and have no real balls.

  93. 93
    Tired if hateful woman Says:

    at the end of the day karma is a *****. that goes for all you girls that are truly mean girls, and even goes to Aria if she really is using him. But at the end of the day it is not for you people to judge their relationship of even his possible one with lena. Nobody truly knows what is going on with those three people. and just because they are celebrities or someone wanting fame does not give people who don’t know them the right to harass and abuse them with words. Learn to be better human beings. Instead of bashing someone you do not know.

  94. 94
    Tired if hateful woman Says:

    by the way joaquin looks the age of a 35 year old man. That is speaking from a person in her 30′s.

  95. 95
    Seriously Says:

    If these “sightings” are real, how does anyone know for certain that it is Lena? Is she the only red head on the face of the earth? Again, someone is trying awful hard to push this and its getting old.

  96. 96
    anonymous Says:

    Oh here we go again with seriously and her “doubts’ about the Lena stories!….seriously, get a clue you moron! And to Tired of HAteful Women…youre a hypocrit! get lost!

  97. 97
    anonymous Says:

    OMG! there is another video of Jp leaving the charteau marmont and he is leaving with another young girl with dark black hair!!!! She gets in the car with him!!!! He is wearing teh same shirt he wore when he was pictured with aria last week!!!!! Too funny!!!!!!! the video is on

  98. 98
    sell out Says:

    Big freakin’ deal ! Loser & women USER !

  99. 99
    anon Says:

    Grow up JPig !

  100. 100
    sell out Says:

    He USES women for sex. He knows how to MANIPULATE to get what he wants and he uses his tactics on women to get them to sleep with him. He’s IMMATURE and not the type of guy who likes commitment. He loves what he’s doing and is laughing behind their back. He gets emotional support and physical pleasure without having to make commitment to anyone. He knows what he’s doing. Women are allowing themselves to be his puppet, and he is the puppet master BUT have you ever heard about KARMA , Phoenix ?

  101. 101
    Seriously Says:

    And that girl doesn’t look a thing like Lena either!

  102. 102
    anonymous Says:

    doesnt mean he isnt dating lena…oh wait! I forgot…seriously is the doubtful one….the one who needs pics to proove he is with someone because she is too delusional and doesnt believe her Jp could be with more than one girl at the same time!!!! Silly me!

  103. 103
    lin Says:

    Its pretty much proof that he has been seeing multiple women. Yall denied it and it’s true. He wasn’t spotted with this girl until NOW, and he was probably seeing her for months. So it goes to show that you don’t need to see a picture to know the truth. We didn’t see this girl until today and I highly doubt he just met her. God you naive morons got slapped in the face with this haha

  104. 104
    lin Says:

    “Seriously” Joaquin was spotted TWICE with lena. Once on gawker, once on twitter. They are together. Get over it. You can keep denying it, but it’s true. Don’t make yourself look anymore like a fool. And if pics/video of lena DO surface, you will look even more stupid. Then again you’ll just change your name so you’ll never have to admit you were wrong.

  105. 105
    Penny Says:

    Joaquin doesn’t need to have a video or his picture taken with a girl, for us to know he sleeps around. He has done this with all of the women he has been with over the past several years at LEAST. I remember with tueta, he was seen with other girls as well. He even brought one of them to a peace alliance event with him at the same time he was supposedly “with” her. Then a month later we see him with that girl josie. Which yet again he was having relations with other women as well. Whoever this girl is in the video with him..I…all I know is she is not the same brunette he has been sleeping with from NYC. Nor is she lena. Doesn’t matter who she is. The point is, joaquin gets around. Whether its on film or not makes no difference. Over these past several years he has been through women like there is no tomorrow. This girl in the video could very well just be a friend of his. BUT that doesn’t take away from all the other chicks he has been seen with.

  106. 106
    Yep Says:

    ^^ Agreed. This girl may just be a friend or something. But it’s apparent JP is a womanizer. He is like a sex addict or something. He is seen with different girls all the time, he is always hanging with young party girl types. And lets be real, when JP is seen with a young party girl looking girl….she is sleeping with her. He isn’t around them for their intellectual conversation. Plus judging from aria, joaquin goes for stupid girls. But I also think JP is smart. He isn’t going to be trotting around in public with ALL of his flings. He probably sneaks over to their houses for quickies once in a while. Like Tiger woods, he needs sex rehab

  107. 107
    Seriously Says:

    I have always said that I did not doubt that he was involved with other women, I just said I did not believe the Lena story. Read my other posts moron! Judging by your earlier posts referencing me as Strange, and your inability to read, are you sure that you are not dating Joaquin? After all…you seem pretty stupid too!

  108. 108
    anonymous Says:

    Seriously your the one who ALWAYS wants proof of who Jp is dating! Such as the Lena story! You dont believe it because there havent been any pics that have surfaced! People on twitter and gawker have mentioned him being with a redhead…these are from non Jp fans but still you are in denial over it why?…..becasue there are no pics! Pics or no pics…Jp is a pig and he sleeps around. He is WITH lena as well…get over it!!!!!! So…who’s the stupid one now?!

  109. 109
    Ridiculous Says:

    “Seruously”- You are the biggest moron on earth. You just don’t want to believe he is with Lena. You say there is no “proof” he is with Lena (as if there has to be PROOF he is ****ing a girl…idiot) then someone on twitter spotted him with a ‘young red haired girl.’ That STILL wasn’t enough for you. Then later on Gawker writes about him being with a redhead girl YET AGAIN, and you still deny it. Bottom like: YOU’RE in denial. We have had more than enough “proof” that he is with her. Not that we even ****ing need it to begin with. The fact that we have found out this much is a miracle with someone as secretive as Joaquin. You’re the only idiot who keeps denying the obvious.

  110. 110
    haha Says:

    What I love most about “seriously” is her persistant denial. Even when he was spotted with a red headed girl twice, now her excuse is “There are millions of red heads on earth! It could have been anyone!” Yeah “seriously”, it was a totally DIFFERENT red head he was with. Not the same one that has been rumored to be with him for months now….it’s another person entirely. What a dumbass lmfao

  111. 111
    haha Says:


  112. 112
    sam Says:

    I just saw joaquin and aria walking down the street.

  113. 113
    anonymous Says:

    whatever sam…FOS nice try though!!!

  114. 114
    Seriously Says:

    There is a lot of hate on this thread. Someone is very angry and needs to either seek therapy or get laid. In any event, what makes some random internet posters word of any less value than that of some random person tweeting or sending a story to gawker? I think I am going to just keep saying that I do not believe the Lena story since it appears to piss off the individual posting on this thread that apparently lacks the intellect to do anything else other than insult by way of name calling and cursing.

  115. 115
    magic Says:

    As wonderful as Joaquin is, even he can’t be in 2 places at the same time. He was in LA when the gawker poster sighted him in New York. She either saw a dude who looked like him or just made it up.

  116. 116
    sam Says:

    “Seriously” you are the best lol. Some how you make so much sense.

  117. 117
    julie Says:

    Ican’t believe how some people can be so rude her when you disagree with them. Everybody has the right to give his or her own judgement for crisis!! And I’m sure that we are, all of us, not true at 100% about what Joaquin is doing. And it’s not because he’s seen with a girl that he’s dating her! Grow up a little!

    Now, if I can give my own impressions, if you don’t mind, of course…
    I’m sure that he’s still dating Aria and, to be honnest, she didn’t react to this video with the other girl, she seems more than happy. But, in the other hand, I’m sure that he’s seeing someone else but, this Lena, for me, it’s only a rumour that someone invented, point.

    Thank you for reading me, have a nice day!

  118. 118
    Dracula Says:

    Seriously is seriously on target. Things get a big crazy on these blogs. Seriously keeps it real.

  119. 119
    anonymous Says:

    HAHA! aria is at it again! trying to piss people off! Her latest comment on twitter…something about getting cupcakes from the one she loves! HAHA!!! Umm Jp was just seen with a different girl the other day and she has been getting bullied so I wouldnt be surprised if she is just trying to stir some sh@t up again! Dumb!

  120. 120
    sam Says:

    it is very sad that easbos gets a kick at putting people down. and does not have the guts to put his/her real name down

  121. 121
    hes Says:

    yah…him/her and others….but aria is a moron! I will say that!

  122. 122
    cosmic Says:

    Joaquin looks very built in the video, very broad-shouldered. He looks like he did in Ladder 49. I wonder if he’s pumping up for a part. Hope so!

  123. 123
    july Says:

    just read her last twit and Jp seems caring and tender with her, they seem really in love when you read her … Can I say that I hate her? Yes, I hate her!
    I wonder why he choosed a girl like her but the facts are there: they’re still dating, it makes months now so…

  124. 124
    anonymous Says:

    Are you serious july? umm…she is most likely talking from her a@@…everyone knows JP is with many other women than her….yes, I agree that aria is in love with him from her tweeting…we all know she is talking about him, but at the same time, the girl has known him a whopping three months! She has fallen fast and yet he obviously hasnt if he is being seen with all these other girls…she may think she is the only one or hopes to be one day but it just isnt going to happen…not with this guy….as far as her tweets go regarding her “relationship” with JP, I’d take those in stride….who knows if he actually sent her cupcakes for gods sake!!!!! They were probably from her mother!!! HA!

  125. 125
    july Says:

    Yes, I am Anonymous! Because, after all these months, we still see them together and, I’m sorry but, it’s not because we saw a video of him with a girl that he’s “dating” her. She can be a friend, or someone’s friend of him, will never know it because we didn’t see them when they came in.
    Second: all these girls, Lena, that you’re talking about, SORRY again, but that’s rumours, gossip, people who wrote it somewhere but, at the end, no photos, no evidence for me. And, these other girls, like the other, could be friend or someone’s friend.
    And Aria don’t react to all these tweets that this crazy girl sends to her, she even didn’t react to the video so, for me, she knows exactly what’s going on, she trusts in him.
    Conclusion, what afraid me is that, they are together since months now, it could become serious and I don’t want that it happens.

  126. 126
    anonymous Says:

    july=delusional and has no clue what so ever….!!!! HA!

  127. 127
    Jillian Says:

    Just wanna let everyone know, I messaged aria on facebook asking if she knows about this girl with dark hair in the most recent video of joaquin at chateau marmont she says its her with black hair HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  128. 128
    sell out Says:

    I don’t like Aria and Denasha but Phoenix is a player and full blown manipulator and he deserves what he gets-women using him just like he uses them. He may be a good actor but that’s not enough in this world.He is sneaky and arrogant too.

  129. 129
    HUH? Says:

    She’s full of sh@t Jillian!!! You actually believe her? she will say and do anything to make people believe that it is her! And if you look closely enough you will see that it is NOT her!!!!!! Dont believe what she is telling you! That is just ridiculous!!!!!

  130. 130
    Emily Says:

    Okay, okay, it’s me. Joaquin was so taken with my remarks about his tush on the dog walking thread that he contacted me. Let me tell you, girls, he’s adorably sweet and even a little shy. Yes, he can flirt with the best of them, but he’s got this little boy quality that just melts my heart. But between the sheets, well, there he’s not shy at all!

  131. 131
    HUH? Says:

    HAHA! Emily you lucky girl you!!! Now Im jealous! But seriously, aria just wants to keep the whole idea of Jp being with her and her only…at least that is what I think. The girl in the video is clearly not wearing a wig! and even the side view of this girl is different. Her nose is different from aria’s..seems smaller. I dont know…that is just my take on it! Of course aria is going to tell someone that wrote to her that, that is her in the video…just to keep the hype going.

  132. 132
    HUH? Says:

    I think it might actually be her now that I just viewed the video again and saw a pic of aria with black hair on her twitter page..interesting….

  133. 133
    july Says:

    you see? Who’s wrong now! you all are delusional and has no clue what so ever!

  134. 134
    mygod! Says:

    lats Aria’s tweet :”i also have a wig with red long hear…will post some pics soon:) is funny haw different i look;) but steal prefer blond;)”

  135. 135
    anonymous Says:

    She is trying to cause some friction and it is obviously working! She is NOT the girl he was spotted with in recent weeks with red hair! Come on now!!! She has been getting bullied on her twitter page and this is what she is doing to make people wonder! She is a WEIRDO and pathetic! JP is with many women wether you guys want to believe it or not! He is not just with this one piece of trash! She is trying to be something she is clearly not! And yes July…I still think you are delusional!!!

  136. 136
    sell out Says:

    Phoenix is full-blown WEIRDO too! If he wasn’t famous all these women wouldn’t give him the time of day.

  137. 137
    formerfan Says:

    He looks like emotional abuser to me

  138. 138
    anonymous Says:

    Yes sellout I agree with you on that one too!!! JP is a weirdo himself!

  139. 139
    What? Says:

    So July let me ask actually think all these women Joaquin has been seen with is aria wearing a different colored wig??!!! LOL!!! Now that is funny!

  140. 140
    sell out Says:

    July is weirdo too ” It’s Aria wearing wigs ” HAHA !!!

  141. 141
    Dr. Roz Says:

    I had hoped that during his time off Joaquin would manage to give up cigarettes. He’s playing Russian roulette with cancer. Even if he miraculously manages to evade it, he’s going to have a horrific time with emphysema. He will be old well before his time, straining for a simple breath. Then he’ll be announcing his retirement yet again, but for very different reasons. I’m very certain and very sad about this.

  142. 142
    anonymous Says:

    I’ve been worried about that too. He’s smoking as much as ever.

  143. 143
    shamrock Says:

    is he in Cannes? did Casey go to promote their film?

  144. 144
    nonomo Says:

    If he was in Cannes there’d be photos. Then again there haven’t been photos of here stateside this week so who knows.

  145. 145
    lullaby Says:

    Hey! You want a new one? Go on Twitter, someone just posted to Aria after her personal answer to him: “ShylaWeikum @AriaParadiso thankkkkkkkkks girliee!!! And i cant believe your dating joaquin phoenix !? He`s amazinnnnng!!! :o”

    For someone who can’t talk of their love affair and want to keep it private,I’m suprised, ah,ha,ah!!!

    I HATE HER!!!!

  146. 146
    nurse betty Says:

    One thing that scares male smokers into quitting is trouble sustaining an erection. Two-pack a day smokers realize in their 30s that their “staying power” drops substantially.

  147. 147
    Doctor Roz Says:

    So true, but men can live with a limp member much more easily than they can with compromised lungs.

  148. 148
    nonomo Says:

    that depends on the man!

  149. 149
    anonymous Says:

    True dat! Joaquin’s a mack daddie.

  150. 150
    gubbagoo Says:

    What’s a mack daddie? I’ve heard the phrase before, but never understood what it meant. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

  151. 151
    anonymous Says:

    A “Mack Daddy” used to be a euphemism for a pimp, but today it can simply mean a man with many girlfriends/lovers.

  152. 152
    plouf Says:

    Jp is going to be sad, Aria leaves this week-end for Paris. I guess that they’re going to fall in each other’s arms when she comes back! Ahhh! LOVE!!!

  153. 153
    What? Says:

    such a ****** plouf….im sure he’ll be in good company with his other girlfriend while the french trash is away..

  154. 154
    well Says:

    You know, I really start to think that it was her on the video, with black hair because, since she’s in france, you hear and see nothing about joaquin or all his supposed other girlfriends.
    Someone told me that they are dating since five months now!! Seems seriously don’t you think?

  155. 155
    anonymous Says:

    IT IS NOT HER!!!!! My god people you all delusional!!!! Jp was spotted at the boogie den the other night and she was no where in sight!!! HE is NOT in paris with her! Get over this already!!!!!!! and 5 months…my god that is serious stuff!!!!! Yah, sure….

  156. 156
    well Says:

    I didn’t say he was with her in Paris, I said that strange that since she’s in france, no goosip about him and a girl!!! sorry, but the truth is that it was her always with him

  157. 157
    anonymous Says:

    well… you are so delusional to believe that it was aria the whole time with Jp!!! I suppose she is also wearing red wigs as well?! HA! Take a close look honey…the girl with the dark hair is NOT aria…she is making it seem like it is because she now knows that JP is seeing other women! Shortly after that video got released of JP with that girl at the CM she started saying it was her to make people believe that! She is a moron and apparently you are too to have fallen for it! LOL!

  158. 158
    well Says:

    sorry but, all you got are rumours, you don’t even if they’re reliable!
    and, after all you said, don’t want to be rude but, he’s still with her, after all these months, yes, they are still taken in photos or events together!
    and if you look of her pic on her twitter page with rabbits, or the last one she just post, you will see that she has boobs, like this brunette with him on the video.

  159. 159
    anonymous Says:

    OMG!!! Well, You just proved your point!!!! Idiot!

  160. 160
    truth Says:

    Well is right, she confirmed on an interview at NRJ that they’re dating since january it seems

  161. 161
    what? Says:

    I read it too, she says that they’re dating and it’s serious if it’s official

  162. 162
    what? Says:

    Here it is: “We are together, one speaks English. P Diddy and Joaquin know each other and they did a report together. An evening ago Interscope in the month of January and I met him over there. This is someone of great talent. He writes a film on musical comedies therefore at first this was to work and then we had a flash”

  163. 163
    anonymous Says:

    yah,…serious in HER eyes!!!!!! Dream on Aria! Your heart will get broken! And I cant wait for it to happen!!! LOL!!!!! Funny how she is always the one and ONLY one confirming the reports of them being together….maybe he is a little embarrassed by her?! I certainly would be! But then again, he has become a COMPLETE joke himself.

  164. 164
    NO Says:

    No, they MET in january. They started “dating” in february. And by that I mean having sex. Why do we care anyway? He will have his usual fling with a bunch of random girls, and then inevitably ditch them for someone else a second later….like he ALWAYS does. He hasn’t been faithful to aria since the very beginning. I find it funny that yet AGAIN, the only source of “confirmation” comes from aria’s mouth only, in a FRENCH interview. She is clearly going behind his back and talking to the french press. She is a devious little *****. By doing that she knows jp won’t know about it, because the french press doesn’t bother him. If she leaked it to the american press he would likely catch on to it fast since they are the ones who harass him. But he will never know what is being said about him over in france, in another language.

  165. 165
    NO Says:

    “Well” you idiot, HOW ON EARTH could you think that the brunette is aria?? It is NOT HER!! That is a freaking FACT. Her face is totally different, and WHY would aria be wearing a wig!?! Does that make any sense?? She is the one who CALLS the paparazzi, and talks to the press. Not to mention they are never even followed unless she calls the press herself! So to say she is “wearing a wig” is clearly bs. All you have to do is have eyes and you can tell that is not aria. If anything, it looks more like LENA than aria. Even though it’s not lena either. The point is lena’s features are more like this other girls than aria’s big manly features. News flash: the only source of “info” into aria/joaquins foe relationship, is aria’s big mouthed lies. She is getting more press than she has ever gotten by simply mentioning his name and lying about their relationship. Thats why when she goes on her little trips, he is ******** his other girls

  166. 166
    NO Says:

    ps- I love how people say they want to see “confirmation” that he is with other women. Well we’ve had various sightings of him with a redhead and that was ignored. Now we have video of him with a young brunette, and now they’re lying and saying it is ARIA in a wig! So basically every time it is CONFIRMED that he is with other girls- you will deny it. You asked for “evidence”, and you got it. You got just as much evidence that you have with Aria…actually more so since I trust a strangers sightings over her lies to get publicity.

  167. 167
    him Says:

    lena IS with joaquin. I was the one who posted on the other forum about finding a facebook code to access her account (it may still work so please look it up before they patch it). I can’t see her entire facebook page but I saw a lot. One of her friends is named “drea manipulle” (spelling?) commented to lena saying “say hello to joaquin for me, and tell him beep beep…he’ll know what it means lmao” This girl also has a pic of her standing next to lena and some other people and joaquin is in the picture. But in true joaquin fashion he isnt standing directly next to lena. oh and lena & her friends are obviously rich little brats who mingle with a lot of famous people. her friend has tons of pics on her page with celebrities at clubs/parties. I think she is dating a well known celebrity nightclub dj…so I don’t think lena is all too star struck about joaquin, she knows celebrities

  168. 168
    him Says:

    & seeing more pics of lena i am repulsed. she looks 12….and is only 20-something.

  169. 169
    details!! Says:

    What is he doing in the pic!?! Is there a link!/

  170. 170
    fml Says:

    I tried to right click the pics and it wouldn’t let me so I couldn’t copy it. Facebook is a pain in the ass and always fixes these codes in 5 seconds…so the code must be new. The pics weren’t on lenas page they were on her friends page. You see lena and her friends sitting in a booth and joaquin is in the picture (by the looks of it he is unaware of this). He is talking to some long haired rocker looking guy who looks sort of like to russell brand (don’t think it is though). Joaquin probably assumes no one will catch on to his multiple affairs if he is going out places in groups of people. If you didn’t know who lena was, you wouldn’t even put 2 and 2 together that they’re with each other. Smart move. Could also explain why he is always going out with amanda, his sisters, and some of his other friends all the time. They’re a distraction from the girls he is meeting up with….and it worked since speculation was all around about him and amanda being a ‘couple’.

  171. 171
    the link Says:

  172. 172
    anonymous Says:

    WOW! Him…how did you see that commnet by lena’s friend? I wonder what she meant by that? anyways, I tried that link but it just brought me to my pics…weird. On lena’s FB page you are able to send her a message I noticed…wonder how many people have done that?!!!! I believe that he is with her…there have been alot of sightings…aria is a delusional moron who needs to go back to france and stay there!!!!!!!! I hate that piece of sh@t!

  173. 173
    whoa! Says:

    so him..what else did you see of her page? I guess I dont understand the whole code thing? What code? Is it an actual number or something? Anyways, thanks for your info…very interesting.

  174. 174
    Bernadette Says:

    He’s a very handsome, single man. It’s only natural that he’s going to attract a lot of female attention. Why can’t he flirt and date in peace?

  175. 175
    whoa! Says:

    Its not so much him bernadette…it is aria who is the problem! THe girl needs to keep her mought shut and she doesnt! She just did a french intereview last week while in paris and she was talking about how they met and that they are infact together and that he is very intelligent and talented and that at first it was just work but then they had a spark… (wonder what she meant by the “work” part)…as she put it! What she doesnt realize is that he is indeed dating many other women! We have proof of it through a video with him and a dark haired girl taken a couple of weeks ago…you can say they are probably just friends but….I highly doubt it! Aria claims to be his one and only but she is too delusional to know otherwise! His other girls arent talking…why is she?…hmmm….publicity for her FAILING RIDICULOUS girl group perhaps?!!!! I think so!

  176. 176
    sell out Says:

    So,is he serious with lena ?
    * the word serious in my book is different though*

  177. 177
    whoa! Says:

    who knows…..aria seems to think she is serious with him so….

  178. 178
    sell out from japan Says:

    Very well ! If he is serious with this indirect leech I totally lost all respect for him! This lena has zero class because she knows he is with aria as well and still stays. Another user & follower ! aria is direct user and lena is indirect user.

  179. 179
    hello Says:

    What afraid me ths most now is that she doesn’t talk about him anymore, she keeps him for her but always suggest that she’s happy and in love. Oh god! Please, don’t be in love with her Joaquin, please, please!
    For Lena, wonder if it’s true or not because Aria doesn’t seem to care about what the other weirdo answer to her on her twitter page, this person is crazy by the way! No, for me, they are dating exclusevly

  180. 180
    goodbye Says:

    Yeah, ” very well ” Phoenix ! I thought you were smarter. What a fool !

  181. 181
    whoa! Says:

    new pics of joaquin and amanda leaving a strip club saturday night…wonder if aria was lurking in the background??!!!! HMMM…..the link is on

  182. 182
    goodbye Says:

    Immature loser.No one cares about him,just 20 crazy fans and his stupid under age booty calls.

  183. 183
    anonymous Says:

    obviously you do goodbye since you are commenting on here!! Consider yourself one of his 20 crazy fans…or maybe even one of his underage booty calls?!

  184. 184
    goodbye Says:

    dream on,anonymous

  185. 185
    what the.... Says:

    Did you see the last pics of him and Amanda at a strip club? Someone on wrote that it was because he was going to marry Aria and his friends brought him there…. What do you think??

  186. 186
    anonymous Says:

    LOL!!!!! tooo funny what the…..I highly doubt that! Aria probably started that rumor!!!!

  187. 187
    anonymous Says:

    This isn’t the first time Joaquin was spotted at a strip club. They weren’t all bachelor parties.

  188. 188
    dig** Says:

    Just took a look at Aria’s twitter page, my god this girl is becoming more and more pretentious!!!

  189. 189
    anonymous Says:

    yah…she is very much in love with herself!…

  190. 190
    anonymous Says:


  191. 191
    trash Says:

    If he’s not with Aria on them, I’m more than happy!!!!!

  192. 192
    Sanford Says:

    He’s with his guy-girlfriend, Amanda Scheer. He does indeed look killer handsome!

  193. 193
    anonymous Says:

    Aria *****!!!!!! She’s writing music for little 13 year olds now!!!

  194. 194
    anonymous Says:

    how come none of the other celeb sites got these photos? where did joaquine central get them

  195. 195
    anon Says:

    We paid for them!!!

  196. 196
    anon Says:

    I should say, they paid for them!

  197. 197
    anonymous Says:

    who did you pay?

  198. 198
    ???? Says:

    aria wants to know why people care about her private life about who she is dating….didnt she tell people that she was dating Jp on her twiter…well, in not so many words but she basically gave it away….maybe she should just keep her mouth shut! Jp is not what I though if he is infact serious about this joke!

  199. 199
    truth Says:

    It’s an user who told her that her love story with JP was on the french net and shew answered that. The most funny: she answered that and after post a pic of her from an old session with JP when they were spotting outside together but, there she’s alpne. What an hypocrit! The user closed his account, I couldn’t write to him or her, maybe she was upset by her reaction

  200. 200
    hello Says:

    Really?? He or she shouldn’t because, in her last twitt she seems… Weird, this girl is really weird, she likes that really teasing people, it’s even vicious because she exactly wrote the same that this user wrote to her a long time ago “love is in the air” but can’t find his or her post, you’re right, she or he closed his or her account

  201. 201
    Tori Says:

    Hopefully this might SOMEWHAT help solve this age old question of Joaq being “IN LOVE” with miss crescendo. I dont want to start rumors or say things that aren’t true. But a male friend of mine who is cousins with one of the exotic dancers “Clarissa” @ plan b strip club said that the dancer had asked phoenix why hes there and he told her “can’t a guy have a little fun?” and SMILED. amanda demme and another guy was sitting with him. The dancer had a quick conversation with them, and eventually asked phoenix about his relationship status. (Rude yeah) haha.

    he said hes single. and he didn”t want a private dance.


  202. 202
    anonymous Says:

    HAHA!!!! Just goes to show how DELUSIONAL aria is! Like I have said numerous times before! Apparently aria’s defintion of relationship is completely different from jp’s! too funny! Hey tori…any other details?…what did they talk about?

  203. 203
    Farah Says:

    I don’t get why people get so worked up over what Aria says. It is beyond clear that she is crazy. It is beyond clear that Joaquin isn’t exclusive with her, and doesn’t even have any shame going to a strip club. Don’t we ALL know where this is going? How many times has Joaquin done this? We all know he goes through women like underwear. He is a playa and if anyone thinks he is settling down ANY time soon….seek help. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

  204. 204
    hey! Says:

    He will never confirm that he’s dating her, why he should do it by the way? They’re dating, even if don’t like her, but it’s the truth and we can do nothing about it and it’s not because he goes to a stri club that he’s not in love with her! they have the right to do things separatly.

  205. 205
    Tori Says:

    “Hey!” Are you Aria? that seems like something she would say…Look I agree with you but why would he hide that THEY’RE DATING? (if they really are) why doesnt he want to be seen in public with her? why was it that when he was with topaz and liv he was always showing affection and smiling? with aria he seems miserable. you’ve seen the pictures, he shows no affection back. anonymous: the only other details I was told is that the guy friend who was sitting with them took the dance with the dancer named Clarissa. And Joaquin didn’t drink any Liquor. Also, I guess the DJ wanted to announce that Joaquin was there but the club manager said he didn’t want a swarm of people gathering aroung Joaquin for autographs and all that good stuff. But people deff knew he was there cause there were cameramen outside when he got out.

  206. 206
    Answer Says:

    Because Joaquin is saving himself for someone else Tori and Aria knows it!

  207. 207
    hey! Says:

    No Tori, I’m not Aria jesus christ!! I just give my opinion, like you. But, guys, do you really imagine him saying “yes, I’m dating with Aria, from the Paradiso Girls”… Come on! He hates the paparazzi, medias and why should he justified it? they’re dating, I don’t like her, but that’s life and I can’t do nothing, like you. And you can’t compare with Topaz or Liv because he was still an actor, always in the media, which is different now, it’s not the same situation. An he was smiling with Aria, I’m sorry, don’t agree with you and he brought her to The Oscar Party, what do you want more? Kissing in the middle of the street, you will be happy then?? Not me, don’t want to see that, the less I see them, the best it is

  208. 208
    anonymous Says:

    You think there is someone else out there “answer” who joaquin is waiting for?…hmm…could be….notice how she is picking up playing the guitar now?…she never played before…now she is doing acoustic shows…how sad is this stoy becoming?…….again, she is trying to be something she is not…..

  209. 209
    anonymous Says:

    I never noticed him smiling with aria………

  210. 210
    crymeariver Says:

    I was curious about this famous girl, you know the brunette on the video and so, I went on the paradiso girls site and watched last Aria’s pics. Her facial expression is the same so I confirm, it’s her!

  211. 211
    crymeariver Says:

    Take a look…

    It was her, she didn’t lie, it’s serious between them!

  212. 212
    anonymous Says:

    ummm…no, im sorry but it is not her….

  213. 213
    20-20 vision Says:

    No, it is definitely not her on the video. My guess is it’s someone who works for him.

  214. 214
    lovelytender Says:

    Honnestly, I don’t know but, in the first pics of them together, when they were buying some food, he was all smiling!

  215. 215
    anonymous Says:

    I just dont think it is serious on his part…yes aria is in love with him but I just dont get all the other “sightings” of him with other girls and then him saying he is “single”….???!!!!! Just makes me believe that he is not serious about her…..her latest tweet though is interesting…”dont go to clubs to find cute guys go to whole foods….hahahah”…another subtle hint I suppose……who knows..

  216. 216
    lovelytender Says:

    The other girls are only rumours, and he’s always taken with her so, for me, it’s serious. And he said he was single when he was with the other chick, I don’t remember her name

  217. 217
    anonymous Says:

    whatever…not serious in my opinion

  218. 218
    20-20 vision Says:

    He IS single. He’s not married so regardless of who he’s dating, he’s single. There’s nothing wrong with seeing more than one person at a time as long as you’re honest about it.

  219. 219
    lilyallen Says:

    Gawker website has posted yet ANOTHER sighting of Joaquin with Lena.

    Joaquin Phoenix spotted smoking at Starbucks, from a spy:

    “Spotted: Joaquin Phoenix smoking a cigarette coming out of a Starbucks. He looked pretty chipper and in good spirits. He was accompanied by a pretty girl with fire-y red hair. I guess he didn’t order anything since all he had was a cig in his hands. The girl was sipping on a latte. I had my camera phone on me but it all happened too fast!”

    haha Aria is such a dumbass

  220. 220
    imdb Says:

    Anonymous, Aria isn’t ****ing “in love” with him. She is in love with FAME. She has only known him for a couple of months, and month ONE she was claiming to be “in love”. And guess what? She recently stood for paparazzi and had her picture taken walking a dog with the cation under it saying “Joaquin Phoenix’s girlfriend walking dogs”. WHY would she be doing that? They didn’t introduce her as a paradiso girl because no one knows who the hell the paradiso girls are. She told them “I’m Joaquin Phoenix’s girlfriend” so they’d print it and it would get publicity. She is OBSESSED with being famous, and she is running to the tabloids and using is name to get it. Who the hell does that? POSES with some dog and declares that they are Joaquin Phoenix’s “girlfriend”?? Someone who is desperate to get famous. It is sad that she still thinks she is his girlfriend. It is even sadder that the dumb b*tch is going to the tabloids to use him for publicity. She knows she wouldn’t be in any tabloids without him.

  221. 221
    anonymous Says:

    LOL! I love it! Aria is indeed looking more and more like an idiot! Too funny! Such a joke! I cant wait to read the other posts on here saying that this is not true and that “anyone can go on to that site and write about sightings”….this is only, what….the third time he has been spotted with Lena??!!!! He is infact dating this Lena chick as well……whether you believe it or not!….Aria is dating him in her dreams!

  222. 222
    Carla Says:

    ^^lol anonymous.

    And for anymore people in denial: “anyone” CAN’T write on the Gawker website. I have in the past tried to comment on the site, and it would not allow me to. They carefully select what they allow on their site, and they say that in their policy on the site. Therefore this sighting is credible. Gawker is and has always been a reliable website.

  223. 223
    anonymous Says:

    HAHA! I agree with you Carla! I just wrote that because I know there will be people who will infact say that “anyone” can write on that site…I know that is not true! The truth hurts sometimes and some need to realize that…especially aria! LOL!!!!!!!!

  224. 224
    crymeariver Says:

    Go on the paradiso site or joaquinphoenix central and you will believe me: there is a pic of aria and joaquin

  225. 225
    arghhh! Says:

    It’s funny! “private picture”? Seriously?? It’s clear that it’s Aria who gave them this photo, don’t see how it could be knowing that Joaquin is very private. She disgusts me and, him, really, I’m deceived, terribly deceived!
    Dating for months with her… Unbelievable! ARGGGGHHH!!!

  226. 226
    lovelytender Says:

    And did you notice? She doesn’t talk of it on her twitter page, she’s waiting a comment, I’m sure! My god, i’m so sad! I don’t understand what he finds in her!!!

  227. 227
    anonymous Says:

    What are you talking about? There’s no new photo at Joaquin Central.

  228. 228
    Ruby Says:

    Yeah, there’s no new photo. What are you guys talking about?

  229. 229
    nita Says:

    those pics at the restaurant are old and old news

  230. 230
    lovelytender Says:

    In their forum and on the site of the paradiso girls!

  231. 231
    lovelytender Says:

    Here, for the paradiso girls site

  232. 232
    Pathetic Says:

    Aria a pathetic piece of garbage. She takes a PRIVATE picture, and gives it to her website for publicity. I’m sure Lena has private pics of them together, but at LEAST she has the respect to not post them. And so did all his other current/former girls. I lost so much respect for him. She is a piece of trash. No one who actually respected his privacy would do this. Joaquin is getting what he deserves. And so is Aria. He was just spotted with Lena recently, and he keeps living the life of a “playa” and it makes me sick.

  233. 233
    Ha Says:

    I love how the paradiso site put “after some deep research, I found this pic” BULL****. Aria GAVE that pic to them. She is so desperate to be famous, every chance she gets she is using his name. I agree with the poster above. At least Lena and his other girlfriends aren’t doing this. Hell even teuta didn’t do this. I’m sure ALL of the girls he is with have some pics of them together. Not one of them posted it online but her. It is hard to say when it was taken because hey live in LA, which is always sunny and bright out. Either way….I lost so much respect for him. This girl is so blatantly using him because she has no talent to get famous on her own. And he is so blatantly cheating on her since we’ve received all these sighting of him with other women.

  234. 234
    SO Says:

    So is a picture aria made joaquin take with her supposed to mean anything? Is that somehow supposed to make people think they are a serious couple? Because she snapped a pic of him when they were together? You’ve got to be kidding. As it’s been said, every chick he is with has taken pictures with/of him. All this proves is that aria is the only one who wants to get famous off of him. Wasn’t he JUST spotted with a red head girl on gawker AGAIN? Yeah, thats saying something. Aria is just trying to get publicity any way she can. I respect the brunette and lena way more now. Hell I even respect the strippers he hit on more than I do aria.

    LOL@ people think her snapping a pic of them somehow makes their “relationship” more meaningful. Do you really think that his other girlfriends including lena DON’T have pics of him? Do you really think it takes a whole lot to snap a 2 second pic with someone? It’s laughable. Aria just feels stupid because he was spotted with lena recently. Funny how the DAY AFTER gawker posted that he was hanging out with a “young pretty red head”, she leaked these pics. Jealous aria? Insecure? You should be. You’re an idiot for thinking he isn’t sleeping around.

  235. 235
    Kelsy Says:

    im seeing a pic of aria smiling like an idiot while joaquin yet again isnt smiling and looks like he doesnt want his pic taken. not once have i ever seen him look remotely happy with her. he is using her ass for sex just like she is using him for publicity. fair trade off. he sleeps with every girl in LA and she doesnt care as long as she gets media coverage. & look at her website. it is filled with her taking pics with celebs just like that one. the pics she took with from the black eyed peas has more chemistry than they do.

  236. 236
    It gets funnier Says:

    Lena changed her facebook pic and it’s pretty funny!! I guess it’s a message to all the people hounding her LMFAO

    It pains me to admit it but lena is gorgeous. But she looks like a total *****. And she is a rich little snot. A while ago her facebook said she was a fan of that club ‘Pink Elephant’. That is a well known rich snob club in NYC. Filled with young little trust fund brats like lena.

  237. 237
    anonymous Says:

    Well said So….I agree with ya on that…..

  238. 238
    Dumb people Says:

    “So” you are 100% right. I have no clue why people are acting like a stupid ordinary photo is some kind of groundbreaking information. It’s SO stupid. It’s like “Well I thought they weren’t exclusive, but now that aria leaked a picture of them together…it MUST be serious!” Yes because everybody knows you HAVE to be in a serious relationship in order to take a pic with someone. I totally agree that the timing is hilarious. Aria probably read that joaquin was trolling the playgrounds again when he was spotted with lena at starbucks. She got pissed and dug up some old photo of them together to “prove” they’re a couple. We all know the truth. Lena, and God knows all he other girls joaquin is ****ing…..they are actually more classy than she is. Shocking I know. They have relations with him, and they keep it PRIVATE. They don’t need to flaunt pics of them together to “prove” they’re a couple. Because what REAL couple cares about what everyone else thinks? The only people who do, are people like aria who just want fame. She keeps on doing ANYTHING she can to get moe publicity. Like “LOOK look see! I’m still “dating” Joaquin Phoenix! Buy my cd!” It’s so pathetic. Thats what you get when you try to hook up with a wannabe celebrity. Lets hope lena isn’t an up and coming actress. If she is, we can expect pics of them to “leak” on the net soon too.

  239. 239
    sadie Says:

    yall are like a bunch of high school girls. aria leaked the photo because she is the only one of joaquins many girlfriends who is a wanna-be celebrity. her leaking photos of them= publicity for herself. why would any of the “normal” girls he is with leak photos of themselves? they have nothing to gain from that because they don’t wanna be famous.

  240. 240
    anon Says:

    Lena’s wearing naughty librarian glasses in her latest photo! Remember all those naughty libarian comments. Was that a red head or a brunette?

  241. 241
    Anonymous Says:

    ^ Haha it might have been her! Who knows? Who can keep up with all the women he is seeing? He sleeps around so much it’s sick!

    Yeah she is wearing “naughty librarian glasses”! lmao Maybe she was just role playing in them.

  242. 242
    Brown Rice Says:

    It was the naughty librarian in the thai restaurant with the lead pipe (in Joaqy’s jeans)

    That naughty librarian was a brunette but maybe Lenas red hair is dyed or a wig.

  243. 243
    red Says:

    aria is nothing but french trash who is desperately trying to get famous…hence why she leaked the pic of her and Jp…..desperate much?! Too bad he was with Lena the other day!!! LOL!!!! Maybe her Fb pic is towards aria….! HA! Let’s hope anyways…..!

  244. 244
    anon Says:

    LOL, Brown Rice!

    How ’bout it was Aria with the bondage tape in the bedroom

    Other “clues” out there?

  245. 245
    LMAO RED!! Says:

    I bet the facebook pic was towards aria! Maybe aria is sending lena death threats on facebook! LMAO Or maybe aria the fame hungry ***** liar will try and say that SHE is lena herself! You see, lena is really aria. Aria had reconstructive surgery on her face, and put on a red wig! Then she morphed back into her normal self again! So you see, lena is also aria. Every other girl joaquin is spotted with is aria. It’s not that he is sleeping with numerous women. Aria just has the ability to morph into other people.

  246. 246
    Anonymous Says:

    I must admit though, I find the timing of all this hysterical. Gawker posts that Joaquin was walking with a young red head yesterday. We all know who that red head was. The very next day aria leaks her picture. Obviously she did that out of insecurity and anger because she knows he is sleeping around….or at least has some clues that he is. So then right after that pic was leaked by aria, lena posts a picture of herself giving the finger with this angry look on her face. LMAO It all seems too perfect. My guess: They know about each other. Or at least they have some idea that he is fooling around with various women. Perhaps he is even OPEN about it to them. Maybe he is lying to them, who knows? But it seems to me like they are aware of each other and are having a little cat fight. All speculation. I have no idea if thats the case.

  247. 247
    Anonymous Says:

    Oh and I meant to say gawker posted yesterday that he was walking with a pretty red head girl. That doesn’t mean he was seen with her yesterday. Gawker can take up to a month to post their sightings. I have a feeling it was probably sometime this week or last week.

  248. 248
    Wouldn't be the first time Says:

    It wouldn’t be the first time he did this. I remember an old article from one of JP’s former girlfriends. She claimed that he allowed her to stay in his apartment because hers caught on fire or something. When he let her move in, his OTHER girlfriend topaz found out and was furious. She demanded that he kick the other woman out and he did. So that right there proves what a scumbag he is. He has done this MANY times before.

    Maybe he is open to the women he is with. Maybe he flat out tells them he wants to be in an open relationship. Then of course, he might be lying. He might be telling them he isn’t seeing other women. He could play it off like “we’re just friends”. That would explain why he ALWAYS looks like he is distant and paranoid when he was seen with aria. He looks like he doesn’t want anyone to catch him. Even their own private picture showed nothing but a friendly acquaintance pose between them. No affection on his part, no smiling Just sitting there as if he were posing with a fan.

    I have no idea if he tells the women he is with, that he is seeing other women on the side. But he certainly doesn’t try to hide it..which to me indicates that they know. He went to a strip club in public for god sakes. He has no shame. So that leads me to believe he has told them he doesn’t want anything serious.

  249. 249
    Miss Scarlett Says:

    ROFLMAO! Oh, thanks – I’m not going to be able to play Clue with my kids without giggling every time the lead pipe shows up!

  250. 250
    Wouldn't be the first time Says:

    ^^^ Oh and that article I mentioned about his previous love triangle, was a credible article. The girlfriend herself was the one who spoke about it. That could be why now when he involves himself with several woman, he is so much more slick about it. Because he has had his ex girlfriends rat him out to the public before lol

    I mean he let some other girl LIVE WITH HIM while he was with topaz! And he was with topaz for 2 YEARS! That shows what a scumbag he is. Letting another woman move in with him, while he was involved with another woman for years.

  251. 251
    red Says:

    HAHA!!! Anonymous…the timing is quite funny!!!!!! So true! And I REALLY hope that she posted that Fb pic to tell a little message to the piece of trash!

  252. 252
    anonymous Says:

    The Swedish model moved in after 9-11 when he was off filming The Village in PA. They weren’t living together. Her apartment was destroyed and he offered her his place while he was away shooting.

  253. 253
    Anon Says:

    ^Anonymous that is so not even true. You think he just offered his home to a swedish supermodel, while he was “away shooting”? Read the article. She clearly stated he was seeing her and topaz was at the same time. That is why topaz became enraged and made him kick her out. I’m so sure he let a swedish model live all alone in his house while he was nowhere near her. my ass. He was boning her the night he let her live with him.

  254. 254
    noname Says:

    eh, whatevah. . .he can see whomever he pleases. his business. i love him no matter what. my only concern is that this latest pic of him looks like his hairline is creepin back. before i die i wanna run my fingers through his thick wavy hair

  255. 255
    Anon Says:

    LMFAO!!! hahah I noticed that too. And he looked HELLA old in that pic too. He has no mouth….he looked like he was 80 :( I really hope it was just a bad pic and he isn’t aging horribly on us.

  256. 256
    red Says:

    OMG I noticed that too…about his hairline and his mouth…infact when I first saw the pic I said to myself…”where the hell did his mouth go?” So weird….yah…he looks older beyound his years! Aria is still an idiot though….HA!

  257. 257
    Miss Scarlett Says:

    Joaquin’s mouth looks small because he has such a large jaw – love it! So manly! Yes, his lips are thin, but when he smiles, the clouds part, the sun shines, and there is momentary bliss in the universe. As for the hair, it’s just the way it’s parted in this pic.

  258. 258
    anonymous Says:

    If they’re still together, the pic will be taken down. If they’re not, she’ll leave it up. That’s my guess.

  259. 259
    anon Says:

    ^ I think you’re probably right. The photos taken outside the falafel shop were taken down.

  260. 260
    Tori Says:

    My loves, I am so happy I am not the only one who thinks that this is all a joke. ARIA is awful and shame on Joaquin for even being “friends” with her. Whatever they have together, the recent picture doesn’t prove that they’re a couple. He’s STILL not smiling. He’s STILL not showing any affection. I think our questions will never be answered. :-(

    This Aria thing with her crazy mentality could go on for years. And she will still claim that they’re an item. Until some douchebag sweeps her off her feet (lets hope it won’t be Joaquin) this is going to be a continuous cycle if LIES and Aria is wearing a wig bullshit.

  261. 261
    red Says:

    were those pics from when they were getting takeout..taken down?…I never noticed that…if that is the case…hmm…makes you wonder….what an laser she is! I can honestly say that I hate this piece of sh@t!

  262. 262
    anon Says:

    Yes, the takeout pictures were only up for a bit on the paradiso site.

  263. 263
    red Says:

    Curiosity got the best of me and I had to look at the paradiso girls site…those pics are still up as well as the write up about their “relationship”….she wont have anything taken down from that site that has her linked to Jp!……yes…she is a pathetic loser! Her new website makes her seem more and more in love with herself! What is wrong with her??!!!

  264. 264
    noname Says:

    like i said, I don’t care who he’s with as long as there’s a smile on his cutie pie face. but if any one out there has naked pics of joaquin, i would be oh so thankfull for a looky look aria, if you’ve got them, please be nice and share the love

  265. 265
    anon Says:

    The falafel pics have NOT been there this whole time. If they’re there now, they’ve been re-posted.

  266. 266
    anonymous Says:

    anon…are the falafel pics the one that perez hilton posted on his site when they first started dating ( Jp was carrying the food)?…if so, they are up and they are further along the pages….like 20 something….but they are there..cant say if they have ever been taken down…

  267. 267
    anon Says:

    Yes, the same pics, but they have not been there the whole time. They were re-posted.

  268. 268
    crymeariver Says:

    Well, she digusts me more and more, and even more since her website! She doesn’t talk of this pic because I’m sure she knows that it’s on line (wonder if it’s not her who gave it to them by the way) and I’m happy because, nobody talked about it on her different pages, she would be too happy, so please, don’t go to post about it, it’s exactly what she’s waiting for!!!
    Now, it seems that Joaquin is happy with her, I’m sure that he knos too about this photo and no one of them asked to delete it so, for me, even if that makes me sad, they’re dating and not afraid to show it.

  269. 269
    red Says:

    No not necessarily crymeariver….maybe Jp doesnt even know about the pic…he probably has no idea what the hell she posts…I highly doubt he goes on her twitter page! (Unless mutual friends tell him about it)…anyways, as far as him being happy…maybe he is..but it doesnt necessarily mean with her…think about it…the pics we have seen from paps with them he looks miserable… (even in this “private pic” with her) but when we hear of the “sighting” of him with lena…you read how about how “chipper” he seems to be… we dont really know what is going on! Aria is playing a game and I think you are right…the more we ignore that pic of the two of them that SHE gave to the website….the better it will be…she WANTS people to talk about it…that is why she had it posted! We’re not stupid…SHE POSTED IT! How ironic that it was the following day after Jp was spotted with the red head??!!! HMMMMM… She wants to keep this going for as long as she can! Anyways, hope this post makes you feel somewhat better!

  270. 270
    argh! Says:

    How pretentious she is with her pics and quotes! what a loser!!

  271. 271
    Bernadette Says:

    Has anyone heard if Joaquin Phoenix will be releasing any of his music soon?

  272. 272
    anonymous Says:

    no one’s heard anything about anything. everything is a rumor. like the news on Joaquin Central that he might play a Bonnano family mobster. i’d much rather see him as edgar allen poe.

  273. 273
    red Says:

    LOl! Ok So I was just on Lena’s facebook page (well, it is set to private but the page that everyone can see)…and I was reading her quotes and they are HILARIOUS!!!!! I definitley think it is a dig at aria!!!!!! Go and check it out!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!! HAHA!

  274. 274
    anonymous Says:

    Okay, that pic of Lena with the glasses and finger – it REALLY looks like Cameron Diaz in a red wig. Look again and tell me what you think.

  275. 275
    top Says:

    Give us a link please

  276. 276
    top2 Says:

    No,give us a break red a.k.a anonymous

  277. 277
    question Says:

    I have a serious question and would like someone answer me please, and seriously: I read everywhere that people want Joaquin to say that he’s dating Aria “officially”, uh! Excuse-me but why should he do that? They are dating, she wouldn’t say it to the press if they weren’t and many people saw them together, we have pics also and the last one of them both is more than clear to me.
    She’s maybe not the girl that I like, don’t like to imagine him with her but, that’s life, I can do nothing against it but, please, really, it’s time to admit that they are together.

  278. 278
    red Says:

    What are you talking about top2???!!!! Im not posting as anonymous! I didnt write about the “cameron diaz” post??….! Give me a f@cking break idiot! And if you are not interested then dont come to this board a@@hole!

  279. 279
    anonymous4real Says:

    I posted the Cameron Diaz link and I am not red. I really think there’s a strong resemblance.

  280. 280
    caffeine girl Says:

    Regarding the Starbucks sighting – I don’t buy it. How did the person know the redhead was sipping a latte? You can’t see through Starbucks cups. She could’ve been drinking black coffee or whatever. This whole Lena stuff is bogus.

  281. 281
    question Says:

    I agree and it seems that nobody answered me because they don’t want to fact the truth: he’s dating only one girl and it’s Aria

  282. 282
    anon Says:

    I just got a call from a friend in London. She swears she saw him at a restaurant in Mayfair yesterday. She wondered if he was there for a film.

  283. 283
    rock on Says:

    Impossible. He was backstage at the Kings of Leon show last night.

  284. 284
    Miss Scarlett Says:

    He’s here, there, and everywhere. Maybe he should play a super hero!

  285. 285
    hotstuff Says:

    I love Kings of Leon! Were you there rock on?…did you see him?!

  286. 286
    shamrock Says:

    Did you all hear that Casey’s movie will be out in September? Yippee. We’ll finally get to see it. I hope it’s not a limited release. I want to see it on a big screen.

  287. 287
    For real? Says:

    “Caffeine girl”- is that seriously your argument? LOL Because the person got the type of drink Lena was carrying wrong? It was obviously just a general statement. Like “sipping on coffee”. Oh wait but Lena was sipping on TEA not coffee! That must mean Lena wasn’t with Joaquin! Lamest argument yet.

    As it’s been said, Gawker is a credible source. You cannot just post whatever you feel like posting on that site. A lot of the people who report these sighting are people who work for Gawker Stalker. So please, if you’re going to continue denying the facts….at least come up with a better point than “the source got the drink wrong”.

  288. 288
    Reply to Says:

    “Question”, you seem to be living in denial.

  289. 289
    reply to 'question' Says:

    “Question”, you seem to be living in denial. I know it’s hard for you to accept that your dream man Joaquin is seeing multiple women, but he is. There have been NUMEROUS sources to validate this.

    Here is where you’re being naive and quite stupid: The only reason we even know about Aria is because she is famous, and therefore we can read her twitter/website. That is also the only reason why she attended the Oscar party with him. Because she is also in the business. He had just met her then, and she tagged along to the party because she is a part of the entertainment industry. Had she been some anonymous girl, we wouldn’t even know a thing about her.

    So in your mind, just because we KNOW more about here..that somehow means he is “only with her”. Stupidest claim yet. Of course we are going to hear/see more of her, SHE IS IN A POP BAND! She invited the French press, she tags along to celebrity events, she posts crap on her public websites for people to believe (half the time they’re lies and delusional statements). Think with your head. The other girls he is with are NOT in the business! They are anonymous people we don’t see/hear about.

    Like I said, if Aria weren’t in a pop group we wouldn’t even know about her either. You’re basing **** on who you know about more. Well obviously you’re going to know more about Aria since she is in a ****ing girl band.

  290. 290
    So clueless Says:

    Some of you are acting like this is out of character for Joaquin. He has always slept around with multiple women. Maybe you should have paid attention throughout the years when REAL sources were giving you REAL insider information,….instead you blew it off as ‘internet lies’. Ignorance is bliss

    .Perhaps all the talk about him sleeping around on every girl he’s ever been with in the last decade, is actually true. Perhaps the accusations of him being a sex addict are a little closer to home than you think. Maybe when he went to rehab for ‘alcohol abuse’, he discovered other issues that he had.

    If Joaquin were more famous, his personal issues would probably be all over the news by now. Joaquin is private for a reason. It certainly isn’t to “protect” the relationships he has. More like he doesn’t want the women he is seeing to find out about his countless affairs. Lets hope he doesn’t contract an STD or something. Hmm that would really suck wouldn’t it? Especially if it were a serious one.

    Lets also hope that Joaquin doesn’t mate with the wrong girl. The kind of girl Jesse James had his affairs with: girls who like to run to the media and talk about their secret love affairs.

    Wake up. Joaquin hasn’t had a job in about 2 years now. So he has all the time in the world to sleep with any ***** he feels like. What else does he have to do all day and night? Absolutely nothing. So his free time is spent shacking up with various women.

  291. 291
    Milkywhite Says:

    anonymous#274……i agree lena does sort of look like cameron diaz,. i think it’s the eyes. it certainly isn’t actually cameron diaz though lol. Cameron looks much much older than lena does. you can tell lena is a young girl.

    anonymous #273…. i went on lenas facebook and her comments were quite funny! i’d love to think they are directed at aria, but i can’t be sure. maybe its all in my head. lmao it does make sense that they’d be directed at her though. i also noticed that where it says “interested in”, she put men and women. that probably means she is bisexual. so i guess he is more kinky than we once thought. he likes bisexual redheads…..this comment may be inappropriate but oh well…i bet you he’s had threesomes with lena. lol ok ew thats gross. but i wouldnt doubt at all that part of his interest in her is that she is(or may be) bi. dudes love that for some reason…..guys are dumb.

  292. 292
    Milkywhite Says:

    EW omg what if he had a threesome with lena and amanda demme!!?! ***vomits*** oh god i cant get that image out of my head! but he DOES spend a ton of time with amanda who is also bisexual. ok im reading too much into this. but i have always found it suspicious how much time he spends with amanda. i always believed she liked him since way back in 2007.

  293. 293
    Lindsanity Says:

    Caffeine girl you are really reaching. This is the 3rd of 4th time sum1 spotted jp with lena.There comes a point where you can’t keep denying it just because you don’t want to believe it. & Ive never been to starbucks in my life. Had I seen what that poster saw, I would have said she was drinking a coffee. Becuz I wouldnt be focusing on her drink of all things! It was a joaquin phoenix sighting. I’m sure the person who saw him was paying more attention to him than to lena and her beverage. I

  294. 294
    Myself Says:

    Funny how someone would deny lena after all the proof that came out…..yet these same people will believe every delusional post that aria the creepy liar tweets: “Omg eye aam soo inn luv! i no i only no him 4 won month butt i in love!” Yes, listen to the girl who is clearly out of her mind and desperate to be famous. The girl who set joaquin up by calling the paparazzi to take pictures of them together. The girl who said she was “in love” with someone she had only known for one month. Her words are totally honest after all. It couldn’t be that she is purposely creating drama so she can become famous.

    . lena on the other hand? Oh no that story is so bogus. She respects joaquin’s privacy! She doesn’t call the paparazzi to take pictures of them together! Those are obvious signs that lena is a LIAR!

    Actually I bet lena would like for people to not believe she is with him. Because we all know the cyber bullying would scare her off…….. just like it did to his former girlfriends. They couldn’t take all the crap they got so they probably backed out of the relationship.

  295. 295
    red Says:

    well said myself! On another note….have you guys seen the recent video aria posted on her twitter?…ummm she is f@cking disgusting! She posted some video about some uruguay (?) ( I think it was a uruguay guy) guy talking about homosexuality….it is titled “eat da poo poo”…..she thinks it is hilarious! yah….she is retarded…what’s even more funny is that her fans are commenting on it thinking it is hilarious as well! such followeres like aria is! The lena stories are true guys….whether you want to believe it or not!

  296. 296
    inquisition Says:

    Joaquin may be with lots of red heads, but I think the Lena story is cooked up. How was her name even slipped into the conversation? Someone started a rumor and wants to see how far it can go.

  297. 297
    Liz Says:

    Inquisition- Lena’s name “slipped into the conversation” because it was getting out that jp hasbeen seeing her. Thats how EVERYONES name “slips up” online. This is the same thing that happened with that big nosed girl Teuta. I remember back before anyone knew anything about her, some girl came on x17online and told information and details about her. She mentioned things like Teuta’s sisters name (Diana) and brother (Jeton). She knew personal details at a time where NONE of that info had leaked (believe me I looked). No one believed that this girl really knew Teuta. Fast forward a few months, and it came out that Teuta DID have a sister named Diana and a brother Jeton. Everything that girl said about Teuta ended up being true. Where she worked, who her friends were etc. And there was absolutely no way for anyone to have known that, unless they knew her.

    If I were dating a celebrity, I know damn well that people I know would be gossiping about it online. I’m sure plenty of people know he has been seeing lena. Keep living in denial all you want. NOTHING about this situation is unrealistic. No real information has leaked about her, aside from the fact that she has been seeing him.

  298. 298
    Liz Says:

    And I also remember that TEUTA HERSELF came online to the daily blabber forums. She got into a hissy fit fight with people, and emailed the forum administrator to have the board closed. The girls he see’s are young 20- something year olds who probably spend half of their day online. Of course if someone was talking about ME, I will not deny that I would be coming online and defending myself. I’m not going to lie and say that a forum of people bashing me isn’t going to get to me. It will get to you. Especially if you’re not a celebrity and you don’t want to be in the spotlight

  299. 299
    inquisition Says:

    x17online isn’t that old a site, is it? I don’t think it was around during the Teuta days.

  300. 300
    peep Says:

    x17online has been around for years. yes it was around when teuta was around. i was on the message boards when she & her little friends paid a little vist. it was hilarious

  301. 301
    inquisition Says:

    You’re sure it wasn’t teddy and moo?

  302. 302
    nah Says:

    no it was x17online. im positive. there were actually several joaquin related topics on x17online when teuta & her snot friends came on. but one of the boards was closed after a while. she must have literally googled herself …& went from message board to message board asking the administrators to delete the topics about her. sadd

  303. 303
    inquisition Says:

    I don’t blame her.

  304. 304
    anonymous Says:

    He hasn’t been sighted for some time now. Maybe he really is in London.

  305. 305
    college girl Says:

    I think I’ve seen him in Washington Square with a medium to big yellow dog. Not recently but a couple of times during spring semester. The dog likes to drink out of the fountain.

  306. 306
    lovelytender Says:

    He’s in LA, a friend of mine saw him with Aria at Soho house

  307. 307
    anonymous Says:

    aria did tweet last week about goin to soho…wouldnt be surprised if she was there with him….they are together…we just dont see them as much and hear about it that much anymore from the twitter trash like we use to!

  308. 308
    anonymous Says:

    Hey lovelytender…did your friend say anything else? Was this last week?…..ugh…I just cant see what he sees in this girl….she is all about herself! Her new website definitley shows that with all the pics and videos she has posted of herself! Wake up Jp!!!! She is a public humiliation!!!!!

  309. 309
    lovelytender Says:

    Well, I was talking to him about her last pics at starbuck, saying that paps were always there when she’s out and he told me he saw them together. I’m sorry, don’t remember when exactly. He said she was very pretty, loved her voice and seemed very sweet. You know I read her twitter page and some comments about her photos and people are very nice toward her, saying that she’s gorgeous and clever so, maybe it’s right, I don’t know her anyway.
    My friend told me that Joaquin seemed happy, holding hands… A normal date.

  310. 310
    anonymous Says:

    hmmm…interesting….holding hands huh?….well, again, I just dont get what he sees in her personally….if only he knew that she writes back to the people who bash her then maybe he would realize what an idiot he is dating… far as pretty, well, yes, when she is done up she looks good…anyone can look gorgeous when they have hair, make up and lighting on you…I dont know….Jp is apparently superficial considering the girls he chooses to date….he is all about the hollywood scene!!!!! Thanks for the onfo LT!

  311. 311
    JoaquinFan86 Says:

    I just want this whole Aria thing to end already!
    I want to share with you guys something that happened to me this week, I was leaving a store and there was a car parked in front of it (us fans know what Joaquins car looks like) I can’t describe the model but it’s a black Lexus right? cause I saw one in front of the store, with plates I’ve never seen before (not even sure where the plates were from but deff not California) the guy was in the car with a baseball cap and glasses. He reminded me soo much of Joaquin. And as I walked by to get to my car, I was thinking to myself my goodness, if that was Joaquin Phoenix I’d be so happy! LOL it obviously wasn’t cause Joaquin would never visit the state I am from but it was nice to see that look-a-like. LOL

  312. 312
    Funny... Says:

    i find it interesting that he’s photograpphed leaving a hole in the wall strip club but when he’s at soho house and spotted with aria nobody gets a camera out. ESPECIALLY with soho house having its reputation

  313. 313
    Funny... Says:

    ps does anyone here know why aria changed her last name from cascaval to crescendo?

  314. 314
    anonymous Says:

    Maybe Amanda Demme calls the press.

  315. 315
    Really Now Says:

    She posted on July 14 she was at the SoHo, maybe he was with her, but you would think that since he had rumors of TWO possible movies and a release date for I’m still here that somebody would have taken pictures of him and asked him about all of it. Then they would release that and that alone would confirm they were both there. I just think it is odd nobody has heard anything in days but movie rumors and now the guy has become like Big Foot with possible sightings everywhere, but no actual photos or anything. I take it all with a grain of salt. I do think they see each other but in what capacity, who knows, I also think he sees other people and has another life, and it is what it is. He has that right and a right to privacy in his life and I think it is sad that she uses that to promote herself and goes about it in a very deceptive way. Or so it seems.

  316. 316
    Really Now Says:

    I also would like to point out that after a few days of nothing with her and him something always pops up, a picture here a sighting there, like someone (haha) wants to let it be known, or kept going. You really can not believe what everybody says when they supposedly see him with whoever of just by himself. Some are true I suppose, but some people like to start something just to keep this going. I could say I saw him with whoever, it would be a lie, but I could, but without proof it is all just words.Even with a picture, that does not prove anything either necessarily.
    That photo that was leaked of them, look at it, no date, he is not happy, it looks like to me. I believe, unless he cut his hair right after those photos of him and Amanda walking in Studio City that the photo was from a few months ago. His hair in those photos with Amanda is longer in the back, but hey ,he could have cut it, but since no one has actually released any new photos of him recently it is hard to tell. It just seems to me with all the new project rumors and his movie release even the legitimate press would see him somewhere.

  317. 317
    lovelytender Says:

    I understand very well, you’re not compeled to believe me but I trust in my friend so, you will understand…
    He described her as ” a sex bomb”, I laughed because, I don’t find her especially gorgeous but he said she was natural, looked very young, no make up. I guess he’s right because she comes from the Crazy Horse and it’s true that they choose the most beautiful ones, with perfect bodies and all the rest.
    Well, I don’t like her anyway, won’t change my mind

  318. 318
    anonymous Says:

    yah…a “sex bomb” with horse teeth!!! Yuck in my opinion!

  319. 319
    blah Says:

    Lovelytender you’re such a liar. He was NOT with aria, nor was he holding her hand . You’re full of bs.

  320. 320
    lovelytender Says:

    I told you, you’re not compeled to believe me and I’m sorry if it doesn’t make you happy (me too by the way) but I’m not a liar!
    Why are you so rude? The next time I won’t post if I learn something, really, you’re not nice at all!

  321. 321
    braveheart Says:

    HEY! you’re all wrong, the red hair girl is not this “supposed” Lena, but Jessica Joffe, he dates her again! Ahahaha!!

  322. 322
    HAHA Says:

    I KNEW someone would try to say he was “with jessica joffee” because they were sitting near each other at an event! NO he is NO dating her. She has been in a long term relationship for years now. He was at an event to support his SISTER whom she is friends with. His ex girlfriends remain close friends with his sisters. Topaz, Liv and Jessica to name a few have frequently gone to events with Joaquin and his family. I’d also like to add that Jessica is not a “young girl” nor does she look like a young girl as people described. She is clearly a woman and would be called one. Lena looks like she is 12. Quit trying to deny that he is with Lena, because he was sitting near Jessica who happens to be a red head. A girl he dated for like 4 months when he was in his early 20′s. She was BEFORE liv for god sakes! Get over it. He is with Lena

  323. 323
    Mint Says:

    In the words of joaquin phoenix “I don’t believe in getting back together with an ex. They’re an ex for a reason. Once I break up with someone, we’re broken up.”

    Good try braveheart, but he is not seeing miss joffee. Jessica has had a boyfriend for a while now. She is friends with rain phoenix, and was sitting at the table with rain’s friends and family. Believe it or not, some people are able to bump into their ex’s and remain civil with them….especially an ex he ‘dated’ briefly then dumped over 10 years ago.

    Aside from this event he hasn’t seen jessica in years, except for the occasionally run in. He has no choice but to bump into a lot of his former girlfriends since his sisters are close with them. Just a few months ago summer & rain attended an event with topaz. And god forbid joaquin was at the same event it would be “topaz and joaquin are back together!” Just like they did when liv made that video with him and miley. But no. He is not and will not be “getting back together” with his ex’s.

    Denying lena is just something you do to make yourself feel better about reality. None of his fans want to believe that he is with a young little rich girl. But at least we know he is with many other girls as well. Give it up already. Lena is the epitome of what joaquin likes….she looks like she could be teuta’s bff

  324. 324
    Anon Says:

    it is really pathetic how far his stupid fans will go to deny that he is sleeping with lena. GET OVER IT! you sound like desperate fools and it is sad. jp fans consist of old fat housewives who dont want to believe that their dream man sleeps around with young girls. because then their dreams of being with him are crushed. “i don’t believe he is with her. even though he was spotted with her several times over the past few months, and she looks exactly like the type of girl he goes for…..” the young red head girl he has been seen with is lena. you just make yourselves look even more pathetic and stupid by denying it. you know its the truth, you just dont WANT to believe it. be thankful she is keeping her relationship with him private.

  325. 325
    iluvriver Says:

    look how this sexy player looked as a baby

  326. 326
    mysocalledlife Says:

    I don’t find him attractive now at all, but I will admit: he was the most adorable baby ever. He was so fat! I love fat babies!

  327. 327
    anonymous Says:

    he was the most adorable baby! omg, look at those darling little shoes, probably his first pair for walking.

  328. 328
    film watch Says:

    Who would’ve known that that little chubby little fella would grow up to play Johnny Cash! He is too cute!

  329. 329
    Anon Says:

    haha! omg he was sooo cute! he was a little buddah baby

  330. 330
    Yowza Says:

    He was such a roly poly baby and his mom was so petite. He must’ve been a load to carry around! What a precious bundle.

  331. 331
    anonymous Says:

    Awwwwww! What a beautiful baby!

  332. 332
    V.Y Says:

    Jessica joffe is in a relationship with someone. He certainly is not with her. Plus like it has been said, she is in her late 20′s and looks much older than that. No one would describe her as a young girl.

    Idk where people got lena was 25 from, but she is 23 not 25.

  333. 333
    anonymous Says:

    i dunno but everyone said she was 25 so i thought she was. she had a myspace and it said she woz 25 i think but i don’t remember

  334. 334
    Well..... Says:

    Well, my Myspace said I was 100 years old before I deleted it. Once you put your age in when you activate your Myspace account, you can’t change it. Don’t believe the ages on Myspace because most of them are wrong. Underage kids say there 21 half the time.

    Either that or the ***** lied. She is 23 years old, and I am 100% certain of this.

  335. 335
    anoymous Says:

    r us serious????? eww

  336. 336
    Anon Says:

    Hahaaa! Maybe she lied to him to make herself see more mature and sophisticated. lmao Or we just got it wrong. I prefer to believe she is a liar :P

  337. 337
    Shocker Says:

    She is only 23? I am oh so shocked by that news. He usually dates elderly women in their late 20′s.

    Why do people have such high expectations for joaquin? Quit holding him to such a high standard. He is just a GUY. A guy who grew up in hollywood. Have you met the men in hollywood? Trust me, you don’t want to.

    Men in hollywood never grow old. They have Peter Pan ***** Syndrome. Joaquin happens to suffer from PPPS.

    Symptoms include:
    1) having sex with girls who could pass for your daughter

    2) chronic boredom when with same ****** for too long

    3) compulsive urges to see a new ****** as often as possible

    4) resorting to call girls when your wife won’t put out (enter charlie sheen)

    5) fleeing from relationships when you feel they’re getting to serious

    6) going to strip clubs with your lesbian friends (usually lesbians with hat fetishes)

    7) having more romantic chemistry with your brother in law than any of the women you date

    8) seriously spending wayyy too much time with your brother in law

    9) dude people are and your brother in law need some time apart

    10) giving the women you’re with the cold shoulder in public due to fear of other women thinking you’re taken

    11) turning into a paranoid schizo when paps are around you

    12) being as distant from your women as you can be when in public

    13) driving home alone and making your date catch a cab by herself after dinner

    14) embarrassing your date by ignoring her while you chat with your friends

    15) acting annoyed when you’re forced to be seen with your date

    If you know ANYONE with these symptoms, see a doctor IMMEDIATELY!! If not treated- PPPS will develop into a much more fatal disease: hugh hefner syndrome

  338. 338
    thai food Says:

    the woman who was with him at the asian restaurant in NY looked closer to his age. She wasn’t wearing make-up and she was beautiful, even with the glasses. I’ve seen the two of them around the village before. Theyve been together a while because her hair has gotten much longer

  339. 339
    anonymous Says:

    age is just a number.

  340. 340
    anonymous Says:

    yah sure thai food…..

  341. 341
    anonymous Says:

    OMG, that baby pic of him is the cutest evah! That was one well-fed bambino!

  342. 342
    chopsticks Says:

    thai food, i know you can’t say what restaurant but can you say what street the restaurant is on?

  343. 343
    thai food Says:

    w. 4th

  344. 344
    anonymous Says:

    guys…dont believe this thai food character…she is FOS! She is just trying to start up more rumors about Jp…..She cant name the restaurant because she cant think of one unless she goes on the internet…..nice try…you dont fool me.

  345. 345
    hellooo Says:

    I had the chance to meet his girlfriend Aria at a party this week and she’s lovely! Very natural beauty, sweet and intelligent, she has everyhting for her and I understand now why people are always so negative about her: she’s perfect for Joaquin Phoenix! They’re dating since few months now, seriously, he’s lucky!

  346. 346
    whateva Says:

    yah too bad she is not his only girlfriend hellooo…plus she is a fame *****!…intelligent?…read her twitter…I have never heard more cheesy music than I have from this trash! Good luck trying to make it int he music business aria….your label will be dropping you soon!!!!!

  347. 347
    stand by your man Says:

    Dear Casey,

    Everyone is behind you. No one believes the garbage being spewed by the former employee. She is a blatant extortionist. We know you’re a very talented, very wise, and very kind family man. Hugs.

    BTW, you are magnificent in killer.

  348. 348
    sunday Says:

    helloo! Don’t listen to them, you’re right! I met her at Soho house this week and she’s gorgeous, sweet and very nice. She was sith some friends and really, she’s perfect for him you’re right!

  349. 349
    sunday Says:

    Oh and by the way: I have a friend who works at Soho sometimes and what wrote lovelytender was the truth: she confirmed to me that Aria was with Joaquin Phoenix, holding hands, laughing and seemed happy together. Just wanted to let you know because you were very rude with her (or he?). And it’s not the first time!

  350. 350
    anonymous Says:

    Sunday..”.oh and by the way…I have a friend”….sure you do….point being, aria is not HIS ONLY GIRL!!!!!! The man is a serial dater….aria thinks she is his one and only!!! She is DELUSIONAL!!!!!!!! And not only is she a joke…but him as well!

  351. 351
    losers Says:

    can’t help but laugh at all these losers pretending to have seen aria and joaquin together. oh what a coincidence! all of you happened to see or know someone who saw them together “holding hands and laughing”…and you all just happened to find this very forum and share this info with us! **rolls eyes**

    no one is buying your garbage. you didn’t see them together anywhere, nor did anyones “friend” on here. youre pulling crap out of your ass.

  352. 352
    anonymous Says:

    I agree with ya loser! Such idiots! haha…aria went to france with a 13 year old girl she is writing music for!!!! Umm…why would you want to hang out with a 13 year old when you are in your mid twenties????!!!! Such a loser she is!!!!!! LOL!

  353. 353
    anonymous Says:

    I have a friend who works at McDonald’s.

  354. 354
    losers Says:

    lmao anonymous! she probably went there with a 13 year old because her “songwriting” ability is on a 13 year olds level. seriously her “music” is a joke. all other things aside, she is seriously talentless. i cringe at how bad her “music” is. no wonder why she has to leach on to a rich celebrity for attention, lord knows her music career is going nowhere fast

  355. 355
    anonymous Says:

    HAHA…just saw on twitter that her fans are worried that Paradiso girls have broken up and she hasnt told them!!!! LOL!!!! Umm…why would anyone be surprised if they did break up??!!! they absolutley suck!!!!! I hope she doesnt think she will make it as a solo artist now!! No way in hell for that…not with her cheesy lyrics!

  356. 356
    Satanshor Says:

    what is funny about this is the fact that people are so worried and fighting over who he is dating. I happen to see the pics and then the comments and i got caught up in the COMPLETE PATHETIC-NESS of it. Who gives a damn who his girlfriend is or who he is f*cking. Does everyone here believe all the things written on the internet? cause if so GET OUT MORE, GO FOR A WALK, GET A LIFE OF YOUR OWN. He is a guy who is famous and attractive therefor we need to watch every move and report on it? sad, really sad.

    and by the way i found this looking for info on the new movie and any info there was, it sounded interesting, so no not a creepy stalker just someone looking for movie info.

  357. 357
    anonymous Says:

    yah sure you were satanshor…that is why you felt the need to explain why you are here……

  358. 358
    pff Says:

    So rude, and so unfair, she’s lovely and still dating Joaquin, I’m sure that she’s in France but still calls him and he’s doing the same. you’re jealous, all of you!!!

  359. 359
    Satanshor Says:

    i explained it cause that would be the right thing to do. at least i can put up my nickname everyone knows me by and not be anonymous. I am still looking into when and where the movie will come out and who will be distributing it.

  360. 360
    just here Says:

    The movie will be released in a limited run on September 10 and it will debut at the Venice film festival between September 1-11. Magnolia pictures bought it, Go on their web site and send them an e-mail they may answer.

  361. 361
    anonymous Says:

    pff…oh you’re so sure?! HAHA!

  362. 362
    Satanshor Says:

    i will do that thanks

  363. 363
    pff Says:

    Yes, I am and she will come back soon and Joaquin will have kisses and hugs

  364. 364
    skorstensstillads Says:

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