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Joaquin Phoenix Celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Joaquin Phoenix Celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Joaquin Phoenix heads to Bardot Hollywood with a friend to celebrate Cinco de Mayo on Wednesday (May 5) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor, who was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, sat in the Corzo VIP section of the lounge’s patio to watch Jane’s Addiction perform. Spies at the hotspot said Joaquin even showed off some dance moves on his way out!

10+ pictures inside of Joaquin Phoenix celebrating Cinco de Mayo…

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joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 01
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 02
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 03
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 04
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 05
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 06
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 07
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 08
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 09
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 10

Credit: John Shear, Hellmuth Dominguez; Photos: WireImage, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Tori

    Hopefully this might SOMEWHAT help solve this age old question of Joaq being “IN LOVE” with miss crescendo. I dont want to start rumors or say things that aren’t true. But a male friend of mine who is cousins with one of the exotic dancers “Clarissa” @ plan b strip club said that the dancer had asked phoenix why hes there and he told her “can’t a guy have a little fun?” and SMILED. amanda demme and another guy was sitting with him. The dancer had a quick conversation with them, and eventually asked phoenix about his relationship status. (Rude yeah) haha.

    he said hes single. and he didn”t want a private dance.


  • anonymous

    HAHA!!!! Just goes to show how DELUSIONAL aria is! Like I have said numerous times before! Apparently aria’s defintion of relationship is completely different from jp’s! too funny! Hey tori…any other details?…what did they talk about?

  • Farah

    I don’t get why people get so worked up over what Aria says. It is beyond clear that she is crazy. It is beyond clear that Joaquin isn’t exclusive with her, and doesn’t even have any shame going to a strip club. Don’t we ALL know where this is going? How many times has Joaquin done this? We all know he goes through women like underwear. He is a playa and if anyone thinks he is settling down ANY time soon….seek help. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

  • hey!

    He will never confirm that he’s dating her, why he should do it by the way? They’re dating, even if don’t like her, but it’s the truth and we can do nothing about it and it’s not because he goes to a stri club that he’s not in love with her! they have the right to do things separatly.

  • Tori

    “Hey!” Are you Aria? that seems like something she would say…Look I agree with you but why would he hide that THEY’RE DATING? (if they really are) why doesnt he want to be seen in public with her? why was it that when he was with topaz and liv he was always showing affection and smiling? with aria he seems miserable. you’ve seen the pictures, he shows no affection back. anonymous: the only other details I was told is that the guy friend who was sitting with them took the dance with the dancer named Clarissa. And Joaquin didn’t drink any Liquor. Also, I guess the DJ wanted to announce that Joaquin was there but the club manager said he didn’t want a swarm of people gathering aroung Joaquin for autographs and all that good stuff. But people deff knew he was there cause there were cameramen outside when he got out.

  • Answer

    Because Joaquin is saving himself for someone else Tori and Aria knows it!

  • hey!

    No Tori, I’m not Aria jesus christ!! I just give my opinion, like you. But, guys, do you really imagine him saying “yes, I’m dating with Aria, from the Paradiso Girls”… Come on! He hates the paparazzi, medias and why should he justified it? they’re dating, I don’t like her, but that’s life and I can’t do nothing, like you. And you can’t compare with Topaz or Liv because he was still an actor, always in the media, which is different now, it’s not the same situation. An he was smiling with Aria, I’m sorry, don’t agree with you and he brought her to The Oscar Party, what do you want more? Kissing in the middle of the street, you will be happy then?? Not me, don’t want to see that, the less I see them, the best it is

  • anonymous

    You think there is someone else out there “answer” who joaquin is waiting for?…hmm…could be….notice how she is picking up playing the guitar now?…she never played before…now she is doing acoustic shows…how sad is this stoy becoming?…….again, she is trying to be something she is not…..

  • anonymous

    I never noticed him smiling with aria………

  • crymeariver

    I was curious about this famous girl, you know the brunette on the video and so, I went on the paradiso girls site and watched last Aria’s pics. Her facial expression is the same so I confirm, it’s her!

  • crymeariver

    Take a look…

    It was her, she didn’t lie, it’s serious between them!

  • anonymous

    ummm…no, im sorry but it is not her….

  • 20-20 vision

    No, it is definitely not her on the video. My guess is it’s someone who works for him.

  • lovelytender

    Honnestly, I don’t know but, in the first pics of them together, when they were buying some food, he was all smiling!

  • anonymous

    I just dont think it is serious on his part…yes aria is in love with him but I just dont get all the other “sightings” of him with other girls and then him saying he is “single”….???!!!!! Just makes me believe that he is not serious about her…..her latest tweet though is interesting…”dont go to clubs to find cute guys go to whole foods….hahahah”…another subtle hint I suppose……who knows..

  • lovelytender

    The other girls are only rumours, and he’s always taken with her so, for me, it’s serious. And he said he was single when he was with the other chick, I don’t remember her name

  • anonymous

    whatever…not serious in my opinion

  • 20-20 vision

    He IS single. He’s not married so regardless of who he’s dating, he’s single. There’s nothing wrong with seeing more than one person at a time as long as you’re honest about it.

  • lilyallen

    Gawker website has posted yet ANOTHER sighting of Joaquin with Lena.

    Joaquin Phoenix spotted smoking at Starbucks, from a spy:

    “Spotted: Joaquin Phoenix smoking a cigarette coming out of a Starbucks. He looked pretty chipper and in good spirits. He was accompanied by a pretty girl with fire-y red hair. I guess he didn’t order anything since all he had was a cig in his hands. The girl was sipping on a latte. I had my camera phone on me but it all happened too fast!”

    haha Aria is such a dumbass

  • imdb

    Anonymous, Aria isn’t ****ing “in love” with him. She is in love with FAME. She has only known him for a couple of months, and month ONE she was claiming to be “in love”. And guess what? She recently stood for paparazzi and had her picture taken walking a dog with the cation under it saying “Joaquin Phoenix’s girlfriend walking dogs”. WHY would she be doing that? They didn’t introduce her as a paradiso girl because no one knows who the hell the paradiso girls are. She told them “I’m Joaquin Phoenix’s girlfriend” so they’d print it and it would get publicity. She is OBSESSED with being famous, and she is running to the tabloids and using is name to get it. Who the hell does that? POSES with some dog and declares that they are Joaquin Phoenix’s “girlfriend”?? Someone who is desperate to get famous. It is sad that she still thinks she is his girlfriend. It is even sadder that the dumb b*tch is going to the tabloids to use him for publicity. She knows she wouldn’t be in any tabloids without him.

  • anonymous

    LOL! I love it! Aria is indeed looking more and more like an idiot! Too funny! Such a joke! I cant wait to read the other posts on here saying that this is not true and that “anyone can go on to that site and write about sightings”….this is only, what….the third time he has been spotted with Lena??!!!! He is infact dating this Lena chick as well……whether you believe it or not!….Aria is dating him in her dreams!

  • Carla

    ^^lol anonymous.

    And for anymore people in denial: “anyone” CAN’T write on the Gawker website. I have in the past tried to comment on the site, and it would not allow me to. They carefully select what they allow on their site, and they say that in their policy on the site. Therefore this sighting is credible. Gawker is and has always been a reliable website.

  • anonymous

    HAHA! I agree with you Carla! I just wrote that because I know there will be people who will infact say that “anyone” can write on that site…I know that is not true! The truth hurts sometimes and some need to realize that…especially aria! LOL!!!!!!!!

  • crymeariver

    Go on the paradiso site or joaquinphoenix central and you will believe me: there is a pic of aria and joaquin

  • arghhh!

    It’s funny! “private picture”? Seriously?? It’s clear that it’s Aria who gave them this photo, don’t see how it could be knowing that Joaquin is very private. She disgusts me and, him, really, I’m deceived, terribly deceived!
    Dating for months with her… Unbelievable! ARGGGGHHH!!!

  • lovelytender

    And did you notice? She doesn’t talk of it on her twitter page, she’s waiting a comment, I’m sure! My god, i’m so sad! I don’t understand what he finds in her!!!

  • anonymous

    What are you talking about? There’s no new photo at Joaquin Central.

  • Ruby

    Yeah, there’s no new photo. What are you guys talking about?

  • nita

    those pics at the restaurant are old and old news

  • lovelytender

    In their forum and on the site of the paradiso girls!

  • lovelytender

    Here, for the paradiso girls site

  • Pathetic

    Aria a pathetic piece of garbage. She takes a PRIVATE picture, and gives it to her website for publicity. I’m sure Lena has private pics of them together, but at LEAST she has the respect to not post them. And so did all his other current/former girls. I lost so much respect for him. She is a piece of trash. No one who actually respected his privacy would do this. Joaquin is getting what he deserves. And so is Aria. He was just spotted with Lena recently, and he keeps living the life of a “playa” and it makes me sick.

  • Ha

    I love how the paradiso site put “after some deep research, I found this pic” BULL****. Aria GAVE that pic to them. She is so desperate to be famous, every chance she gets she is using his name. I agree with the poster above. At least Lena and his other girlfriends aren’t doing this. Hell even teuta didn’t do this. I’m sure ALL of the girls he is with have some pics of them together. Not one of them posted it online but her. It is hard to say when it was taken because hey live in LA, which is always sunny and bright out. Either way….I lost so much respect for him. This girl is so blatantly using him because she has no talent to get famous on her own. And he is so blatantly cheating on her since we’ve received all these sighting of him with other women.

  • SO

    So is a picture aria made joaquin take with her supposed to mean anything? Is that somehow supposed to make people think they are a serious couple? Because she snapped a pic of him when they were together? You’ve got to be kidding. As it’s been said, every chick he is with has taken pictures with/of him. All this proves is that aria is the only one who wants to get famous off of him. Wasn’t he JUST spotted with a red head girl on gawker AGAIN? Yeah, thats saying something. Aria is just trying to get publicity any way she can. I respect the brunette and lena way more now. Hell I even respect the strippers he hit on more than I do aria.

    LOL@ people think her snapping a pic of them somehow makes their “relationship” more meaningful. Do you really think that his other girlfriends including lena DON’T have pics of him? Do you really think it takes a whole lot to snap a 2 second pic with someone? It’s laughable. Aria just feels stupid because he was spotted with lena recently. Funny how the DAY AFTER gawker posted that he was hanging out with a “young pretty red head”, she leaked these pics. Jealous aria? Insecure? You should be. You’re an idiot for thinking he isn’t sleeping around.

  • Kelsy

    im seeing a pic of aria smiling like an idiot while joaquin yet again isnt smiling and looks like he doesnt want his pic taken. not once have i ever seen him look remotely happy with her. he is using her ass for sex just like she is using him for publicity. fair trade off. he sleeps with every girl in LA and she doesnt care as long as she gets media coverage. & look at her website. it is filled with her taking pics with celebs just like that one. the pics she took with from the black eyed peas has more chemistry than they do.

  • It gets funnier

    Lena changed her facebook pic and it’s pretty funny!! I guess it’s a message to all the people hounding her LMFAO

    It pains me to admit it but lena is gorgeous. But she looks like a total *****. And she is a rich little snot. A while ago her facebook said she was a fan of that club ‘Pink Elephant’. That is a well known rich snob club in NYC. Filled with young little trust fund brats like lena.

  • anonymous

    Well said So….I agree with ya on that…..

  • Dumb people

    “So” you are 100% right. I have no clue why people are acting like a stupid ordinary photo is some kind of groundbreaking information. It’s SO stupid. It’s like “Well I thought they weren’t exclusive, but now that aria leaked a picture of them together…it MUST be serious!” Yes because everybody knows you HAVE to be in a serious relationship in order to take a pic with someone. I totally agree that the timing is hilarious. Aria probably read that joaquin was trolling the playgrounds again when he was spotted with lena at starbucks. She got pissed and dug up some old photo of them together to “prove” they’re a couple. We all know the truth. Lena, and God knows all he other girls joaquin is ****ing…..they are actually more classy than she is. Shocking I know. They have relations with him, and they keep it PRIVATE. They don’t need to flaunt pics of them together to “prove” they’re a couple. Because what REAL couple cares about what everyone else thinks? The only people who do, are people like aria who just want fame. She keeps on doing ANYTHING she can to get moe publicity. Like “LOOK look see! I’m still “dating” Joaquin Phoenix! Buy my cd!” It’s so pathetic. Thats what you get when you try to hook up with a wannabe celebrity. Lets hope lena isn’t an up and coming actress. If she is, we can expect pics of them to “leak” on the net soon too.

  • sadie

    yall are like a bunch of high school girls. aria leaked the photo because she is the only one of joaquins many girlfriends who is a wanna-be celebrity. her leaking photos of them= publicity for herself. why would any of the “normal” girls he is with leak photos of themselves? they have nothing to gain from that because they don’t wanna be famous.

  • anon

    Lena’s wearing naughty librarian glasses in her latest photo! Remember all those naughty libarian comments. Was that a red head or a brunette?

  • Anonymous

    ^ Haha it might have been her! Who knows? Who can keep up with all the women he is seeing? He sleeps around so much it’s sick!

    Yeah she is wearing “naughty librarian glasses”! lmao Maybe she was just role playing in them.

  • Brown Rice

    It was the naughty librarian in the thai restaurant with the lead pipe (in Joaqy’s jeans)

    That naughty librarian was a brunette but maybe Lenas red hair is dyed or a wig.

  • red

    aria is nothing but french trash who is desperately trying to get famous…hence why she leaked the pic of her and Jp…..desperate much?! Too bad he was with Lena the other day!!! LOL!!!! Maybe her Fb pic is towards aria….! HA! Let’s hope anyways…..!

  • anon

    LOL, Brown Rice!

    How ’bout it was Aria with the bondage tape in the bedroom

    Other “clues” out there?

  • LMAO RED!!

    I bet the facebook pic was towards aria! Maybe aria is sending lena death threats on facebook! LMAO Or maybe aria the fame hungry skank liar will try and say that SHE is lena herself! You see, lena is really aria. Aria had reconstructive surgery on her face, and put on a red wig! Then she morphed back into her normal self again! So you see, lena is also aria. Every other girl joaquin is spotted with is aria. It’s not that he is sleeping with numerous women. Aria just has the ability to morph into other people.

  • Anonymous

    I must admit though, I find the timing of all this hysterical. Gawker posts that Joaquin was walking with a young red head yesterday. We all know who that red head was. The very next day aria leaks her picture. Obviously she did that out of insecurity and anger because she knows he is sleeping around….or at least has some clues that he is. So then right after that pic was leaked by aria, lena posts a picture of herself giving the finger with this angry look on her face. LMAO It all seems too perfect. My guess: They know about each other. Or at least they have some idea that he is fooling around with various women. Perhaps he is even OPEN about it to them. Maybe he is lying to them, who knows? But it seems to me like they are aware of each other and are having a little cat fight. All speculation. I have no idea if thats the case.

  • Anonymous

    Oh and I meant to say gawker posted yesterday that he was walking with a pretty red head girl. That doesn’t mean he was seen with her yesterday. Gawker can take up to a month to post their sightings. I have a feeling it was probably sometime this week or last week.

  • Wouldn’t be the first time

    It wouldn’t be the first time he did this. I remember an old article from one of JP’s former girlfriends. She claimed that he allowed her to stay in his apartment because hers caught on fire or something. When he let her move in, his OTHER girlfriend topaz found out and was furious. She demanded that he kick the other woman out and he did. So that right there proves what a scumbag he is. He has done this MANY times before.

    Maybe he is open to the women he is with. Maybe he flat out tells them he wants to be in an open relationship. Then of course, he might be lying. He might be telling them he isn’t seeing other women. He could play it off like “we’re just friends”. That would explain why he ALWAYS looks like he is distant and paranoid when he was seen with aria. He looks like he doesn’t want anyone to catch him. Even their own private picture showed nothing but a friendly acquaintance pose between them. No affection on his part, no smiling Just sitting there as if he were posing with a fan.

    I have no idea if he tells the women he is with, that he is seeing other women on the side. But he certainly doesn’t try to hide it..which to me indicates that they know. He went to a strip club in public for god sakes. He has no shame. So that leads me to believe he has told them he doesn’t want anything serious.

  • Miss Scarlett

    ROFLMAO! Oh, thanks – I’m not going to be able to play Clue with my kids without giggling every time the lead pipe shows up!

  • Wouldn’t be the first time

    ^^^ Oh and that article I mentioned about his previous love triangle, was a credible article. The girlfriend herself was the one who spoke about it. That could be why now when he involves himself with several woman, he is so much more slick about it. Because he has had his ex girlfriends rat him out to the public before lol

    I mean he let some other girl LIVE WITH HIM while he was with topaz! And he was with topaz for 2 YEARS! That shows what a scumbag he is. Letting another woman move in with him, while he was involved with another woman for years.