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Joaquin Phoenix Celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Joaquin Phoenix Celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Joaquin Phoenix heads to Bardot Hollywood with a friend to celebrate Cinco de Mayo on Wednesday (May 5) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor, who was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, sat in the Corzo VIP section of the lounge’s patio to watch Jane’s Addiction perform. Spies at the hotspot said Joaquin even showed off some dance moves on his way out!

10+ pictures inside of Joaquin Phoenix celebrating Cinco de Mayo…

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joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 01
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 02
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 03
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 04
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 05
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 06
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 07
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 08
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 09
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 10

Credit: John Shear, Hellmuth Dominguez; Photos: WireImage, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • red

    HAHA!!! Anonymous…the timing is quite funny!!!!!! So true! And I REALLY hope that she posted that Fb pic to tell a little message to the piece of trash!

  • anonymous

    The Swedish model moved in after 9-11 when he was off filming The Village in PA. They weren’t living together. Her apartment was destroyed and he offered her his place while he was away shooting.

  • Anon

    ^Anonymous that is so not even true. You think he just offered his home to a swedish supermodel, while he was “away shooting”? Read the article. She clearly stated he was seeing her and topaz was at the same time. That is why topaz became enraged and made him kick her out. I’m so sure he let a swedish model live all alone in his house while he was nowhere near her. my ass. He was boning her the night he let her live with him.

  • noname

    eh, whatevah. . .he can see whomever he pleases. his business. i love him no matter what. my only concern is that this latest pic of him looks like his hairline is creepin back. before i die i wanna run my fingers through his thick wavy hair

  • Anon

    LMFAO!!! hahah I noticed that too. And he looked HELLA old in that pic too. He has no mouth….he looked like he was 80 :( I really hope it was just a bad pic and he isn’t aging horribly on us.

  • red

    OMG I noticed that too…about his hairline and his mouth…infact when I first saw the pic I said to myself…”where the hell did his mouth go?” So weird….yah…he looks older beyound his years! Aria is still an idiot though….HA!

  • Miss Scarlett

    Joaquin’s mouth looks small because he has such a large jaw – love it! So manly! Yes, his lips are thin, but when he smiles, the clouds part, the sun shines, and there is momentary bliss in the universe. As for the hair, it’s just the way it’s parted in this pic.

  • anonymous

    If they’re still together, the pic will be taken down. If they’re not, she’ll leave it up. That’s my guess.

  • anon

    ^ I think you’re probably right. The photos taken outside the falafel shop were taken down.

  • Tori

    My loves, I am so happy I am not the only one who thinks that this is all a joke. ARIA is awful and shame on Joaquin for even being “friends” with her. Whatever they have together, the recent picture doesn’t prove that they’re a couple. He’s STILL not smiling. He’s STILL not showing any affection. I think our questions will never be answered. :-(

    This Aria thing with her crazy mentality could go on for years. And she will still claim that they’re an item. Until some douchebag sweeps her off her feet (lets hope it won’t be Joaquin) this is going to be a continuous cycle if LIES and Aria is wearing a wig bullshit.

  • red

    were those pics from when they were getting takeout..taken down?…I never noticed that…if that is the case…hmm…makes you wonder….what an laser she is! I can honestly say that I hate this piece of sh@t!

  • anon

    Yes, the takeout pictures were only up for a bit on the paradiso site.

  • red

    Curiosity got the best of me and I had to look at the paradiso girls site…those pics are still up as well as the write up about their “relationship”….she wont have anything taken down from that site that has her linked to Jp!……yes…she is a pathetic loser! Her new website makes her seem more and more in love with herself! What is wrong with her??!!!

  • noname

    like i said, I don’t care who he’s with as long as there’s a smile on his cutie pie face. but if any one out there has naked pics of joaquin, i would be oh so thankfull for a looky look aria, if you’ve got them, please be nice and share the love

  • anon

    The falafel pics have NOT been there this whole time. If they’re there now, they’ve been re-posted.

  • anonymous

    anon…are the falafel pics the one that perez hilton posted on his site when they first started dating ( Jp was carrying the food)?…if so, they are up and they are further along the pages….like 20 something….but they are there..cant say if they have ever been taken down…

  • anon

    Yes, the same pics, but they have not been there the whole time. They were re-posted.

  • crymeariver

    Well, she digusts me more and more, and even more since her website! She doesn’t talk of this pic because I’m sure she knows that it’s on line (wonder if it’s not her who gave it to them by the way) and I’m happy because, nobody talked about it on her different pages, she would be too happy, so please, don’t go to post about it, it’s exactly what she’s waiting for!!!
    Now, it seems that Joaquin is happy with her, I’m sure that he knos too about this photo and no one of them asked to delete it so, for me, even if that makes me sad, they’re dating and not afraid to show it.

  • red

    No not necessarily crymeariver….maybe Jp doesnt even know about the pic…he probably has no idea what the hell she posts…I highly doubt he goes on her twitter page! (Unless mutual friends tell him about it)…anyways, as far as him being happy…maybe he is..but it doesnt necessarily mean with her…think about it…the pics we have seen from paps with them he looks miserable… (even in this “private pic” with her) but when we hear of the “sighting” of him with lena…you read how about how “chipper” he seems to be… we dont really know what is going on! Aria is playing a game and I think you are right…the more we ignore that pic of the two of them that SHE gave to the website….the better it will be…she WANTS people to talk about it…that is why she had it posted! We’re not stupid…SHE POSTED IT! How ironic that it was the following day after Jp was spotted with the red head??!!! HMMMMM… She wants to keep this going for as long as she can! Anyways, hope this post makes you feel somewhat better!

  • argh!

    How pretentious she is with her pics and quotes! what a loser!!

  • Bernadette

    Has anyone heard if Joaquin Phoenix will be releasing any of his music soon?

  • anonymous

    no one’s heard anything about anything. everything is a rumor. like the news on Joaquin Central that he might play a Bonnano family mobster. i’d much rather see him as edgar allen poe.

  • red

    LOl! Ok So I was just on Lena’s facebook page (well, it is set to private but the page that everyone can see)…and I was reading her quotes and they are HILARIOUS!!!!! I definitley think it is a dig at aria!!!!!! Go and check it out!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!! HAHA!

  • anonymous

    Okay, that pic of Lena with the glasses and finger – it REALLY looks like Cameron Diaz in a red wig. Look again and tell me what you think.

  • top

    Give us a link please

  • top2

    No,give us a break red a.k.a anonymous

  • question

    I have a serious question and would like someone answer me please, and seriously: I read everywhere that people want Joaquin to say that he’s dating Aria “officially”, uh! Excuse-me but why should he do that? They are dating, she wouldn’t say it to the press if they weren’t and many people saw them together, we have pics also and the last one of them both is more than clear to me.
    She’s maybe not the girl that I like, don’t like to imagine him with her but, that’s life, I can do nothing against it but, please, really, it’s time to admit that they are together.

  • red

    What are you talking about top2???!!!! Im not posting as anonymous! I didnt write about the “cameron diaz” post??….! Give me a f@cking break idiot! And if you are not interested then dont come to this board a@@hole!

  • anonymous4real

    I posted the Cameron Diaz link and I am not red. I really think there’s a strong resemblance.

  • caffeine girl

    Regarding the Starbucks sighting – I don’t buy it. How did the person know the redhead was sipping a latte? You can’t see through Starbucks cups. She could’ve been drinking black coffee or whatever. This whole Lena stuff is bogus.

  • question

    I agree and it seems that nobody answered me because they don’t want to fact the truth: he’s dating only one girl and it’s Aria

  • anon

    I just got a call from a friend in London. She swears she saw him at a restaurant in Mayfair yesterday. She wondered if he was there for a film.

  • rock on

    Impossible. He was backstage at the Kings of Leon show last night.

  • Miss Scarlett

    He’s here, there, and everywhere. Maybe he should play a super hero!

  • hotstuff

    I love Kings of Leon! Were you there rock on?…did you see him?!

  • shamrock

    Did you all hear that Casey’s movie will be out in September? Yippee. We’ll finally get to see it. I hope it’s not a limited release. I want to see it on a big screen.

  • For real?

    “Caffeine girl”- is that seriously your argument? LOL Because the person got the type of drink Lena was carrying wrong? It was obviously just a general statement. Like “sipping on coffee”. Oh wait but Lena was sipping on TEA not coffee! That must mean Lena wasn’t with Joaquin! Lamest argument yet.

    As it’s been said, Gawker is a credible source. You cannot just post whatever you feel like posting on that site. A lot of the people who report these sighting are people who work for Gawker Stalker. So please, if you’re going to continue denying the facts….at least come up with a better point than “the source got the drink wrong”.

  • Reply to

    “Question”, you seem to be living in denial.

  • reply to ‘question’

    “Question”, you seem to be living in denial. I know it’s hard for you to accept that your dream man Joaquin is seeing multiple women, but he is. There have been NUMEROUS sources to validate this.

    Here is where you’re being naive and quite stupid: The only reason we even know about Aria is because she is famous, and therefore we can read her twitter/website. That is also the only reason why she attended the Oscar party with him. Because she is also in the business. He had just met her then, and she tagged along to the party because she is a part of the entertainment industry. Had she been some anonymous girl, we wouldn’t even know a thing about her.

    So in your mind, just because we KNOW more about here..that somehow means he is “only with her”. Stupidest claim yet. Of course we are going to hear/see more of her, SHE IS IN A POP BAND! She invited the French press, she tags along to celebrity events, she posts crap on her public websites for people to believe (half the time they’re lies and delusional statements). Think with your head. The other girls he is with are NOT in the business! They are anonymous people we don’t see/hear about.

    Like I said, if Aria weren’t in a pop group we wouldn’t even know about her either. You’re basing **** on who you know about more. Well obviously you’re going to know more about Aria since she is in a ****ing girl band.

  • So clueless

    Some of you are acting like this is out of character for Joaquin. He has always slept around with multiple women. Maybe you should have paid attention throughout the years when REAL sources were giving you REAL insider information,….instead you blew it off as ‘internet lies’. Ignorance is bliss

    .Perhaps all the talk about him sleeping around on every girl he’s ever been with in the last decade, is actually true. Perhaps the accusations of him being a sex addict are a little closer to home than you think. Maybe when he went to rehab for ‘alcohol abuse’, he discovered other issues that he had.

    If Joaquin were more famous, his personal issues would probably be all over the news by now. Joaquin is private for a reason. It certainly isn’t to “protect” the relationships he has. More like he doesn’t want the women he is seeing to find out about his countless affairs. Lets hope he doesn’t contract an STD or something. Hmm that would really suck wouldn’t it? Especially if it were a serious one.

    Lets also hope that Joaquin doesn’t mate with the wrong girl. The kind of girl Jesse James had his affairs with: girls who like to run to the media and talk about their secret love affairs.

    Wake up. Joaquin hasn’t had a job in about 2 years now. So he has all the time in the world to sleep with any skank he feels like. What else does he have to do all day and night? Absolutely nothing. So his free time is spent shacking up with various women.

  • Milkywhite

    anonymous#274……i agree lena does sort of look like cameron diaz,. i think it’s the eyes. it certainly isn’t actually cameron diaz though lol. Cameron looks much much older than lena does. you can tell lena is a young girl.

    anonymous #273…. i went on lenas facebook and her comments were quite funny! i’d love to think they are directed at aria, but i can’t be sure. maybe its all in my head. lmao it does make sense that they’d be directed at her though. i also noticed that where it says “interested in”, she put men and women. that probably means she is bisexual. so i guess he is more kinky than we once thought. he likes bisexual redheads…..this comment may be inappropriate but oh well…i bet you he’s had threesomes with lena. lol ok ew thats gross. but i wouldnt doubt at all that part of his interest in her is that she is(or may be) bi. dudes love that for some reason…..guys are dumb.

  • Milkywhite

    EW omg what if he had a threesome with lena and amanda demme!!?! ***vomits*** oh god i cant get that image out of my head! but he DOES spend a ton of time with amanda who is also bisexual. ok im reading too much into this. but i have always found it suspicious how much time he spends with amanda. i always believed she liked him since way back in 2007.

  • Lindsanity

    Caffeine girl you are really reaching. This is the 3rd of 4th time sum1 spotted jp with lena.There comes a point where you can’t keep denying it just because you don’t want to believe it. & Ive never been to starbucks in my life. Had I seen what that poster saw, I would have said she was drinking a coffee. Becuz I wouldnt be focusing on her drink of all things! It was a joaquin phoenix sighting. I’m sure the person who saw him was paying more attention to him than to lena and her beverage. I

  • Myself

    Funny how someone would deny lena after all the proof that came out…..yet these same people will believe every delusional post that aria the creepy liar tweets: “Omg eye aam soo inn luv! i no i only no him 4 won month butt i in love!” Yes, listen to the girl who is clearly out of her mind and desperate to be famous. The girl who set joaquin up by calling the paparazzi to take pictures of them together. The girl who said she was “in love” with someone she had only known for one month. Her words are totally honest after all. It couldn’t be that she is purposely creating drama so she can become famous.

    . lena on the other hand? Oh no that story is so bogus. She respects joaquin’s privacy! She doesn’t call the paparazzi to take pictures of them together! Those are obvious signs that lena is a LIAR!

    Actually I bet lena would like for people to not believe she is with him. Because we all know the cyber bullying would scare her off…….. just like it did to his former girlfriends. They couldn’t take all the crap they got so they probably backed out of the relationship.

  • red

    well said myself! On another note….have you guys seen the recent video aria posted on her twitter?…ummm she is f@cking disgusting! She posted some video about some uruguay (?) ( I think it was a uruguay guy) guy talking about homosexuality….it is titled “eat da poo poo”…..she thinks it is hilarious! yah….she is retarded…what’s even more funny is that her fans are commenting on it thinking it is hilarious as well! such followeres like aria is! The lena stories are true guys….whether you want to believe it or not!

  • inquisition

    Joaquin may be with lots of red heads, but I think the Lena story is cooked up. How was her name even slipped into the conversation? Someone started a rumor and wants to see how far it can go.

  • Liz

    Inquisition- Lena’s name “slipped into the conversation” because it was getting out that jp hasbeen seeing her. Thats how EVERYONES name “slips up” online. This is the same thing that happened with that big nosed girl Teuta. I remember back before anyone knew anything about her, some girl came on x17online and told information and details about her. She mentioned things like Teuta’s sisters name (Diana) and brother (Jeton). She knew personal details at a time where NONE of that info had leaked (believe me I looked). No one believed that this girl really knew Teuta. Fast forward a few months, and it came out that Teuta DID have a sister named Diana and a brother Jeton. Everything that girl said about Teuta ended up being true. Where she worked, who her friends were etc. And there was absolutely no way for anyone to have known that, unless they knew her.

    If I were dating a celebrity, I know damn well that people I know would be gossiping about it online. I’m sure plenty of people know he has been seeing lena. Keep living in denial all you want. NOTHING about this situation is unrealistic. No real information has leaked about her, aside from the fact that she has been seeing him.

  • Liz

    And I also remember that TEUTA HERSELF came online to the daily blabber forums. She got into a hissy fit fight with people, and emailed the forum administrator to have the board closed. The girls he see’s are young 20- something year olds who probably spend half of their day online. Of course if someone was talking about ME, I will not deny that I would be coming online and defending myself. I’m not going to lie and say that a forum of people bashing me isn’t going to get to me. It will get to you. Especially if you’re not a celebrity and you don’t want to be in the spotlight

  • inquisition

    x17online isn’t that old a site, is it? I don’t think it was around during the Teuta days.

  • peep

    x17online has been around for years. yes it was around when teuta was around. i was on the message boards when she & her little friends paid a little vist. it was hilarious