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Joaquin Phoenix Celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Joaquin Phoenix Celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Joaquin Phoenix heads to Bardot Hollywood with a friend to celebrate Cinco de Mayo on Wednesday (May 5) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor, who was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, sat in the Corzo VIP section of the lounge’s patio to watch Jane’s Addiction perform. Spies at the hotspot said Joaquin even showed off some dance moves on his way out!

10+ pictures inside of Joaquin Phoenix celebrating Cinco de Mayo…

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joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 01
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 02
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 03
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 04
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 05
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 06
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 07
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 08
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 09
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 10

Credit: John Shear, Hellmuth Dominguez; Photos: WireImage, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • inquisition

    You’re sure it wasn’t teddy and moo?

  • nah

    no it was x17online. im positive. there were actually several joaquin related topics on x17online when teuta & her snot friends came on. but one of the boards was closed after a while. she must have literally googled herself …& went from message board to message board asking the administrators to delete the topics about her. sadd

  • inquisition

    I don’t blame her.

  • anonymous

    He hasn’t been sighted for some time now. Maybe he really is in London.

  • college girl

    I think I’ve seen him in Washington Square with a medium to big yellow dog. Not recently but a couple of times during spring semester. The dog likes to drink out of the fountain.

  • lovelytender

    He’s in LA, a friend of mine saw him with Aria at Soho house

  • anonymous

    aria did tweet last week about goin to soho…wouldnt be surprised if she was there with him….they are together…we just dont see them as much and hear about it that much anymore from the twitter trash like we use to!

  • anonymous

    Hey lovelytender…did your friend say anything else? Was this last week?…..ugh…I just cant see what he sees in this girl….she is all about herself! Her new website definitley shows that with all the pics and videos she has posted of herself! Wake up Jp!!!! She is a public humiliation!!!!!

  • lovelytender

    Well, I was talking to him about her last pics at starbuck, saying that paps were always there when she’s out and he told me he saw them together. I’m sorry, don’t remember when exactly. He said she was very pretty, loved her voice and seemed very sweet. You know I read her twitter page and some comments about her photos and people are very nice toward her, saying that she’s gorgeous and clever so, maybe it’s right, I don’t know her anyway.
    My friend told me that Joaquin seemed happy, holding hands… A normal date.

  • anonymous

    hmmm…interesting….holding hands huh?….well, again, I just dont get what he sees in her personally….if only he knew that she writes back to the people who bash her then maybe he would realize what an idiot he is dating… far as pretty, well, yes, when she is done up she looks good…anyone can look gorgeous when they have hair, make up and lighting on you…I dont know….Jp is apparently superficial considering the girls he chooses to date….he is all about the hollywood scene!!!!! Thanks for the onfo LT!

  • JoaquinFan86

    I just want this whole Aria thing to end already!
    I want to share with you guys something that happened to me this week, I was leaving a store and there was a car parked in front of it (us fans know what Joaquins car looks like) I can’t describe the model but it’s a black Lexus right? cause I saw one in front of the store, with plates I’ve never seen before (not even sure where the plates were from but deff not California) the guy was in the car with a baseball cap and glasses. He reminded me soo much of Joaquin. And as I walked by to get to my car, I was thinking to myself my goodness, if that was Joaquin Phoenix I’d be so happy! LOL it obviously wasn’t cause Joaquin would never visit the state I am from but it was nice to see that look-a-like. LOL

  • http://nada Funny…

    i find it interesting that he’s photograpphed leaving a hole in the wall strip club but when he’s at soho house and spotted with aria nobody gets a camera out. ESPECIALLY with soho house having its reputation

  • http://nada Funny…

    ps does anyone here know why aria changed her last name from cascaval to crescendo?

  • anonymous

    Maybe Amanda Demme calls the press.

  • Really Now

    She posted on July 14 she was at the SoHo, maybe he was with her, but you would think that since he had rumors of TWO possible movies and a release date for I’m still here that somebody would have taken pictures of him and asked him about all of it. Then they would release that and that alone would confirm they were both there. I just think it is odd nobody has heard anything in days but movie rumors and now the guy has become like Big Foot with possible sightings everywhere, but no actual photos or anything. I take it all with a grain of salt. I do think they see each other but in what capacity, who knows, I also think he sees other people and has another life, and it is what it is. He has that right and a right to privacy in his life and I think it is sad that she uses that to promote herself and goes about it in a very deceptive way. Or so it seems.

  • Really Now

    I also would like to point out that after a few days of nothing with her and him something always pops up, a picture here a sighting there, like someone (haha) wants to let it be known, or kept going. You really can not believe what everybody says when they supposedly see him with whoever of just by himself. Some are true I suppose, but some people like to start something just to keep this going. I could say I saw him with whoever, it would be a lie, but I could, but without proof it is all just words.Even with a picture, that does not prove anything either necessarily.
    That photo that was leaked of them, look at it, no date, he is not happy, it looks like to me. I believe, unless he cut his hair right after those photos of him and Amanda walking in Studio City that the photo was from a few months ago. His hair in those photos with Amanda is longer in the back, but hey ,he could have cut it, but since no one has actually released any new photos of him recently it is hard to tell. It just seems to me with all the new project rumors and his movie release even the legitimate press would see him somewhere.

  • lovelytender

    I understand very well, you’re not compeled to believe me but I trust in my friend so, you will understand…
    He described her as ” a sex bomb”, I laughed because, I don’t find her especially gorgeous but he said she was natural, looked very young, no make up. I guess he’s right because she comes from the Crazy Horse and it’s true that they choose the most beautiful ones, with perfect bodies and all the rest.
    Well, I don’t like her anyway, won’t change my mind

  • anonymous

    yah…a “sex bomb” with horse teeth!!! Yuck in my opinion!

  • blah

    Lovelytender you’re such a liar. He was NOT with aria, nor was he holding her hand . You’re full of bs.

  • lovelytender

    I told you, you’re not compeled to believe me and I’m sorry if it doesn’t make you happy (me too by the way) but I’m not a liar!
    Why are you so rude? The next time I won’t post if I learn something, really, you’re not nice at all!

  • braveheart

    HEY! you’re all wrong, the red hair girl is not this “supposed” Lena, but Jessica Joffe, he dates her again! Ahahaha!!

  • HAHA

    I KNEW someone would try to say he was “with jessica joffee” because they were sitting near each other at an event! NO he is NO dating her. She has been in a long term relationship for years now. He was at an event to support his SISTER whom she is friends with. His ex girlfriends remain close friends with his sisters. Topaz, Liv and Jessica to name a few have frequently gone to events with Joaquin and his family. I’d also like to add that Jessica is not a “young girl” nor does she look like a young girl as people described. She is clearly a woman and would be called one. Lena looks like she is 12. Quit trying to deny that he is with Lena, because he was sitting near Jessica who happens to be a red head. A girl he dated for like 4 months when he was in his early 20′s. She was BEFORE liv for god sakes! Get over it. He is with Lena

  • Mint

    In the words of joaquin phoenix “I don’t believe in getting back together with an ex. They’re an ex for a reason. Once I break up with someone, we’re broken up.”

    Good try braveheart, but he is not seeing miss joffee. Jessica has had a boyfriend for a while now. She is friends with rain phoenix, and was sitting at the table with rain’s friends and family. Believe it or not, some people are able to bump into their ex’s and remain civil with them….especially an ex he ‘dated’ briefly then dumped over 10 years ago.

    Aside from this event he hasn’t seen jessica in years, except for the occasionally run in. He has no choice but to bump into a lot of his former girlfriends since his sisters are close with them. Just a few months ago summer & rain attended an event with topaz. And god forbid joaquin was at the same event it would be “topaz and joaquin are back together!” Just like they did when liv made that video with him and miley. But no. He is not and will not be “getting back together” with his ex’s.

    Denying lena is just something you do to make yourself feel better about reality. None of his fans want to believe that he is with a young little rich girl. But at least we know he is with many other girls as well. Give it up already. Lena is the epitome of what joaquin likes….she looks like she could be teuta’s bff

  • Anon

    it is really pathetic how far his stupid fans will go to deny that he is sleeping with lena. GET OVER IT! you sound like desperate fools and it is sad. jp fans consist of old fat housewives who dont want to believe that their dream man sleeps around with young girls. because then their dreams of being with him are crushed. “i don’t believe he is with her. even though he was spotted with her several times over the past few months, and she looks exactly like the type of girl he goes for…..” the young red head girl he has been seen with is lena. you just make yourselves look even more pathetic and stupid by denying it. you know its the truth, you just dont WANT to believe it. be thankful she is keeping her relationship with him private.

  • iluvriver
  • mysocalledlife

    I don’t find him attractive now at all, but I will admit: he was the most adorable baby ever. He was so fat! I love fat babies!

  • anonymous

    he was the most adorable baby! omg, look at those darling little shoes, probably his first pair for walking.

  • film watch

    Who would’ve known that that little chubby little fella would grow up to play Johnny Cash! He is too cute!

  • Anon

    haha! omg he was sooo cute! he was a little buddah baby

  • Yowza

    He was such a roly poly baby and his mom was so petite. He must’ve been a load to carry around! What a precious bundle.

  • anonymous

    Awwwwww! What a beautiful baby!

  • V.Y

    Jessica joffe is in a relationship with someone. He certainly is not with her. Plus like it has been said, she is in her late 20′s and looks much older than that. No one would describe her as a young girl.

    Idk where people got lena was 25 from, but she is 23 not 25.

  • anonymous

    i dunno but everyone said she was 25 so i thought she was. she had a myspace and it said she woz 25 i think but i don’t remember

  • Well…..

    Well, my Myspace said I was 100 years old before I deleted it. Once you put your age in when you activate your Myspace account, you can’t change it. Don’t believe the ages on Myspace because most of them are wrong. Underage kids say there 21 half the time.

    Either that or the bitch lied. She is 23 years old, and I am 100% certain of this.

  • anoymous

    r us serious????? eww

  • Anon

    Hahaaa! Maybe she lied to him to make herself see more mature and sophisticated. lmao Or we just got it wrong. I prefer to believe she is a liar :P

  • Shocker

    She is only 23? I am oh so shocked by that news. He usually dates elderly women in their late 20′s.

    Why do people have such high expectations for joaquin? Quit holding him to such a high standard. He is just a GUY. A guy who grew up in hollywood. Have you met the men in hollywood? Trust me, you don’t want to.

    Men in hollywood never grow old. They have Peter Pan Penis Syndrome. Joaquin happens to suffer from PPPS.

    Symptoms include:
    1) having sex with girls who could pass for your daughter

    2) chronic boredom when with same vagina for too long

    3) compulsive urges to see a new vagina as often as possible

    4) resorting to call girls when your wife won’t put out (enter charlie sheen)

    5) fleeing from relationships when you feel they’re getting to serious

    6) going to strip clubs with your lesbian friends (usually lesbians with hat fetishes)

    7) having more romantic chemistry with your brother in law than any of the women you date

    8) seriously spending wayyy too much time with your brother in law

    9) dude people are and your brother in law need some time apart

    10) giving the women you’re with the cold shoulder in public due to fear of other women thinking you’re taken

    11) turning into a paranoid schizo when paps are around you

    12) being as distant from your women as you can be when in public

    13) driving home alone and making your date catch a cab by herself after dinner

    14) embarrassing your date by ignoring her while you chat with your friends

    15) acting annoyed when you’re forced to be seen with your date

    If you know ANYONE with these symptoms, see a doctor IMMEDIATELY!! If not treated- PPPS will develop into a much more fatal disease: hugh hefner syndrome

  • thai food

    the woman who was with him at the asian restaurant in NY looked closer to his age. She wasn’t wearing make-up and she was beautiful, even with the glasses. I’ve seen the two of them around the village before. Theyve been together a while because her hair has gotten much longer

  • anonymous

    age is just a number.

  • anonymous

    yah sure thai food…..

  • anonymous

    OMG, that baby pic of him is the cutest evah! That was one well-fed bambino!

  • chopsticks

    thai food, i know you can’t say what restaurant but can you say what street the restaurant is on?

  • thai food

    w. 4th

  • anonymous

    guys…dont believe this thai food character…she is FOS! She is just trying to start up more rumors about Jp…..She cant name the restaurant because she cant think of one unless she goes on the internet…..nice try…you dont fool me.

  • hellooo

    I had the chance to meet his girlfriend Aria at a party this week and she’s lovely! Very natural beauty, sweet and intelligent, she has everyhting for her and I understand now why people are always so negative about her: she’s perfect for Joaquin Phoenix! They’re dating since few months now, seriously, he’s lucky!

  • whateva

    yah too bad she is not his only girlfriend hellooo…plus she is a fame whore!…intelligent?…read her twitter…I have never heard more cheesy music than I have from this trash! Good luck trying to make it int he music business aria….your label will be dropping you soon!!!!!

  • stand by your man

    Dear Casey,

    Everyone is behind you. No one believes the garbage being spewed by the former employee. She is a blatant extortionist. We know you’re a very talented, very wise, and very kind family man. Hugs.

    BTW, you are magnificent in killer.

  • sunday

    helloo! Don’t listen to them, you’re right! I met her at Soho house this week and she’s gorgeous, sweet and very nice. She was sith some friends and really, she’s perfect for him you’re right!

  • sunday

    Oh and by the way: I have a friend who works at Soho sometimes and what wrote lovelytender was the truth: she confirmed to me that Aria was with Joaquin Phoenix, holding hands, laughing and seemed happy together. Just wanted to let you know because you were very rude with her (or he?). And it’s not the first time!

  • anonymous

    Sunday..”.oh and by the way…I have a friend”….sure you do….point being, aria is not HIS ONLY GIRL!!!!!! The man is a serial dater….aria thinks she is his one and only!!! She is DELUSIONAL!!!!!!!! And not only is she a joke…but him as well!