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Kristen Stewart: Going 'On The Road'!

Kristen Stewart: Going 'On The Road'!

Kristen Stewart is set to star in a big-screen version of Jack Kerouac‘s classic novel On The Road.

The 20-year-old actress will star opposite Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund on in the project, which begins filming in August. Kristen will play Marylou, Dean Moriarty (Hedlund)’s wife.

“We are enormously proud to be collaborating on one of the last great cinematographic adventures of the 20th century to be brought to the screen,” French production house MK2′s Nathanael Karmitz and Charles Gillibert said (via THR).

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  • http://www. MUG

    this little taletless boy belongs on jjr

  • Masina

    Outstanding. Another project for Kristen….and she will be fabulous in it. You go Girl!!

  • sally

    this will flop

  • looooooooooooool

    she is so f*kcing ugly

  • Stella Bella

    I hope they don’t want her to promote the movie or have her photo taken she might cry.

  • Ravi-OLi

    hey all,

    we made a kristen stewart song…check it out

  • Masina

    It is amazing that the haters are the first to post….ridiculous. Why are you here???? If you hate her so much, why give her the time of day?? Again…..IDIOTS….go scream at the ocean!

  • http://!! Ek200

    not a twilight fan, and i dont get the whole ROB thing.. so i’m not a “jealous fan”

    I just REALLY don’t get why people are still hiring her? SHE SUCKS! and everyone knows it!!!!!!!! lol and it’s NOT JUST ME!

    Who agrees????? :)

  • Trying so hard

    She is trying so hard to show she has “range” but she is wasting her time because she doesn’t.
    The Joan Jett movie blew and so will this next one.
    Also, she should FIRE the stylist asap, she always wears the wrong thing.

  • SARA

    i love Walter Salles! i can’t believe this talentless b*tch is going to ruin one of his movies.

  • Chechu

    I love that girl

  • um

    @Masina: eh what the heck do you mean why are you here? i visit this site so many times a day, it’s an open blog for everyone not just kristen stewart fans. when there’s a new post i click on it. if you want a kristen fansite, go to a kristen fansite! lol

  • Justin

    Kristen ROCKS!! I love kristen.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l..

    .. yeah, he’s ugly. i miss the days of real celebs. this little boy doesn’t deserve to be famous.

  • mte

    mte! if don’t want people hating on your favorite stars than go to a fan forum. this an open blog where everyone shares opinions about everyone. if don’t like it then don’t come here.

  • Masina

    It goes to show you don’t have a life….maybe you need to

    STEP AWAY for your computer……no…it’s alright… can do it. Trust me….

    No…no….don’t …just keep on walking away from it….!

    What a LOSER! You just admitted to everyone on here how PATHETIC you are…..!

  • offtheproperty

    See, more proof: a sublimely beautiful girl! I might even see that movie. I’ve seen her in ‘Panic Room’ and ‘Into the Wild’ only. I thought she was good. Certainly not hard to look at. An acting career in progress. With emphasis on Progress. If only everyone was as cool as she.

  • orly

    have you really seen any of her movies? it’s like she is playing the same caracter in every single one of them. how can you call it an acting career in progress?and since when cool means awkward, social inept and talentless. oh this world…

  • anna

    She needs to go ‘On the Road’ permanently.

  • does not

    i still think people are rushing to judge, and doing so by judging her character Bella, which is flat character. Speak was an amazing role for her, one that showed depth and ability to communicate profound emotions w/out overacting.

    but then, i try to be open-minded . . .

  • Masina
  • Masina

    Actor James Woods has become a legend in Hollywood through his body of work, and sometime next year (or slightly later), you’ll be able to see him in Rod Lurie’s version of the Sam Peckinpah revenge thriller Straw Dogs, playing Tom Hedden, a smalltown Southern football coach turned alcoholic who causes problems for a young Hollywood couple, played by James Marsden and Kate Bosworth. recently visited the set of the movie in Shreveport, Louisiana, and we were able to talk to Woods first-hand about the role, as well as a project he’s really invested in called An American Girl which Woods plans to direct with Kristen Stewart (the “Twilight” films) in the lead role. Woods bought the script, written by Tim Metcalfe (Kalifornia, The Haunting in Connecticut) and Sean McCarthy, then approached Kristen Stewart “before she was famous,” telling her that he wouldn’t make the movie with anyone but her, and since reading the script, Stewart has been urgently wanting to get the movie made.

  • Masina

    Joan Jett talks about Kristen:
    “I’d obviously heard about ['Twilight'], but before she was cast as me, I hadn’t seen it,” Joan told MTV News’ Larry Carroll on the red carpet at the “New Moon” L.A. premiere. “Of course, when she was cast as me, I wanted to see the movie, and I’ve seen everything she’s done. I really enjoyed it. I thought it was really entertaining, and I’m excited that she was cast as me in ‘The Runaways.’”

    Kristen is known for how deeply she gets into the psyche of her characters, and it seems she took that to the next level when playing Joan.

    “She’d listen to my accent and watch my body language. She’s an actress of weight, honesty, integrity and depth, and she’s very serious. She takes it as art,” Joan said.

  • Masina

    Emile Hirsch says about Kristen:
    Emile Hirsch stays cool with Into The Wild co-star Kristen Stewart. He jump-started her career by recommending her to Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke.

    “I was gushing about her,” he says. “I think she’s so talented and so perfect.”

    He continues, “She’s a great conversationalist, very inquisitive. She’s got a little bit of an edge, too, though, so she’s not a pushover. She’s strong and cool. She’s beautiful, she’s smart, and she’s emotional, too.”

  • Masina

    Director Udayan Prasad – - The Yellow Handkerchief

    Can you talk about casting Kristen Stewart? This was way before Twilight.
    Kristen wasn’t the household name she’s subsequently become. We saw a lot of actors for her role. People walk into a room and you remember them either by the use of notes you’ve made, which is usually a bad, and then there are people who you remember because there was something striking about them, or they were clearly very talented. Occasionally, somebody walks into a room and you get this sense that someone special has walked in, and Kristen did that.

    She was so nervous the first time she came. She wasn’t even 17 when I met her. There was something very focused about he; something centered. She knew herself in a way that was quite intimidating. This young girl is so sure of life in a way that I still don’t think I’m sure of life. We worked on the script and it was clear she was going to be a frontrunner without any question. She came back and we did some more work and there was no doubt (about her casting) really.

  • brenda

    omg people soo sick
    leave her alone
    what this girl did to people hater so much her?

  • suze

    why do people keep giving jobs to this talentless “actress”?

  • Dany

    This is going to be awesome! I cant wait!

  • tara

    it is reallllyyyyy pathetic that you all care so much about someone you don’t know, nor someone that wants to be known.

    it’s not even that ppl hate her… it’s with such passion and fury. wtf is wrong with you?

    she’s not even a famewhore. nor does she proclaim to be an amazing actress. she doesn’t even do big budget films!! she acts to act, not to be famous.

  • Pilly

    Mediocre actor mediocre looker. YAWN!!!!!!!!!!

  • ???

    Who will dump who first?

    will Rob Pattinson dump her first or will she dump Rob first? They already look bored and miserable when you see them together in their candid pics arriving at the airport together…Truly if you were in love, no amount of keeping it to yourself would prevent you from smiling with your bf or gf.

  • susan

    nooooo! that is my favourite book! I don’t hate her, I just don’t think she is a great actress.

  • Alexa

    She will go away as soon as Twilight films are over. Many people don’t like her acting, her looks or what she has to say and will not watch her movies. She is not dating Pattinson, it’s just ja press stunt, but who cares?

  • steph


  • Ash

    She’s gonna destory Jack’s extraordinary book.


  • nora

    to Masina: All the people you mention are “praising” Kristen cause they wanna milk the twilight cow!! Jett, Woods, even the new “on the road” film, all these are projects were trying to be made for years&years&would never have been mad if Stewart wasn’t in them; they all want Stewart cause they wanna get the money from twi fans who will pay to see their “Bella” in anything . The runaways film was the 1st big test for Stewart’s bankability&guess what…it FLOPPED!! Her first test was a FLOP!! Not a good omen, is it? This new film will also be a flop in the BO of course, not a commercial film; question for me is: this is a very feminine, sensual character, in the formaslistic sence, so can Stewart do feminine??? I strongly doubt it;

  • maud


  • Sari

    I can’t belive they’re going to let her ruin this classic!!!

  • Sari

    @Masina: I don’t give a dam about her but I do about this amazing classic she’s going to ruin with her bad acting.
    P.S.: With all the comments you have in this post… you are the one with no life. LOL

  • Meg


    The Runaways didn’t even get a nationwide release, so calling that a true test is stupid.

    I thought Kristen was ok in Twilight, but then I started to watch some of her other less known films like the Cake Eaters, she did great in it. I think most people who talk about her acting are basing it off of The Twilight saga, and to be honest MR hasn’t given them the greatest scripts, the books were great though! People are so critical without seeing some of her other work, I just can’t believe the amount of hate people can have for someone they don’t even know. Those people need to grow up and get a life.

  • mimi

    I’ve seen her body of work and it all looks the same. No range what so ever.

  • shellybean

    not a fan of hers whatsoever but i will see this because of Garrett Hedlund..and i would love to read the book first if i can find it :0)

  • cherie

    Joan Jett knows that Kristen is gay and wanted to put the moves on her.

  • Brenden

    Wow, just wow.

    To hear that they’ve cast such a mediocre actress in such an amazing story is just upsetting.

    Money money money, I suppose.

  • Brenden


    Your opinion is absolutely irrelevant now that you’ve gone and said that the Twlight series was good.

  • mb00

    This just can’t be happening…I just…I can’t. What a mistake. One of the greatest books in American literature and a movie that has been in talks for decades and they choose Stewart to play Mary Lou?! They should just hire a plank of wood to play Mary Lou, that would be far more convincing than Kristen Stewart’s acting. Why not just add Lindsay Lohan to the mix and just kill the movie before it even starts filming.

  • jamy


    i dont think so

  • Joe Smith

    They’re promoting a movie. Of course they are going to say she is good.

  • RioD

    I don’t understand this. This is SOO wrong!!! Kristen Dunst and Kristen Stewart in an On the Road movie? That’s like if they ever made a move out of Cather in the Rye and got Robert Pattinson to play Holden. I’m sure these actresses are good people and stuff, but their image and previous films are completely wrong for this movie. Has anyone even read the book? It’s so wrong if people just know these actresses and don’t even know the book. It’s a classic, a real true story of an artist and it means a great deal of a lot of people. Getting this girl in the movie will create hype and popularity, but I dont think it’s good for the film!

  • kristen stewart filmography

    Kristen memang jahat. Kristen memang pelacur. Kristen memang Iblis. Kenapa dia berani berselingkuh. sudah begitu dengan pria beristri.