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Lea Michele & Theo Stockman: Kissing Couple!

Lea Michele & Theo Stockman: Kissing Couple!

Glee starlet Lea Michelle kisses her boyfriend Theo Stockman during the dinner hour of the TIME 100 gala at NYC’s Jazz at Lincoln Center on Tuesday (May 4). She was, after all, named one of the top 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine.

Lea, 23, and Theo, 25, have been dating since last year and both have Broadway roots. She first started off in Les Miserables and Theo currently stars in Green Day’s Broadway musical, American Idiot. Previously, he starred in the Broadway production of Hair.

Last week, Lea exclusively told that she was going to spend the whole summer in NYC being a total “Broadway groupie.” We know who she’s going to be lots of time with!

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  • Cale

    Lucky Guy…Hottest Girl ever !!!!!

  • Cale

    Lea is so talented and beautiful….

  • Lynn

    Yowza, girl. Take a room!

  • Violet

    Had no idea she had a boyfriend. Wish that J Groff was straight, they make a very cute couple.


    Hate this bit.chy diva!

  • she’s so desperate&pushy


  • B

    she is GORGEOUS
    he on the other hand makes me feel sick to my stomach.
    but to each their own, unfortunately.

  • amber

    eww she can do so muchh better

  • Leila

    Um, ok. Lol. It may just be the photos but she looks kinda controlling and maniupulative here rofl

  • kayla

    i think in the blindgossip interview she was definitely joking..
    i think they look cute together but the pda is a bit much

  • ka-blamo

    Apparently she’s a diva beeeotch already.

  • Luly

    I heard she blew off a A list Photographer becasue she was make out with this douche bag. Well she seems sweet but she’s also a total Diva. Don’t get me wrong I love Lea but she needs to slow her roll before they dump her and she has to go back to Boardway. People also keep stroken her ego and that’s whats makin her that way. I just hope she doesn’t end up like one of those actresses that just do one tv show and then people forget about her. I also read she was a total meanie to someone that went to visit the set. The kid said she was a major diva and Dianna was really shy cory was nice and sweet. I don’t believe things til I see them. Until I see her be a diva to me I won’t believe it but I will say Glee is changing her shes turning into her character. Leave the character on the lot Lea please.

  • mimi

    ok, who is this nobody? why should we care? She hasn’t been in anything but her current gig.

  • Frank


    You don’t have to care, but she has done 4 Broadway shows so don’t pretend she has done nothing.

    Bitch/diva whatver she is talented and she can sing.

    Just be careful they are out after you now Lea.

  • Keep It Real

    WOW hes really REAALLYY not I dunno why thus bugs so much.

  • Jim

    You know you don’t have to like her but why do people have to be so hateful on the internet?

    She seems ot get along fine with the other cast perople, maybe not the most fan freidnly but if she goes to work does her job the best she can who am I to judge.

    Stop the hate.

  • Tihomir

    Hot Chick!

  • lillybogi

    I think she is stunning, I sound like a broken record…but she is. Her bf eh, not so much. But, who am I to judge.

    As far as her being a bitch or whatever, what woman is not a bitch in their own right. Myself included.

    Anybody who thinks she is not talented though…I really have no words for that. She oozes talent.

  • Nora

    Considering the Famewhore that she is, he’s not going to be around for much longer, unless if she needs him.

    On a second thought, Glee is starting to get annoying thanks to Lea…

  • EGOD

    annoying concieted

  • kim

    love herrr :) saw him live in american idiot and hair. met him once, pretty chill dudeeee

  • J

    She, along with Chris Pine, Zachary Pinto, Amanda Siegfried, and all those other marginally talented nobodies (but seem to have whatever this ‘in look’ is) on this site seems to favor can all go away anytime now.

  • renata

    I love her, she is great and talented, but as evrything on internet haters that don’t like a person bad-mouth someone just to put someone down. Before was Kristen Stewart because she was shy and never smile, now is Lea Michele because she smile a lot and jokes arounds (she joked with the papparazzy that didn’t know her name, she said that she was sarah pallin or taylor swift and was laughting). People just want to bich about something.

  • suzy

    Someone should ask her boyfriend, how many guys he kissed at the Bowery Electric show on April 25. He doesn’t seem very straight to me!!!!

  • belle

    va-va-voom! i totally dig this gal!

  • midnight

    I beleive she is a bit of a diva. After watching an interview of her she was kind of rude. Didn’t Mischa Barton do this same exact thing a few years ago??

  • A

    Jared, thank you for staying true to your original feelings for Lea. I saw your interview with her last week and you mentioned how much you like her. I like the way you handled this picture and “controversy”. Unlike Perez, who says how much he loves her and honored to be mentioned in the show, then turns around and calls her self obsessed and a diva based off of comments from a misunderstanding. If Patrick doesn’t know who she is and hasn’t seen any of her other interviews then he doesn’t know her humor. On top of that, he was obviously interrupting a private moment and could have come back later to ask them to pose for him.

    I’m done with Perez and now a loyal fan of your site.

  • Janine

    She’s very talented that’s the important part of being an artist , the rest is gossip.

  • knowit

    theo is straight- met him may times. his brother also goes to nyu

  • commonsense

    I’m not disputing that she’s talented but something about her turns me off!

  • anna

    They are both fug!

  • Lexie

    omg! i love both of them soo much and had no idea! soo exciting!

  • thelephant

    @amber: Totally!

  • Dee

    I love Lea but her boyfriend is kind of a buthisface. lol Sorry! I’m hoping he has a really great personality but I’ve read over and over that he’s a bit of a ass-hat but who knows?

  • http://slackerfortoday ladygagme

    she can do so much better.

  • maria

    she’s talented and gorgeous
    but he is ugly.
    she shud b wit cory!

  • DJB

    Let’s see maybe she actually loves the “person” and looks beyond the superficial. Just a thought….

  • LuvTheo

    Theo Stockman is actually incredibly sexy. Like, sex personified, seriously. He is really charming, quirky, and just infectious. She is incredibly lucky to have him! From the little I’ve witnessed, she is wicked controlling and protective.

  • anna

    EEEW! hes s ugly! she should date jonathan groff!! the jessie stjames kid!

  • lea fan :D

    i just dont care bout the hate comments, i LOVE HER and admire soooo muuch, she’s amazing… but id like her better with corey.. :D

  • wannasay

    I went to school with Theo…he’s a really nice, talented guy.

  • Britt

    she can do so much better!
    she should be with dianna (L)
    they’re such a cute couple

  • pauleene.

    you can do so much better, lea. as much as i adore you and want you to be happy, this just turns me off. i only found out now that she is dating this theo dude. idek who he is but he doesn’t look straight to me. i’m sorry for judging but honestly, go out with dianna.

  • Sophie


    You DO realize the role was written for her, right? So, I don’t really see how “Rachel” could influence “Lea” whatsoever.

    And you say having to “drag herself back to Broadway” like it’s a bad thing. Lea grew up on Broadway, she loves it, and she’s so talented, it’s ridiculous. According to Idina Menzel (from Bway RENT and Wicked) those Bway people make a “shitload” of money, so I don’t think Lea being dragged back to Broadway is a negative thing.

  • just an American Idiot

    Please, don’t hate on Theo Stockman! He’s an incredibly gifted performer, and, while he might not have what society’s defined as ‘typical’ good-looks, he is a VERY attractive person in real life. Trust me! He’s really sweet with fans at stage doors of Broadway shows (as most Broadway stars are), his voice is incredible, and his acting is ridiculously believable.
    You really can’t judge him — don’t say that Lea’s going to ‘drop’ him anytime soon or whatever. You can’t judge him, or Lea!
    Unless you’re actually friends with either of them, please don’t listen to what the paparazzi spews just to sell their papers. It’s a *business*, people. Their job is to sell stories, whether they’re true or not.
    Respect an artist for his or her art, and reserve your judgment for when you can actually meet Lea and Theo in person.
    They might just surprise you.

  • Mindy McReady

    She’s very beautiful and very influential, think she’ll make for a great Dorothy in the new Sequel coming in 2012!!!!

  • skorstensstillads

    Took me time to go through all of the comments, but I genuinely enjoyed the article. It proved to be incredibly valuable to me and I am certain to all the commenters right here! It is usually nice whenever you can not only be informed, but in addition entertained! I am sure you had enjoyable writing this post.

  • http://RKGriffin REYEL

    how awesomw would it be if lea and cory dated?

  • Lina


    he is hotter than a flame. pu-lease with your sickness in the stomach.

  • http://@crazy4cenarko latifa

    i wish she and cory were daiting !