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Pink Covers 'Cosmopolitan' June 2010

Pink Covers 'Cosmopolitan' June 2010

Pink gets glamorous in Gucci on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine’s June 2010 issue!

Here’s what the 30-year-old rocker had to share:

On getting a standing ovation at the Grammy Awards: “I wasn’t expecting that at all, because the music industry is pretty jaded. They still don’t really know what I do. I sing and perform my ass off. I have never lip-synched – I don’t believe in it.”

On her marriage: “I’m so dramatic…and in the past, I’ve been really mean. Carey sat me down one day when we were fighting and said, ‘Baby, when you call me names, it hurts my feelings. Please try to stop.” And I was like ‘Wow, thank you for telling me how you feel.’ Now I fight fair.”

On having kids: “At this point, we’re still trying not to, but I can’t wait to not try not to.”

For more from Pink, check out!

Pink – Cosmopolitan Shoot

Bigger cover pic inside…

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Photos: Matt Jones
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  • soi

    Love her, glad she and Carey worked things out.

  • ilia

    She is truly amazing. Amazing live performer, fit as hell, and absolutely stunning. What else can you ask from a pop-singer? Thanx for posting this!

  • Darknight’s man

    yeah love really make ppl a better persons

  • nata

    I like her. She is very talented and she stays away from the public eye and keeps her life privet.

  • TBL

    Love her! Pink rocks, and so glad she got back with her cute hubby!

  • meee

    Does anyone actually read Cosmo besides high schoolers/virgins? That magazine is such a joke

  • melissa

    really, she is the best

  • tenamoore

    Aww am glad they work things out becasue she really did love him to death mabe she was scard about being married at first but know they know how to work it out when they do fight. :)

  • Celia

    HOT!! I love Pink!

  • nic

    She looks awesome. Sexy as hell!!!!!

  • Lauren

    She works her as off NOW, because she made her name making fun of other girls. Actually she still does that, Pink always speak about lip-synch (even when no one ask) hoping someone will link her comments with Britney and give her some press.
    She is talented and sings better than Britney , but she lacks charisma. She is a big opportunist.

  • Whodunit?

    lol @ now I fight fair

  • miss infamous

    Im glad she worked things out with her hubby!

  • Mary

    Love Pink!! She has a great voice!!

  • Luna

    she is real and down to earth… she deserves respect

  • nic


    i suggest u pick up the copy of cosmo and read the interview. ur making many assumptions without full research. JustJared posted and string a few sentences together for their blog, but this is not a representation of the actual interview. Btw, after 33 million albums and 64 million singles sold worldwide as well as being the #1 Pop Song Artist of the past Decade according to Billboard Magazinem P!nk can say whatever she damn well pleases.

  • Tihomir Za. Magazini

    Exelent photos.!

  • Lauren

    @nic: numbers? How sell numbers deny what I said about her? She became famous using other artists name, then she started to sell a lot and sing good songs, but once in a while she uses others to bring her name up.

  • Gia

    I love Pink. She’s been one of my favorite artist since she came out. But I wish she didn’t feel the need to always remind us that she doesn’t lip sync her performances. That’s pretty obvious. I always felt that she would be more universally respected in the industry if she stopped trying to be such a rebel.

  • nic


    U got to be kidding me?!! She is famous and successful because she is a great songwriter with a great voice and is a phenomenal live act. There are many people who talk trash about other people in this world. None of them have more than a decade long career like she does. People don’t pay $200 for her tickets to hear her talk trash, they pay that much and more to hear her sing her heart out and work her ass off on stage. That is why she is RICH + Famous. Get it??!!

  • Dooley

    She’s also a cry baby about how every one copies her but she forgets how she ripp off Blink 182 and Eminem with the Diss young Hollywood Videos they did that first…She acts like she was the first woman to do Rock/Pop music by putting down Christina Aguilera and Avril but just like any Bully she knows who to pick on and who not to…You will never here her put down Beyonce or Gaga for Lip syncing or Rihanna for having a rock edge.

  • Lynn

    When I go to a Rock Show I want to here live music and a great band not someone swinging from the ceiling…Cirque Du Soleil wants there act back…Pink’s a MEANGIRL and deserves all the moles on her face.

  • Lauren

    @Dooley: AGREE 100%

  • Paella


    U obviously have never been to her show. You get a proper rock show with a live band. The Cirque du Soliel stuff is like 5 mins out of a 2 hour show.

  • Jaxx

    I love her! Also love her hair color. How in the world did she get it that color? I would dye mine that color in an instant if I knew how. Anyone know what color this is? I’ve never seen gray hair dye.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I love her and she’s very talented but I do agree. Enough criticizing/complaining about Britney and Christina.

  • Neorules2112

    Wow, That Dude Has Nice Breast’s

  • styler


    You don’t know what ur talking about. How did she rip off Blink or Eminem??.They were not the first to make fun of the hollywood crowd. Christina Aguilera did rip her off, first with Linda Perry, then Tim Armstrong etc. jumping on a formula that worked due to Pink’s hardwork. Then Avril Lavigne, who was signed as a faux punk alternative to Pink’s pop rock style ..and then Kelly Clarkson …till now Adam Lambert, Miley Cyrus etc. They have all gotten their musical influence from P!nk to a certain extent. How is she a bully?. And when has she ever accused Beyonce or Gaga for lipsynching?. LOL. ur just a hater and jealous of her sucess/

  • styler

    @lexy hates bilson:

    I don’t see her criticizing or complaining about xtina or britney. What are you talking about??

  • Anon

    Wow, nice rack!

  • Ginger

    I do love Pink… I do not like the girls she talks trash about anyhow… Christina Aguilera is a beeetch! She is so fake! She knows she can sing but talks like she’s having sx… especially on her interviews… she is as fake as Britney Spears when they talk… Oh, each time I see them on tv talking in interviews, I just want to reach in there and strangle their neck!!! Pink is real and doesn’t act fake… that’s why so many people like her better than Christina or Britney…

  • hmm

    she’s right about the music industry being jaded,i doubt the music industry takes any celeb/artist seriously coz the nature of the music/movie industry is just so fickle…Everyday its someone new so why should they even bother taking a liking to someone,putting them on a pedestal or even admiring them coz that “someone’s” gonna be replaced in the blink of an eye

  • 100mph

    She’s come a long way, she looks… Fab*

  • Euro Pro

    Bitchy, mean, rude, whiny, trash-talker, flatulent, hater- no matter what combination of these irresistible traits she may possess, she’s still a hottie!!

  • Jory

    Wow she’s really crazy fitness !! I love how wild she is ;) her body is just too freakin Hot !!!

  • Jasmine

    @Dooley: That’s because, to my knowledge, Beyonce, Gaga and Rihanna all sing live. I think those other singers deserve to be blasted. How can you call yourself a musician, an artist when you just run around to prerecorded and tweaked music? That’s not fair. When you see people like Pink, Beyonce, Gaga, Rihanna, etc. perform, it’s safe to say that you’ll hear them live. Not a fan of Beyonce and Rihanna’s voice kind of sucks sometimes but I’d prefer that. If you want prerecorded sh-t, stay at home and listen to their CD or whatever. Pink is real and outspoken and it can get obnoxious sometimes, but I don’t see how she lacks charisma as someone else wrote here. Personally, I love her and her music and I really want a chance to see her perform live. Love that her and Carey are back together too. Anyone follow her on twitter? She writes such cute stuff about him and vice versa. lol

  • happy girl

    dude looks like a lady! lol

  • Coco

    Pink says what she feels like saying. Sometimes she seems to feel neglected by the public or industry or something, that’s why she makes a snarky comment or two.

    And she HAS slammed Beyonce before. She’s not afraid of her. In concert she dressed up like Beyonce and did a “Single Ladies” dance when she did the song “Dumb Girls”. Look it up on youtube….it was hilarious.

    As long as she can back up what she says, I don’t mind. I just hate when these celebs say they were “misquoted” or “taken out of context”. If that is how you feel, say it. No shame in that.

  • joanne

    to all the critics above who say pink is only famous by using other artist names in her music, grow up. honestly, do u really think the world is going to make someone NUMBER ONE cos she mentioned britney or paris in a song?? she has hundreds of songs, as many more un released, and out of those, probably 10 mention peoples names, IF THAT! her songs are origional and unlike other “artists” not only does she sing live, she writes her own songs/music and plays her own music. thats talent. not dancing around a stage lip-synching and two stepping around the stage like some people. And the the girl who made the cirqu de solel comment, why dont u actually go to her concert and see it. u will be gob smacked. her “swinging in the air” is one part of the show. The rest of the show is even better. if u know anything about real talent, you will appreciate the concert and realise that pink puts 50 times the effort into her concerts then any other artist. you definetly get ur moneys worth. why else would people go not once, not twice, not three times but to ALL concerts in varies states! here in australia, she sold the highest amount of shows ever, and people flew all over the country to watch the show over and over again. britneys concert……severely under sold. why? cos people want to see a real singer…not hear a cd on repeat.

  • Run This Town

    @happy girl: Well said!@Coco: Pink is in no position to criticize Beyonce. As annoying as I find Bey, I will still have to admit that she’s exceptionally talented. Her concerts are defintely worth the ticket prices! She works her @ss off! Pink is an opportunist just like Kid Rock. She went from R&B to Rock. She hasn’t figured out which genre to hit next. She’s phoney. Her image is fraudulent. During Lady Marmalade, they saved the best for last, Christina Aguliera. Chrisitna has powerful vocal chords. Pink is a hater, and wish she had those vocal chords.

  • alicia-my-idol

    Okay, I think that all you that point out the obvious that she’s a mean girl, are freaking retarted! Duh she’s a mean girl.,you have any idea what she’s done for herself through her life and career ?? My opinion, she has the right to be as mean as she d*mn well wants to! I have never had the privalidge to see her live but dear god if I had the shot and the money hell would freeze over because I idolize her kind of .. Not really praise as she’s a god but I have grown up in a place where I had no one I could look up to like other kids did you know that thing where they looked up to mom and dad and said ” I wanna grow up to be just like you.” Or “.. That’s what I want to be like when I grow up.” I am 16 years old and I am just now starting to look at videos and posters and read articles and say ..” Wow… She is really amazing … I can relate…” The only dream I’ve ever had was/is to sing and if I had to look up to anyone in this world it would be the stronggest most touching beautiful kick as* chick/ woman I have seen .. Ever.. Alicia Beth Moore P!nk. I love you chicki some part of me hopes you read this .. Thank you.

  • Barry

    So many ridiculous drama queen comments.
    Some of you made good points and expressed valid opinions, you know who you are.
    Many of you made idiotic statements and judged people based on their public or stage person as if you know them personally… you have no idea who you are, but that’s ok, ignorance is bliss.

    P!nk is an incredibly talented woman who knows what people want (sales figures don’t lie) and who has been able to adapt to find success.
    Who cares if she started out singing R&B? Where does it say that a singer is not allowed to sing a different type of music? Maybe she never liked R&B, but sang it because it was popular?
    Say what you will about ANY performing artist, they are doing it for the money… maybe they enjoy singing, but they don’t do it for free and they treat it as a business, they enjoy making huge dollars from it and they will adapt and “re-invent” themselves if they see a profit to be made.

    Making fun of Britney is NOT new, people have been doing it since Britney hit the scene. “I’m afraid of Britney Spears” – LiveOnRelease (2001) is a prime example.