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Gisele Bundchen Works Up A Sweat

Gisele Bundchen Works Up A Sweat

Gisele Bundchen takes her son Benjamin Brady and John with her as she does errands and goes to the gym on Thursday (May 6) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 29-year-old Brazilian supermodel is currently in the process of building a 22,000-square-foot mansion. “Our Top model has adhered to the fashion of building green,” according to the blog on “Besides using solar energy, the √úbermodel uses lighting systems that reduce energy consumption, rainwater recovery systems, waste reduction and recycling programs, just to name a few. In her new home, for example, 80% of all construction waste was reused or recycled.”

15+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen working up a sweat…

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gisele bundchen works up a sweat 02
gisele bundchen works up a sweat 03
gisele bundchen works up a sweat 04
gisele bundchen works up a sweat 05
gisele bundchen works up a sweat 06
gisele bundchen works up a sweat 07
gisele bundchen works up a sweat 08
gisele bundchen works up a sweat 09
gisele bundchen works up a sweat 10
gisele bundchen works up a sweat 11
gisele bundchen works up a sweat 12
gisele bundchen works up a sweat 13
gisele bundchen works up a sweat 14
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  • Ollinerve

    That is so great that they can grow up as brothers….

  • cleaner

    Nice mansion! She’s always with John. Where’s Bridget??

  • Abby

    It’s STEP-son

  • Smash

    I love the way she covers John’s face. Let’s see what the idiot haters, will have to say now.

  • me

    i think john will grow up and appreciate always having gisele there for him

    and he is huge, he doesnt look 2 lol

  • jane

    this woman is so filled with love. youd never catch her sitting on a computer hatin. she rocks. she has the best life anyone could ask for. why hate her for that? dont be jealous, aspire to be as great one day.

  • lisali

    Gisele looks really the blouse. You can tell she really loves both the boys..shes a super lady.

  • people

    she looks so beautiful as always. cleaner to answer your question: she is around, she just doesnt get hounded by paps. Nice of Gisele to cover john and bens face. babies hate flashing lighbulbs. now you cant say she only does it to her son. but im sure you will still find a bone to pick about her as her haters ALWAYS do. ahaha

  • Gaby

    She is such a great mom and step-mom :)
    You can not tell this boy its not her son, she is so lovely.

  • dude

    the paps really should go bother some d listers who would love the attention.

  • Me

    @cleaner: thats rude what was the need for that, she is with him probably 80% of the time, other than that cute pics!

  • whit


  • LILY!

    she is covering his face in 1!!! pics in all the others she is showing him off, like always, what the hell is she doing with the child anyways its not her son and i dont see the father!!!

  • cameron


    wow thank god you arent the stepmother! you would probably beat your child. I see nothing wrong with gisele loving more than one child. LOL and obviously bridget doesnt mind like you guys love to think. its no war. they get along for the sakes of their children. Only trailer trash makes war in these situations. lol I have seen it on jerry springer. these women are not trailer trash.

  • lisa

    shouldnt the kid be with his mom so close to mothers day? i would hate to think they G&T are taking him on bridget special day, that would just be mean,it is her son or maybe they are all spending it together now that would be AWSOME!!

  • Drea

    poor jack he doesnt seem to like gi so much or maybe he is just not to close to her because he keeps pushig her away, bet he doesnt do that with mommy

  • cameron

    omg you people the things you come up with!!!!!! now there is a mothers day plot? LMFAOx 1000000000.

  • anonymous

    I love Gisele…#1 supermodel and yet she spends most of her time doing every day things instead of showing up at parties every night. She seems like an incredible mom to both of those boys…so sweet and caring. It must be a cuteness explosion in their house with John and Benjamin…can you imagine those two cuties playing together?

    They seem like a wonderufl, down-to-earth family, I don’t know how anyone can hate them- they try to stay low-key and do their own thing…and unlike most people who are famous today at least they’re both good at what they do for a living.

    And I love her hair like that!

  • Smash

    Lily lisa Drea probably the same person.

  • anonymous


    Mothers day is still two days away! It doesn’t go on for the whole week. Wow, I have to give you haters some credit, you *always* come up with something negative…it very creative in some weird sort of way.

    There could be a pic of Bridget and Gisele out to lunch together with the boys and you people would STILL find something negative (i.e: “Gisele is not smiling in that one picture! She must really hate being around Bridget, but she’s only doing this for the publicity)

  • chacha


    agree and she didnt even do afterparties after the MET ball. she had mommy duty. not that there would be anything wrong with that anyways, moms deserve fun on the town too! lol but yet she doesnt. and had an early magazine shoot the next day. TRUE professional at its finest. (in her bizz anyways)

  • Smash


    My thoughts exactly.

  • anonymous

    I wish the paps would leave people with children alone. There’s too many flashbulbs and noise and it can be quite scary for them.
    Good thing Gisele does her best to cover the boys and get by the paps as quick as possible. I bet its annoying if they just wanna go out to the park for a day or something…no wonder they’re building that huge (but eco-friendly) house, they end up having to stay in their home much of the time.

  • chacha

    haha so true! #20. yep they would. its endless.
    lila/lipa/dria are probably all 15. I mean only immature 15 year olds bring up such petty stuff like that. that or they are from west virginia

  • iza

    wow haters are too funny, lol

  • Soph

    who calls themself ubermodel, are you serius! cute kids tho…

  • iza

    @Soph: @Soph:

    she doesnt call herself that, only every magazine does. read some articles. that is her name in the modeling world. Vogue,Harpers,Vanity etcc,every article inroduces her as that. duh.

  • tracey

    Gisele could be mother theresa herself, and still be seen as the worst person ….in the world. I mean in justjared world that is lol

  • Soph

    @iza: it says she put the statement in her official blog, i thik that means its her

  • props

    Seems like everything is a dog & pony show with this woman. Tom, Jack, and Ben are just props for her. She’s been criticized lately for being a hypocrite because she claims to be a “green” person, but builds an excessive 22,000 square foot home with an elevator? Who needs all that space? Talk about being a glutton! That is NOT the actions of a “green” person. The other criticism is that she shields her own son, but flaunts Jack in the media. So how convenient that she’s out putting on a display with Jack….could that “cover” be anymore dramatic and awkward? Jack’s expression is like, “get off me crazy lady, you are not my mom. I hardly know you”. And suddenly she’s blogging about how green her mansion is? Give me a break. This woman is nothing but a phony. I doubt Bridget will be having mother’s day brunch with this piece of crap of a so called woman. Go play house with your Ken doll husband that you tell how to dress, your barbie mansion, and your own son Benji. Tom & Gisele will not last. She’s making Tom look like a punk. Grow some, Tom!

  • No no

    @tracey: dear hun please dont bring mother theresa in a gossip blog and specially compare her to a uneducated underware model

  • plesant


    yes you are right, in order for someone to be green they must live in a shack and/or tent in the middle of the woods

  • abs

    why do you people even visit her blog and website if you dont like her? lol that is UBER weird!

  • lisa

    why the fu#k did people gave me thumb down i said i hoped everybody were togheter on mother days and that the child should be with his mother in that day honestly you cant say anything over here, gawd!

  • anonymous


    Its her official blog but this piece was not written *by* her. Other people write on it as well. When Gisele herself writes, she does not refer to herself as “ubermodel” or anything.
    Isn’t it obvious when reading it that she didn’t write it? Nobody talks about him/herself in the third person, lol.

  • tom


    mothers day isnt til sunday. in the mean time im partying it up friday and staurday with my friends and wont be seeing my mom for another 2 whole days. so bc john is with gisele today doesnt mean eh will be with his mom sunday? hmm dont get that concept…..

  • rosie


    +1 Gisele has other writing on her blog. She has left a few entries and doesnt call herself that. only her fans,team,and every magazine on the planet does.

  • Soph

    @anonymous: ok :), but its just weird cant they just put supermodel, does she have more super than the others?

  • supermodel

    mothers day is ruined bc of gisele. living green is impossible because of gisele. gisele only covers her childs head. giseles step son hates her.
    wow do some people read what they write? I mean LOLLLLLL.
    judge a person by how they look,dress,etc…but judging them by their character??? when you dont even know them??? that is just stupid.
    At least give a person the benefit of the doubt when they show nothing but nice actions. she doesnt party,she gave 2 million to haiti,she doesnt talk or bad mouth others in the media,she made herself an international world wide brand, that everyone continues to work with. why? bc she is a total uber B**ch? mm I dont think so, her success and career speaks for itself and what kind of person she really is. If you cant see that, well wipe the green from your eyes and take a closer look.

  • chance


    have you seen the range of her career resume??? mm Id say yes she does. ask VOGUE and the whole fashion world why they call her that. she surely didnt invent the name, lol.

  • ace11

    i still wish she had Leo’s baby

    it would have been better

  • Soph

    @chance: i wasnt trying to pick a fight you know i was just asking, somebody way nicer than you already answer so keep your rudeness to yourself

  • anonymous


    That is what she is called in the fashion world. When someone says Gisele, you hear “ubermodel.” The magazines, designers, etc started calling her that a long time ago.
    When you’re the most successful supermodel of all time and have an estimated fourtune of over $150 mil, they have to come up with a new nick name for you, lol.

  • Dawn


    Leo didn’t want babies. That’s why they broke up for good. Giselle wanted to get married and start a family but Leo didn’t. So they broke up and moved on.

  • Jackson

    How come she and Brady are NEVER in Boston? City not good enough for them?

  • Dawn


    Oy. Not this again. It is the off season. Tom doesn’t have to be in Boston. He is spending most of his time in LA right now because that is where his older son is being raised. It’s where he and Giselle are building a home. He also has other family in California. It has nothing to do with Boston not being good enough for him and Giselle. And everything to do with the fact that his son and the rest of his family is deeply rooted in California.

  • Smash


    How many times am i going to read this crap?

  • ma

    @ ace 11 Gisele never wanted DiCaprio because he was not the love of her life. She said that sooooo often.

  • nnn

    Adorable son and mom :)

  • haha


    how many times must you write that? lol as someone has said before, this is off season. They always live in LA during that time, not to mention they are building their new home to be closer with John. As most celebs do, they live in more than one place. its very common in hollyowood if you didnt realize that by now. geez. Gislee spent her whole 9 months of pregnancy in Boston. they like it there, but im sure they are doing lots of preparation for their home and spending time with john. and the prob is?