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Kate Bosworth to Derek Blasberg: Stay Classy!

Kate Bosworth to Derek Blasberg: Stay Classy!

Kate Bosworth lends her star power to fashion writer Derek Blasberg‘s book launch of “Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady” on Thursday (May 6) at the Missoni boutique in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 27-year-old actress wore a gorgeous Missoni dress, strappy Louboutin shoes and a Calvin Klein clutch.

Kate, along with model Margherita Missoni and Nicole Richie, hosted the event for the NY Times Bestseller book, which is available on Amazon!

Chloe Sevigny and Tinsley Mortimer helped Derek celebrate his book at Barney’s last month.

Nice escorting skills, Lyle. Ha!

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth on Team Blasberg…

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kate bosworth derek blasberg 02
kate bosworth derek blasberg 03
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Credit: Anthony, Stefanie Keenan; Photos: Wireimage, Pacificocastnewsonline
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  • whatever

    if you use the word “classy”, you’re most than likely usually not…

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l..

    ..fcuking alien. hahahahahaa..

  • Ali

    Someone give me a gun

  • Adam

    She looks like a gremlin.

  • incognito

    Kate needs a new hairstyle.
    Slicked back hair does not flatter her face shape.

  • jeeves

    This girl always makes the weirdest poses.

  • Questions (Please help me.)

    I am fully aware of the irony of trashing JJ for posting on her so often and then really, really wanting him to post so I could get a comment in first because I have questions. And when I WANT him to post on her, it takes forever. At least it felt that way. Thanks, man.

    So I’m curious about the rumors that she showed up at the Met Gala already bombed. Every site that has mentioned it references the rumors and no one seems to be the actual source of the information. Any thoughts?

    Also, what was the source for ERW’s supposed comment that AS’s “shit is weak” and that he played games and needed to grow up? I read a post that treated those words as if she were quoted directly. If so, from what source?

    Next question: I forgot the rest. Thanks again, JJ.

    In general, when did the hate start? It seemed like things were going well for her until about 2008, then the bashing really started. ‘sup with that? Again, my curiousity is fully engaged.

    KB Pro: She seems to have really good skin. I looked at the large pictures of her from the Met thing and couldn’t find a flaw. I couldn’t tell what people were talking about saying it was dry or that she was aging badly.

    KB Neutral: She either dresses well for the “boho chic” crowd or dresses like a “truckstop hooker” (from another poster’s comments) for everyone else. I’m still on the fence for day-to-day casual but for events, I have to say she cleans up nice. Don’t know why she wore a beaded sack to the Met though when she could have gotten away with something really form-fitting. I did like it, just thought it was a little too baggy.

    KB Con: She has a weird conehead. Seriously. Look at pictures of her from the Valentino red pants party, where she has her hair in a ponytail. The way her head is shaped, that thing is like the crest on one of those pointy-headed dinosaurs. Or a piece of flare on top of a roman gladiator’s helmet.

    Conehead Pro: Shave that shit and revive the franchise. I smell a comeback…

  • linx

    She’s cute but her forehead takes up half her face.

  • Lovely

    Love Kate and I want that dress!

  • Whatever…

    “Star Power?” Really? Can anyone name her last film and better yet, will she ever have another one? Not really a “star” these days…

  • Ice

    @Questions (Please help me.): She’s never been popular here. You have way too much time on your hands to be writing novels on blog sites.

  • Kris

    @Questions (Please help me.): Even when her skin is clear, it has a worn look to it. Go back six months and you’ll see there are photos of her looking wrinkly too. She’s obviously botoxing which is why there’s such a difference.

  • eloise hawking

    she looked so beautiful when she was rocking the natural / surfer girl look… as other comments say, this hairstyle doesn’t work for her… nor do the pale colors. she looks washed out and tired. she needs color and a little bit of pizazz!

  • who?


  • NNicole

    Hey Furby! Strike a pose!!!!

    sorry, I couldn’t resist

  • xoxo

    What is up with Bosworth’s face?
    It looks frozen.

  • Questions (Please help me.)

    @Ice: I’m a receptionist with Internet access. Go figure! Any recommendations for actual novels? Perhaps that’s a more enriching way to spend my time.

  • holyG

    waahhso tired of her!! she will never be known for her movies! just like sienna miller, lindsay..

  • oseary

    Too skinny. The chick looks sick.
    The other two look ridiculous.

  • Bitch please…

    That’s it. Bitch. Please… Sit down.

  • Retro

    @holyG: Agree, she lacks the talent to be singled out for her acting. Sienna Miller at least has a good body and can act. This one is just a bobble head on a set of tooth picks.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Just looking at her cheekbones looks painful … who is this woman again?!

  • abyl

    she is such a pretty girl but this hairstyle makes her ears looko weird, like an elf :)
    Gorgeous shoes !

  • The Irony

    None of them look classy at a classy booking signing event.

  • t

    she used to be adorable but she’s lost so much weight she isn’t pretty anymore.

  • uhmmm

    ‘Classy’ women don’t get drunk at the Met ball.

  • abyl

    @Questions (Please help me.): People started to hate her because she started to date hot guys. Girls who use to dream to OB ad AS got really mad because she skinny just like they will never be and hook up with the guys they will never get :)

  • MarySue

    Love, love, love her dress! But where was Alex?

  • urban

    @abyl: No, most didn’t know who that James guy was and she was still unpopular then. There are plenty of well-liked actresses who date hot men but this girl is known more for attending the opening of an envelope than actually working. Those types of celebs annoy people. If she had talent to back up all the photo-ops, she’d probably be more popular.

  • Laticia


    That’s exactly it. It has always been the fan girls of the guys she dated who stink up boards like this with negative comments. In the real world most people seem to like her fine aand she is on many best dressed lists for the Met Ball.

  • abyl

    @urban: Please, be honest with yourself,if you were not getting roles in movies but yet getting ininvited to great parties, receiving free clothes from big designers, meeting and hooking up with raelly hot guys would you not acept? Would you stay at home?
    She is young, she likes to have fun, if we could we would do the same .

  • my3cents

    @Laticia: The MET Ball was a fashion disaster. She lucked out. Most looked like Ass at that event.

  • Trudy

    rob and Kristen just admitted they were dating – to Oprah. Maybe Alexander and Kate will fess up soon too. Then all the fan girls can mourn together. lololol

  • LT

    @abyl: That’s your opinion. Please don’t speak for everyone else. Just look at the people attending this event. B Listers known more for partying than their careers. You don’t see Mulligan, Knightley, Jolie, Cotillard or Paltrow there. They are serious actresses who date/marry famous and hot men and get free clothes from designers, but they know how shallow this type of behavior looks. So, no, not everyone would do what she’s doing but I do agree, she doesn’t have a lot of options. This type of behavior doesn’t seem to help her career though but she doesn’t seem too serious about it.

  • dimples

    I think she chooses looking ‘fashionable’ over looking good – the slick back hair, minimal make-up, beige dress – they don’t suit her, but they meet the fashion posse’s approval, no doubt.

    I presume she’s gets paid to make personal appearances at these parties? I know she would get free clothes from missoni etc, but i assume she must get paid for generating publicity… afterall any photo of her will show up on JJ! The paycheck from superman must be spent by now, surely?

  • WoWZA

    you know your pathetic when the movie they say your from came out almost ten years ago….sad sad bosworth

  • lUCY

    What the hell happened to her face? She’s still anorexic and it looks like she’s injecting crap into her face to compensate. She does not look well – a loved one should intervene.

  • Laticia


    I agree. Let’s see free clothes, parties, friends, occasional acting role, sleeping with Alexander skarsgard……nope, would not turn it down.

  • L

    You all say nobody cares about her yet her posts here have the most comments. Whether they’re negative or not doesn’t matter. You’re making news about her popular. Get over your hatred and SCROLL BY.

  • villa

    @L: If you don’t like reading the comments, YOU SCROLL BY. Doesn’t matter how many comments she gets, it’s obvious she has an arrangement with this blog to promote her and since it’s not a fan site, everyone can comment positive or negative.

  • L

    @villa: I’m not complaining about the comments. I’m saying if she bothers you so damn much, why do you keep making news about her more popular by giving her posts tons of comments?

  • Sweden calling

    It´s not about turning down great parties, free clothes etc. It´s about how you wanna be seen by the public.

    I know many serious, hard working actors that really fear overexposure. They don´t wanna be seen at too many parties, openings etc. Because that gives wrong opinions about you, people might develop a wrongful opinion about you. They might get tired of the actor, when they see him/her in the gossip mags etc every other day.

    They go to the most important premieres and parties, and that´s it.
    They´re actors, not party animals.

    But I wan´t to say this: Being a serious actor is maybe not Kate´s goal.
    Maybe she likes to be some kind of fashionista, partygoer, partyplanner, front designer clothes etc. And that is totally ok.

    I do not know her goals and wishes.

  • Oopsila


    I would!
    Amazingly, I can afford my own clothes, I go to parties attended by people I actually know and like, I work full time, and I sleep with a guy who actually bothers to look me in the eye and doesn”t deny that we’re together.
    There’s nothing inredible about my life, I’m just a regular girl, but as great as AS may be on screen, I get the feeling I wouldn’t much like to hang out with the real him, so I’ll take my life over being KB every day of the week, thanks very much

    I agree. Let’s see free clothes, parties, friends, occasional acting role, sleeping with Alexander skarsgard……nope, would not turn it down.

  • Oopsila


    Obviously that was all ref the:
    I agree. Let’s see free clothes, parties, friends, occasional acting role, sleeping with Alexander skarsgard……nope, would not turn it down.

  • Oopsila

    ps: why can’t she ever just stand just a regular person?

  • Silence of the Hams

    So, this is the new boyfriend. He looks like a hobbit.

  • GPS

    Who is this person and what does she do for a living? Posing for pictures? Going to parties? What is her day job?

  • mrsmmr

    I have to say, she is a very beautiful girl, who never engages with the low level of debate and speculation that seems to dog her. It must be very hurtful for her parents to have to read hateful remarks about their child,from people who don’t even know her personally. Would your time not be better spend on improving your own life, then making comment about some-one you will never, know and never meet, and more importantly ( for some of you )whose boyfriend you will never know and never meet.

  • LR

    does she have a work?

  • Wow

    @ ably & latisia
    WTF, hans/jam what you made up new names once again! You say the F’in same thing over and over again!!!!! It is sooo obvious it is you dumbass. It is the pathetic oversimplified excuse that we are fangurls.. more like you are kate”s fangurl lol. To put it in your simple terms Kate is not a good person and very manipulative with the paps!!!!