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Katy Perry's California Gurls -- LISTEN NOW!

Katy Perry's California Gurls -- LISTEN NOW!

Katy Perry‘s new song “California Gurls” has been posted on her official site (it features Snoop Dogg).

Listen to the track below or at! It was produced and co-written by Katy, Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Benny Blanco. Tik, tok, tik, tok!

As for the rest of her much-anticipated album, Katy has told MTV, “We nailed it: It’s roller-skating! It’s ’90s! It’s Ace of Base! It’s Cyndi Lauper! It’s like all these colors and more… It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be one of those records that is everybody’s favorite guilty pleasure.”

DO YOU LIKE Katy’s new song “California Gurls”???

Katy Perry’s California Gurls — LISTEN NOW!
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  • anon

    She looks pretty

  • Sophie

    Bad song.

  • aimee

    hmm. i like it a lot! =D

  • SubSub

    This track sounds like “Tik Tok 2.0″

  • abyl

    boring :(
    And I love Katy.
    Hope this song grown on me with the time….

  • job

    It’s awesome!!Fantastic!!

  • gina


  • Lucy

    generic, awful, and predictable.
    Her sluttying fully out won’t help.

    She’s such a talentless skank…

  • trouli


  • Tim

    First thing that came to mind when I saw the photo was Christina Aguilera Keeps Getting Better video…

  • Paola

    PERFECT!!!!!! <3

  • lola

    tick tok rip off I”;m sorry to say. I expected more from her.

  • Morgan

    I love it. I don’t get the tik tok comparisons.

  • NEXT

    Sounds like a Miley Cyrus song. Awful.

  • Len

    what is this shi*??

  • LOL

    I’m not even a Ke$ha fan but wow. The rip-off is overly obvious. Sounds like Miley and Kesha, wtf.

  • Tony

    her voice and the beat is so fu*king annoying

  • Sasasaas

    I love how she is tryin’ a new image. She isn’t the same thing like in her first album. This is new, colourful, modern. It is everything. People who criticizes too much should stop being so rude! If you don’t like it, just say it – you don’t need to be so rude and sayin’ things like how she’s “awful”. If she is, then why is she such a popular singer?
    Negative bastards.

  • Georgie

    really bad :3

  • Elle

    Hate it !!!

  • SummerHitNOT

    Wow that was underwhelming. Even Miley’s new song is better and that’s not saying much.

  • POO

    autotune generic rubbish as usual

  • waffle bowl

    @SubSub: Exactly what I thought when I first heard the song, it sounds EXACTLY like Tik Tok. I hope people notice that and don’t let it slide, because this is what I call a true blatant ripoff. It’s not fair to accuse Christina Aguilera of ripping off Lady Gaga, yet say nothing about Katy ripping off Ke$ha. And how incredibly lame do you have to rip off Ke$ha? If you’re gonna steal from someone, at least steal from someone who’s actually good!

  • isabela

    L L L LOVE

  • Ha!

    This girl cannot sing at all!!! Nobody can make their own music anymore without ripping off somebody else in this era. (As if Kesha’s Tik Tok song is any better than this!)

  • iamAWESOME

    sounds like britney’s “trouble” but i still like this song.

  • eyda

    love love love it:)))) so happy shes back CANT WAIT for the album:)))))

  • andrelle

    IMO it’s a pretty good summer song :)

  • SubSub

    @waffle bowl: So true! I agree! Katy’s just going with what’s popular right now I guess, but it’s an awful rip-off.

  • Just Sayin

    katy perry has turned into a complete BEEEEOTCH!! I dont like it or her anymore! hasnt she worn this outfit already?

  • Cain

    too similar or kesha? but katy’s better at singing apparently

  • sam

    Just when I thought music couldn’t get any worse, that no talent a-s-s-clown Katy Perry goes and proves me wrong.

  • Avid Fan


    What new image? This is exactly what I expect from Katy Perry.

  • Chars

    I liked her singles from her last album. But I found this really boring.

  • Lenne

    She can’t sing, but she is gorgeous.

  • max

    What I find most surprising is that it took 4 people to cowrite this masterpiece. I would have guessed it was a 10 year old with a bottle of sniffing glue.

  • Donovan

    Generic. Sounds like everything else on the radio right now.

  • In The Know

    WTF…………..Its a joke right???


  • patipato


  • julia

    it has nothing to do with tik tok..

  • Sasasaas

    @Avid Fan:
    it’s more edgier. i did EXPECT it from her – she’s katy perry – but she’s more vibrant, more colourful.
    you got to admit, in her old album – she was less riskier – now she has come out with a much more edgier look.

  • yo sista

    The beginning sounds like Britney’s song “Trouble” i swear i mean it! Great songs btw.

  • tal


  • Mary


  • Ankka

    it’s not bad but its basically TIK TOK 2.0!!!!!!!

  • katy curry

    sounds like britney’s song “trouble”

  • Anon

    Although it is similar to Tik Tok (it is produced by the same team), it’s definitely good enough to stand up on its own. I actually might prefer it to Tik Tok…

    I don’t understand why people are referring to her being a ‘sl*t’ and ‘autotuned’ – she really isn’t a ‘sl*t’ and autotune isn’t used in this song, or certainly not to extent of Ke$ha…

    I think this song is really fun and full of personality. It’s nice to see that Katy is trying new things, and she’s definitely a better artist than Miley or Ke$ha. I think this is a really intelligent single for summer, and will top charts across the world.

    Lyrically, the song is strong (for what it’s trying to say) and even Snoop sounds good!

    Overall, I would say that this might even be Katy’s best single – it’s that good.

  • Payla

    It’s going to grow on me. A little disappointing, but Ima stick by her, because she’s amazingly cool.

    BE NICE, people.

  • allofthesanesofme

    With success comes hate. I’m not surprised to see people disliking it.

    Still think it sounds too much like TiK ToK. Other than that, it isn’t half bad.

  • DJB

    @ Poo.. I don’t hear the auto tune. And, I think she has a really nice voice.
    Totally digging the song. It’s one of those roll the windows down summer songs IMO!! As she stated, it’s going to be a guilty pleasure right? :)