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Lindsay Lohan: I'm 23 and Allowed to Party!

Lindsay Lohan: I'm 23 and Allowed to Party!

Lindsay Lohan opens up to ET about the rumors that she has problems with drugs, alcohol and/or prescription medication.

The freckle-faced actress replies, “No, I don’t. I work. And if I go out with my friends, I’m 23 and I’m allowed to do that. I don’t go out when I’m working… When did I stop being okay? I am fine. I am happy and I am working. And I’m good. And I’m surrounded by great friends now. You know, I have weeded out a lot of people in my life.”

“I don’t pay attention to [the bad press],” adds Lindsay. “The only problem is that it distracts from me getting jobs, and that is when it hurts me. Especially when it is not true. … Everyone goes through ups and downs. I am not one to hide anything. I am an honest person. I take it for what it is. I am me.”

Adds Lindsay‘s mom Dina, “We have a good relationship. We fight like friends do. She is a very strong woman. I’ve learned a lot. Not every mother has to read false stories about their daughter. It’s nice to know she has sat by me through all of that. She knows what is really happening in my life… We are just very misunderstood. And, when I read it, it breaks my heart because it is not true. I am going to cry. I’m really going to cry. … She has the biggest heart of anyone on the planet.”

Lindsay Lohan: I’m 23 and Allowed to Party!
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  • spongebob

    She’s obviously not okay. You would think the prospect of being sent to jail for good would scare her straight but it hasn’t. Keep living in denial Lindsay. I thought you were at rock bottom but you keep proving the world wrong by how low you can go. Hollywoodtv can only feed you for so long.

  • Jslin

    She’s delusional if she she honestly believes that what shes doing is normal and ok.

    Sure, being 23 means she’s old enough to drink and “party”. But there seriously is a difference between being legal and being responsible. And responsible is just not something Ms. Lohan is.

  • Whatever…

    Really? You DON’T have a problem? Then you are the LAST person on earth to know about it!! And she doesn’t pay attention to negative press? Really? Then why do you TWEET every time someone calls you out on your actions? You are delusional and I cannot wait until you are gone. Next story I want to read is your obituary!!

  • Anna

    Just think 5 years ago she had the world at her feet,now she’s a joke.She is so over in Hollywood,she will never reach the A – list of movie stars, the sad thing is in her own head she thinks she is on the same level of Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett,Penelope Cruz and many other actresses but its clear to everyone, except her and that thing she calls a mother that she never will be.

  • Please no

    I thought this would be the one site that wouldn’t feature this horror!! Where can I go for a browse to get away from this terrible up herself arrogant woman? It’s pretty cocky to say I’m allowed to go out when she should be lieing low at the moment. Why is it every day her dirty laundry is talked about? It would be one thing if she was a famous celebrity.

  • kermit

    I don’t understand why people rag on Lindsay and not other partiers like Paris, Nicky and the rest of the HW bunch. Why just her? Is she just that much more popular than the people I mentioned? She’s not hurting nobody and just hanging out with her friends. Well besides hurting her career.She didn’t have this trouble before Sam did she?

  • mandy

    Lindsay lindsay, you look a lot older than your age23 . What you did to your body is already showing. You need to stay away from partying altogether. You also need to stop drinking and smoking of any kind and become all the things you are claiming to be. Don’t talk about it just be it that is when people accept your change. As much as I find her to be lame ,I admire Megan fox for this. You won’t find her getting in this kind of troubles you are getting. She knows how to stay out of trouble of your nature. Learn from people like and stay away. Make name to yourself and work.

  • offtheproperty

    Helloooo! Good girl; Bad world.

  • sara

    She is just having a good time! Being 23 and partying is not a big deal, in fact its normal. She obviously doesn’t have a problem, and Dina being the wonderful mother she is would get her help if she needed it.

    Bwahahahahahahahaha! Wow, I can’t even type that with straight face lol

  • Nora

    There must be a shade of disability about Lindsey we don’t know about. Yes, I understand both her and her mother is pretty messed up. But in all honesty, perhaps it’s her bipolar disorder that’s causing her disarray…

  • ally


    Nothing else I can say.

  • Just Interested

    she looks older than her mom ;/

  • Natasha

    How can she say she’s okay? She’s obviously doing something wrong. I mean, she looks decades older than 23.

  • no to fame-hos

    Fact….Her Mother should get herself together first if the daughter is to get help. Both are a mess, Dina will play the biggest, messiest victim and martyr if Lindsay dies from drugs and/or alcoholism and the truth is she is a big part of the problem with her enabling and co-dependency, own addictions. “Your biggest thing is your trip….” No Dina, she falls down from being wasted. Fool, sober up.
    Michael Lohan may be an a-hole and might not go about things the right way, but at least he is sober and knows he his kid is not in a good way…meaning she is on the way to death’s door.

  • no to fame-hos

    “Your biggest thing is your tripping” sorry, (seeing red because of Dina)

  • Lynn

    this is so sad… she is yelling at her mom…the mom is disillusional about the fact that her daughter needs help. Looking at these two makes me appreciate my life and relationship with loved ones.

  • Ali

    I know next to nothing about her but is that woman serious? The girl clearly needs a mother, not a peroxide nutter who’s so delusional she wants the world to think of her as a friend rather than a parent. I’m amazed she even admits to being her mother when she’s so clearly living vicariously through her.

  • hun

    so does she and her mom really think she is a regular non-crazy person? how sad.

  • nata

    She had the world at her feet and now she barely gets roles, and it is not because of the bad press is because her behavior. She Tweets her personal life like no other actress and all she does is party and get into all this unnecessary drama . Yes it is normal for 23 year old to party, but not to the intensity that she does, and it is not normal to do drugs and it is less normal that someone as unstable as her is taking care of her teenage sister. She can say all she wants , but her behavior gives it away. She is worthy of compassion.

  • fl

    poor girl. her mom always says she is a child. maybe she acts like a child because she craves attention from a mature and responsible adult who can take care of her…unlike how her own parents. she’s clearly had to grow up to soon, as evidenced by her earlier career and the millions she was making. then she got burnt out from doing to much too soon at an early age. she’s a 23 year old grooown woman, and for those people say all her problems are because of the paparazzi hounding her, she has problems because of herself, and no one else is to blame. also, many people say its because of her age, she’s young, and she’s doing what other people in college are doing. not true for all. most college students try to pay their tuition, they work while in school,and try to establish careers. i should know, im only 2 years younger than her. in any case, its sad but she has enablers aaaall around her. her mother is just as much of a drug addict as she is. they go to clubs together. everyone bashes michael lohan her father, and while he has had his own string of personal problems…everyone has thus far been on dina’s side.

    i think serious jail time would do her good. 6 months plus could probably get her sober enough for her to realize that she needs to change big time.

  • Ana

    WTF Lindsay? I’m 23 but even I know that what you do isn’t normal! There are limits to everything.
    Dina, you are not her friend, you’re her mother! Act like it!

  • kira

    most 23 year olds do go out and party and are reckless, but then again, most 23 year olds don’t and will never have the amazing opportunities lindsay has had to follow her dreams and make huge amounts of money in the process. and she wrecked it all.
    she has only herself to blame for causing the press. if she didn’t want any press, than why does she narrate her life through a public twitter account? why does she go to all the hollywood nightclubs where papparrazi lurk?
    she is in deep denial that she is “normal” and everything is “fine”. everything is not fine. she works very very sporadically and is obviously is in money troubles if she’s resorting to a paid exclusive with entertainment tonight.
    the public isn’t stupid lindsay. either get the help you need and come back in a couple years or you can say goodbye to your career and possibly your life.

  • Tierney

    if somebody can’t stop a certain behaviour even in the face of great consequences like losing one’s career, or one’s life, that behaviour is called ADDICTION.

    you live in DENIAL lindsay

  • AutumnM

    Both Lindsay and her Mother are in serious denial. Dina needs to stop babying Lindsay and making excuses for her. Lindsay on the other hand needs to get her s**t together! You can party and have a good time with your friends and whatnot, that’s what life is about afterall enjoying yourself, but she takes it too far. She is a mess and if she put as much effort into bettering herself as a person and her career as she does into partying, she would not be getting all this bad press.

  • happy girl

    I actually feel sorry for her. There is pain in her eyes and she has bad parents. Sad.

  • Pac Man

    She’s OBVIOUSLY not okay, #1? Do tell how it’s obvious? She hasn’t gotten into any trouble since 2007.

    What has she done to make her look irresponsible, #2? She hasn’t relapses by the looks of it.

    When has Lohan ever seemed to think she was as big as those actresses, #4?

    When was the last time she got into trouble, #7? When was she seen drinking?

    She’s not bipolar, #10?

    She’s obviously doing something wrong how, #13?

    Prove she wasted, #14. Sometimes a trip is just that: a trip.

    Her dad is another opportunist. Bad example.

    Right, #17.

    What drama, #19? So what id she’s partying and twittering? You don’t know how hard she parties. Prove she’s taking drugs and that she’s unstable.

    It’s one thing for her to take responsibility for the public attention but it’s another to be dissected and accused of relapsing at every turn and trying to create a story, #22.

    ET is simply a popular entertainment journal to voice her her thoughts and the negative press as well her bad reputation is also to blame for her lack of work in recent years.

    What behavior is that, #23? Partying? Who says she can’t stop?

  • AreYouKiddingMe

    She’s in denial and her parents are the reason why she’s f#cked up.

  • Jasmine

    The way she was arguing with her mom on camera…I don’t know. I feel like all the drugs she did when she was a teenager really retarded her brain. There’s something SO off about her and her entire family. I used to be a fan of hers years ago. Now I just wish she would go away. Her career flat-lined. When will she realize that and take whatever drop of dignity she has left and leave Hollywood?

  • Macchiato

    lol at her always saying ” i´m working” WHAT is she working on ????
    of course its okay to go to partys with youre friends when youre 23 but NOT every single night of youre life!!! and girl we´ve seen the picture you´re out ALOT

  • Macchiato

    lol at her always saying ” i´m working” WHAT is she working on ????
    of course its okay to go to partys with youre friends when youre 23 but NOT every single night of youre life!!! and girl we´ve seen the picture you´re out ALOT

  • sarafina

    @Just Interested: Totally agree with you..

  • mel

    I am convinced. Her mother is PURE EVIL. A PSYCHOPATH with no emotions or empathy for her daughter. This isn’t denial folks. This is purpospefully ignoring your daughter’s pain and turmoil. And let me just make it clear, not all psychopaths kill people. Most of them just enjoy watching other people suffer. Enter DIna Lohan. She’s all laughing it up while her daughter is on the brink of death. PSYCHOPATH. That mother needs to get her custody revoked. She obviously does not know how to care for kids, she puts them in dangerous situations and then laughs like a maniac at whatever happens to them.

  • ok

    Ok so she 23 . . .how come she looks like she is pushing 40. I gave up feeling sorry for her long ago. She fails to turn her life around, and instead does interviews like this to get attention. She also has not worked for awhile . . .not in anything in this part of the world.

  • She is right

    She is right, Most 23 yo on college campus are partying and doing by far wrost than what she is doing. Lindsay is juts in the public so they are hard on her. Hopefully she will turn it around like Angelina , Drew and so many women are able to do . she is a really good actress. At least she does not have kids ala Britney who left hers to party.

  • Jessica

    I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to party when you’ve been in and out of rehab and are obviously recovering from alcoholism and God knows what else. This girl is still in denial.



  • Nadia

    She’s full of shit. Why can’t she just admit she has a problem?
    yea i understand she’s 23 and likes to have fun, but she has issues she needs to get help! I miss the old Lindsay. She was so pretty and talented but she just ruined herself. And as for her mom well shame on her! She should be acting like a mother and not her friend.

  • Annie

    Really, who cares?? If she fell off the face of the earth, and so did her mother, would anyone REALLY care? I mean REALLY??? Be serious folks, we all have problems, and she aint one of them.

  • ++Logan++

    Look at interview of her around 2003-2004, she was buxom, beautiful, red head, so happy and so polite.

    Now she has this pain and lost look in her eyes. She seems stressed, strained and quiet visible upset. Her voice has changed from all the alcohol, drugs and late nights. Going out every weekend is not worth loosing your multi-million dollar career. Her father isn’t helping issues either.

    She really needs help, i just don’t know what kind. She seems to be sinking lower and lower.

    I think this interview was making a mockery out of her. She is still young and needs the most positive influences in her life. Someone help her get her career back, she has the talent.

  • jenny

    she looks like vanessa hudgens omg omg!

  • cheddar

    Lindsay, you look tired. You look like you need to take a year off from being in the public eye. I do believe if you just went out of sight for a bit and slowly made your way back into the industry, you can have it all. There’s talent there. You have to nuture it. Partying all night, hanging out with the wrong people and doing drugs is not the way to go. You can still have a credible acting / singing career but you have to WANT it.
    I hope there is someone in your life that will help you see that.