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What Does Naomi Watts Want For Mother's Day?

What Does Naomi Watts Want For Mother's Day?

Naomi Watts attends the NYDG Foundation‘s Rx Haiti Benefit Gala and Auction at The Greenhouse held inside NYC’s Scholastic Building on Thursday (May 6).

The 41-year-old actress doesn’t have to worry about her own mother for Mother’s Day. She laughed, “It’s not Mother’s Day in England, so it’s all about me!”

As for her sons Sasha, 2 , Sammy, 16 months, how will they be celebrating Mother’s Day?

“I think Sasha‘s class did a little art project,” Naomi shared with “But we, as kids, used to make my mother breakfast in bed, so I’d be very happy with that!”

Also pictured here: Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones!

10+ pictures inside of proud mama Naomi Watts

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Credit: Neilson Barnard; Photos: Wireimage, Justin Campbell
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  • happy girl

    Mick Jagger: Rock and Roll God!! Love him. He rocked it out when msuic meant something and people actually played real music. My parents saw him live in the 60′s!!!

  • polly

    yuck both have ugly legs, and rachaels shoes are too ugly, making her legs look worse.

  • Gloria

    Rachel Weisz looks amazing, Naomi Watts, not so much.


    both are gorgeous, l’wren, not so much.

  • sam

    Naomi is incredibly talented. She and Cate Blanchett are probably the best actresses working today. Rachel is an alright actress but certainly nowhere near that league.

  • Mark


    What drugs are you taking? Naomi Watts is not even in the same league as Cate Blanchett or Rachel Weisz.. Both Weisz and Blanchett are proven versatile actresses, something i have not seen Watts do other than play herself in every role.

  • Cherry O


    I can understand that you might be a fan of Naomi Watts but i got to say, she’s not that talented. She’s certainly not even in the same category as both Rachel Weisz and Cate Blanchett , who are both multi award winning actresses from stage and screen. Naomi Watts does have talent but she’s a lightweight compared to the both of them.

  • London

    Watts is a indeed a great talent and her acting is always superb and subtle. Comparing her and the great Cate Blanchett with the limited Rachel Weisz is just cruel.

  • London

    Watts is a indeed a great talent and her acting is always superb and subtle. Comparing her and the great Cate Blanchett with the limited Rachel Weisz is just cruel.

  • gina

    Naomi is glowing but Rachel looks ghoulish.
    The state of music today is sad.

  • JM

    I’m curious JJ. What does Mick Jagger have to do with Naomi Watts Mother’s Day? If you want to post pictures of The Rolling Stone, give him his own article. Who is the woman next to him? Is that who he left Jerry Hall for? If so, he’s a fool!

    Happy Mother’s Day to Naomi.

  • Ruth

    Naomi Watts is an amazingly good actress and is most certainly in the same league as Cate Blanchett. I don’t like to compare acting talents but in my opinion these two performers are the finest of their generation and a joy to watch. Rachel Weitz is also very talented but less versatile.

    Naomi has a natural gentle beauty and isn’t over-botoxed yet (like a very famous Australian actress we could mention). Of course these pics are presumably NOT airbrushed and she would undoubtedly look more” radiant” and “unreal” if they were in “Vogue” or “Vanity Fair” where all the photos are airbrushed and nothing is left of the real person.

    I am really looking forward to seeing her latest film this evening -Rodrigo Garcia’s “Mother and Child” with Annette Bening, Naomi, and a host of other excellent actors.

  • happy girl

    L’Wrenn Scott was a stylist and now a well know designer. Many women wear her clothes on the red carpet. Jagger was at the same event so that is why Jagger is in these pics. Love Mick. When he was young, what a hottie and his kids are gorgeous too. L’Wrenn looks like a brunette version of Jerry Hall.

  • happy girl

    Jared: you should post pics of the Jagger kids. Especially Georgia Jagger – she is the face of an English Jean company and she looks like a young Claudia Schiffer. Actually all the kids are gorgeous.

  • T


    Watts can’t act her way out of a paper bag. She’s limited as an actress, she’s not even in the same planet as Rachel Weisz.

  • alex

    Georgia Jagger looks nothing like Claudia and would never be a model if her parents weren’t famous. There seems to be a big nepotism trend in England, with many untalented and unattractive kids riding their parents’ coattails to fame.

  • Gary D Monky

    I saw “Mother and Child” at the tribeca film festival and its not very good. Its an manipulative over dramatic fluff piece with most of the actors over acting in certain scenes. Only Annette Bening does decent work with she ‘s given and even that is not that good. As for Naomi Watts, she’s no Rachel Weisz, who could have done her role in this film a lot better and made it much more believable. Weisz is a compelling and very versatile actress who is great in everything she does, Watts on the other hand only has a few acting ticks that are very repetitive.

    Anyone who thinks that Naomi Watts is a better actress than Rachel Weisz or in the same league as Cate Blanchett is sniffing glue. Rachel Weisz and Cate Blanchett are hands down equals in the acting department, both are as powerful and as versatile as they come. Naomi Watts does not deserve to be mention in the same breath as those actreses.

  • Oh noes

    Middle aged actresses dressing like young starlets, struggling to remain relevant. At least Mick brings honest talent to the mix.

  • Ursala

    Nothing personal towards Naomi Watts but Rachel Weisz is not only ten times more beautiful than she is but she’s ten times more talented as well. I have not seen anything from Naomi Watts that gives me the indication that she’s anything more than an OK actor.

    @Oh noes:

    Mick has not been relevant in anything for the last fifteen years.

  • max

    Naomi, Kate Blanchett, Kate Winslet and Amy Adams are all enormously talented . Weisz always looks uncomfortable and awkward onscreen and tends to make poor script choices. Her American accent is not very convincing and her boyfriend casting her as Jackie O is a mistake.

  • Pepper Pots

    First off, Naomi Watts is not even half the actress that Rachel Weisz is and second, Rachel looks like a goddess in those pictures while Naomi looks like a bag lady.

  • Steve

    Other than “Mulholland Drive”, Naomi Watts has not done a thing that i can call good acting since. Rachel Weisz can not only act circles around her but can out dress her and outlook her any day of the week.

  • why mick should be the kids

    CELEBRATE IT IN ENGLAND..she would love to have breakfast in bed.

  • Zeal

    I can’t stand Naomi Watts, she’s a mediocre actress.

  • Glad activist.

    Wow, Rachel Weisz took her mother to the event with her. Whoops, sorry, that’s Naomi Watts:)

    And Rachel is a much better actress than Naomi.

  • Sims


    Do you know anything about acting? Rachel Weisz has garnered a ton of acting awards over the years and is considered amount the best actresses working today. People are almost unanimously saying that her playing Jackie O is perfect casting. Naomi Watts on the other hand got out acted by a big CGI ape. That right there is proof on how bad an actress she is.

    To even try to mention Naomi Watts in the same company as Rachel Weisz, Kate Winslett and Cate Blanchett is an insult to hard working actors and actresses everywhere.

  • Ninenext

    What Does Naomi Watts Want For Mother’s Day?

    Maybe acting lessons and a face lift, she really does look like Rachel Weisz’s mother in that picture. Nicole should recommend her doctor.

  • Tala

    @Mark: Are you serious? Rachel’s American accent has gotten better, but she had to improve if you think of her performance in Constantine; NONE of them are remotely close to Cate, nor will they ever be, that woman is flawless talent wise, and stunning too!

  • Tala

    @Sims: Oh man just leave Kate W. out of it unless you mention her solely with Cate B.! Rachel W. is an amateur in comparison!

  • Forest

    STOP TROLLING!!! Naomi the best actress in the World!

  • Kevin


    Both Rachel Weisz and Cate Blanchett are the best and both are just as great. Naomi Watts is fine but she lacks the passion both Weisz and Blanchett have and their versatility. No contest here.

  • Brenda


    I think Rachel Weisz is a better actress than Kate Winslett, who let’s face, is way too over hyped for her own good. She does not do anything outside of drama.