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Christina Aguilera: WOOHOO with Nicki Minaj!

Christina Aguilera: WOOHOO with Nicki Minaj!

A fun new Christina Aguilera song off of her forthcoming album Bionic has leaked called “Woohoo” featuring rapper Nicki Minaj, who backed out of touring with Rihanna and Ke$ha last month.

Yesterday on The Oprah Show, Christina performed the first single off of Bionic, “Not Myself Tonight.” Bionic is set for a June 4 release.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Christina’s new song “Woohoo” — HOT or NOT?

Christina Aguilera – “Woohoo” with Nicki Minaj!
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  • Glonica


    So good! This song is perfect!
    Christina Aguilera is the best!

  • Giovanna

    Its hot! actually i think its a grower. After a few listens i got addicted to it!

  • Music2daSoul

    record is hot!!!! It could make the top ten on billboards for sure.

  • Amanda

    WooHoo is HOT

  • liloooo

    ok this one is EXCELLENT!!!

  • Donovan

    Wow, That was HOT! Nicki killed it on that one. Nice to hear something other than NMT, Maybe this album will be worth checking out.

  • Bruno

    I love it! it’s hot!

  • happy girl

    Awful! Seriously, awful. Is every song on this album going to be about sex or her genitals? I mean really. How imaginative is that? She is a stunning woman but she is way more talented than this. And again, stop biting off of Lady Gaga and Madonna and do your own thing Christina. This comes off desperate. Awful song. Forgettable song too.

  • happy girl

    And I see her PR team sent people to post positive stuff on Jared. lol. The song is awful. Come on. Really? Wow. Awful.

  • Justice


  • Célia

    HOT!!! I wish Xtina sang a little more though, we mostly hear this Nicky I’ve never heard of.

  • bad boi

    SO GOOD!!!! FUTURE #1 song!!!
    luv it!!!

  • tromba

    Overproduced, mechanical garbage from talentless douche bags – EXCEPT Christina. That is why this crap disgusts me so much.

  • happy girl

    She is definitely not herself on this ENTIRE album it seems. Now she is trying to be hard and hip hoppy on this song but Lady Gaga on the first single. Maybe she should take a month off, live with Gaga for a month, follow her around and she can see what true music looks like. Or maybe she should go back to ball gowns and singing like Whitney Houston cause that is what she is good at. Then again, that was her trying to be Whitney Houston and not even herself so the question is: who is Christina Aguilera? Maybe she is a wannabe. Maybe that is who she is.

  • Chris

    This song is definitly HOTTT!!!!!!!

    It is super FUN


  • Ana

    Mindblowingly good. Its ashame NMT didn’t reach its potential but WooHoo is a sure fire number w!!!!!

  • Justice

    You are DUMB. Do you know about pop music? Because if you know you SHOULD know Christina always made hip hop.
    Wannabe is Lady GaGa! GaGa is a TRASH!
    Christina really sings, GaGa tries to sing.
    GaGa is a clown for clowns!

    Christina ALWAYS acted this way, with or without GaGa, during 10 (T-E-N) YEARS! And some DUMB people try to change the history. Read some books about POP to make relevant comments!

  • happy girl

    overproduced. predictable. forgettable. unimaginative. waste of a good voice. poor christina. who are her handlers? she should have just done a cover of bad romance and gotten over with it. at least that would have been honest.

  • happy girl

    how long did it take with such lyrics as “you know you really wanna taste my…?” lol. what a joke. this is a rip off of kelis’ milkshake and some MIA rip off too. along with the gaga and madonna rip offs. bi-o-nic equals mor-o-nic!!!!

  • happy girl

    “all the boys get a cake when they taste my”…”you don’t really need a plate, just your face, hah…” seriously, this is some bob dylan deep writing right there. these lyrics will go down in the songwriting hall of fame! lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a joke this album is.

  • Mirra

    Is better “you know you really wanna taste my…?” than “gagaulala!”
    Xtina is doing a good work, for good people!

    You are SO HYPOCRITES speaking about sex!

  • LadyGagaMyAsss

    enough with saying she wasnts to be gaga. have you seen her figher video? have you seen her on the red carpet? she has always experimented with fashion and music. Why would she want to be lady gaga when she is christina aguilera, one of the most talented artists in the world.

  • Bruno

    this ish HAS to be the 2ns single! OMFG!!!

  • haha

    Oh please, Gaga is never herself. Who is Gaga really? A blonde selfabsorbed overrated popsl*t who wears halloween costumes? Or a naturally brunette chick singing wack poprock ballads with her Stefani Germafloppa band? Gaga is N E V E R herself.

  • olivia

    @happy girl:
    dont worry xtina will have some meaningful ballads too ! to name a few “lift me up’ and “you lost me” ! yeah she can do that, she can sing fun songs and powerful ballads keep on hating her talent keeps you busy obviously

  • happy girl

    the queen of pop. over 200 million views. genius.

  • haha

    and lmao at you criticizing the lyrics of this song. p-p-p-pokerface. rararaahah. really girl?

  • Allie Baby

    Even though this song sounds more like it’s Nicki Minaj featuring Christina Aguilera, it’s still SO much better than “Not Myself Tonight.” It’s already stuck in my head.
    Nicki is raunchy (see “Bed Rock,” “Itti Bitty Piggy,” and “Roger That”) and Christina seems to be going for that vibe on her album, so they make a good pairing. Hopefully we’ll get a ballad though — that is when Christina proves just how far ahead of her peers she really is.

  • Tyra

    LOL. Perez pretending to be a happy girl and fighting in the trenches for his dragqueen Lady Tranny.

  • 4Real

    I love it. My girl is versatile. Haterz, if you didn’t now, well….

  • HoneyBee

    All the comments crack me up! We all know Christina craps all over this Ladything. That Alejandro performance on AI… Horrible. Horrific. Awful.

  • Delilah

    @Allie Baby:
    She already has proven that she is far superior. ‘Lift me up’ for Hope4haiti outshines anything Lady Gaga has ever done in her whole pretentious life.

  • bonnie

    her song “not myself tonight” is so generic, it sucks. This song woo hoo is a hit! too bad she didn’t release this song first because right now she’s at like # 46 on the billboard charts and her album comes out in like a month. Ouch.

  • Sammi

    This song is FIRE!!! I hope this is her next single! Bionic is going to be amazing!

  • slambang

    Horrible song. Nobody wants your “Whoohoo,” Christina. ICK.


    Happy girl, you´r alone here sista.
    xtina had a much better voice than gag*a

  • Bruno

    So damn hot! I haven’t stopped listening to it since i first heard it lol

  • BOJI

    I think the lyrics are kinda racey but the song is really catchy and up beat, good dance music. Sure to be a hit.

  • Infamously Cool 2.0

    @ happy girl
    GET A F*CKING LIFE! if you dont like the song dont evne give Xtina the time of day by commenting. You are just perpetuating her popularity, but since i am a fan i guess that is a good thing. You stupid w-h-o-r-e!

    Anyways, love the track and the album is gonna be huge success.

  • Infamously Cool 2.0

    @bonnie: actually this week her NMT song is at 25 or 26 on the charts so check your facts first please!!!!!

  • Infamously Cool 2.0

    @happy girl: one more thing you think gaga is original, Gaga is just a bad rip off of madonna and grace jones, also a hell of alot more artist have come out in support of Xtina,real artists like Whitney, Madonna, Britney, kelly clarkson, etc.. need i go on, So just shut up you dumb b*tch.

    By the way Christina can do different genres in music, unlike your precious gaga because Xtina’s first album was pop, second was rock/urban, third was blues and r&b and even she can even do a christmas album and a spanish album so stfu, happy girl or should i say perez, stfu!!!

  • facts

    Britney please hurry up and release your new album so you can embarras this irrelevant woman some more.

  • xxx


  • Trey

    Damn, is Xtina versatile or what? Hot track if you ask me. I still can’t keep my eyes off the Not Myself Tonight video. It’s the hottest most sexiest MILF music video ever made!

  • Sierra

    Love it! Love it Love it! You did it, Chris!

  • xxx


    Don’t tell Britney to, tell her people. Since Britney does NOTHING except take all the money and fame. She doesn’t write or sing or choreograph or do anything.. her voice is computer manufactured.. she’s a fake image

    christina writes most of her music, sings live all the time and has the best voice… go go go xtina

    CA >>>>>>>>>>. BS

  • Goombajr

    Horrid. Overproduced. Drivel. Three years to wait for this kinda garbage?

  • Myke

    Christina is amazinggg!!!!!!!! She can sing anythinggggg! i LOVE the haters!!!! =D

  • Luis

    I love it! the song is so much fun!

    oh and BTW… Christina sings during the whole song… Nicki only does the rap from 2:26 to 2:58 in the short version

  • poster

    OK – WTF PEOPLE THINK NICKI MINAJ IS SIGING THE CHORUS? That’s Christina, Nicki only rapps halfway through the song. That’s how far how Christina’s voice goes.

    And is people throwing out Gaga’s name just to be cool? This sounds nothing like her?