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Katie Holmes: Steven Alan Stop!

Katie Holmes: Steven Alan Stop!

Katie Holmes carries out her adorable daughter Suri out from the Steven Alan clothing store on Saturday (May 8) in Los Angeles.

Last weekend, Katie did a little song and dance number on stage at the “A Fine Romance” gala, which benefited the Motion Picture & Television Fund (they promote the well-being of California’s entertainment community). She sang “Whatever Lola Wants” from the musical Damn Yankees!


FYI: Katie is wearing a silk blouse and denim trousers both made by Madewell and Maloles Georges Stud flats!

30+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise visiting a fabric store…

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katie holmes steven alan 01
katie holmes steven alan 02
katie holmes steven alan 03
katie holmes steven alan 04
katie holmes steven alan 05
katie holmes steven alan 06
katie holmes steven alan 07
katie holmes steven alan 08
katie holmes steven alan 09
katie holmes steven alan 10
katie holmes steven alan 11
katie holmes steven alan 12
katie holmes steven alan 13
katie holmes steven alan 14
katie holmes steven alan 15
katie holmes steven alan 16
katie holmes steven alan 17
katie holmes steven alan 18
katie holmes steven alan 19
katie holmes steven alan 20
katie holmes steven alan 21
katie holmes steven alan 22
katie holmes steven alan 23
katie holmes steven alan 24
katie holmes steven alan 25
katie holmes steven alan 26
katie holmes steven alan 27
katie holmes steven alan 28
katie holmes steven alan 29
katie holmes steven alan 30

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  • MB

    OMG she looks just like mommy! how adorable!

  • Just My Opinion

    I’m the first one. Yeah! Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Honor your mom and God bless.

  • ck

    More like: “Whatever Suri Wants”

  • happy girl

    For the love of XENU, please reuglar clothes on the little child. The fog and pollution in Los Angeles demands that a child wear regular clothes. Even if she is going from store to her car, please dress her properly. Katie, seriously!

  • Lucky Charm

    Just once I’d like to see Katie go someplace with friends instead of her daughter, and to see Suri playing with kids her own age instead of just mommy. It’s getting depressing that both of them only hang out and shop with each other.

  • may

    no shoes and being carried out of a car like a baby…can we say brat?

  • kaka homely

    Why can’t this sorry excuse for a mother keep shoes on her daughter’s feet? More like a rented PR prop.

    And that Kaka stupid pimp is flashing that PR prop’s underwear again. Truly, money cannot buy class, taste nor decency.

    Look at that feral child, she really has her way to counter act her pimp, by putting her hoof on her pimp’s knotty hand. LOL!

    One last thing, Kaka should wear boots from now on, day in day out, for her feet are gross and ugly!!

  • Barbara

    Make her walk on her own two feet….you are ruining your back Katie.

  • Pandora

    Why the fabric store? To make another blankie in which to swath this child and carry her around since they can’t dress her according the the climate? For Gawd’s sake if you want another baby, have one. Don’t treat this child as though she’s a perpetual newborn! Katie doesn’t look as though she’s “all there” anyway. Smarmy grin and vacant in the eyes.

  • elle

    hum isn’t she like old enough to walk by her own feet?

  • wtf

    Seriously seeing pictures of these two make me sick. That kid is like 5 years old—let her walk!!! And still with the blanket?

  • Kristen

    What is up with the coddling? I have yet to see a pap photo of Suri where she is walking on her own.

  • Mother’s Day Photo-Op

    Suri and the stranger with candy.

  • Suri is stimmng

    I wish they would admit that Suri’s autistic and get the poor kid some help.

  • Sheri

    Is that Suri out in her nightgown again….looks like it, especially in picture #5, where her mother is again exposing her private parts to the world. Sad and disgusting at the same time that Katie has no clue how to be a responsible parent.

  • Perv-Bait

    why can’t mrs. cruise cover suri’s butt? this is like the 10th time in the last month that mrs. cruise has flashed the kid’s azz. the nanny manages to keep it decent. is mrs. cruise doing it on purpose to prove that suri is potty trained at age 4? whoopee! now try weening her of formla out of newborn baby bottles. that when your not “dancing”

  • Truthfully

    Let’s just say that Suri’s not an over-achiever.

  • Autistic?

    Something isn’t right with that kid.

  • nightgown again

    is suri still sick? they shouldn’t put a sick half-dress baby suri on a public counter.

  • i’m guessing

    that if suri refuses to get out of her pj’s, then suri refuses to take a bath and brush her teeth.

  • Gaby

    People here are disgusting.
    Leave mom and daughter alone.
    She looks happy and halthy. Go take car of your own children.

  • Dance Video Removed!

    Tomkat pull the video because it sucked so bad. The internet response was brutal. lmao!!

  • wak

    why does Suri always look dirty, unkempt, hair looks like it as not been wased or combed? Is this mother for real, putting her child in dirty store with no shoes on or sitting her down on a dirty counter?

  • Tom’s Sister

    is supervising the photo-op again.

  • Oh Dear Lord!

    It looks like Sui escaped from a mental institution! She got Katie out too!

  • Katie is stimmng too
  • Lola looks drugged!

    is she drinking again? maybe that’s why tom’s sister is baby sitting her.

  • busted

    I am not a fan.. but really…

    WHY are adults saying nasty things about a 4 year old baby..

    Something is really sick about that..

  • Jasmine

    Has this girl not learned how to walk?? She’s what, 4 or 5 now and Katie still babies her this way? Let me guess, she still drinks out of a bottle too? Retards.

  • Zahara too?


    Go back to recent pic’s of your loved Jolie Pitt kids, in Venice and Brad is CARRYING FIVE YR OLD ZAHARA WHO IS HOLDING HER BIG BLANKIE AND SUCKING HER THUMB. She’s Older then Suri, So Who are you people kidding here??? never is anything said when ANY kid in that family is held and they always are and again, Z is older, and still clinging to her blankie. Which is ok, who cares, but Let’s not pick and choose! I knew you all would jump on this, but hey, Z shouldn’t be held either, and a blankie at 5? Same goes for Shi, the little tom boy.

  • kaka homely

    What’s the point putting a feral child’s dirty butt on the counter? On the counter where people prepare food and\or on the counter people do business.
    I knew all along that Kaka doesn’t have much education, yet I thought she came from a rich family, shouldn’t be showing such lack of upbringing.

    It is either Kaka Holmes is no less trailory than some poor single mothers, please no offense, trailor park residents; or Kaka wants to provide good clear shots for the paps. Her pr pet is way more interesting than she, and she knows that, even though she barely made it through high school.

  • kaka homely

    @Zahara too?:
    Z, IMO is one if the most beautiful little girls.
    Z always has her shoes on.
    Z doesn’t go to the store in PJ, doesn’t sit on the counter for the paps to have a good clear shot.
    Z knows how to play in the park. I see how brave this child climb on the monkey bars without adult’s lame demonstration.

    If that street urchin pararded by her pimps all the time has been a strong woman since she was 2, Zahara should be a supertot.

  • san

    She will carrying that girl, with a baby blanket when she is in junior high school.

  • Whatever , man

    @Zahara too?: whatever pacman. All Katie/ suri haters are not Jolie- Pitt fans. Why don’t u go check free Katie site They all hate jolie, dum dum PAC man.

  • san

    TO: Zahara too? @ 05/08/2010 at 8:16 pm
    Zahara, Shiloh do not carry baby blankets. Those are little tiny hand-held cozies.

    Suri carries a baby blanket, like an infant.

    Get your facts straight.

  • san

    Oh yeah, #30… I forgot to say, to you, RACIST B*TCH!

  • sadenise

    Suri, the little Republcan, with her elephant.

  • Whatever , man

    @Lola looks drugged!: I agree. I’ve though all along that Katie must be using some hard core drugs. She looks like junkie. Scraggly hair, pale, dark circles around the eyes. Katie resembles Pete doherty

  • suri is spoil brat

    @ kaka homely – YOU ARE 100% RIGHT, at least Zahara & Shi always dress appropriate, never drink from baby bottle, never wear heels & makeup etc…..

  • Daisy Duck

    I’ll state the obvious: Something’s not right!

  • Nennifer

    On the second to last picture where Suri is exposed there is a nasty redness that makes me want to throw up.

  • troi

    This is a pet peeve of mine (well actually Katie gets kudos for ringing the bell on several of mine today), but it is so irritating when parents let their child eat candy (sticky) in clothing stores or fabric stores or stores where the child being just a child is tempted to touch things. It is also a pet peeve of mine when an adult or child walks in a store in bare feet. Aside from being disrespectful to the store owner, there are all sorts of nasty things on a public floor that you are exposing your child to. And finally I really hate it when parents sit their child and their almost bare butt on a counter. YUCK.
    Okay I am thru complaining about Katie and her ignorant parenting skills.

  • kaka homely

    I saw that too!!
    And imagine, that dirty butt was placed on the counter where people do business and the dirty feet dangling right next to the scarves.

    Kaka doesn’t know how to spell respect.

  • villedeville

    Katie may not be aware of it, but she appears to be a pedophile-tease pimp for her daughter. Some of the photos seem too provocative that Suri looks like a 5-year old Lolita. We can blame it to the papparazi but somehow Katie cannot be blameless.

  • well

    Robo wife kaka homely dont have manners, most of the time they go to the shop (for example LPQ)- they always put suri to the counter table, so so gross..

  • troi


    Maybe Katie is grooming her to sing What Lola Wants Lola Gets.

  • slambang

    Please tell me that child was NOT walking around the store barefoot! How gross!

  • look @ the toes

    was the picture doctored in Pic 22? suri’s toes looks blistered or was it just the angle in which the photo was taken. Probably the reason why she does not want to have the shoes on because its hurts.

  • Oh My!

    Forget about all that other stuff. What is up with Katie exposing her litte girl’s butt to the public, and why did Jared use the photo? It’s bad enough that the papparzi is so nasty and low down that not only do they stalk children but to take a photo of a child’s exposed bottom half should be ILLEGAL!

    This is not the first time this has happened with Katie and she and Tom should have found out who the perve was that took those dispicable photos of their child and sue their asses. I know someone in their circle had to have told them about this, which I would think Katie being a mother would make sure her daughter is properly covered up if she did know.


    A trip to the shops:

    Uncombed hair. Check
    Nightgown. Check
    Bare feet. Check

    It must be Katie Holmes pretending to be a mother.