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Katy Perry: California Gurls Lyrics!

Katy Perry: California Gurls Lyrics!

Katy Perry (wearing a multicolored Mara Hoffmandress) gets escorted out of Trousdale lounge by fiance Russell Brand in Hollywood on Friday night (May 7).

The 25-year-old singer debuted her new single “California Gurls” for the crowd. Earlier in the day, Katy was spotted at a business meeting in West Hollywood.

Yesterday, Katy debuted her new song, “California Gurls.

Click inside to hear the lyrics for her new single “California Gurls“…

Katy Perry – “California Gurls” Lyrics

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katy perry california gurls lyrics 01
katy perry california gurls lyrics 02
katy perry california gurls lyrics 03
katy perry california gurls lyrics 04
katy perry california gurls lyrics 05
katy perry california gurls lyrics 06
katy perry california gurls lyrics 07
katy perry california gurls lyrics 08
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  • annoying

    I can’t stand her or this song.


    “GURLS” ? Really?

  • XYZ


  • jeff

    the sounds is like tik tok by KE$HA


    Her fringe always looks terrible :/

  • MB

    love the dress!

  • mimi
  • mimi
  • mimi
  • mimi
  • yo sista

    Her song is awesome so hater to the left.

  • LMAO

    @yo sista: it’s really not.

  • Mary

    Can I ask a “maybe” silly question? What does “gurl” mean? Or is the typo wrong on purpose?


  • mimi
  • waffle bowl

    Even the lyrics are unoriginal… well since the guy that wrote “Tik Tok” wrote this song as well, it’s no surprise.

  • Gaby

    She looks pretty, but I dont like the song

  • III

    I like Snoop.

  • JJV

    I used to love Katy Perry when she played acoustic guitar and sang live before she became famous; got sluttier and sluttier and started producing annoying autotuned generic song after song. The more autotune and generic your song is, the better it will do in the charts – Ke$ha, Katy, JLS, Jason Durulo etccccccccc

  • xxx

    One word: FAIL

  • Aldo

    I love it! my favorite Katy song ! It’s so nice when someone glams it up whith a song! specially about LA ! and hotness! I love it!

  • Sage

    I love the song but it’s true Katy is getting a bit sluttier. But still an awesome song XD

  • Stacie

    she is pretty

  • Zoe

    totally love the song
    its so active
    so alive
    so sexy
    katy did an amazing job singing it
    go katy!
    GO GURL!!!!!!!!!!

  • greta

    tik tok was written by ke$ha and ke$ha writes all her own songs
    but california gurls was not written by katy…you can tell
    the song doesn’t even sound like her anymore…

  • http://_lizzywu_ lizza

    haahah you guys that’s so funnyyy all you guys r like ‘wat does gurl mean’ haha it’s just random modern…stuff…lol this song is catchy hehe better thn tik tok guys u noe it haha (: but yehh katy can do betta don’t hate here ppl teeheez xx

  • Millie

    katy actually wears a wig – which is why her fringe is short and often lopsided. her natural hair looks like this –
    and also, she changed the name from ‘California Girls’ to Gurls, after her producer requested it, as a tribute to a late popstar. (not sure which one, but that is true.) :)
    so yeah, she can spell, and no, her fringe isn’t lopsided. it’s a wig.

  • http://@flaawless Corine

    omg smh too much haters unbelievable……well I love the song it is all about Cali she did an awesome n Snoop bomb I love him & Katy keep up the good work xoxo :D

  • http://facebook della2010

    i f*n love this song..this is my party song of 2010!!!<3

  • Argentina the best!

    Hi! I’m from Argentina and I love her and I extremely like this song. I think it is fantastic ;)

  • Marizol

    love da song

  • katydid

    Uh, whoever said Ke$ha writes her own songs got me laughing HARD. She DOES NOT write her own songs.
    One of her songs was written by The Veronicas. Who DO write their own songs.

  • ilikeyourbeard:D

    If all you people haten on Katy Perry step back and look for a minute you shoul dbe thanking her for putting good music out there. She is so pretty and maybe her hair cut is suposed to look like that. All your attitudes are so mean. STOP putting other people down because you are so insecure with your looks and feelings etc etc..

  • shut up ho.e

    use are all retarded if use are commenting lyric websites >.<

  • Annette

    ok 4 everyone who iis hatin on katy calm down so wht if she didnt write that song half of the songs u like most likley all the songs u like arent written by the singers and ke$ha is compleatly totally FAKE so 2 call katy fake and ke$ha not is stupid and dont be a hater because u rnt from cali.

  • http://twitter victory12345678

    i love this song i dance to it all the time . kisses good by

  • Allie

    Ya, I like this song but katy’s gotten really
    She used to be a pastors daughter
    ooooh rebal!!!!
    “I kissed a girl and I liked it”

  • lourdes charlws

    This song is okay. Im not fond of it but the music is catchy. Video sucks though. And i think it should be connectitcut gurls lol jk. But katy usually does a good job and this wasnt her finest. I’d rate this a 3.

  • http://nicetoknovvyou Adam

    uhhh snoop totally says zucchinis in his rap and not tankinis.

  • katie

    I like the song, but it def doesn’t sound like katy’s usual stuff. It reminds me of the beach boys’ song “i wish they all could be california girls…”

  • kell

    i love katy perry and this song is awesome and all those haters out there go to hell katy can dress however she wants beacause shes hot so stop being jelouse bitches

  • kell

    omg i love your comment its soo true and i love katy!! <3

  • kell

    @shut up ho.e:
    umm your commenting on it to bitch

  • why is everyone sooo jugmental

    does everyone have to be mean and now a days???
    like why cant you keep your little nasty thoughts in your heads and let her be who she wants to be..
    that is mostly why they change,because they feel they need to be liked and what not by everyone…
    iloveyou katy!!

  • squizz

    i love this song and she is really pretty this my favourite song atm

    and for all you little dooshes out there that dont like things don have to say them to make people feel bad my dad is a cop and if i hear or see anything suspisious than i tell him and they keep records so don push it thank you very much

  • angie

    I hate this song. t could have been cool but it’s a flop and the lyrics are sorry and lame. I’ve never heard katy sing such crap and I can’t believe it made it to the top. especially with snoop dogg’s horrid singing in there…sheesh.

  • gracieeeee

    I totally love this song! I just don’t like the music video……

  • jon


    he totally says zucchinis

  • summer

    I love this song its adorable (coming from a Cali girl) we are so much fun glad to know theirs a song about us:)

  • http://Donthaveone!!! Leila

    Dear “Mary” no affense but that is quite a silly question and ye it is spelt like that on purpose. I dont know why but she thinks its cool to spell things wrong like ur or gurls!