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Taylor Momsen: 'Make Me Wanna Die' Video Preview

Taylor Momsen: 'Make Me Wanna Die' Video Preview

Taylor Momsen rocks out on stage during The Bamboozle Rock Festival at the Meadowlands in New Jersey over last weekend.

The 16-year-old Gossip Girl actress has not confirmed leaving her hit CW show but she does have a music video coming out for her band The Pretty Reckless called “Make Me Wanna Die.”

Check it out below!

Taylor Momsen: ‘Make Me Wanna Die’ Video Preview

20+ pictures inside of Taylor Momsen making me wanna die…

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taylor momsen make me wanna die video preview 01
taylor momsen make me wanna die video preview 02
taylor momsen make me wanna die video preview 03
taylor momsen make me wanna die video preview 04
taylor momsen make me wanna die video preview 05
taylor momsen make me wanna die video preview 06
taylor momsen make me wanna die video preview 07
taylor momsen make me wanna die video preview 08
taylor momsen make me wanna die video preview 09
taylor momsen make me wanna die video preview 10
taylor momsen make me wanna die video preview 11
taylor momsen make me wanna die video preview 12
taylor momsen make me wanna die video preview 13
taylor momsen make me wanna die video preview 14
taylor momsen make me wanna die video preview 15
taylor momsen make me wanna die video preview 16
taylor momsen make me wanna die video preview 17
taylor momsen make me wanna die video preview 18
taylor momsen make me wanna die video preview 19
taylor momsen make me wanna die video preview 20

Credit:; Photos: Justin Campbell
Posted to: Connor Paolo, Taylor Momsen, The Pretty Reckless

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  • Carolline

    I love this song… cant wait for the video!

  • ….


  • Nathalia


  • wraith

    I love her voice.

  • Sammi

    Wow she can actually sing. I don’t know about the song though. I may have to listen to it a couple more times to see if it will grow on me.

  • Celia

    She’s got a great voice, but her attitude is just annoying.
    I have a feeling if they ever make a film about Kurt Cobain they will cast her as Courtney Love.

  • Jennyfer

    And I thought Kanye had a big ego, ha

  • rebecca

    You are a rock star, Little J!

    Sarcasm (dripping)

    Sarcasm (dripping)

  • Tori

    oh my gosh…im in complete shock …i had no clue she could sing…when i first heard about her music and looked at her like what a fuc-king poser but she really does have a big voice for such a small girl,i might just buy the single when its out,but umm …were are her parents? she still dresses trashy.

  • Halli

    Does she write her own songs? Either way she can sing but she looks like she’s desperate to look like she’s hardcore even though she probably breaks like a little girl.

  • Carrey

    I still don’t quiet get this girl, if it’s true that she has been dressing and acting like how she is now before the whole Gossip Girl thing happened.. I totally don’t buy it.

  • cacey

    HER parents should be arrested 4 the way THIS girl has been RAISED.

  • ????

    shes too young to look like this…. same with miley . She looks pathetic! like a drug addict! why is that cool? if they were 25 sure but they are both still legally children.

  • http://j ivanka

    ew she looks like a druggie

  • Amelle

    She may have a decent voice her attitude is f*ing jarrin. Her comments about Haiti made me lose all respect for her, who says something like that? Forget the fact that she dresses in suspenders to go to Church just to make a “I’m grown up and don’t give a cr*p about anyone” statement despite the fact that she’s 16.

  • Infamous

    I never though Id say this but she has a nice voice and I like the song

  • Courtney

    I actually like the song a lot, but she’s trying wayyy too hard.

  • hahaasdfjk

    she’s nowhere near TRASHY.
    just because she dresses like that, doesnt mean she’s trashy.
    and she has a great voice!

  • irene

    Could we tie her and miley Cyrus and throw them to the ocean to see if they can float?

  • cacey


    I thought your appearance is what defines u as TRASHY, becos THIS is definitely not THE case of don’t JUDGE the book by it cover. t HE COVER is all we see AND that’s all we can judge .

  • jessemosslover

    Crackwhore anyone?

  • meeeeeeeeeeeee

    She actually has a good, strong voice…pleasantly surprised!

  • Tyler

    Wow, has anyone explained to her the concept of dignity?

  • kira

    she dosen’t even have eyes just 2 big black circles on her face looks so unattractive

  • Madison

    What happened to Taylor. She looks disgusting now

  • eh..

    Eww! This girl looks like a druggie and she looks so trashy all the time. Some people can pull off the smokey eye look perfectly and unfortunetly she’s not one of them. She always has the same makeup look and it looks terrible.

  • fhs

    not bad, yeah she’s annoying but he has the talent to back herself

  • sj

    and people thought Miley was bad…..

  • Kristen

    great voice! i cetainly wasn’t expecting it. but this angsty “makes me wanna die” kinda song makes me want to slit my wrists and listen to some old school Nirvana. her style is dated . if she can find her own voice and style she could really be something unique. but currently her style is very seen it, seen it all before.

  • ???

    so why didn’t she get cast in that movie The Runaways? instead of Kristen or Dakota?

  • sally

    she’s my idol, i love her

  • Ana

    Self respect much? See ya in your fourth stunt in rehab.

  • Jasmine

    @Amelle: What did she say about Haiti??
    I try to avoid reading her interviews, they make me angry and so damn annoyed. I love this song but the video was f-cking crap. There was no point to it, not a drop of originality. Girl’s got a voice, no doubt, but she’s miles away from being an “artist”.

  • Mary

    I don’t actually see difference between her and that Cyrus girl!

  • lasd

    White trash should burn

  • Status quo

    She may look like a trailer park hot mess, but you cant deny that voice. That girl has talent…..

  • Shazia

    I love love this song …..listen to zombie too…and yea she does write her own songs.and she putted so much effort into her album.thats y it took her more than 1 year to make the record.she has an amazing voice !!!
    I know she dress inappropiately but i think she is not a Fake. atleast she is on one track.not like miley trying to fake it .i like her better than miley .miley is such a fake.while she has a nerve to show her real self.YOU GO TAYLOR!!!!!!!

  • omg!

    TOO SKINNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PhoebeL

    I LOVE this song! To be honest I’d love anything associated with ‘Kick-Ass’ but, still, this is really good song and her voice is amazing! No one should really give a sh*t about her image. She’s not as controversial as Marilyn Manson, not as scantily clad as The Pussycat Dolls, not as dirty as Nirvana (and I mean literally, not sexually)……..She’s relatively harmless and obviously very talented!

  • Katie

    I think taylor has finally found her calling!!! I’m not crazy about her acting, esp on gossip girl. She’s wasting her time there, she’s such a great singer and her song is great!

  • Kristina

    eww, she look dirty and trashy and slutty. yuck. i thod that when people grow up they become more attractive. not in her case.


    She’s got a good deal of musical talent – too bad that’s all she has, and the way she’s going, she’ll be dead by the time she’s 30.

  • Ali

    She tries to imitate Nancy Spungeon here,she wants to be some punk-rocker which she is not obviously.Trashy and untalented!

  • jj


  • second that too

    @kira: Seriously!!…that hideous eye make-up makes her look ALL the hideous n trashy…Personally i like tha “smokey-eye” look but all the freakin time..?!!

  • Jen

    wow, surprised she can sing. I really liked her voice in this, it was different. However her style and song are horrendous, thinks she needs a new musical direction, new wardrobe too.

  • jaylynn

    she is a little too trashy to be dressing like this. But one thing she has that miley doesn’t is a nice voice.I was surprised she sounded like this. She sounds pretty and i kinda like the song ( dont tell anyone!). even though, she still seems annoying,or that shes compisating for someything shes not. who does she think she is, courtney love?

  • MollyMakeout

    good voice
    sort of decent lyrics
    horrible attitude that will prevent me from ever spending a cent on that poseur

  • rikakika

    what a trash…she looks awful and she is 16….too hard don’t like her

  • Emma B.

    I feel kind of bad for judging her before I listened to her music, because she’s really talented! I’m literally listening to “Zombie” and “Make Me Wanna Die” 24/7 x)